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What Milk Can I Drink On Keto

Is Coconut Milk Keto Friendly

Keto Milk – The Best way to drink Milk on a keto diet

When you are on keto diet, you get a lot of questions running through your head. And this one of them whether coconut milk keto friendly and whether it has any benefits on keto diet. In this post, we will talk about coconut milk on keto diet and will definitely try our best to represent the whole concept of coconut milk for you if you are following the keto diet.

What youll read:

Whole Milk Health Benefits

Whole milk is dense in micronutrients such as calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorus and potassium. Some manufacturers also add vitamins to enrich the milk.

Milk is commonly known for its calcium content. Thats because calcium is a nutrient that is mostly associated with the formation and metabolism of bones, and along with vitamin D it is crucial to keep our bones strong and healthy.

Also, whole milk is rich in conjugated linoleic acid and omega-3 fatty acids which are linked to many health benefits and have numerous studies done about them. They are known to help with reducing inflammation and aid in metabolic health, reduce risks for type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease. , , ,

The amount of conjugated linoleic acid and omega-3 fatty acids greatly depends on the diet of the cow that the milk came from. Higher amounts of conjugated linoleic acid and omega-3 fatty acids were found in organic milk from grass-fed cows.

Nutrients And Carbs In Milk

Dairy is acceptable on the ketogenic diet, but you should be mindful when consuming it.

While one cup of whole milk wont harm you , its a bit higher in carbohydrate content than preferred for those on a low-carb or keto diet. Use the keto calculator to find your individual keto macronutrients.

However, one cup of milk can pack some significant health benefits and nutritional value. Whole milk is rich in vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, including:

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Did I Cover All You Wanted To Know About Drinking Lattes While On The Keto Diet

It can be scary wanting to still eat and drink some of your favorite things while on a keto diet.

Luckily, there are a ton of coffee drinks that work great for not kicking you out of ketosis. A latte, done the right way, can be one of those.

As someone who has struggled with carbs and keeping extra pounds off, I know how challenging it can be. And I know a diet that requires giving up some of the things you love, such as coffee is not one I can stick to very long.

In this article, we broke down different kinds of milk used in lattes and which works best on keto.

Then we explored syrups and alternate ways of sweetening a latte. Ultimately, we answered the question of can I drink a latte on keto? with a resounding yes!

What kind of milk do you prefer in your latte? I like coconut milk.

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Can I Drink Milk On The Keto Diet

Keto Milk

The short answer is no because if you’re sticking to the restrictive carb limit of fewer than 50 grams of carbs a day, it’s probably not in your best interest to drink dairy milk, as 1 cup of whole milk has about 12 grams of carbohydrates. That being said, if you do opt for a glass of dairy milk, whole milk is your best option, as skim milk and low-fat milk have a lower fat content with the same amount of carbs, making it even less effective while on keto.

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What Is The Keto Diet

Chances are, if youre interested in fitness and nutrition, youve heard about the keto diet by now.

Short for ketogenic, this diet has really risen in popularity in recent years!

It actually has its roots as a therapeutic diet from the 1920s, when it was used to treat epilepsy, but fell out of use when more advanced treatments were developed.

More recent research has alluded to the efficacy of the keto diet in treating a number of diseases, including diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, cancer and reducing risk of cardiovascular diseases.

However, in the 21st century the ketogenic diet has once again found a foothold in fitness and weight loss circles. Essentially, the ketogenic diet focuses on two main aspects: drastically reducing your carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat.

When you dramatically reduce your carbohydrate intake, your body enters into a state of ketosis. This basically means that your body is lacking in carbohydrates so it starts to burn fat instead, in order to provide energy for biological functions.

Ketosis is often confused with a dangerous condition called Ketoacidosis, and these are very different: this is when the levels of glucose in the blood are too high and the blood turns acidic. The journal of American Family Physician states that:

The ketogenic diet is a great way to diet if you dont want to cut fatty foods out of your diet, but dont mind missing out on eating carbohydrates.

Develop Advanced Sports Nutrition Expertise

What Kind Of Milk In A Latte Is Best For Keto

Almond milk is the best milk for a keto latte as it only has 3.5 grams of carbs per serving. That is half of what coconut milk has and only 25% as much as the 2% regular milk traditionally used in lattes.

There are many different types of milk you can use in a latte. Some are much more keto-friendly than others.

Whole milk and 2% milk are both pretty high in carbs.

After all, most people on keto are trying to limit their carb intake to 50 grams per day. So you dont want to blow 1/4 of that just on your morning coffee!

So for that reason, non-dairy milk work best. Im talking unsweetened almond or coconut. Those are both low in carbs . But more importantly, you can find both of those in LOTS of places.

Cashew milk and hemp milk are also great for keto latte. For the unsweetened versions, they are also only 1 gram of carbs for 8 oz. But they can also be harder to find both at coffee shops and at the grocery store.

Steer clear of oat milk and other grain-based non-dairy milk. They tend to be much higher in carbs.

Here is how almond and coconut milk stack up against other types of milk or creamers in terms of carbs for an 8 oz serving:

86 g800

I mentioned hemp milk above. Hemp milk is usually made from hemp seeds that are known for their many medicinal benefits.

TastyKetoFoods May 14, 2019

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Milk To Avoid On Keto

Unfortunately, on the keto diet there are some milk alternatives that need to be bypassed. Any milks made with carb-based ingredients like oat or rice are a no-go.

