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What Meat Can I Eat On Keto

Youll Consume An Alarming Amount Of Artificial Ingredients When You Eat Deli Meats Every Day

What Can I Eat On Keto Diet? Custom Keto Diet Plan

Deli meats are more than what meets the eye and not in a good way.

Believe it or not, deli meats have a lot of extra junk in them which is probably why the processed meats are among the foods healthy people never eat. Along with surprisingly high levels of sodium and potentially dangerous nitrates, a lot of packaged cold cuts are chock full of other bad-for-you additives and preservatives. As noted by Eat This, Not That!, many processed cold cut meats contain high fructose corn syrup and even artificial dyes both things youre probably not trying to eat on a regular basis.

If youre not familiar with high fructose corn syrup, youre probably wondering exactly why you should care whether or not its in your sliced turkey. According to the American Heart Association, consuming too much high-fructose corn syrup often leads to weight gain or obesity which, in turn, increases a persons risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Go Easy On Nuts And Fruit

Certain nuts and fruit can be beneficial on keto, but in both cases, they must be accounted for in your daily macro budget.

And, as with everything, youll need to choose your sources wisely.

This is why youll find nuts and berries all the way at the bottom of the pyramid .

Yes, most nuts are rich in fat and/or protein.

But many also deliver a side of carbs. So without the right portion control, you can easily go over budget within minutes.

  • Pistachios
  • Chestnuts

The nuts at the top of that list are lower in carbs than the ones towards the end .

Nut butters are also a convenient option for busy people, but heed caution! A serving is only two tablespoons so watch the sugar and carbs in that very small portion.

At just the right amount, nuts and nut butters deliver a healthy serving of fats, protein and micronutrients.

Fruit shares this same characteristic: a small amount of the right kind packs an antioxidant-rich boost for your health while too much natural sugar can ruin your chances of reaching ketosis.

Blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries are some of the best fruits to consume on keto.

Not only are they rich in powerful anti-inflammatory vitamins, theyre also lower in net carbs than tropical fruits like bananas and oranges again, as long as you portion them out right.

Check out the net carbs in just 1 cup:

  • 6g in blackberries

To learn more about the difference between total carbs and net carbs, check out this guide.

What Does The Science Say

Search a scientific research database for “vegetarian keto” and you won’t find much. You’re pretty much limited to studies of pregnant women with chronic kidney disease who are put on a vegetarian-keto-like diet in an effort to carry their babies as close to full term as possible.

There are a couple of studies, though, that look at low-carb diets and break out whether the protein and fat comes predominantly from animal- or plant-based sources. Both studies found that eating low carb and getting most of your fat and protein from plant foods was healthier. But while these diets were low in carbohydrates, they weren’t fully keto.

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Nuts Seeds And Healthy Oils

Nuts and seeds are full of healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, fiber and protein. They also are very low in net carbs. Olive oil and coconut oil are the two oils recommended on the keto diet. Olive oil is high in oleic acid and is associated with a lower risk of heart disease. Coconut oil is high in saturated fat but contains medium-chain triglycerides , which can increase ketone production. MCTs may increase metabolic rate and promote the loss of weight and belly fat too. Measure portion sizes when consuming any type of healthy fat.

Carb counts for 1 oz. of nuts and seeds :

  • Almonds: 3 g net carbs
  • Brazil nuts: 1 g net carbs
  • Cashews: 8 g net carbs
  • Macadamia nuts: 2 g net carbs
  • Pecans: 1 g net carbs
  • Pistachios: 5 g net carbs
  • Walnuts: 2 g net carbs
  • Chia seeds: 2 g net carbs
  • Flaxseeds: 0 g net carbs
  • Pumpkin seeds: 2 g net carbs
  • Sesame seeds: 4 g net carbs

Carnivore Paleo Keto: How Much Steak Should You Eat On Each Diet

Ketogenic Diet Cheese Ideas

A good diet is one that provides the right kind of nutrients your body needs. Whether youre planning on weight loss or general health improvement, understanding how much of what to eat is important.

While there have been debates about the risks of eating too much red meat, there is no argument that it still contains a long list of nutrients that are beneficial to your body. This includes vitamin B12, iron, zinc, and protein.

In this article, were breaking down how much steak you should eat if you are on a carnivore, paleo, or keto diet.

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Eating Deli Meats Every Day Could Increase Your Risk Of Getting Cancer

Your favorite deli meat sub sandwich from your grocery stores deli counter might come with some serious health concerns. In fact, the World Health Organization has even classified these highly processed meats as carcinogenic to humans.

While the reasons for deli meats cancer-causing properties are not entirely known, many health experts believe it has something to do with the meats nitrate content, as noted by EatingWell. We know that when nitrites combine with the amines in meat, they create nitrosamines, which some studies have found to be carcinogenic, Frances Largeman-Roth, R.D.N., told EatingWell.

Furthermore, through an analysis of various studies, the World Health Organization estimated that every 50 gram portion of processed meat eaten daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by about 18%. The IARC Working Group also found a possible increased risk for stomach cancers among people who eat deli meats every day, though the evidence was inconclusive . So, while you might not have to give up deli meats entirely, you might want to seriously rethink your daily consumption.

