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What’s The Difference Between Keto And Atkins

What Is The Keto Diet

Ketosis vs Atkins Diet | #ScienceSaturday

The keto diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet in which there are so few carbohydrates consumed that the body goes begins to burn excessive amounts of fat for energy, creating a metabolic state known as ketosis. This may sound like a good thing but only eating 20 to 50 grams of carbs per day can have some pretty uncomfortable side effects, and researchers are only in the beginning stages of finding out if it’s a healthy plan for weight loss. In extreme cases ketosis can be life threatening, causing a condition known as ketoacidosis where the blood becomes dangerously acidic, leading to electrolyte imbalances and kidney failure.

However, in one well-designed study scientists did find that the keto diet can help prevent weight regain after weight loss. Other studies point out that long term effects of keto style diets are not well understood, plus dieters compliance is questionable.

Choose Atkins For Moderation And Long

  • The Atkins diet is great for anyone who wants to take a moderate approach to carb restriction and who is looking for a long-term solution, based on maintenance phase.
  • It is also a great option for diabetes management. People on diuretics, insulin, or oral diabetes drugs should not follow Atkins without their doctors approval.

Still though, for atkins, ketogenic and low carb remember the whole foods theme is the goal, so if you transition to whole foods first you will be in a better position to move toward the specific diet of your choice by adjusting intake of healthy fats and protein as all three are lower carb, says Randall Evans, RDN.

And anyone who can safely practice keto but finds it difficult to stick to strict eating schedules would be better off following moderate low-carb diets or even Atkins, says Tiffany Yamut, RN.

Who Keto Might Be Right For

Well, if youre trying to lose weight and have tried many other avenues to do so, eating keto may be effective. If youre diabetic or pre-diabetic, it may also help lower your blood sugar since youre cutting out all that sugar.

And, Rizzo adds, it could be a fit for some athletes, too. Certain elements of the keto diet, like the emphasis on healthy fats and protein, is a good recommendation for active individuals who put a lot of wear and tear on their muscles and need more calories, Rizzo says. You have to make sure the fats you choose are healthy, omega-3-rich fats instead of saturated fats, and that you’re choosing lean sources of protein.

Remember that before making a major lifestyle change, though, its best to check it out with your medical professional first. You dont want to end up feeling worse after making this dietary switch instead of better.

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Putting It All Together What Diet Should You Choose Keto Or Atkins

Now that you know the ins and outs of each diet, which one should you chose? It depends.

The Atkins diet and keto diet both have the potential to help you lose weight and improve health, but whether or not it will work for you depends on various lifestyle and health factors.

To help you make the right choice, I recommend asking yourself these questions:

  • Does this diet help me improve my health and lose weight at a healthy pace?
  • Can I convert this diet into a long-term lifestyle that helps me stay healthy and maintain my weight loss?
  • Can I adjust my lifestyle, habits, and food environment to help me lose weight and keep it off without having to always rely on willpower, discipline, and social isolation?

Put in another way, if your diet doesnt meet these three criteria, then it may be best to try a different approach:

  • Your diet is helping you achieve a healthy weight and body composition.
  • You are healthy while following the diet, as indicated by relevant lab tests and your overall sense of vitality and well-being.
  • You can maintain your dietary approach and your results without diminishing your quality of life and mental health.

If you are not sure how either diet will affect you, then consider doing a test run for 2-3 months. Monitor your health, your wellbeing, and your results during this trial.

Regardless of what diet you choose, always keep in mind that you will never find your ideal diet. It is not waiting for you in a book or through an online success story.

Important Differences Between Atkins And Keto

Keto vs Atkins: Low Carb Diet Differences

Now that you have a more solid understanding of what each diet entails, lets break down some key differences between the keto diet vs the Atkins diet.

  • Carb Intake: The keto diet has a fixed level of carb consumption whereas the Atkins carb intake changes from phase to phase, beginning with a more drastic decrease followed up by a gradual carb increase.
  • Protein: The keto diet calls for 1 gram of protein per kg of bodyweight. The Atkins diet calls for three 4-6 oz servings of protein each day.
  • Fat: The keto diet relies on high fat intake, which can be as much as 75% of your daily food consumption. On Atkins, once proteins and carbs have been accounted for, the leftover calories should be comprised of fats.
  • Progress: On the keto diet, progress is seen once ketosis is achieved and optimal fat, protein, and carb levels are sustained. On the Atkins diet, ketone levels are at their max during the first phase. After that, ketosis slowly falls back.
  • Ketosis: The time it takes to achieve ketosis on the keto diet can vary and depends on the individual. On the Atkins diet, ketosis should come in phase 1.

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Is Keto Or Atkins Better Overall The Verdict

Both keto and Atkins are highly restrictive diets, the experts point out, so it may be difficult to sustain these major lifestyle changes and cut out carbs for a long period of time.

