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What Supplements Should You Take On Keto

The Effects Of Spirulina Supplementation

Essential Vitamins you should take on Keto | Toria Serviss

The literature on spirulina is much more sparse than that of fish oil, but there is some convincing data supporting the benefits of supplementing with this blue-green algae. In a research study from 2007, for example, 36 healthy subjects took 4.5 grams of a spirulina supplement per day for six full weeks, and the results were incredible:

  • Total cholesterol decreased from an average concentration of 181.7 mg/dL to 163.5 mg/dL, representing a 10.0% decrease.
  • LDL cholesterol decreased from an average concentration of 103 mg/dL to 86 mg/dL, representing a 16.5% decrease.
  • HDL cholesterol increased from an average concentration of 43.5 mg/dL to an average of 50.0 mg/dL, representing a 12.6% increase.
  • Triglycerides decreased from an average concentration of 233.7 mg/dL to 167.7 mg/dL.
  • Average systolic blood pressure decreased by 9.2% from 120 mmHg to 109 mmHg.
  • Average diastolic blood pressure decreased by 7.0% from 85 mmHg to 79 mmHg.

Because of all the positive effects associated with spirulina, the authors stated that:

The present results demonstrate that spirulina maxima has hypolipidemic effects, especially on TC and HDL-C values but indirectly on TC and HDL-C values and positive effects on lowering blood pressure.

Three other high-quality research studies found similar effects as well.

Should I Take Vitamins Or Supplements On A Ketogenic Diet

ââIt is well known that whole foods should be emphasized over dietary supplements because essential vitamins and minerals found in foods are usually better absorbed than those found in supplements . By nature, the ketogenic diet is best comprised mostly of whole, unprocessed foods that meet most of, if not all your nutritional needs. Thus, if you make the right food choices and eat an appropriate number of calories, you will be at a low risk of nutrient deficiencies.

As for others, here are a few nutrients that deserve attention to ensure you are adequately consuming them :

Dr. Phinney on supplements and vitamins on a ketogenic diet

  • âLichtenstein AH, Russel RM. Essential Nutrients: Food or Supplements? Where Should the Emphasis Be? JAMA. 2005 294:351-358.
  • Volek JS, Phinney SD. The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance. 2012. PP 78-85. Beyond Obesity Publishing, Miami FL.
  • Trace Minerals Keto Electrolyte Drops

    As you severely restrict carbs in your diet, youll lose water via urination and, with that, go electrolytes, too. The electrolyte imbalance that happens early on may be whats responsible for the keto flu, or the transition that hampers people with side effects like muscle aches and fatigue. I like Trace Minerals because this supplement provides minerals found in seawater that you often lack, says Wagner. Each serving, which you add to a beverage daily, contains 45 and 26 percent of your daily value for magnesium and chloride, respectively, plus potassium and sodium from seawater.

    Trace Minerals Keto Electrolyte Drops, $14.99, iHerb

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    Food First Supplements Second

    “It takes a concerted effort to ensure you’re getting adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients while limiting total carbohydrates to under 10% of total daily calories, which is necessary to remain in ketosis,” says Ariana Fiorita, RD, a registered dietitian at the Center for Functional Medicine at Cleveland Clinic.

    She emphasizes the importance of getting as much of your nutrients as possible through your food, first. But there are certain vitamins and minerals that the body doesn’t absorb easily, which is why you should also consider taking supplements to make sure you’re getting enough nutrition.

    During ketosis, the kidneys flush out more electrolytes than usual, including magnesium, potassium, and salt. If you’re experiencing symptoms of keto flu, that may be an indication that your electrolytes are out of balance and you need to replace them.

    Electrolyte Supplements For Fluid Balance

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    While there are many health benefits of the keto diet, its possible to miss out on important minerals like potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium that come from non-ketogenic foods. These electrolytes control nerve and muscle function, among many other things.

    The low-carb nature of the keto diet causes your kidneys to dump excess water, excreting sodium and other electrolytes that need to be replenished.