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Strategy: Don’t Forget Shelf

There are always going to be situations where you cant get the freshest or best or most optimal food, but that doesnt mean you cant eat well.

I like to say, Dont mess up good for perfect, Dr. Lowery says. Keep things around that you can use any time, like canned chicken, nuts, sardines. People get so stressed out about using the best thing all the time but the stress will cause more negative consequences than using a less-great brand or less-great food.

For those moments that you cant get the grass-fed beef or pastured poultry, stock up on these:

  • Canned Salmon: Make sure to buy wild caught, such as Safe Catch
  • Tinned Sardines: Look for ones that are packed in olive oil for more healthy fats, such as Wild Planet
  • Cheese Crisps: Be sure its 100% cheese, such as Moon Cheese
  • Beef Jerky: Aim to buy brands that are made with 100% grass-fed beef and no added sugar, like Keto Carne
  • Game Meat Sticks: Think outside traditional beef, chicken and fish. Look for convenient meat sticks made from nutrient-dense game meats, such as Chomps Salt & Pepper Venison or EPIC Bison Bacon Bites

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Poultry And Meat Choices

Meat will make up the bulk of your Keto diet choices, unless you are vegetarian. Go for grass-fed meats, because not only is Keto about eating low carb and high fat foods, its also about eating clean foods too, which are free of anything extra which might have been added during the raising process, e.g. antibiotics.

Very fresh poultry choices , and meat are extremely low in carbs, and some dont have any carbs at all. In addition, they are very high in other vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B and potassium, to name just two. You also need to eat plenty of protein on the Keto diet and meat and poultry give you that.

What Is The Carnivore Diet

What Can I Eat On A Ketogenic Diet?!

The carnivore diet might seem like just the ticket if you love meat enough to eat it for every meal . In this diet plan, you do just that: eat meat or animal products for every meal. Unlike keto, which limits carbs to a certain number per day, the carnivore diet aims for zero carbs per day. You eat only meat, fish, eggs and some animal products you exclude all other food groups including vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.

The carnivore diet boasts weight loss, improved mood, as well as blood sugar regulation. It was founded on the belief that high-carb diets are the cause of chronic disease. However, there are drawbacks to eating nothing but animal protein and zero carbs.

Carbs get a bad rap. When you digest carbs, your body turns them into glucose to be used for energy. But if youre not exercising regularly to burn those carbs, they can quickly turn into fat. Therefore, too many carbs can pack on the pounds quickly.

Carbohydrates are your bodys preferred energy source what its accustomed to using for energy, says Patton. But if you dont eat carbs, your next resort is burning fat. And that comes from burning fat in foods you eat or your own body fat. She says people tend to feel good once theyre off carbs because they dont have any wild swings in blood sugar, and eating meat is not as inflammatory. But she warns: Too much animal fat can cause inflammation too.

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Why Meat On Keto

Meat plays a starring role in most versions of the keto diet, and for good reason. Keto activates a metabolic state that humans first evolved on a diet of mostly meat for nearly 2 million years.

Our bodies are primed to thrive on meat. For hunter gatherers of millennia past, wasting energy on low-calorie plant foods was simply not worth the effort.

Keto friendly meats are loaded with nourishing saturated fats and monounsaturated fats. And choosing the fattiest cuts of meat will provide your body with the near-perfect ratio for the ketogenic diet.

A good rule of thumb is to look for keto meat that fits within these basic keto macronutrient ranges:

  • 70-80% of calories from fat
  • 15-30% calories from protein
  • 0-10% calories from carbohydrate

What Can I Eat On The Keto Diet

You can eat real food on the keto diet specifically low-carb foods like seafood, meats, veggies, healthy fats and fresh fruits. These low-carb foods can keep you full and energized throughout the day.

You can always indulge in occasional comfort foods as well. By using keto-friendly flours and powders, you can make some delicious and healthy snacks!

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Why Follow A Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet is a high fat.

Low carb diet thats become increasingly popular for weight and fat loss.

As we explain extensively in our keto diet mastery, the principleof the keto diet is to:

Eat fat to burn fat.

By heavily restricting carbs your bodys primary fuel source your body begins to burn your fat stores for fuel instead, which produces ketones.

This state of elevated ketones in the bloodstream is called ketosis, hence ketogenic diet .

In addition to weight loss and energy, the keto diet has been shown to support skin health, cognitive function, memory, and hormonal balance .

Now, lets dive into the keto diet nutrient ratios and the keto food list.

Fresh Meat And Poultry

Pin by Hila Baron on Keto

Poultry and fresh meat are zero carbs and are high in minerals and B vitamins. They also supply high-quality protein that might help you maintain muscle mass on a very low-carb diet.

Both these types of meat are a staple in almost all keto recipes.

Consider selecting grass-fed beef over grain-fed meat since it contains more conjugated linoleic acid and omega-3 fats than grain-fed meat.

