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What Restaurants Serve Keto Food

Pita Pit Vegetarian Keto Options

How to Eat Keto At Restaurants
  • At Pita Pit you can build your own pita with salad. The black bean patty is 8g net carbs, surround it with veggies/cheese of your choice, or just get veggies alone! The hummus is just 3g net carbs.

  • Appropriate sauces: boom boom sauce , buffalo sauce , jalapeno ranch , light mayo , pesto , ranch , the secret sauce , sour cream , and tzatziki .

Keto Fast Food Salad Options

Low carb fast food salads are relatively easy to come by, even if you have to swap the dressing or pick off some ingredients.

You can get keto friendly salads with low carb ingredients such as lettuce , tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions , cheese, bacon, avocado, guacamole, grilled chicken, hard boiled eggs, nuts or seeds , etc.

However, be careful because many fast food salads have added carbs. Salad ingredients to avoid on keto include:

  • Fried or breaded chicken
  • All fruit except berries

You can either ask them to omit these ingredients or remove them yourself.

Salad dressings are probably the most challenging part. Your safest best for dressing is oil and vinegar. The next best options are fatty dressing such as plain ranch, Caesar, or blue cheese, but even these can have starches added.

My preference for salad dressings for my keto fast food meals? I bring my own! They keep really well so I always have some in my fridge anyway and its easy to grab with me even if Im going out last-minute.

Some keto salad dressings to try:

  • Keto Ranch Dressing The most popular one on the blog! Readers tell me it tastes like their favorite name brand bottled stuff.

Keto Kung Pao Chicken

Kung pao is one of the tastiest Chinese dishes. Whether it is Kung Pao shrimp, chicken, beef, brussels sprouts, you name it.

My allegiance to the type of Kung Pao has changed over the years. At some point, all I wanted was kung pao shrimp, but now kung pao chicken is my best.

The perfect Kung Pao chicken is spicy, savory, saucy, sweet, and delicious. This dish has no gluten from soy sauce. Instead, you will use whole ingredients like avocado oil, green onions, sesame seed, tamari or coconut aminos, unseasoned white vinegar, peanuts, garlic, ginger, Thai chilies, or serranos, swerve, and of course chicken breast.

This recipe yields Keto Kung Pao chicken that has 2mostly proteins, fats, and cholesterol. The carbohydrate is only 4 grams in each serving, with most of it being fiber.

You can serve it on zucchini noodles or cauliflower rice. Also, have some salad if you want, but I am not sure you will get to that point because of how divine this keto kung pao chicken is.

Here is the recipe.

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Best Keto Fast Food Options

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Youre in luck! Youve just found the ultimate guide to keto fast food and keto restaurants

Some of our best moments are shared over meals, and just because youre eating a ketogenic diet doesnt mean you cant share a meal or fast food snack with friends. Despite what you may have heard, keto and weight loss is sustainable when eating out!

Weve made it easy for you with our list of the best keto friendly fast food joints and restaurants. Below theres a breakdown from standard fast food restaurants, all the way to sit down fast casual. If youre unsure of whats keto near you, read through this guide and begin ordering like a pro!

This guide contains a few of the top options from each restaurant. For a more detailed guide and every single order, read the full guides for each individual restaurant.

What To Avoid At The Cheesecake Factory


Unfortunately, the first answer here has to be cheesecake! Its loaded with white sugar and served on a graham cracker or cookie crust. None of the desserts are keto-friendly.

Even their low-licious cheesecake has 30 grams of net carbs however, if you split it with a dining companion or take half of it home, it just might work if youre careful with the rest of the food.

Otherwise, if youre dining with a group who insists on ordering dessert, get a coffee and ask the kitchen to top it with unsweetened heavy cream and a dash of cinnamon for a zero-carb treat.

Other foods to avoid include anything battered and fried, pasta, pizza, burgers or sandwiches with their buns, French fries, pancakes and waffles, and any sweet beverages.

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Yes You Can Eat Fast Food On Keto

The ketogenic diet is all about reducing carbohydrate intake so your body can go into ketosis, using fat for fuel instead of glucose .

The ketogenic diet is only as healthy as you make it. Even if youre technically in ketosis, getting real, whole, nutrient-dense foods is the key to living a long and healthy life.

These recommendations are for emergencies only. And most of your diet should revolve around fresh high-quality protein, plenty of vegetables, and healthy fats.

If you rely on this list too much, you can completely stall your fat loss efforts. And you probably wont feel too hot, either. Inflammation can spike and mental and physical performance can suffer.

Just because its low-carb doesnt make it healthy.

One way to avoid unhealthy options is to make sure youre meal prepping every week.

But if you must eat fast food, rest assured that there are some ketogenic fast-food options out there.

Use the above options to guide you during your next fast-food run, and dont be afraid to get creative and customize.

Chicken Seafood Or Steak Fajitas

Fajitas are another great way to eat the insides only of a taco or burrito. They usually come with your choice of meat with grilled or sauteed fajita vegetables, such as bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes.

Many Mexican places such as Chilis Grill & Bar also offer grilled steak fajitas, which you can try.

