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Where To Buy Keto Desserts

Think Keto Protein Bar

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Missing Reeses peanut butter cups? Too bad you cant have them on keto! Well, Think! Keto protein bar may just be the solution that youre looking for.

With its peanut butter and peanut pieces filling, and chocolate coating, it tastes almost the same as Reeses, but its even better because its keto-friendly!

Why is it Keto Friendly?

One look at its packaging, and you can already tell its keto compatible, thanks to the keto-certified logo provided by the Paleo Foundation.

While these bars have sugar content, their net carbs will still fit the non-strict keto diet.

Nutritional Content:

A bar contains 180 calories, 14g fat, 10g protein, and 4g net carbs.

Ketonia Keto Coconut Macaroons

Are you tired of having keto cookies and fat bombs for dessert? One of the best keto desserts to buy are these keto coconut macaroons. Theyre full of dark chocolate and toasted coconut, and theyre baked to perfection to give you an amazing sweet treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Per serving: 3g protein, 1g net carbs, 4g fiber, 14g carbs, 11g fat, 120 calories

Homemade Keto Truffles To Buy

When youre looking for a decadent low carb or keto dessert and it needs to be EXTRA special, youll LOVE these 5 star rated keto truffles!

These would also make the perfect gift for someone you know on the Keto Diet, or that cant have sugar.

You can also buy individual truffles like these amazing Keto raspberry truffles

Check the keto truffle price here

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Keto Gingerbread Loaf Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

Classic gingerbread can be hard, stale, and tough to eat. This keto gingerbread loaf is moist, fluffy, and the perfect dessert for the holiday season. This easy keto recipe has all of the classic gingerbread flavors brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger which pair perfectly with the cream cheese frosting.

Keto Peanut Butter Fat Bombs


You only need simple ingredients and 5 minutes to make this sweet frozen dessert. These keto peanut butter fat bombs taste like a mini peanut butter cheesecake! Theyre perfect for meal prepping because they can last in the freezer for up to 4 weeks. If you dont want to meal prep, feel free to share them with others!

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Chocozero Keto Chocolate Bark

These pure dark and milk chocolate bars will bring you back the joy of eating chocolate. Sweetened with zero-carb monk fruit extract and livened with a pinch of salt, these premium bars are off the charts. Dark chocolate and peanut, milk chocolate and almonds, or dark chocolate and peppermint. There are plenty of styles and combinations, and theyre all gorgeous.

Learn more here

Highkey Snacks Keto Mini Cookies

HighKey Snacks Chocolate Chip Keto Mini Cookies | Serving Size: 6 Pieces | 140 Calories | 14g Fat | 10g Carbohydrates | 2g Fiber | 6g Erythritol | 2 Net Carbs | 4g Protein

These gluten-free and grain-free cookies are at the top of Amazons list of best-selling groceries and a few of our Hip team members are crazy about them, too! We definitely think this is one of the best keto desserts to buy! With over 18,000 ratings and 4.6 stars, these cookies are a great treat for you or even your kiddos! Theyre made with no artificial ingredients and have only 2 net carbs per serving, we love that!

Where to buy:

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Slimfast Keto Fat Bomb

The Slimfast Keto Fat Bomb snacks are a great way to enjoy a dessert without the unnecessary carbs.These keto bombs are filled with MCTs and they are designed to motivate your metabolism.

They have a few different flavors and kinds and some of those are their snack cups, fat bomb shots, squares and bars.

Tom & Jennys Sugar Free Soft Caramels

Easy Keto Dessert | Berries and Cream | Low Carb, No Dairy

Warning: These are addicting! One of the best store bought keto desserts out there. These caramels are so soft and luscious they taste like sweet little clouds from heaven. I cant get enough of them! They feel indulgent, yet they only have 2.5 g net carbs per piece. WIN! Plus if you purchase on Amazon, theyll give you a 100 % refund if you dont love them. What do you have to lose?

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Peanut Butter Cookies By Nui

Heres another keto protein cookie to try. Nui cookies are made with coconut flour, almond flour, grass-fed butter, coconut oil, and MCT oil. They are sweetened with an erythritol and monk fruit blend.

Net Carbs: 4 grams

Reviewers say these cookies have a great taste and a chewy texture but can be a bit delicate or crumbly.

Jimmybar Keto Macadamia Nut Crunch

Most protein bars Ive tried have always been too rich, too thick, too sweet, or too chewy, but this one is not any of those things, and in fact tastes delicious. Ive been a big fan of Jimmy Bars for a long time.

When they had their original bar at Costco, I purchased like almost an entire pallet. I was disappointed when they stopped making those but then I realized they made all these new flavors.

Each bite takes a reasonable amount of time to chew and ingest because its just the right balance of density, flavor, and texture.

This is the BEST TASTING CHOCOLATE MINT PALEO SNACK COOKIE. Note, it is not keto friendly!!

The brownie thins are good and satisfy my sweet tooth, all the flavors seem to taste the same.

The mint is the only one that stands out as slightly different with a hint of that mint taste.

