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Why Is Keto Not Working

Keto Diet And Diabetes

I Tried Keto But It Didn’t Work

You may have noticed that people looking to improve their insulin sensitivity are often good candidates for the keto diet typically, this refers to people who have diabetes, though not everyone with diabetes should try keto.

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Patients with type 1 diabetes must be very careful with the keto diet because the ketosis process could increase their risk of diabetic ketoacidosis, a very dangerous state which can lead to hospitalization and death, says Laila Tabatabai, MD, an endocrinologist at Houston Methodist.

Patients with type 2 diabetes, though, could benefit more readily from the keto diet. Dr. Tabatabai says that the reduction in carbs and overall weight loss on keto means your body requires less insulin, which in turn helps stabilize blood glucose levels.

But that still doesnt mean you should start keto ASAP if you have type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that short-term use of the keto diet can help patients with type 2 diabetes lose weight do not yet have long-term data on its safety and efficacy, emphasizes Dr. Tabatabai.

A 2019 review of the recent research into type 2 diabetes and low-carb diets published in Nutrients shows that most of the studies performed lasted several months . Though the results are positive in the short-term, all diabetes patientswhether type 1 or type 2should talk to their doctors before starting the keto diet.

They Aren’t Always Taking Breaks During Social Engagements

It’s unavoidable that you’ll get invited to dinner with friends and family. And that platter of buffalo wings seems like a good enough reason to ditch your diet. However, keep in mind that choosing to forego an unhealthy meal gets easier when you’re already full. So before you head out, either study their menu ahead of time or eat your keto-friendly food before meeting up.

Putting It All Together Creating Your Own Weight Loss Plateau Busting Plan

Hitting a plateau is frustrating and discouraging. What could you possibly be doing wrong? You are restricting carbs, eating less, exercising, and yet youre not getting the results you want.

What can you do? Here are some of the strategies that work best for most people:

  • Calculate your macros with an appropriate calorie deficit and track your food intake.
  • Recalculate your macronutrient needs every month with your new weight.
  • Take breaks from being in a calorie deficit every two weeks.
  • Stay consistent with your ketogenic diet by diligently tracking the foods you eat and never cheating.
  • Try intermittent fasting. to find out how.
  • Implement a fat fast. Find out how by .
  • Eat the ideal amount of protein based on your goals and activity levels.**
  • Make sure you are exercising, but not exercising too much.**

**These strategies are essential for better health and body composition, so make sure you implement them regardless if they help with weight loss or not.

If these strategies arent helpful, then you may have a food allergy or sensitivity that is holding you back, or you may be consuming too many hidden sources of carbs and calories .

When it comes to busting through your personal weight loss plateau, stick with one or two of the strategies that apply to your specific situation. After a month, reassess your progress.

Are you losing weight again? How do you look? How do you feel?

+ The food will always fit to your macros and cooking preferences!

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Not Eating Enough Calories

If youre trying to lose weight, you might think that eating too few calories wont be a problem for you. But when you cut out carbs and also have to stick to moderate protein, its easy to end up not eating enough calories from fat.

Plus, most Americans grew up falsely learning that fat, especially saturated fat, was bad for your health. If youre still holding onto that belief, you might struggle to eat enough calories from fat each day. Remember, on the keto diet your main fuel source is fat.

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Not consuming enough calories can be detrimental over time. Chronically low calorie intake can put your body in starvation mode, which means itll hold onto stored body fat. It can also negatively affect your hormones and other functions of your body, especially in women.

What To Eat On Keto

7 reason why keto is not working for you

Eating keto means choosing foods that are low in carbs and high in fatbut thats not always as easy as it sounds. Carbs arent just lurking in refined pastas and breads many healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, contain carbs .

Heres an example of some popular keto-friendly foods:

  • Meat and poultry
  • Dairy products like cheese, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and whipping cream
  • Low-carb vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, and mushrooms
  • Avocados
  • Bacon, jerky, and sausage
  • Nuts, seeds, and monounsaturated oils

Because so many people are doing keto right now, theres no shortage of recipes catering to the diets specificationsbut eating keto still requires a lot of careful planning and preparation.

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They Aren’t Eating Enough Filling Foods

Not all calories are made equally, especially when you are on a diet. You may decide to consume your remaining calories with a slice of cake, but ask yourself, will this keep me full? Allocate your daily allocation wisely on food that will stave off those hunger pangs instead of wasting them on empty calories that will only slow down your metabolism.

Myth #: Youre Always In Fat

Youve probably heard that a ketogenic diet switches your body into fat-burning mode. Instead of running on sugar, youre burning fat for fuel at all hours of the day and night.

Thats true. When you dont eat carbs, your liver switches over to burning fat for fuel. It turns fat into fatty acids and ketones and sends them to your cells for energy. This state is called ketosis — your body is running on fat, not carbs.