They are served on a sizzling platter with flour or corn tortillas, beans, rice, lettuce, sour cream and guacamole so that you can assemble your own taco.

Be sure to hold the taco shell, beans, and rice and enjoy the taco fillings only. You may also want to ask to hold any sauce that comes on the fajitas.

What to order: chicken, seafood, or steak fajitas minus the taco shell. Also, hold the beans, rice, and any sauce that accompanies the dish.

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General Tips For Dining Out On A Keto Diet

That all may sound daunting, but the good news is that because keto is becoming more mainstream, restaurants understand when customers need to modify their meals. In fact, some chains have even come out with menu options specifically catered to keto dieters. But you still may need to do some legwork. Like all healthy-eating patterns, a well-rounded ketogenic diet should mainly consist of whole, nutritious foods, says Kubala. Plenty of nonstarchy veggies should also be a staple, Kubala adds, and some fruits here and there is also encouraged on the keto diet.

You may need to finesse some of the meals to fit your desired macronutrient ratios as well. Romano recommends starting with a base of a simply prepared protein combined with a nonstarchy vegetable . Then add healthy fats to optimize fat intake while maintaining low carbohydrate intake, she says.

In general, smart picks include a bunless burger over a bed of greens with lemon and olive oil or avocado steak tips grilled fish or a bunless sandwich all served with you guessed it salad or a side of broccoli or vegetable-based rice, like from cauliflower, Romano says. You can find this order, or a version of it, at many restaurants, she explains.

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Tips For Going Out To Restaurants On Keto:

CARNIVORE KETO RESTAURANTS, Where to Eat? What to Order? Mainly 5 Reasons Why We DON’T Go Out to Eat

1. Check The Menu Online

  • Try doing an internet search ahead of time for keto-friendly restaurants in your area or the area you will be dining in. Since keto and low carb diets have become very popular, many restaurants are now including low carb and gluten-free options on their menu.
  • Once you find a list of restaurants that are keto-friendly, then you can check the menu on their website to see which have the best options. Of course, this tip only works if you have a choice in the restaurant destination.
  • If the restaurant youre going to is someone elses choice and it does not have low carb options on their menu, then call the restaurant and ask if they can make something on the menu more low carb friendly.
  • Ive found that restaurant staff most of the time dont mind swapping high carb sides for lower-carb veggies, or holding the bun on a burger, or making a salad without croutons and adding a protein like grilled chicken to it.

2. Be Prepared

  • Before you leave the house, you can give yourself a head start by reviewing the restaurants menu online. By familiarizing yourself with the menu, you can mentally note which dishes are suitable or can be re-worked a little to become lower in carbs, and this will help you avoid making an unhealthy, and impulsive decision.

3. Fill Up On Healthy Fats

4. Ditch the Pre-Meal Bread Basket

  • As soon as you are seated at your table, ask the server not to bring any bread, and this will help avoid any unnecessary temptation.

5. Drinks

7. Dessert

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Dennys / Perkins / Waffle House / Ihop

Typically at places that serve breakfast all day, thats what you should order. At Dennys, for example, theres a Build Your Own Grand Slam, where you can have eggs and bacon for a very reasonable price.

Though breakfast is a staple at most of these places, they also offer some lunch and dinner items that shouldnt be overlooked. Many places offer burger patties that you can order, as well as a variety of toppings that are keto-friendly including:

  • Sausage
  • Avocado
  • Cheese

Most chains will take special orders and allow you to create a meal based on what they have on hand. Though if they seem confused, just order an omelette with the toppings you want. Nutrition information per item varies between each restaurant, so make sure to double check their nutrition information online before ordering.

Note: Please be careful and review nutrition information before ordering. Some places will add pancake batter into their scrambled egg mixture. This will knock most people out of ketosis, so research ahead of time.

El Pollo Loco / Nandos / Other Grilled Chicken Places

El Pollo Loco is one of the few restaurants that have gotten on board with the lettuce taco shell. Here, you can grab any of their tacos in a lettuce shell so make sure to check their nutrition information beforehand on their website. All of their flame-grilled chicken has 0g net carbs, so theyre a fantastic option to choose if you have an El Pollo Loco closeby.

They also offer a few dressings and a lot of salsas. All of their salsas are either 2g net carbs or 1g net carbs per serving so you can eat these. If you want to add in a dressing, choose one of the following:

  • Creamy Cilantro
  • Ranch Dressing
  • You can add avocado

They also serve broccoli and side salads if youre looking for a vegetable option to pair up with your meal.

El Pollo Locos menu looks pretty similar to those of other grilled chicken places. Make sure to double check what their carb counts are online before ordering, but you should have a detailed idea of what to order based on this.

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Keto Indian Food Items To Avoid At Restaurants

Rice, bread, and fried items such as samosas. I know they are very tempting, and one wont hurt, but that attitude of mind is detrimental to your success on the ketogenic diet.

If you want to make your own keto indian food at home, I have created a recipe article on the best vegetarian and meat Indian dishes you can make at home.