    Low levels of these electrolytes, especially sodium and potassium, can lead to symptoms like headaches, fatigue, and constipation, also known as the keto flu.

    By replenishing these important electrolytes through food or supplements, you reduce keto flu symptoms while protecting yourself from long-term deficiency on keto.

    Below are the four electrolytes to be aware of when going keto.


    A healthy balance of sodium in the body is necessary for nerve and muscle function. Sodiums ability to retain water is also essential to keeping a balance of other electrolytes.

    Most diets encourage less sodium, but you might need more on keto because sodium is lost with water loss, especially at the beginning of the keto diet.

    How to Get Sodium

    While you dont need a sodium supplement, youll likely need to replenish any sodium lost on keto by:

    • Adding salt to your food or drinks. Choose Himalayan sea salt.
    • Drinking bone broth regularly.
    • Eating more sodium-rich foods like red meats or eggs.


    How to Get Magnesium


    How to Get Potassium


    How to Get Calcium

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    Get Your Nutrients From Whole Foods First

    Its important to keep in mind that studies show that the nutrients you get from whole foods, and especially meat, are absorbed far better than the nutrients contained in dietary supplements.

    However, for many people, the quality and availability of nutritious whole foods is far from ideal. There are many instances where getting keto-specific nutrients can be challenging. And thats were supplementation comes in.

    Can Boost Your Metabolism

    Yes, you heard right. Biotin is shown to aid in metabolic function and can aid in fat loss.

    As we mentioned, biotin plays a vital role in the metabolism of our daily macros and contains unique enzymes needed for proper digestion and gut health.

    Also, the integral role in metabolism played by the enzymes found in biotin function via three biological pathways: gluconeogenesis, fatty acid synthesis, and amino acid catabolism.

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    The 9 Best Keto Supplements

    As the popularity of the ketogenic diet continues to grow so does interest in how to optimize health while following this high-fat, low-carb eating plan.

    Because the keto diet cuts out a number of food options, its a good idea to supplement with specific nutrients.

    Not to mention, some supplements can help dieters reduce adverse effects of the keto flu and even enhance athletic performance when training on a low-carb diet.

    Here are the best supplements to take on a keto diet.

    1 ).

    Research suggests that due to magnesium-depleting medications, reliance on processed foods and other factors, a good portion of the population has or is at risk of developing a magnesium deficiency .

    On a ketogenic diet, it may be even more difficult to meet your magnesium needs, as many magnesium-rich foods like beans and fruits are also high in carbs.

    For these reasons, taking 200400 mg of magnesium per day may be beneficial if youre on a keto diet.

    Supplementing with magnesium can help reduce muscle cramps, difficulty sleeping and irritability all symptoms commonly experienced by those transitioning to a ketogenic diet .

    Some of the most absorbable forms of magnesium include magnesium glycinate, magnesium gluconate and magnesium citrate.

    If you wish to increase your magnesium intake through keto-friendly foods, focus on incorporating these low-carb, magnesium-rich options:

    • Spinach
    • Mackerel

    Is A Multivitamin Ok

    What Supplements Should You Take on Keto

    You might wonder if it makes more sense to cover all your bases at once with a multivitamin supplement that offers a wide range of micronutrients. While this seems like a good idea, the truth is that taking a multivitamin means ingesting synthetic nutrients as well as getting amounts of them that dont mimic what youd get in whole foods. This is a problem because:

    • Taking certain vitamins in the wrong form can be ineffective.
    • Taking vitamins without the right amount of other vitamins can be ineffective or dangerous.
    • Some multivitamins contain additives or allergens like gluten or shellfish due to the broad scope of ingredients.

    If the perfect keto multivitamin existed, this might not be an issue, but the bottom line is that your best bet is eating whole foods when it comes to nutrition.

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    Desiccated Beef Liver Supplements

    Desiccated beef liver, can be a keto diet supplement that assists your transition into ketosis. Natures very best source of B vitamins, as you might expect, is desiccated beef liver.