They have a pleasant chocolate favor with a nutty accent. I have to admit, they are testing my resolve not to eat the entire bag all at once

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Keto Store Bought Desserts You Need To Try

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Following a keto diet doesnt mean you cant satisfy your sweet cravings whenever you want. Carbs are a big no-no for keto, but we live in a wonderful modern world filled with dozens of carb-free sweeteners.

From chocolate bars to ice cream, and from cookies to cake, there are lots of keto-friendly desserts out there and most of them are widely available online. Theres no reason you shouldnt indulge your sweet tooth while losing weight and staying in shape. Here are 9 keto store-bought desserts you should totally try.

No Sugar & Low Carb Caramels


Tom and Jennys low carb candy comes in 10 different flavors! They DO sell out super fast, as some of the varieties have 0 NET carbs after you subtract the sugar alcohol. These simple caramels make a fantastic dessert choice when youre looking for low carb desserts to buy. Just one or two little pieces is all you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

You can find them in classics caramel, chocolate, ginger, coffee or spiced rum. Im a classic sort of girl, what kind of caramel are you craving?

UPDATE: The company advertised these as being keto-friendly, yet they are NOT. The candy includes malitol which cannot be deducted from the net carbs, so Id still consider these low carb and sugar free desserts to buy but not keto.

Check the price here


We would love to hear about which keto desserts to buy end up being your favorite! Please post below in the comments to give us feedback

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Crystal Light Drink Mix

Crystal Light drink mix is a sugar-free alternative to Coke and Coke zero during the keto diet. It comes in convenient packets – just add to your bottled water and shake.

If you cannot live without a juice or sweet sodas, then this is a good alternative to consider.

The manufacturer claims that it contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives and is naturally sweetened with stevia.

The fact is that one packet comes with only 5 calories and no net carbs.

Serving size: 1/2 Packet Calories: 5 Fat: 0g Protein: 0g Net carbs: 0g

Perfect Keto Nut Butter

Keto nut butter is the real keto treat. It’s called the fat bomb that has a creamy texture and doesn’t knock you out of ketosis.

The only downside is that you probably will be eating it with a spoon, straight out of the jar. Because it really is delicious. So please, be cautious. You still have macros to keep in mind.

This is THE SNACK for your sweet tooth if you are starting to fall off the keto wagon, and starting to consider cheat meals. Don’t cheat, don’t eat carbs, eat nut butter instead.

PS! Keep in mind that you still need to store it in the fridge.

Serving size: 2 Tablespoons Calories: 210 Fat: 20g Protein: 4g Net carbs: 2g

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Keto Pumpkin Custard Recipe Crustless Pie

If youre someone who loves pumpkin, youre going to love this keto pumpkin custard recipe. These single-serving custards are similar to a crustless pie, but theyre much easier to make. This recipe is perfect for fall and works great for holiday dinners. You can easily make a large number of these pies and take them to family gatherings!

Ketobrownie Blondie Brownie Bars

Keto Mulberry Frozen Custard | Keto Mulberry Ice Cream | Keto Desserts

If youre looking for a delicious store bought keto dessert filled with protein AND chocolate chunks, this brownie blondie bar is for you! It has 9 grams of protein and only 3 net carbs per brownie. Plus it has healthy coconut oil and is easy to take on the go. The perfect keto pick-me-up you can enjoy anytime!

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Can You Eat Smart Baking Company Smartcakes On The Keto Diet

Just by looking at the table of the nutritional information, you can see that the Smartcakes are extremely easy to incorporate into a keto diet as they contain 0 net carbs and plus, they are low in calories.

When you look into the ingredients, you can see that they dont use any sugar, and they use ketogenic sweeteners- erythritol and stevia extract. They also dont have any non-ketogenic ingredients.

Overall, the Smart Baking Company Smartcakes are great for those on a low-carb diet or a keto diet or anyone who wants to lower their carbs, but without giving up cake.

Where to buy: You can order the Smart Baking Smartcakes online on their official website or on or you can find them in Walmart.

Store Bought Keto Desserts: Cookies

These keto cookies are bound to put a smile on anyones face. Low carb cookies taste more cakey than the cookies you may be used to but give them some time and they will totally grow on you! Keto cookies will become one of your favorite keto friendly desserts to buy and enjoy on the ketogenic diet!

Fat Snax cookies come in 3 delicious flavors: Chocolate chip, ginger turmeric, and lemony lemon.

Per Serve: Calories: 90 | Fat: 8g | Protein 2g | Net Carbs: 2g

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Fat Snax Chocolate Chip Cookies

The most AMAZING keto-friendly cookies out there. A classic chocolate chip cookie made specifically for low carbers and cookie lovers.

Who said that you cannot burn fat and enjoy cookies? While many keto snacks only look good, this actually tastes good too.

Fat Snax Cookies are sugar-free and contain 8-9 grams of healthy oils including MCT oil. They come in three flavors: peanut butter, chocolate chip, and ginger turmeric.

Serving size: 1 cookie Calories: 90 Fat: 8g Protein: 2g Net carbs: 2g

Keto Cheesecake Fat Bombs

20 Keto Desserts To Buy At The Store For Your Sweet Tooth

If youve been on the keto diet for a while, you probably already know about fat bombs. This recipe for them is one of my favorites.