Heres why.

Case in point: one cup of unsweetened rice milk contains 22 grams of carbs, of which 12.7g of that is sugar and a mere 0.72g is fiber, leaving you with a net 21 grams of carbs. Unsweetened oat milk is slightly better with one cup providing around 12g net carbs.

And what about unsweetened soy milk? Even thats a bit of a gray area. While the nutritional profile of soy milk is similar to that of dairy, there are often concerns over soy milk with respect to GMOs and phytoestrogens.

Well talk more about this later on.

What Can I Eat With Guacamole On Keto Diet

Keto Diet – Can you drink milk? Can you drink coffee?

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Can You Drink Protein Shakes On The Keto Diet

Yes. Protein shakes are an easy on-the-go breakfast for keto dieters. In fact, Israetel says low-carb chocolate protein powders make a great addition to coffee instead of a traditional mocha.

But not all protein powders are low in carbohydrates, so you’ll have to check the label. Israetel recommends a powder that contains casein protein, which is digested slowly to help you stay full longer. Or, you could try a protein powder formulated to be nearly carb-free for keto dieters.

Can You Drink Sports Beverages On The Keto Diet

It depends. You’ll have to give up the standard sports drink to stay in ketosis. A 20-ounce serving of the your typical sports drink contains 36 grams of carbohydrates. Instead, look for sugar-free sports drinks or electrolyte tablets to drop in your water, which have few or no carbs. For example, a popular electrolyte tablet contains just just two grams of carbs, 300 mg of sodium, and 150 mg of potassium.

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Nutrition In Almond Milk

One of the best things about almond milk is its nutritional value. Just one cup contains over a third of your daily calcium needs and 12 percent of your daily vitamin D needs.

It also has another essential vitamin that you may not get enough of on keto, Vitamin E.

These vitamins help strengthen your bones and muscles. Calcium also fights osteoporosis, while Vitamin E improves your skin tone and helps you look younger.

How To Make Keto Chocolate Milk

Can You Drink Milk on Keto Diet?

To make this recipe, first, gather all of your ingredients in one place.

Next, you will place the ingredients including the unsweetened cocoa, unsweetened almond milk, erythritol, vanilla extract and cinnamon into the blender and blend until smooth.

Now that your keto chocolate milk made with almond milk is done, you can serve.

NOTE: As this chocolate milk is completely free of the additives that affect sedimentation, there may be a chance of your cocoa sinking to the bottom of your glass or bottle. If this happens, just shake or stir the milk before serving.

Your keto chocolate milk can be served cold or hot.

Also, if youre looking for another great keto drink to try, you should try out this Keto Eggnog recipe.

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Things You Should Never Drink On The Keto Diet

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.

So you probably already know what food you should and shouldnt eat while on the Keto diet. But knowing what you can and cant drink is important too.

So to help you out, Ive gathered some drinks that you should never have on the Keto diet. These are beverages thatll mess up your diet plan and contribute to weight gain.

Knowing what to avoid on the keto diet will help you to make the right choices and get you closer toward your fitness goals.

So check them out and feel free to let me know what you think in the comments down below!

Carbs Per 100ml: 26g Total Fats Per 100ml: 36g

So, this one is a little bit complicated. The reason you cant have cows milk on the keto diet is because of the high levels of carbohydrates in lactose: it would make sense that lactose free milk would be fine, right?

Unfortunately not.

Lactose free milk is created by adding certain enzymes to the milk, which breaks down the lactose. Whilst the lactose is broken down and removed, the carbohydrates present in lactose are still present.

And, as we all know, carbohydrates will disrupt your ketosis state, so lactose free milk for keto is not an option, unfortunately.

However, some of the options on the best milk for keto list above are also lactose free, so check the ingredients on some of those instead.

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What Is The Best Milk For Keto

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True or false: milk is okay to consume on a keto diet.

Its one of the big questions that comes up when people first switch to a keto diet. Whether youre a fan of milk in your cereal or a tad in your coffee, tea, or latte, whats one to do when milk gets put on the chopping block and the potential for eliminating it from your diet becomes real?

While the whole butter coffee trend has taken keto by storm and is totally safe to keep you in ketosis, not everyone is happy to get on board with it.

So, if youre not a fan of black coffee or a cup loaded with butter and cant do milk, whatre you to do?

The answer isnt as simple as a straight yes or no when it comes to can you have milk on keto its dependent on what youre consuming, how much youre consuming, and does it fit within your carb limit.

Were going to give you a rundown of if you can have milk on keto, why you should substitute for low carb milk alternatives, the best keto milk alternatives, and and how you can seamlessly make the transition to a low carb keto-friendly substitute.

How Much Fat Should A Woman Consume Per Day On A Keto Diet

Can We Drink Milk in Keto Diet?

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Why Is Cows Milk Not Keto

Cows milk contains lactose, also known as milk sugar. 250 ml of cows milk contains around 12 grams of carbs, making it relatively high in carbs before we even consider the blood sugar spike that the lactose may cause.

Carbohydrates In Different Types of Cows Milk per 250ml

In this day and age milk comes in so many different varieties, below you will see the number of carbs in milk, by type.

Milk Type

As you can see the carbohydrates in dairy milk are too high for a keto lifestyle.

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