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What To Expect On Keto

You May Have More Cravings

Starting Keto… What to Expect the First Two Weeks

I typically dont have a sweet tooth, but during the first week on Keto, I was craving sweets like CRAZY! Luckily there are keto-friendly alternatives and I was able to get my fix and stay in my macros.

I usually crave salt and french fries, and surprisingly, I havent had cravings for those or bread or pasta at all! Everyone is different though, so I suggest dealing with your cravings by finding Keto-friendly alternatives.

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I Came Down With Keto Flu

The “keto flu” is a term you’ll see on keto blogs and forums. For me, it was a very real event, but not everyone will experience it.

As your body breaks through the carb cycle and enters ketosis , you may experience fatigue, mental fogginess, even irritability. My “keto flu” only lasted a day, and once I passed it, I never experienced the symptoms again. I even ate a cookie one day during the diet to celebrate my birthday. I certainly came out of ketosis when I ate that treat, but I didn’t experience any repercussions for it. .

Muscle Cramps And Spasms

Dehydration and electrolyte imbalances can cause muscle cramps. Electrolytes are substances that carry electrical signals between the bodys cells. Imbalances in these substances lead to disrupted electrical messages that may cause muscle contractions and spasms.

People following the ketogenic diet should ensure that they are getting enough electrolytes from the food they eat to avoid muscle pains and other symptoms of an imbalance.

Electrolytes include calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. A person can get these from eating a balanced diet. However, if symptoms persist, a doctor may recommend supplements or other dietary changes.

Headaches can be a common side effect of switching to a ketogenic diet. They may occur as a result of consuming fewer carbohydrates, especially sugar. Dehydration and electrolyte imbalances can also cause headaches.

Ketosis headaches typically last from 1 day to 1 week, although some people may experience pain for longer. See a doctor if headaches persist.

Interestingly, some recent research suggests the ketogenic diet as a potential treatment for migraines and cluster headaches.

For example, a 2018 study suggests the ketosis diet as a possible treatment for those with drug-resistant cluster headaches.

However, much more research is necessary to confirm the diets effectiveness for treating or preventing these types of headaches.

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Youll Start Losing Water Weight

Within a couple of days of starting Keto, and definitely within the first two weeks, youll start losing water weight from stored carbs! Before Keto, even though I tracked calories and watched what I ate, my weight would fluctuate 2 or 3 pounds from one day to the next purely from bloating and what I ate!

You can see in the graph my weight zigzags of ups and downs until June 16th when I started Keto! I did a fast to help jump-start Keto, and have steadily seen a decrease on the scale ever since. After the initial water weight, you will begin to continue to lose body fat since thats what your body is using as fuel!

Here’s What To Expect As Your Body Transitions To Using Fat For Energy

Pin on weightloss

    Dr. Danielle Weiss is the founder of Center for Hormonal Health and Well-Being, a personalized, proactive, patient-centered medical practice with a unique focus on integrative endocrinology. She enjoys giving lectures and writing articles for both the lay public and medical audiences. Dr. Weiss is Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Diego.

    Verywell / Zorica Lakonic

    A ketogenic diet is an eating plan that’s designed to seriously minimize carbohydrates, your body’s favorite fuel source, and dramatically increase fats. The idea is that as carbohydrate levels drop, the body becomes forced to burn stored fat as its primary source of fuel, which can result in often dramatic weight loss. The diet represents a total turnaround from how most people eat: while the suggested American diet is about 50 percent carbohydrate, 15 percent protein, and 35 percent fat, the breakdown on most typical keto diets is 5 to 10 percent carbs, 70 to 75 percent fat, and the rest from protein.

    Keto-adaptation is the process your body goes through on the diet as it changes from using primarily glucose for energy to using primarily fat.

    If glucose is the body’s normal go-to source of energy, you may be wondering what happens when it suddenly doesn’t have enough to use as its main fuel.

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    Communicate With A Healthcare Provider

    Jalali recommends that her clients work with a medical professional who is familiar with the diet to get the best results. She recommends having regular blood work done to avoid vitamin and nutrient deficiencies and imbalances which she says are typical. Working with a healthcare professional who is familiar with the diet can also help manage side effects which may cause a lot of people from dropping out of the diet.