Keto becomes tricky because it can be an unhealthy diet if you dont do it correctly, and consume too many unhealthy fats . I wouldnt necessarily recommend the keto diet because it has such a high percentage of fat and a low percentage of carbs. Its unsustainable in the long run, and there is too much of a tendency to eat a lot more saturated fat than you need, Rizzo says.

If she *had* to choose between these two highly restrictive eating regimens, shed choose Atkins because it allows for more carbs and ultimately more leeway in your eating and more balance in your diet.

Atkins also gives you more wiggle room because you can choose the 20, 40, or 100 option for allotment of grams of carbs per day. That way, you can introduce a little more pasta into the mix if thats how you want to roll.

But its ultimately your decisionyoull be making the dietary changes so they have to fit with your lifestyle and make you feel happy and healthy. Changing your diet is not easy, and may take some trial and error, so its important to thoroughly research all of your options.

Compare Keto And Atkins Macros Amount

While both carb intakes are very low, there is a difference with the protein intake. Atkins prefers a high-protein approach, with 20-30% of total daily calories from proteins.

Keto, on the other hand, prefers a moderate protein approach. Typically, it recommends having no more than 20% of total calories dedicated to this macronutrient.

The fat intake can be a little bit lower in the Atkins, depending on the protein intake. Fat could range from 60-70%, while on the keto, it is usually higher at 70-80%.

The macros for the keto diet stay the same over time. You calculate your macros and stick to them.

In the Atkins diet, this is not the case. As seen above, there are four different phases to go through, with the total carb intake increasing over time.

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The Keto Diet Limits Carbs Altogether While The Atkins Diet Increases Them In Phases

As mentioned, the makeup of a typical keto diet, give or take depending on the individual, is around 75% fat, 20% protein, and just 5% carbohydrates.

For someone who consumes 2,000 calories per day, this means eating no more than 50 grams of carbohydrates a day, and sometimes as few as 20 grams. This allows the body to reach ketosis, and the ketogenic diet requires you to remain in this fat-burning stage long-term.

The Atkins diet, on the other hand, induces ketosis, but only in phase one and sometimes phase two. As you reintroduce carbs back to your diet, you eventually transition out of ketosis. This difference points to that idea that the Atkins diet is not as restrictive as the keto diet.

What Is The Difference Between The Keto Diet And The Atkins Diet

Low Carb Diet VS. Ketogenic Diet

They’re both low-carb and high-fat diets — but are they the same thing? Sometimes.

Minimal carbs, moderate protein and a lot of fat are top priorities for both keto and Atkins dieters.

Fad diets certainly come and go. And 2019 was undeniably the year of the keto diet. But if you’ve ever attempted the Atkins diet, you might be thinking that keto and Atkins are a bit similar. So what is the difference between the two? Both star a low-carb diet geared to helping you lose weight, but that doesn’t mean they’re the same thing. Keep reading to find out the difference.

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What Is The Ketogenic Diet

The idea of the ketogenic diet is to get into ketosis, which is when your body uses fat instead of carbohydrates for energy. In this state, fat travels to the liver and makes byproducts called ketones these enter your bloodstream, and are converted into energy. Many people measure ketones using at-home testing kits to determine whether or not they’re in ketosis.

In order to enter ketosis, most of your calories need to come from fat, says Jenny Kramer, R.D. at Indiana University Health. Roughly 10 to 15 percent of your calories should come from protein, and 5 to 10 percent should come from carbs.

This emphasis on fat is why people frequently eat large amounts of bacon, butter and cream on the keto diet. However, most nutritionists say it’s better to eat healthier fat sources like avocados, nuts and seeds, and eggs.

What Are The Benefits Of Keto And Atkins

1. Aid Weight Loss Obesity is a global issue. It affects ones physical and mental wellbeing. The high-fat and very low-carb nature of the Ketogenic and Atkins diets have shown promising results in weight loss. These diets change the way the body uses fuel for survival. Reducing carb intake and increasing fat consumption shifts the metabolic gear to using fat as a source of fuel . This process is known as ketosis. The body starts burning fat exponentially after ketosis sets in. It also helps suppress appetite and reduces body fat.

2. May Help Manage Diabetes The Ketogenic and Atkins diets may also help manage type 2 diabetes. These low-carb diets help reduce body weight, reduce inflammation , and help lower blood glucose levels and other factors that lead to type 2 diabetes.

3. May Reduce Heart Disease Risk Though Keto and Atkins are high-fat diets, they use high-quality fats. The fatty foods allowed in these diets are healthy and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The diets include foods like avocado, olive oil, avocado oil, rice bran oil, nuts, and seeds. They discourage consumption of refined carbohydrates and prevent fat accumulation and reduce frequent hunger pangs as a consequence. The resultant ketosis also helps burn accumulated fat. This improves blood lipid profiles and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

These are the benefits of high-fat, low-carb diets like the Ketogenic and the Atkins diets. But which of the two is better?

