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What’s The Difference Between Keto And Paleo

The Paleo Diet Acts As More Of A Guideline To Help You Make Decisions About Nutrition

Paleo vs Keto: What’s the Difference?

“The problem with trying to recreate what our ancestors ate is we don’t know entirely what they ate,” Gillespie said. “The current branded paleo diet tends to lack legumes and whole grains, and it’s probably a far cry from what our ancestors ate. They probably did have a diet low in saturated fat, but they took in over 50% of their calories from produce and probably had up to 100 grams of fiber a day, which is a ton.”

While the paleo diet can be done healthfully as long as you’re consuming enough vegetables and fruits, it can be difficult to get the fiber you need if you completely cut out legumes and whole grains.

“Pulses are not part of the paleo eating plan, and for the keto diet they are often pushed aside because of their carbohydrate content,” Gorin said. “These foods are a good source of filling protein and an excellent source of fiber, which also helps to satiate you and can help keep your digestion healthy.”

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What You Do And Dont Eat On Paleo

In paleo the focus is more on what you eat than how much. There is no counting or strict macronutrient breakdown to follow, Bruning says, only foods that are allowed or not. In general the paleo diet promotes certain whole foods but not others, and eliminates all refined foods, Cassetty says.

The list of what you cannot eat on paleo is long and includes pretty much anything that has to be cultivated or refined, as opposed to something that could theoretically have been scavenged by our ancestors. That includes a number of highly nutritious whole foods, like legumes , dairy, whole grains, and starchy vegetables like potatoes. It also covers added sugars, salt, and refined oils . And it cuts out any kind of packaged or processed foods. That includes both those generally lacking in nutrients as well as nutrient-packed packaged foods .

Though eating paleo doesnt necessarily mean youll be maintaining a low-carb diet, the wholesale elimination of several categories of carbs , as well as the emphasis on protein and fat, make low-carb eating a common outcome of following the paleo diet, Bruning explains. But people on paleo can still end up getting about 35 to 45 percent of their calories from the kinds of carbs that are allowed, according to Cordains sitenamely fruits and vegetables such as berries, citrus fruits, squash, and sweet potatoes.

Key Similarities Between Paleo And Keto

Both paleo and keto emphasize consuming whole foods versus processed foods, as well as healthy fats. Fat is the cornerstone of the keto diet in order to keep the body in ketosis, while the paleo diet recommends healthy fats to support overall health. Both diets eliminate grains and legumes, but for different reasons. For the paleo diet, this elimination is based on the fact that grains and legumes were not part of early human diets. For the keto diet, it’s all about carbs. Because grains and legumes are high in carbohydrates, they’re limited or eliminated on the ketogenic diet. Keto also discourages the intake of added sugars due to the high carb count. But on paleo unrefined sugar sources like honey and maple syrup are OK.

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Which Diet Plan Is Healthier: Keto Or Paleo

First: a disclaimer. Ive always said that I dont think either one will be the diet to solve obesity, says McDaniel. While she doesnt endorse either for clients in her private practice, she says that paleo wins out over keto. Its easier to follow, and you dont need to keep your body in a state of ketosis, she says. As an article on the challenges of the keto diet in Popular Science explains, its difficult for adults to reach a true state of deep ketosis. Not to mention, as your body adjusts to being in ketosis, youll experience unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, headache, fatigue, and constipation a phenomenon folks call the keto flu.

McDaniel also says that on paleo, theres more of an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, including exercise , sleep, and stress reduction, all things that are healthy to focus on.

Carbohydrates In Keto And Paleo

Keto vs. paleo: What are the similarities and differences?

A ketogenic diet consists mainly of low carbohydrates intake, while in paleolithic diet, carbohydrates can be present in the form of roots such as potatoes, carrots, and sweet potatoes since these vegetables were not necessarily cultivated. Ketogenic diet explicitly avoids high carb root vegetables such as potatoes and carrots in order to keep a low level of glucose in the body, and promote a high production of ketones.

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Paleo Allows For Whole

Although paleo does restrict some carb sources, it isnt necessarily a low-carb diet in the same way keto is.

Because paleo does not emphasize macronutrients, your diet could theoretically be very high in carbs, depending on which foods you choose to eat within the specified parameters.

Because grains, refined sugars and legumes arent permitted, the carb sources on the paleo diet are somewhat limited but not eliminated. Paleo still allows carbs from groups of whole foods such as fruits, vegetables and unrefined sweeteners.

Conversely, the keto diet restricts all rich sources of carbohydrates, including starchy vegetables, most fruits, grains, sweeteners and most legumes.

Due to the fact that total carb intake must remain below a certain threshold to maintain ketosis, many high-carb foods, regardless of their source, simply dont fit into a keto diet.


Keto restricts your carb intake, while paleo allows for many whole-food sources of carbs, provided they fall into the permitted food categories.

Keto Vs Paleo: Which Of The Two Is Easier To Adopt

This dieting aspect also depends on the individual, the severity of restriction, and how quickly the person wants to adopt all of the diets principles.