    Keto Diet Side Effects: What To Expect

    The ketogenic diet, or keto diet, strictly limits carbohydrates while increasing the amount of fat that a person eats. A common short-term side effect of the keto diet is keto flu, which includes symptoms such as tiredness, nausea, and headaches.

    Researchers do not know a lot about the long-term effects of following the keto diet. However, it may cause health issues for some people.

    In this article, we look at what the keto diet involves, its possible risks and side effects, and who it may benefit.

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    Is The Keto Diet Good For Gestational Diabetes

    Gestational diabetes has increased in the past decade, with between two to 10 percent of pregnant women in the U.S. developing the condition, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . Since the condition can lead to serious problems for both mother and baby, its important to keep your blood sugar in balance during pregnancy. But while there is evidence that a keto diet helps to control diabetes in non-pregnant people, there is no solid evidence that the diet helps with gestational diabetes.

    If you have gestational diabetes, ask your practitioner about strategies to help manage the condition, such as eating smaller and more frequent meals throughout the day to keep blood sugar stable, or cutting out processed carbs like candy and junk food while increasing your intake of veggies, nuts, seeds, healthy fats and protein.

    Dont Consciously Restrict Food Intake

    What To Expect When You Go Keto.

    Some people find that they arent very hungry the first week of keto because they are nauseated or have a headache that reduces their appetite. Yet others may get pretty hungry and worry that theyre eating too many calories to achieve the kind of fast weight loss theyve heard about.

    The Atkins diet begins with induction, its strictest phase that allows for maximum fat burning and getting into ketosis quickly. On this diet, as long as carbs are restricted to 20 or fewer grams per day, you can eat as much of the allowed foods you need to feel full.

    Its not a good idea to focus on calories when youre trying to become keto adapted. Letting yourself get hungry or stressing about the amount of food youre eating might even make keto flu symptoms worse.19 Once youre steadily in ketosis, your appetite will likely go down, and youll naturally end up eating less.20

    Eat as much of the allowed foods as needed until youre no longer hungry, and have keto snacks like hard-boiled eggs available in case hunger strikes between meals. On the other hand, make sure to avoid getting overly full by eating slowly and paying attention to hunger and fullness signals.

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    Tips For Managing The Symptoms Of Keto Flu

    The keto flu can leave you feeling pretty miserable. We dont have research on the keto flu, so most of the information on helping with the keto flu comes from reports from people who have tried the diet themselves.

    These tips could help lessen keto flu symptoms, and they may help your overall health.

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    Indulgent Lower Carb Foods

    Just to give you some examples, a Big Mac is 43g net carbs and a 10-piece Chicken McNugget is 24g carbs. Foods like this are exactly what I reach for when I want to go off-plan.

    Some additional things to consider:

    • at 50g carbs, some will still stay in ketosis. It varies from person to person.
    • at 100g carbs, you are still considered “low carb.” You will likely not be in ketosis anymore, but there are still plenty of benefits to a general low carb diet including: reduced inflammation, better blood sugar levels and even weight loss!

    Do you have a strategy for going off-plan when following a ketogenic diet? Comment below!

    Eat A Clean Ketogenic Diet

    Ketosis: What To Expect

    The quality of your food matters, not just your macros. Sure, you can stay in ketosis by eating processed cheese singles and ham slices, but thats not going to nourish you in the best way possible. Focus on quality keto foods like avocado oil, fresh leafy greens, wild fish, and grass-fed beef instead.

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    Get Results In 30 Days

    Join 90k+ people who are losing weight with Keto Kickstart, our doctor-developed program designed to give you real weight loss results.

    Youre in! Check your email to get started with the program.

    Since everyone is different, its hard to get an exact answer, but this article will cover the average weight loss rate for most keto dieters, tips for successfully losing weight on keto, and how to avoid common weight loss mistakes.

    What Is The Keto Diet

    The keto diet limits a persons daily carbohydrate intake while increasing the amount of fat. The aim is to encourage the body to burn fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.

    This metabolic change puts the body into a state of ketosis. Ketosis occurs when the body starts to break down fat due to a lack of blood sugar circulating the body. The body turns the fat into ketones, which provide it with energy.

    It takes about 24 days for a person to reach the state of ketosis after starting the diet.

    Many people begin the keto diet because they wish to lose weight. However, others use it to help manage certain health conditions, such as diabetes.

