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What Kind Of Keto Diets Are There

The Four Keto Diet Types

How to Start the Keto Diet: 18 Beginner Tips I Wish I Would Have Known! (The Ultimate Keto Guide)

Before you dive into the specifics of the TKD, its important to know the basics of all four approaches to the keto diet. This way, you can make an educated decision on which approach aligns with your lifestyle and goals.

The four keto diet types are:

  • The standard ketogenic diet
  • High protein ketogenic diet
  • Targeted ketogenic diet

Keto Fats And Oils List

The best keto-friendly fats and oils include:

Eat moderately: Chicken fat, duck and goose fat grain-fed butter and ghee nut oils

Avoid: Canola, cottonseed, corn, flaxseed, peanut and soy oils linoleic safflower and sunflower oils commercial lard low-carb commercial dressings margarine

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Different Types Of Diets

Editors note: The content on BarBend is meant to be informative in nature, but it should not be taken as medical advice. The opinions and articles on this site are not intended for use as diagnosis, prevention, and/or treatment of health problems. Its always a good idea to talk to your doctor before beginning a new fitness, nutritional, and/or supplement routine. None of these supplements are meant to treat or cure any disease. If you feel you may be deficient in a particular nutrient or nutrients, please seek out a medical professional.

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Q: How Should I Track My Carb Intake

A: The most common ways to track your carbs is through MyFitnessPal and their mobile app. You cannot track net carbs on the app, although you can track your total carb intake and your total fiber intake. To get your net carbs, just subtract your total fiber intake from your total carb intake. I have written an article on how to track carbs easily on keto >

Others choose to use FatSecret, which is an app I am unfamiliar with, although I do know that you can track your net carbs. The choice is entirely up to you and up to your free will to decide.

Keto Legumes Nuts And Seeds List

The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Keto Diet Beginner to Keto

When it comes to legumes, nuts and seeds, the best ones to consume if youre on the keto diet are:

  • Coconut
  • Pecans
  • Walnuts

Eat moderately: Almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, peanuts and pistachios nut butter seeds

Avoid: Most beans, lentils

A note about nuts

The Bulletproof perspective on legumes, nuts and seeds is pretty different from keto. With the exception of coconut, we recommend limiting your intake of nuts and legumes because they can contain high amounts of inflammatory oxidized fats, mold toxins and plant anti-nutrients.

So, are nuts, seeds and legumes bad? Not necessarily. These keto-friendly foods can absolutely fit into a healthy diet. Some people feel great when they eat peanuts, while others encounter food sensitivities. Pay attention to how you feel, be mindful of your macros and opt for organic, high-quality products whenever possible.

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What Are The Basics Of The Keto Diet

Before we outline the main types of ketogenic diets, heres a little refresher on the basics.

At its core, keto is a high-fat, low carb diet, with moderate protein intake. The idea behind it is that a drastic reduction in carb intake will force your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. In ketosis, your body doesnt have any carbohydrates to use for energy so it burns fat instead. The chemicals responsible for this process are called ketones.

Keto was originally used in medicine to help patients control epilepsy. Because it allows the body to maintain a low but healthy level of glucose, it can also be beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes. Another important principle of any keto diet is that it should be built on whole, unprocessed foodsas mentioned above.

If Want To Lose Weight Go With Standard

Theres nothing wrong with sticking to a simple, classic version.

Sometimes its best to keep it simple with the standard version that the average keto dieter follows, especially when research has backed up its positive results in terms of stabilizing blood sugar and weight loss.

How To Do It

For the Standard version, youd keep fat intake high with 80 percent of calories coming from fat, and carbs low at under 25 grams of net carbs or less.

What the heck is a net carb? Here are some keto basics to get you started.

What You Get To Eat

Fats will come from healthy sources, like grass-fed butter and meat, as well as nuts, avocado, fatty fish, and seeds. Youll avoid sugar, added sugar, and high-carb foods, like beans, legumes, whole grains, and of course, junk food.

Instead of sugar, youll have sugar alcohols, which dont spike blood sugar or lead to cravings.

Benefits of Standard Keto

And youll reap the same rewards like weight loss, less bloating, zero brain fog, better energy levels, sounder sleep, and a greater sense of wellbeing.

This version is great for those who need basic structure, with reputable, backed evidence to support their actions, as shown above.

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Common Side Effects On A Keto Diet

Here are a few of the most common side effects that I come across when people first start keto. Frequently the issues relate to dehydration or lack of micronutrients in the body. Make sure that youre drinking enough water and eating foods with good sources of micronutrients. If you want to read more on this, see our guide on micronutrients >

For an overview of this section and a more in-depth guide, you can read more on how to remedy different side effects of the ketogenic diet >

High Protein Ketogenic Diet

How to Build Your Own Ketogenic Diet Plan for Weight Loss

This diet includes more protein than a standard ketogenic diet, with a ratio of 35 per cent protein, 60 per cent fat, and 5 per cent carbs.