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The Meat Of The Matter

Sorry to burst your bubble, carnivores, but neither diet is all-you-can-eat meat. “Many people mistakenly believed that the Atkins diet is a high protein diet, but that is just a misconception,” Mancinelli says. “If they read the instructions for following an Atkins diet they would see that it’s not so. You do eat meat, but most of your calories come from fat.”

In addition to protein sources like eggs, fish, poultry and meat, you’ll end up filling up on many healthy fats like olive oil, avocados, tree nuts and seeds and low-carb veggies like spinach and kale, if you’re trying to follow either eating plan closely.

Atkins Or Keto For Inflammation

Whats The Difference Between Keto Paleo Atkins Diet

For both diets, there are several studies on their relationship with inflammation. Being in a ketosis state seems to reduce inflammation in the body.

Also, both eliminate high-carb sugary foods like candy, sugar, cakes, pastries, and refined grains. This, in the end, leads to reduced inflammation.

However, following traditional Atkins, where there is a focus on saturated fats and protein, might not be the best for reducing inflammation. In that case, keto may be better for reducing inflammation than Atkins.

Atkins has added modifications over the years, so it may be possible to follow a healthier version.

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Which Diet Is Easier To Maintain

First, keto:

Maintaining ketosis is extremely difficult because nearly everything has carbs. Nuts? Yup! Same goes for avocados, yogurt, and other high-fat foods you might not associate with carbs. Plus, you’ll need to weigh foods to make sure you’re eating appropriate serving sizes to maintain the ratio of fat, protein and carbs.

Now, Atkins:

The classic plan gets more flexible as you lose weight, so you don’t have to say goodbye to carbs forever. Plus, dieters don’t have to worry about getting in 80 percent of their calories from fat, which can be hard for many people, says Weinandy.

The verdict:

According to Weinandy, maintaining ketosis is extremely hard. Typically, people eat too protein and not enough fat to maintain the fat-burning state. As proof, she says that most “keto” dieters aren’t even following the dietâdespite their best intentions. Instead, their diets are more similar to Atkins in practice.

“A ketogenic diet is not just eat all the meat you want to,” says Weinandy. “I think thatâs really lost on a lot of people.”

Types Of Foods Allowed

Although it has changed its approach to foods, the traditional Atkins diet emphasizes the consumption of high-fat meats. This means that the saturated fat intake was higher than normally recommended .

The keto diet recommends healthy fats from unsaturated sources like nuts, seeds, olive oil, olives, and avocados. It also emphasizes using whole, natural ingredients for clean eating and reducing your intake of ultra-processed foods.

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An Overview Of How The Atkins Diet Works

The Atkins diet was introduced in 1972 by a cardiologist named Robert Atkins, and its been popular on and off since, Dolinski says. The original version of the diet has four phases. The introductory phase of the diet kicks it off with by far the most restrictive rules.

Protein and fat are fair game on Atkins, but carbs are strictly limited to between 20 and 25 grams of net carbs during the introductory phase. Those carbs come from nuts, seeds, veggies, and cheese. Having only that amount of carbohydrates can result in your body going into ketosis, Dolinski says. Youll stay in this phase until youre about 15 pounds away from your goal weight.

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Phase two increases the carb allotment to 25 to 50 g, adding in foods like blueberries, cottage cheese, and yogurt. Youll stay here until youre about 10 lb away from your goal.

During the third phase, youll increase to between 50 and 80 g of net carbs as you try to find that perfect balance how many carbs can you eat before the weight loss stalls? It is done slowly, realistically, with some trial and error to see what amount of carbohydrates can be consumed again without causing any weight gain, says Michelle Jaelin, RD, a Hamilton, Ontariobased blogger at

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The Differences Between Keto Vs Atkins

Difference Between A Keto Diet And A Low Carb Diet ð§?

While you’re not sticking to a specific caloric intake on either program, following keto does require precisely calculating where your calories are coming from, which is 70-80 percent from fat, followed by 15-20 percent protein and just 5 percent from carbohydrates, says McGrane. A key difference between keto vs. Atkins here is that on keto, you can’t eat too much protein because it can be broken down into glucose, which is typically the body’s source of fuel, “and the whole point is you have to be breaking down fat to get energy” to be in ketosis, she notes.

Atkins doesn’t restrict protein. The classic Atkins 20 Diet is broken into four stages. The initial phasewhich is basically a ketogenic dietincludes meat, fish, chicken and shellfish eggs fats like butter and olive oil cheese and low-carb vegetables. As you progress through the diet and reach stage four, however, you’re able to introduce more foods back in, such as fruit, starchy vegetables and whole grains , gradually increasing your daily carb intake.

Keto, on the other hand, eliminates any fruits, and you don’t get to add complex carbs back ineverlike you can on Atkins, says McGrane. Overall, keto ends up feeling a lot more restrictive as your food choices remain limited as long as you’re on the diet.

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