    Most keto diet plans limit the daily carbohydrate intake to 50 grams or less. They also require people to stick to the following nutrient ratios, based on a daily intake of 2,000 calories:

    • 5560% calories from fat
    • 3035% calories from protein
    • 510% calories from carbohydrates

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    Set Yourself Up For Weight Loss Success

    Before you embark on your keto weight loss journey, its important to get the basics right.

    Some people think shifting from the high-carb standard American diet into a paleo or low-carb diet is enough to enter ketosis. But this isnt always the case. Its important to make sure youre running on ketones instead of carbs. Otherwise, youre not going to burn fat or lose weight.

    Take the keto quiz

    Worried that this is too much protein? Most keto macro calculators will tell you that your protein needs to be only 10-15% of your total calories. We dont agree. Check out the video below by our founder Dr. Anthony Gustin to understand why he made this macro calculator with higher than most protein recommendations:

    Your Individual Fat Adaptation Period

    The First 2 Weeks of Keto – What to Expect

    Your body needs time to become fat-adapted, and the time it takes to get there depends on your metabolism. For instance, if youre coming off a standard American diet , and your adult body has never run on ketones before, your adaptation period might take a little longer. Youll lose weight when your body is in a state of ketosis.

    The key to keto diet results is consistency. That means eating keto-friendly foods including healthy fats, veggies, and quality meats. Treat the keto diet as what it is not simply a diet plan, but a lifestyle and metabolic shift in your health.

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    Keto Diet Day 14 Onwards: Smooth Sailing

    You settle down into your new diet. You are losing weight steadily, without feeling hungry.

    Vigorous exercise, especially aerobic forms, may still be a bit difficult. It takes a few weeks longer for your body to become fully Keto-adapted, even after you are in ketosis.

    The most important thing at this point is staying vigilant. Keep watching your macros carefully and avoid making common mistakes that might sabotage your Keto diet.

    But Is The Keto Diet Worth It

    Honestly, thats a choice you have to make on your own.

    Not everyone can brave the keto flu knowing full and well what it may or may not feel like for them. Even with the knowledge that its temporary and the benefits the keto diet promotes.

    Some people will say, I cant afford to feel like crap for a week when I have to work.

    My response is that people should slowly cut carbs if this is a diet or lifestyle choice they think will work for them. It will minimize any effects you might experience. But, youll enter ketosis slower than someone going cold turkey.

    Its all about your desires and reasons for considering this lifestyle. Starting keto isnt for the faint of heart, but if youre wanting to feel great then Id give it a shot.

    In the end, if you hate being on the keto diet you can always just start adding more carbs back into your diet.

    No harm, no foul!

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    How I Did The Keto Diet

    Four things that really helped me get started were:

    • a goal
    • focusing on carbs only
    • having a friend for accountability

    I started the diet about one month before the wedding with a goal of losing 10 pounds. Since a low-calorie diet can produce up to a 2-pound weight loss per week, 10 pounds over 4 weeks didn’t feel extreme. If the keto diet was as great as had been touted, I thought 10 pounds would be easy.

    Before I started, I spent several weeks researching the diet, following keto-focused Instagram accounts for inspiration, and creating a plan . This last part, I would soon learn, was the most important thing for my journey.

    I used an online keto calculator to set a goal for calories, carbs and fat. I mostly followed the suggestions, with the exception of fat. The calculator suggested over 200 grams of fat each day. That’s tough to hit without loading ghee into my coffee or swigging some coconut oil before lunch. Can it be done? Absolutely. I just couldn’t get there. For me, the focus was on reducing carbs. I let the other pieces just fall into place.

    I also asked a friend to join me as an accountability partner. She had tried the keto diet before with good success, so having a guide for my myriad questions was a big help. It was also nice to have someone to message at 10 p.m. when I really wanted a cookie so she could commiserate with me.

    Featured Recipe:Bacon-Wrapped Chicken with Roasted Zucchini

    Dont Discount Other Signs Of Progress

    Keto Diet: What to Expect

    When going keto, its important to focus on more than just weight loss even if you have a lot to lose. Overall health should be the goal, so give yourself credit for any and all benefits you notice from the ketogenic diet. That could be:

    Although losing weight is a good indicator of your progress, remember that its not all about the number on the scale. In fact, many keto dieters say they noticed differences in the mirror more than on the scale.

    If youre weight lifting at the same time, you might be replacing fat loss with muscle gain. This might not move the scale much, but itll show up on your body.

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