Theyre easy to make, but they take several hours to freeze, so be sure to plan ahead when making them.

Not only are these three-ingredient peanut butter balls keto-friendly, but theyre also vegan-friendly and paleo-compliant.

My favorite part about them is that you dont have to cook them!

Just mix your ingredients, roll the mixture into balls, and refrigerate them for about 30 minutes.

Did I say the brownies were the most delicious, just like normal desserts on the list? Thats because I forgot about keto fudge!

This stuff is incredible, rich, decadent, and has less than one net carb per serving!!

That means you can eat the whole slab of fudge and only consume 12 carbs! Yes, please!

*Pro-tip: Dont leave out the sea salt. Seriously. This fudge is phenomenal beyond belief, but it drops quickly to very yummy if you leave out the salt.

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Good Dees Sugarfree Sweetness Cookie Baking Mix

When the package came it was smaller than expected. I was slightly disappointed.

Maybe I didnt read the description close enough but this low carb baking mix only makes 12 cookies.

You will need coconut oil or butter, vanilla extract, and 1 egg. I used coconut oil in my mix, not sure that makes a difference, cookies bake in about 12 minutes.

Let me tell you, for what it lacks in quantity it makes up in quality. There are 9 net carbs in half a batch so you can eat 6 cookies and still be relatively low carb for the day. This is strategy.

Light, great texture, soft, with a killer good flavor.

Tripple Chocolate Keto Cheesecake

Youre going to love making this rich, creamy, and chocolatey keto cheesecake. Its perfect for the holiday season or any time of the year. Like most keto dessert recipes, this cheesecake calls for almond flour which is a gluten-free grain substitute. You can enjoy this recipe on a keto diet and on a gluten-free diet!

8. Keto lemon bars with shortbread crust

Bright, sweet, tangy, and made with real lemon juice. Youre going to love these keto lemon bars with a press-in shortbread crust. Theyre easy to make, sugar-free, gluten-free, and perfect for springtime. It only takes 45 minutes to make these yummy lemon bars and they easily fit into your keto diet.

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Keto Coffee Ice Cream

A family-owned keto food company with sustainable living initiatives, Keto Pint is best known for its tasty keto ice cream. This particular one is made with Colombian coffee and has no added sugar to help keep net carbs to just 3g per serving! It contains only simple ingredients such as cream, chicory fiber, and natural sweeteners. And if youre looking for low-carb desserts to buy at the grocery store, you may find this ice cream at Costco, Ralphs Grocery, and even Walmart.

Nutrition per 2/3 cup: 190 calories | 17g fat | 3g net carbs | 4g protein

Delicious Store Bought Keto Desserts

SUGAR FREE FUDGE | easy keto dessert | best fat bomb ever

Featured product

One of the most restrictive aspects of the keto diet is that you cannot eat high carb foods. The ketogenic diet works when your body reaches ketosis and starts breaking down body fat instead of dietary carbs as a source of energy, resulting in weight loss. For this, you have to eat a low carb diet. While giving up bread and potatoes with your main meals is something you can do, saying no to desserts after meals or to a sweet snack when the cravings hit may be especially hard! Fortunately, the food industry has been listening and has come up with several delicious store bought keto desserts you can pick up on the go when you crave something sweet and don’t have the time or inclination to make them at home.

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Think Keto Protein Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

This chocolate bar tastes just like a Reese’s egg if you can believe it! Each bar contains 10 grams of protein, 2 grams of sugar, and just 4 grams of net carbs. Don’t wait too long to pick a box of these up, these think! bars are often gone the moment they’re placed on the shelves.

Per serving: 180 calories, 14g fat, 4g net carbs, 10g protein

Available at: Kroger

Know Foods Better Cookies

If you are trying to eat as clean as possible and only put natural ingredients into your body, you need to give these cookies a try. With no artificial sweeteners and colors and only 100% real food ingredients, these are possibly the healthiest cookies in the world!

Per Serve: Calories: 190 | Fat: 16g | Protein 7g | Net Carbs: 3g

These cookies are packed with good fats so much so that they could be almost considered a fat bomb! They come in 4 different delicious flavors like chocolate chip, double chocolate, peanut butter, and snickerdoodle!

Per Serve: Calories: 240 | Fat: 23g | Protein 6g | Net Carbs: 4g

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Sugar Free Sweeteners For Low Carb Desserts

My favorite keto sweeteners for keto desserts are Swerve and Lakanto.

Swerve is a brand that is made with a combination of erythritol and stevia plus their own proprietary flavorings. It is a 1 for 1 substitute for sugar, unlike pure stevia. It makes very tasty keto baked goods and it is found at Walmart, Whole Foods, or Amazon. They make a granulated version, powdered, and brown sugar.

Lakanto is another version I really like but it can only be found online. It is made with Monk fruit and is also a 1 for 1 substitute for sugar and comes in granular, powdered, and brown sugar varieties.

I prefer the taste of the Lakanto as it has less of a cooling effect. I think it is the closest to sugar as you can get at the moment.

Where To Buy Phenocal Diet Pills

Best Keto Desserts You Can Buy From the Store to Keep Your ...

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