For example, if you want to transition to either of the two diets in a few days, you will find it difficult at first because we are creatures of habit, and we dont do well with massive and sudden changes.

In contrast, taking a more gradual approach and slowly transitioning over a few weeks will make it much easier and more sustainable.

With that said, both diets are relatively similar in terms of sustainability. Keto has you cut out all carbs, which limits your food choices quite a bit. In contrast, paleo doesnt restrict carbs, but you cannot eat anything processed, which also makes the diet restrictive.

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Paleo And Keto Similarities Food Wise

Eating whole foods both keto and paleo diets encourages people to always choose the healthier option. In this case, both diets suggest you to eliminate any processed foods and choose whole, healthy ingredients, including meat, vegetables and various condiments.

Healthy fats both diets encourage to focus on healthy, monounsaturated fats that benefit the heart instead of increasing cardiovascular diseases risks. However, there are some differences. Keto focuses on eating a lot of fats, while paleo does not focus on eating fats, rather than just recommends you to choose the healthy ones.

No processed sugar both paleo and keto are against processed sugars. Whats the difference in keto vs paleo, is that keto is a lot stricter when it comes to sugar.

Keto allows you to consume the amount of sugar / glucose that doesnt exceed the amount of your chosen daily carbohydrate limit. Since Paleo doesnt limit the carbs and only the source where they come from. You can eat natural sugars such as honey or get your sugars from fruit.

No grains and legumes both keto and paleo dont recommend you to eat neither of these products. However, just like with sugar, the reasons are very different. Keto advises you to eliminate as much as possible of grains and legumes from your diet, as theyre very rich in carbohydrates and therefore could compromise your ketosis.

Soshould You Low Carb And If So Which

Paleo vs Keto Diets: Whats the difference?

See how these are all similar, but also different in some slight, but specific ways?

The end question though, is which low-carb diet you should try. IF ANY. Maybe we should go back to eating what I did in high schoolwhich was essentially Diet Dr. Pepper and pretzels.

I have seen the greatest results when Ive tried low-carb diets. Though in the last few years NOTHING worked. And even this year when I essentially ate nothing for like 10 days after dental surgery , I lost NO weight. Yikes. I actually had my thyroid checked. Nothing.

What kick-started my weight loss was trying Pruvit, the ketones that Rob promotes. While I was recovering from surgery, he had just started taking them and had an energy like Ive NEVER seen in all our years of marriage.

Im a skeptic and will post later if I see long-term results. But losing ten pounds in a few weeks after changing nothingTHAT says something.

I have a few keto recipes coming, but you can start with this one for two-ingredient keto pancakes, which my whole family LOVES. I struggle not to eat the full batch by myself. Ive also got a killer kale salad with avocado. Seriously.

Orrrrrif youre rebelling against this and want to try some of my favorite TOTALLY NOT LOW CARB recipes, you can see my favorite ever chocolate chip pumpkin cake or these fish tacos, which you could totally do without the whole tortilla part.

Are you a fan of any of these diets? Have your own favorite style of eating? Share in the comments!

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Keto Or The Ketogenic Diet

This has become a big one for our family as my husband has recently became involved with Pruvit, a company selling ketones. I have several friends posting UNREAL photos online of how theyve changed since trying keto.

Whats the basic premise?

Ketosis is the process wherein your body is using fat for energy, not carbohydrates. This means that your body will start fueling itself by burning up your fat storage. YES!

More than just a low-carb diet, it is a HIGH FAT diet. This is really different than some of the other things Ive tried because often even those mostly-low-carb diets encourage low fat and are high in lean proteins like chicken breasts.

Your body produces ketones when blood sugar is in short supply. Excess proteins can even be converted to blood sugar, which is why lean proteins are limited and higher or full-fat proteins recommended.

Whats GOOD

Ketosis has more benefits than just weight loss. Many people report higher brain function and overall a better overall sense of well-being in ketosis. Click How It Works on this page from my husbands Pruvit site gives a quick overview.

Whats HARD

There is also whats known as the keto flu, which is how your body feels the first few days youre detoxing from sugar. This should really tell us something about sugar, right?

My Personal Takeaway


So Keto Or Paleo Diet

If youre wondering which is the better choice it depends on your needs. If your goal is weight loss, in most cases the better choice for faster results would be keto. However, after reaching your weight results, it is a good idea to move to paleo. It encourages eating healthy but doesnt limit you as much.

If your goal is lower blood sugar, then your best choices could be keto. Following keto means limiting your carbohydrates therefore, lowering blood sugar. Or, you could try keto paleo diet the combination of both. This way you will get the best of both worlds. You will eat whole foods like our ancestors did and you will keep carbohydrate intake low.

So, as you can see the right diet choice depends on your goals and you should keep in mind that what works for others, might not necessarily work for you.

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What Is The Paleolithic Diet

The Paleo plan focuses more on eating meat under the assumption that early cave dwellers had limited access to grain and greens, and thus were “made” to eat a diet primarily composed of protein. Practitioners of this plan focus on getting energy from animal products that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Dieters also avoid processed foods like:- Refined sugar- Table salt- DairyModern man faces many chronic diseases that didn’t plague them in prehistoric days, so hypothetically, eating the same way should improve your health. Time magazine reports that most nutritional experts think it’s a gross oversimplification:

Any diet that restricts certain food groups and emphasizes others isn’t balanced, these experts say, and there isn’t strong science to prove that Paleo-eaters live longer, or are healthier than those who don’t follow the diet.