Research suggests that a high-protein ketogenic is effective for weight loss in people that need to lose weight.

As with other forms of ketogenic diet, there is a lack of research into whether there are any health risks if followed for many years.

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Dangers Of A Keto Diet

Can ketone production in the body get too high? Yes, its called ketoacidosis. Is it likely under normal circumstances? Not at all. For most people, its a challenge just to get into optimal ranges for ketosis. Getting into territory where you need medical intervention is just not likely.

NOTE:The main exception to ketoacidosis is type 1 diabetics it can happen when insulin levels are severely low which is rare in someone with a normally functioning pancreas. Dangerously high ketone levels result in insulin secretion.

There are a lot of misconceptions about low carb dieting which has caused an infamous outlook on keto. There have been tons of studies published over the last 30 years that show how high amounts of fat and few carbs are beneficial.

People sometimes get keto confused with high fat, high carb diets which are terrible for the body. Of course, when you eat a lot of fatty foods that are high in sugar, youll be getting yourself into trouble.

Have you been thinking of going on a low-fat diet? Its been shown that a ketogenic diet is both healthier and more effective than low-fat dieting.

When you eat foods high in carbohydrates and fat, your body naturally produces glucose. Carbohydrates are the easiest thing for the body to process, and therefore it will use them first resulting in the excess fats to be stored immediately. In turn, this causes weight gain and health problems that are associated with high fat, high carbohydrate diets .

Keto Diet Types Explained

Standard Ketogenic Dieting

If youre trying to lose weight and/or you live a fairly sedentary lifestyle, then the standard keto diet is a good place to start. This is essentially the true keto diet in that you wont be eating many carbs at all, usually 30 grams or less per day.

Targeted Ketogenic Dieting

The targeted keto diet allows for small carb-containing meals either before or after you workout. This is a good keto diet variation to follow if you find that your physical performance is hindered on the standard keto diet. For most people, adding 30-40 grams of carbs to their pre-workout or post-workout meal should suffice. Its also important to cut back on fat intake just a tad when to compensate for the added carbs.

On days you dont exercise, follow the SKD.

Cyclical Ketogenic Dieting

Sometimes referred to as the cycle keto diet, this is a more progressive keto diet variation that incorporates cyclical carbohydrate refeeds. For example, you might follow the traditional/standard keto diet Monday-Friday and then eat a higher-carb diet on the weekends. However, its best to try the targeted keto diet before advancing to the cyclical keto diet.

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Q: How Much Weight Will I Lose

A: The amount of weight you lose is entirely dependent on you. Obviously adding exercise to your regimen will speed up your weight loss. Cutting out things that are common stall causes is also a good thing. Artificial sweeteners, dairy, wheat products and by-products .

Loss in water weight is common when you first start a low carb diet. Ketosis has a diuretic effect which can cause a significant amount of weight dropped in only a few days. While I hate being the bearer of bad news, this isnt fat. But on a side note, that shows that your body is starting to adjust itself into a fat-burning machine!

Theres a huge list of keto-friendly recipes for you to choose from, go check them out! See our growing list of keto recipes >

Targeted Keto Is For Athletes Looking To Improve Their Performance


How It Works Youll follow the keto diet as usual until 30 to 45 minutes before exercise then its time to eat about 25 g of carbs, says Daniela Torchia, PhD, a registered dietitian based in Loma Linda, California. The idea is that youll have just enough carbs to fuel your workout and still be able to return to ketosis easily after you cool down. Choose carbs that are easy to digest and be sure not to add calories to your daily total simply redistribute them, Dr. Torchia says.

A study published in 2019 in the Journal of Sports Medicine found that 28 days of a keto diet helped to increase some athletic endurance. But researchers added that the diet’s benefits were mainly seen in short-duration, vigorous-intensity exercise, and that results were inconsistent, so it may not be the go-to approach for all athletes.

Who It’s Best For This approach is intended for people who frequently engage in intense, muscle-building workouts, according to Torchia. Were talking high-intensity exercise, like running, swimming, or playing tennis for hours on end, Torchia says. Hitting the gym at a moderate pace a couple of times a week likely wont cut it.

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Well Formulated Ketogenic Diet

The term Well Formulated Ketogenic Diet comes from Steve Phinney, one of the leading researchers into ketogenic diets.

The WFKD follows a similar blueprint as a standard ketogenic diet. Well formulated means that the macronutrients of fat, protein and carbohydrate meet the ratios of the standard ketogenic diet and therefore provide the best chance of ketosis occurring.