However, even in ketosis, you burn dietary fat first, and body fat after that.

You dont automatically lose weight by being in ketosis all the time. You still need to be in a calorie deficit so your metabolism runs out of dietary fat and starts running on your stored body fat.

The good news: ketosis may not make you burn body fat all the time, but it does ramp up your metabolism significantly.

People in ketosis burn an average of about 300 extra calories every day, which is about a 15-20% increase in metabolic rate. Researchers arent quite sure why people in keto burn those extra calories, but rodent studies suggest that it may be thanks to increased thermogenesis — in other words, on keto you may produce more body heat at rest.

So even if you arent always burning body fat on keto, you do have the potential to burn significantly more body fat per day, which makes keto a great way to hit your weight loss goals faster .

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How The Bebalanced Approach To Weight Loss Is Different To Traditional Dieting

The BeBalanced program is a comprehensive 14-week program that is not just a diet, but a complete lifestyle change.

It begins with a fat-burning phase that puts your body into a ketogenic state that is more efficient than that of traditional ketogenic diets. Since no dietary fat is taken in during this portion of our program, all of the fat needed for energy is taken from your own body fat. In other words, the body uses up the fat for fuel as quickly as it breaks it down.

We also provide supplementation your body needs to balance hormones naturally through liver support, enhanced gut health, natural plant-based progesterone, and ingredients for adrenal support and better stress response.

Unlike traditional keto diets that often include unhealthy fats and processed foods, lacking in fiber and nutrients the body needs, our program consists of a nutrient-dense, whole foods diet in a specific combination. Our program helps the body detoxify, improves digestion, and reduces inflammation. After the first 28 days of weight loss, we begin to slowly and precisely add in new food groups, balancing out your nutrition and increasing on-going success.

We also include relaxation techniques, and one-on-one guided support to help you not only lose weight but to also balance your hormones naturally, helping you keep the weight off long-term. When hormones are balanced, you will see improvement in your sleep, mood, energy levels, and more!

If Traditional Diet And Exercise Plans Arent Working For You Youre Not Alone

Did Ketosis Stop Working? Here’s Why! – Dr.Berg

Time and time again, women walk through the doors of our center searching for answers. Many of them have tried every diet plan out there, but the weight doesnt budge. They try eating less, swear off carbs, or spend hours in the gym and yet, nothing is working. They are stressed out, burnt out, and feeling defeated. Whats worse, many of these women are suffering from issues that go way beyond their weight loss struggles. They arent sleeping well, their moods are all over the place, their focus is cloudy, and they dont understand why.

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Eating Too Much Protein

Many low carb diets allow for a moderate amount of protein. Some people mistakenly think that a low carb, high protein diet is a keto diet. However, this type of diet is unlikely to cause ketosis because the body can break down excess proteins into amino acids and convert them to types of sugar.

A person who is on the keto diet will get most of their calories from fat, which should represent about

On the keto diet, several types of carbohydrate are acceptable, including nuts and dairy. These foods are typically high fat, nutrient dense foods that make a great addition to a keto diet. However, they also contain carbohydrates.

Eating too many of these foods will keep a person from achieving and maintaining ketosis.

Plan For The Obstacles

Keto is a lifestyle, which means if something isnt working the way you thought it would, there are plenty of opportunities to tweak your diet and get it right. Even though keto promotes weight loss and overall good health, each persons journey with keto is unique. Take each obstacle as a learning opportunity and keep moving forward.

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Weight Loss And Why The Keto Diet Is Not Working Yet

I have been on the keto diet for 2½ weeks. I lost 6 pounds the first week and nothing since. I did the 14-day challenge and then used the meal planner for this week. I have not gone off plan and enjoying the food. Last week I tried skipping breakfast to see if that would do anything. I also cant get any ketones to register not even a slight amount. I am obese, so lots of weight to lose. What am I doing wrong?


Hi Dianne,

Losing 6 pounds is a decent start! Its common that people lose quite a bit of weight in the first week, and after that it usually slows down to 1-2 pounds per week, sometimes less. This can still lead to massive weight loss in the long run.

Maybe youre doing nothing wrong, and persistance is all you need. It can take time for people who are very insulin resistant to get into ketosis. However, it may also be that you eat more carbs than you know, and it can be helpful to share a day of foods with someone knowledgeable to see if there are some improvements to do. More intermittent fasting can also be helpful.

Here are all our best tips:

Andreas Eenfeldt

Research Shows The Keto Diet Is No More Effective Than Other Weight

Why Is The Keto Diet Not Working For Me

PLoS Medicine: Eliminating an entire food group, as is the case with a low-carb, ketogenic diet, can have adverse effects on overall health.