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Top 7 Fattiest Cuts Of Pork

Though fat is king on keto, there is more to macros when it comes to getting the most nutritious keto pork: Look for pasture-raised pork from animals that have soaked up the sunshine. This keto meat provides an excellent source of vitamin D. For instance studies reveal that pastured lard can provide nearly as much D as that dietary stalwart cod liver oil.

Nutritional information per 4 oz.

Pork Cut

Putting It All Together: How To Live By The Keto Food Pyramid

Now that you have a better idea of how to use the Keto Food Pyramid, youre ready to start creating healthy keto meals of your own.

First, determine your calorie needs and macronutrient breakdown.

Then, browse all the tasty recipes in the Perfect Keto kitchen to see which appeal to your palate and fit within your daily macro goals next .

To fill in the gaps and make grocery shopping temptation- and worry-free, check out this list of foods to eat on a ketogenic diet as well.

And if youre not sure how to meal plan, consider using one of our jumpstart guides after you determine the calorie goal right for you:

With these tips and tools at your disposal, ketosis, weight loss and better health will finally be within your reach.

As promised, heres a list of the most important resources mentioned in this guide:

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Keto Meats And Proteins

When it comes to your protein, which you should be consuming at moderate levels, try sticking to organic and grass-fed meats, as these minimize steroid hormone and bacteria intake. If eating poultry, the darker meat is better, as its fattier compared to the leaner white meat.

Eggs are also an excellent source of protein for keto, as are a number of cheeses. Also, not only is fatty fish an excellent source of protein for the ketogenic diet, it will also provide you with a ton of healthy omega 3s as well.

Steaks are also a great source of protein for keto, and the fattier the cut the better, so ribeye and sirloin steaks are ideal.

  • Charcuterie salami, prosciutto, pepperoni
  • Hot dogs and sausages

The Best Meats For Keto

WHAT CAN I EAT ON THE CARNIVORE DIET? | Keto-Carnivore What I Eat In A Day (WEEK 7)

Though everyone is different, the standard ratio of macronutrients for a ketogenic diet is 75 percent fat, 20 percent protein, and five percent carbohydrate. This means that the majority of each meal in fact, a WIDE majority should be non-meat sources of fat. Only about one-fifth of your meal should be protein.

If you’ve done that math, that makes high-protein meat choices, like skinless chicken breasts or fish, things you should only eat sparingly. Here are some of the meats with the best fat-to-protein ratio. But keep in mind: Even these high-fat meats have plenty of protein, so they shouldn’t be eaten at every meal.

  • Fatty cuts of steak
  • Nitrate-free, unprocessed bacon

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What You Can Eat On A Keto Diet:

Get ready for a whole lot of fat, some protein, and just about zero carbs throughout your day. Keto-approved fridges and pantries include plenty of meat, seafood, dairy, eggs, nuts, fats and oils, and some veggies that grow above ground.

  • Plenty of meats: Chicken, pork, steak, ground beef, lamb, bacon, turkey, ham, and sausage .
  • Fatty seafood: Salmon, snapper, tuna, halibut, cod, trout, catfish, scallops.
  • Shellfish: Crab, clams, oysters, lobster, mussels.
  • Most fats and oils: Eggs, butter, coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, lard, avocado oil , mayonnaise.
  • High-fat dairy: Heavy cream, soft and hard cheeses, cream cheese, and sour cream.
  • A selection of vegetables: Cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, zucchini, green beans, peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, asparagus, cucumber, onion, mushroom, spinach, lettuce, and olives.
  • Most nuts: Almonds, peanuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts, as well as their retrospective butters .
  • A selection of berries: Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, all in moderation.
  • Some of your favorite beverages: Unsweetened coffee and black tea is OK. Dry wine, champagne, and hard liquor should be enjoyed sparingly.
  • All spices and some sweeteners: Enjoy stevia and sucralose every once in a while.

Nuts Nut Butters And Seeds

Before we leave the good news section of our list, we cant forget about nuts and seeds. Most of them are unquestionably keto-friendly.


A large variety of nuts are great keto snacks, as long as you dont OD on them. Among the types of nuts that contain two grams or less of net carbs per ounce: Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans and walnuts. Almonds and peanuts just missed the cut. On the other hand, wait on high-carb nuts like cashews and pistachios until youre off keto and not trying to lose weight.

Nut Butters

Most commercially-produced peanut butter is not keto-friendly, because it often contains unhealthy oils, or added sugars and grains. However, natural or homemade peanut butter can work on a keto diet, at just under two grams of net carbs per serving.

There are better choices, though, as long as theyre also natural or homemade. Macadamia nut butter, pecan butter, walnut butter and hazelnut butter are all lower in carbs and higher in fat than peanut butter. Almond butter has more of both, but contains more protein and nutrients.

Just stick to a tablespoonful or two, since theyre all high in calories.


Heres another good keto choice. Flaxseeds are all fiber and no net carbs chia seeds and pumpkin seeds each contain two net carbs per ounce. Again, a little will go a long way. Sesame seeds are higher in carbs, and should really only be used as a salad or stir-fry ingredient, not a snack.

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