Low Carb Dessert Replacements

Sweet treats are a great way to give yourself a break when youre dieting. On the keto diet, we recommend that you limit dessert intake to once every other day, or once every three days.

Its best when starting out to skip desserts for 2-3 weeks to help with sugar cravings. Below youll find some common desserts that are high-carb and their low-carb alternatives.

Ice Cream -> Avocado Ice Cream, Low-carb Sorbet

Ice cream can be made on a ketogenic diet, normally using eggs, cream, and some sweetener as the base, without missing out on any of the flavor. There are many different ways to make ice cream , so feel free to experiment with some of our keto-friendly favorites:

Or for a roundup of the ten best keto ice cream recipes weve ever made.

If you want an easy version of ice cream, you can also use avocado. Avocado has a fantastic creamy texture thats easily hidden or can even be accented to make your own delicious sorbet. Check out this Avocado Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream. Or, if you want to get a bit more creative, try this Avocado and Lime Sorbet delicious!

Cake -> Low-carb Cake, Cheesecake

Cake is always something that people miss because its so easy to come by and pick up in the grocery store. Just because you are on keto doesnt mean you cant have your cake and eat it, too!

Brownies -> Avocado Brownies, Almond Flour Brownies

If youre curious, we also have other low-carb brownie recipes that you can see here >

Custard -> Pots de Crème

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If Youre Looking To Do Hiit Sessions Do Targeted Keto Or Well

If youre breaking a sweat often, you might need to target carbs.

This is pretty similar to cyclical keto, since youre targeting carb intake at certain times to best use them for fuel and to not store them as fat or have them lead to spiked blood sugar levels. The only difference between this and cyclical is that this one is specifically targeted around workouts for that pre-workout grub to make high-intensity workouts easier.

First Things First What Is A Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diets: What the Science Says

A ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat and adequate-protein diet. This diet puts the body in ketosis, a metabolic state in which most of your energy comes from fat instead of glucose . When you are in ketosis, your liver is breaking down fat to make ketones, molecules that fuel the brain, muscles and heart when glucose is not available.

So, what can you eat on a keto diet? Usually, you have to stick to fewer than 50 grams of carbs daily that come from low-carb sources. Your protein intake also needs to be within moderate limits because your body can convert it into glucose . Most of your energy and nutrients come from fat on this diet, meaning 60 to 80 percent of your daily calories should come from real foods like butter, avocado, fatty fish and nuts. However, this approach is not set in stone. Many keto dieters have tweaked their diets, still maintained ketosis and even benefited from the slight changes.

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The Standard Keto Diet Is The Most Common Version

How It Works This is the most common approach to keto and involves sourcing 75 percent of calories from fat, 20 percent from protein, and 5 percent from carbs. That means limiting carb intake to about 20 to 30 grams of carbs per day, Shapiro says. Its important to note that while this is the keto diet that most people follow, its not the original, or therapeutic, version of keto that an article in Canadian Family Physician showed can help children with epilepsy. That diet consists of slightly different percentages: 80 percent of calories from fat, 15 percent from protein, and 5 percent from carbs.

Who It’s Best For People looking to accelerate their weight loss and tap into the other reported health benefits

Risks to Note Kizer says there are a few groups who should not follow the standard version of keto : pregnant women, people with diabetes , and those with a history of kidney stones. She notes that ketosis may result in bad breath, dizziness, constipation, and low energy levels for the first few weeks.

More concerning, drastic weight changes, from keto or otherwise, can increase your risk of mortality, says Kizer. Weight cycling, also called yo-yo dieting, may put particular strain on the heart, suggested a study published in February 2015 in Obesity Reviews.

What Is Ketosis

Ketosis is a metabolic state in which your body uses fat for fuel instead of carbs.

It occurs when you significantly reduce your consumption of carbohydrates, limiting your bodys supply of glucose , which is the main source of energy for the cells.

Following a ketogenic diet is the most effective way to enter ketosis. Generally, this involves limiting carb consumption to around 20 to 50 grams per day and filling up on fats, such as meat, fish, eggs, nuts, and healthy oils .

Its also important to moderate your protein consumption. This is because protein can be converted into glucose if consumed in high amounts, which may slow your transition into ketosis .

Practicing intermittent fasting could also help you enter ketosis faster. There are many different forms of intermittent fasting, but the most common method involves limiting food intake to around 8 hours per day and fasting for the remaining 16 hours .

Blood, urine, and breath tests are available, which can help determine whether youve entered ketosis by measuring the amount of ketones produced by your body.

Certain symptoms may also indicate that youve entered ketosis, including increased thirst, dry mouth, frequent urination, and decreased hunger or appetite .

27 ).

Whats more, they also experienced improved blood sugar management, and the use of certain blood sugar medications decreased among participants throughout the course of the study .

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