What Is A Keto Diet

Do you know the difference between ketogenic and paleo ...

A Ketoor ketogenicdiet is one made up primarily of fat. Yep, thats rightfat. If you follow a Keto meal plan youll consume roughly 70-90 percent of your calories from fat.

According to most Keto diet plans, youll divide the other 10-30 percent of your calories between carbohydrates and protein.

Fat loss occurs on a ketogenic diet when your body is forced to burn fat for fuel. When you eliminate most carbohydrates from your diet, your body doesnt have access to its preferred energy source: glucose. In the absence of glucose, you burn fat for energy and produce ketones, or ketone bodies, as a byproduct.

Many Keto dieters test for the presence of ketones by using urine strips. When ketone levels are high enough, you are in state of ketosis.

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Keto Vs Paleo Diet: Which Is Better

There is no single diet that is perfect for everyone. The diet that is best for you is the one you can stick to for lifelong health and wellness. Your medical history may also play a role in the foods you should include or eliminate from your diet.

Both ketogenic and Paleo food plans can include nutritious foods but both plans are definitely restrictive. Many dieters start the plans only to quit in frustration when boredom or fatigue overwhelms them, they cant manage cravings or when they arent able to find allowed foods on the road.

If you are curious about either diet, first discuss it with your primary care provider or registered dietitian. If you have a history of heart disease, for example, your doctor may recommend that you avoid the ketogenic diet.

Or a sports nutritionist may recommend that you include grains in your diet if you participate in endurance activities. And remember that any diet can be modified to meet your own personal needs.

Foods To Eat On The Paleo Diet

Paleos emphasis is on removing carbohydrates from sources that are not available in the wild, as well as dairy, another food not commonly consumed by our ancestors. When following the paleo diet, a variety of whole, unprocessed foods are available to you:

  • Animal proteins, including beef, poultry, pork, game meats, fish, and seafood
  • Eggs

A Paleo meal plan might include dishes like spice-rubbed chicken with avocado salsa and roasted turkey sausage with tomato and peppers.

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Similarities Between Paleo And Keto

Both Paleo and keto diets are great guides to clean eating. Their menus are built around minimally processed, whole foods which means avoiding highly processed foods, sugar, and certain types of oils.

Both plans incorporate animal protein. Paleo is more specific with the sourcing, emphasizing free-range and wild-caught meats and fish. Keto is less specific about where animal proteins come from but prioritizes fattier cuts of meat and fish.

When it comes to carbohydrates, both plans avoid legumes and grains but include carbohydrates in moderation. The Paleo diet fuels your body using protein and fat while the Keto diet fuels your body with fat, which in turn is metabolized into ketones. As a result, both plans can lead to weight loss.

There is a high-fat component to both diets. Foods like nuts, seeds, avocado, and healthy oils are prominent. In keto, this is to maintain ketosis in Paleo, it has more to do with maintaining satiety and how these fats would have provided valuable nutrition eons ago.

Paleo And Keto Similarities Health Wise

Whats the Difference Between Keto and Paleo Diets? And Which One is Right For You?

Weight loss Both diets have many advocates all over the world that claim significant weight loss due to following keto or paleo diet. Over the time both diets have been modified and adjusted to special dietary needs and there are some scientific proof that they can indeed help you to lose weight . Many people sharing their successful weight loss stories all over the world leads increasing growth of both keto and paleo popularity.

Lowered various diseases risks not only have both diets helped people around the world lose weight, they could have positive impact on your health. Both diets are known as measures that could reduce diabetes and cardiovascular diseases risks.

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What Is The Keto Diet

Most tissues in the human body prefer using the glucose from carbohydrates for energy.

Ketosis is the metabolic state in which your body uses calories from fat, instead of carbs, to create the energy needed to carry out its normal functions .

The keto, or ketogenic, diet aims to induce ketosis through the calculated adjustment of dietary macronutrients, namely carbs, protein and fat.

The keto diet macronutrient breakdown looks something like this:

  • Fat: 65-90%
  • Protein: 10-30%
  • Carbohydrates: less than 5%

In comparison to a standard diet, the macronutrient distribution of the keto diet is shifted significantly in favor of fat, with moderate protein and very few carbs.

The purpose of achieving ketosis with this diet plan is to induce the metabolic breakdown of fat in your body. Thus, its imperative that macronutrient intake is tightly controlled, as otherwise you risk throwing your metabolism out of ketosis.

One of the main reasons that the keto diet has gained recent popularity is because of its potential to help you lose weight and improve blood sugar control .


The keto diet is an eating plan that focuses on controlling the macronutrient distribution of meals in order to shift the bodys dependence from carbs to fat for energy.

Although they are distinct, paleo and keto diets share many characteristics. Below are some of the main ideas these diets have in common.

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