Bjs Restaurant & Brewhouse

How to Eat Keto at Fast Food Restaurants

This family-friendly pizza and beer haven doesnt have to scare keto dieters. When everyone meets to toss back a few, you can order these keto-friendly meal options:

What to Order

Start with appetizers like:

And salad and dressings such as:

Every brewhouse offers a dynamite burger, but youll need to go bunless. These additions should more than make up for tossing the bun:

And if youre feeding a dinner-sized hunger, entrees and sides like these will set you right:

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Gas Stations & Convenience Store

We hardly believed we would be the people to munch on a sandwich from a gas station while following the keto diet, yet a lengthy car journey in recent years totally reformed that.

Sometimes appetite strikes when you least expect it and its not always convenient to stop at both a gas station and fast-food restaurant.

We bought an egg and sausage breakfast sandwich from a gas station and after removing the bread it was actually not half bad! Simply sausage, egg, and cheese, similar to what you would find at a McDonalds.

Be careful though, since some of the meat/pork products that are used in to-go sandwiches have preservatives and fillers that might contain carbs.

Furthermore, a number of gas stations now feature ketogenic alternatives like:

  • Whole eggs
  • Deli meat and beef jerky
  • String cheese
  • Almonds/Nuts
  • Pork skins

When you stop at a gas station or convenience store, have a look around you can quickly make a proper keto meal even when youre in a hurry. Craving something to drink? Numerous gas station chains have inexpensive coffee along with keto-friendly sugar-free sweeteners, as well as diet sodas and flavored waters.

Just be sure to always check the food labels to ensure the carb count is negligible.

Remember:When in doubt, leave it out!

Low Carb Chinese Takeout

If you prefer to order take out or it is one of those days when you are so busy you cannot make yourself a Chinese meal at home, do not worry. There are many available low-carb Chinese takeouts at most Chinese restaurants where you can order from.

However, you should ensure you know the preparation method that the food has been subjected to before ordering. For example, we all know fried coated foods have a high carb content therefore, you need to avoid fried coated dishes.

Listed below are examples of low-carb Chinese food takeout items.

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Stay Keto At Starbucks With:

  • Bacon Gruyere Sous Vide Egg Bites 9g net carbs
  • Salami & Monterey Jack Snack Tray 0g net carbs
  • Grande Americano 2g net carbs
  • Tall Caffe Misto 3g net carbs
  • Grande Hot Coffee or Iced Coffee 0g net carbs
  • Grande Keto London Fog* 3g net carbs
  • Grande Keto Pink Drink* 1g net carbs
  • Venti Keto White Drink* 3g net carbs

*These last 3 are not official Starbucks drinks, so you cannot ask for them by name. You must remember the ingredients and create your own drink each time.

Advanced Tips For Creating A Keto Meal

What to Order at a Restaurant Following The Keto Diet | Ashley Salvatori

If youre eating low carb bunless burgers and just dont leave full we have a few extra tips for you. Protein and fat are very satiating, but if you are coming from a standard American diet you may be used to eating more volume. Here are a few tricks to bump up the volume of meals for few carbs when your still getting fat adapted:

  • Ask for a side salad Most fast food restaurants have side salads that you can add to your meal for extra fiber and bulk. Just make sure to choose a low carb dressing and ask for no bread or croutons.
  • Order steamed vegetables on the side- This is something you will see more in fast casual restaurants than fast food, but if they have the option steamed veggies are another great way to add bulk to a meal. Its even better if they offer real butter or cheese to put on top
  • Get the carb-less extras- These are low calorie dense fresh vegetables that are also low carb. Add things like tomato, pickles, lettuce, cucumber, and olives to your meal to fill you up with fewer added and refined carbs.

These are some of our favorite ways to add extra volume without upping the carbs of your meal too much. These tips should help you feel fuller after coming off of a high carb, high volume standard American diet.

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Restaurants That Make Eating Keto Easy

These keto-friendly restaurants have menus that make eating an ultra-low-carb diet simple and quick when youre dining away from home.

As a keto eater, youll be cooking at home a lot. The ketogenic diet, which focuses on healthy fats and low-carb foods, rarely has many allies on fast-food and fast-casual restaurant menus where buns and fries and breads abound. However, these five restaurants make keto eating easier when youre looking to dine out, have dinner with friends, or just need a bite to eat in a hurry. Some of their dishes get the keto check mark as is, while others just need a few easy modifications. By now, these restaurants know theyre hot on the keto-eater market, so they wont give you the eye when you order a cheeseburger and say hold the bun.

Subway Vegetarian Keto Options

  • Veggie Delite Salad – Mix and add vegetables, eggs, avocado, and cheese at your leisure. Stay away from most dressings. Nutrition calculator is available on Subways linked website.

  • Buffalo sauce, chipotle southwest, light or regular mayo, oil, ranch, red wine vinegar, spicy brown mustard, Subway vinaigrette, and yellow mustard are all okay for low carb dressings. Some sugar in these, but not a ton.

  • You could also order a Veggie Delite sandwich and just throw away the bun, but then it would pretty much just be the salad.

  • Order Subway online to save the hassle of modifications

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