    Livers B12 content is most impressive a single serving of Dr. Kiltzs Grass Fed Beef Liver Supplement contains roughly 1000% of your B12 RDV. All these B vitamins mean noticeably more energy.

    B vitamins are extraordinarily safe, too their water solubility means that any excesses you take can be easily excreted.

    Desiccated beef liver is also rich in biotin, folate, and coenzyme Q10. These nutrients help your body access stored energy and turn it into fuel while generating a minimal amount of harmful byproducts.

    Desiccated beef liver is a great choice for keto athletes, too. Some historians think athletes have used it since Grecian times.

    Liver supplements were also known and loved by golden and silver era bodybuilders. For all their quirky beliefs, these bodybuilders were validated by the scientific community when Dr. Benjamin Ershoff showed that mice given liver tablets had much greater endurance, affirming livers anti-fatigue factor.

    Where To Get Fish Oil Supplements

    There are over 50 fish oil supplements available for purchase. However, not all of them should be trusted.

    According to trusted supplement adviser Labdoor, almost 50% of fish oil supplements brands dont contain the daily recommendation of 500 mg of omega-3 fatty acids. Additionally, many of them are contaminated with toxins such as mercury.

    So, which fish oil supplement should you take? The highest quality one is manufactured by WHC UnoCardio 1000. The most bang for your buck fish oil supplement in terms of cost and overall quality is the Vitamin Shoppe omega-3 fish oil supplements here. Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega is a high-quality, trustworthy supplement that we typically recommend as well. The full rankings can be found at the Labdoor website.

    Each manufacturer provides recommended daily dosages. However, we suggest consulting with your doctor and dietitian to get a proper assessment of what is best for you.

    Key Takeaways: Using fish oil supplements in conjunction with the ketogenic diet can help lower your triglycerides, especially if you already have elevated levels. You can also use fish oil to boost exercise recovery and muscle growth.

    Recommendations: If your blood tests indicate that you have elevated levels of triglycerides, a daily dose of at least 3-4 grams of fish oil along with a sound ketogenic diet is an effective method to lower them. You can also get similar benefits by having 2-3 servings per week of fatty fish.

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    Use Keto Supplements To Fill In The Gaps

    Keto supplements are best used to fill in the gaps and round out the edges of your keto diet.

    Top keto supplements include:

    • Phosphorus
    • Bicarbonate

    A lack of electrolytes is marked by muscle cramps, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, confusion, and other uncomfortable and downright scary symptoms.3

    These symptoms can be thought of as a type of electrical short-circuiting where muscle and brain cells arent receiving enough electricity to fire properly.

    Can Support Pregnancy

    Pin on Keto Diet

    The body’s needs increase significantly during pregnancy as we nurture our baby’s growing brain and body and draw upon nutrition as expecting moms.

    While folic acid is often heralded as a critical nutrient to consume during pregnancyand it is thatbiotin also offers unique benefits to mom and her growing baby that are worth consideration.

    Remember, biotin plays a critical role in energy production and storage in the body, and this is particularly important as the increased demands that fostering a new life place on our body’s nutritional requirements, can be significant.

    Also, it’s important to note that some studies have shown a possible increased risk of a biotin deficiency in women during pregnancy because of baby’s ever-increasing needs in utero.

    Keep an eye on biotin levels, especially when expecting, to ensure both of your nutritional needs are met.

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    Add Salt To Your Diet

    Most people get at least 2 grams of sodium from the foods they eat. You can add a teaspoon of salt to a liter of water and drink it over the course of the day. Another strategy is to drink broth or bouillon, which contains about 1 gram of sodium per cup.

    If you do physical exercise, adding sodium prior to a workout may improve your performance. Drs. Phinney and Volek recommend taking one-half teaspoon of salt within the half hour prior to exercising in their book The Art and Science of Low Carb Performance17

    Note: If you have high blood pressure, heart failure, or kidney disease, be sure to speak with your doctor before increasing your sodium intake.