Harvard Health Harvard Medical School: A ketogenic diet may promote faster weight loss in the beginning, but research shows the effect doesnt last long term.

Medical Clinics of North America: The keto diet is often associated with rapid weight loss. Research shows that losing weight too fast leads to weight-loss plateaus and a steady regaining of weight, over time.

British Journal of Nutrition:Research has shown that, while a low-carb, ketogenic diet may promote short-term weight loss, theres no difference between cutting carbs and not cutting carbs in terms of long-lasting results.

Journal of the American Medical Association :JAMA perfectly sums up the fact that a keto diet may not be any more effective than a low-fat diet. Significant weight loss was observed with any low-carbohydrate or low-fat diet. Weight loss differences between individual named diets were small.

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There Is No Weight Loss

It’s no secret that people are joining in on the keto diet to help them lose weight. So, if you’re not getting that type of outcome, it probably isn’t working for you.

“Many people will start a ketogenic diet in order to lose weight,” Roussell told INSIDER. “If you are not losing weight, but are in ketosis, you will need to eat fewer calories. Most likely the cause of this is eating too much fat. While ketogenic diets are high-fat diets , fat still contains calories. It is easy to over pour oil and cream or eat more fat than you realize on a fattier cut of meat. Fat and protein are very satiating, which helps curb appetite on a ketogenic diet but you still need to focus on eating less.”

Nutritional Ketosis Vs Artificial Ketosis

On a keto low-carb diet, you severely limit your carbohydrate intake and focus on a high-fat diet where your body burns fat for fuel. This carb restriction, in turn, keeps the hormone insulin low. It also forces your body to look elsewhere for energy, primarily by encouraging your liver to burn fat to produce ketones for energy. This is called nutritional ketosis. When youre in nutritional ketosis, you have lower blood sugar and increased free fatty acids to use for energy.

You learned earlier that exogenous ketones also lower blood sugar, but do they also increase free fatty acids? Heres where the difference between nutritional and artificial ketosis becomes clear.

In nutritional ketosis, your body breaks apart body fat via lipolysis, into fatty acids, then those fatty acids end up in your blood, ready to be burned as energy.

But taking ketone supplements free fatty acids. Which means less fat is available for burning. In other words, your body uses up less of its own fat.

Theres a reason for this rapidly elevating your ketone levels by taking ketone supplements tells your body: Hey, were getting too deep into ketosis, stop burning fat and producingketones! This safety mechanism is a natural defense designed to protect you from unnaturally high levels of ketones, which can result in a dangerous condition called ketoacidosis. To be clear, taking normal doses of exogenous ketones probably wont cause ketoacidosis, but it will reduce the breakdown of body fat.

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Why Keto Works For Weight Loss At Least In The Beginning

In the beginning keto usually performs really well for weight loss. There is often a dramatic drop right at the start before steady weekly weight loss. This happens for a number of reasons. The big drop is usually related to the loss of fluid. When we store sugar, we store it in water. Switching to keto means bringing your carb intake down really low so you dont have excess sugar to store. Your body gets rid of the excess water that is not needed anymore and you see a big drop on the scale.

Then as your body switches to burning fat, usually within 3 or 4 days, it begins the job of healing and repair. In the beginning whilst your body is getting used to burning fat, it uses your body fat for some of its calories. Your appetite shifts and you naturally start to eat less. The more extra fat you have, the more dramatic the drop in appetite. Your body has plenty to spare so you dont need to eat it.

Mindset Is More Than Half The Battle

Why am I not losing weight on Keto Diet | Stopped losing weight on keto | Weight Loss plateau keto

Youre now armed with information about hidden carbs, the importance of your WHY to start with and the importance of support when motivation wanes, because motivation will certainly wane and the fact that there will be a few who, due to hormonal issues, even when they do everything right will not lose weight without the intervention of a doctor who understands low-carb eating and the impact of hormones on weight loss.

Id like to end this post with a little bit on mindset in general.

It has been my privilege to work as a keto weight loss coach with people who think that eating low-carb could help them get to their weight loss goals. It is becoming easier to spot those who will be successful vs those who will struggle very early in our relationship. The biggest separator is mindset.

The client who comes into this way of eating looking for every single loophole to allow themselves to keep eating the way they always have yet saying that they want to lose weight will likely fail to attain their goals.

The questions such a client asks go something like this:

  • How many carbs in a patty?
  • What is my weekly allotment of alcohol? Even after Ive explained what drinking even low carb alcohol does to you when youre in weight loss mode
  • Can I have just one spoon of rice and peas?
  • Well since even veggies have carbs, why cant I have this ketchup-based sauce with my meal?
  • Not even a little ice-cream?
  • You cant want to change and not change.

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