    A Clean Green Protein Powder

    “I use a vegan keto protein powder with zero grams sugar, that has protein from seeds as part of its composition. Keto can be a very acidifying diet, so adding alkalinizing nutrients and plant proteins is very supportive,” says Dr. Cabeca.

    “I will make a keto-green shake with the protein powder, add a quarter of an avocado, a handful of greens, and coconut water, and blend. I highly recommend it as a meal substitute or if needed between meals,” says Dr. Cabeca, who uses her Keto-Green All-in-One Meal Replacement.

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    Well Can Keto Supplements Do Anything At All

    While keto-specific supplements, like exogenous ketones, do temporarily elevate the level of ketones in the blood, says Amanda Maucere, RD, a nutritionist at Lung Health Institute in Tampa, Florida, the overall impact on the body is not the same as getting there via your dietary choices.

    “Think of it like taking a vitamin C supplement versus eating a cup of strawberries. The supplement will provide an adequate amount of vitamin C, but so will eating a cup of strawberries, she says. Plus, with the cup of strawberries youre also getting a dose of fiber, antioxidants and phytochemicalsother things that your body needs.

    McWhorter agrees: “Simply swallowing a pill does not give us the same benefit as eating vegetables and whole plant-based food,” he says.

    Takeaways On The Best Keto Supplements

    KETO: what supplements you should take !!! why!!!

    Following the keto diet means its more difficult to get the nutrients you need to keep your body functioning optimally, so adding supplements can help keep you at your best. There are a lot of so-called keto diet supplements on the market today, and while some are helpful, there are many you just dont need.

    Consider adding electrolyte supplements, MCT oil, folate and oxaloacetate to get the most out of your keto diet, but steer clear of keto salts and emulsified MCT oil. Be sure to consult with your health care provider before adding any new supplements to your wellness regimen.

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    Spencer Brooks is a science writer with a background in psychopharmacology and nutrition. When he’s not writing, he’s cooking, studying winemaking, competing in Brazilian jiu jitsu, and rocking out to the greatest hits of the ’80s.


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    For The Best Results On Your Keto Diet:

    • Aim to meet the majority of your nutrition needs through a well-formulated keto diet. Focus on eating healthy sources of protein, plenty of non-starchy vegetables, and natural fats.
    • Consider supplementing with the three best keto supplements: Vitamin D3, Magnesium, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
    • Talk to your doctor if youre concerned about deficiencies and before starting any new supplements.

    Have you been taking Vitamin D3, Magnesium, or Omega-3 Fatty Acid supplements? Did you notice any changes in your health? Any other supplements you take? Let us know!

    Do You Need Mineral Supplementation

    The decision to take mineral supplements should be based on how you feel and whether or not you experience any symptoms. If you already feel well on a keto diet, you may not need to add any supplements or electrolyte-rich food 9

    Bear in mind that if you engage in endurance exercise or any type of rigorous physical activity, you may find it difficult to get enough electrolytes solely from food, and you may choose to take supplements for performance reasons.10

    Here are examples of daily mineral needs for people following a keto lifestyle, the best keto-friendly food sources, and supplement recommendations for those who cant meet their needs through diet alone.

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    Chromium And Alpha Lipoic Acid

    These are antioxidants which offer assistance in the metabolizing of glucose in human blood. They are the best metabolism boosters they clear all the glucose and glycogen from the digestion system and make it perfect for ketosis.If a person increases Chromium and Alpha Lipoic Acid intake, the speed of burning calories will go up. This additionally gets a person into ketosis quicker.Alpha Lipoic Acid is a real supplement which can assist in keeping the mitochondria safe. Besides that, it can help in boosting the sensitivity of insulin. Also, since it is an antioxidant, it can offer protection to the human brain in case of injury. Alpha Lipoic Acid can be found in various common foods such as potatoes, yams, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, yeast, and carrots. It is also important to know that this supplement is absorbed better when taken in an empty stomach.

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