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What Are Keto Fat Bombs

Aspartame And Health Eliminate Aspartame

Chocolate And Peanut Butter Cup Fat Bombs (Keto/Low Carb)

Another popular artificial sweetener is aspartame, commonly known as Equal or Nutrasweet. This sweetener has not been studied as much as sucralose, and the evidence is inconclusive. Many studies, however, point to the toxic effects that it can have on the antioxidant systems in rats antioxidant systems that work like ours.

Toxic effects are caused by aspartame and not sucralose because aspartame is broken down by the body and enters the liver, while sucralose stays in our digestive tract without being broken down until it is released in the feces. For this reason, it is best to stay away from aspartame.

If you are still considering a non-calorie sweetener, however, what should you choose? Should you go with the more natural options like Stevia or Erythritol?

What Is The Purpose Of Keto Fat Bombs

A benefit of keto fat bombs is that the high-fat content keeps you satisfied between meals. Personally, I find that snacks higher in fats keep me way more satisfied than snacks that those that are higher in protein or carbs.

Moreover, For someone who is following a keto or ketogenic diet, they can enjoy something sweet, without putting themselves out of ketosis!

Also try these Keto Peanut Butter Balls

These small sweet snacks are deceptive- They are rich, sweet and a small serving will keep your sweet tooth AND blood sugars in check!

Many people snack on fat bombs, but really, I like them after breakfast or dinner, as a sweet ending or even a healthy dessert!

Are Fat Bombs Healthy

Two main ingredients power ketogenic fat bombs: coconut oil and high-fat dairy. Each of these ingredients packs some mighty health benefits. Coconut contains a type of fat known as medium chain triglycerides , which provides the body with supplemental ketones that it can absorb quickly and use as fuel to maintain ketosis.

High-fat dairy fat bombs provide unique health benefits. Along with vitamins and minerals, high-fat dairy products contain fatty acid known as conjugated linoleic acid . Research shows that CLA plays a major role in breaking down fat in the body and, as a polyunsaturated fat, can even reduce the risk of heart disease and stoke.

Many of the foods included in keto fat bombs, such as butter and heavy cream, have a reputation for being unhealthy. Specifically, some believed that high fat diets contributed to heart disease, stroke, and a number of other health conditions.

After years of debate, many researchers are finding evidence that dairy fat could potentially protect against heart disease and stroke. Other research suggests that a consuming diet high in dairy fats could protect against colorectal cancer one study suggests consuming two servings of high-fat dairy foods every day can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by 13 percent. The beneficial effects of dairy fat have a lot to do with CLA, which provides potent anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties that contribute to heart disease, stroke and cancer.

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Salmon Benny Breakfast Bombs

With under 1 gram of net carb per serving, this recipe from Ruled.Me tastes like a weekend brunch you can whip up every day.

These bombs capture the same flavors of eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, chives and a creamy hollandaise sauce.

Perfect for snack time, game day and everything in between, this recipe from KetoDiet Blog is a showstopper. A buttery guacamole center is studded with crisp bacon on the outside for a creamy, crunchy treat.

Packed with fiber and fat, these bites are just 1.4 grams of net carbs per serving.

Best Keto Fat Bomb Recipes


Here are our 17 favorite keto fat bomb recipes of all time. Each of these recipes is something weve been making for years, so you know it will be good. We try to limit this list to the easiest recipes which require 5 ingredients or less. Give some of these a try and comment down below which one is your favorite!

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Red Velvet Cream Cheese Fat Bombs

Is red velvet cake calling your name? Just try these red velvet cream cheese fat bombs instead!

Theyre made with only 6 simple ingredients- cream cheese, butter, beetroot powder, cocoa powder, vanilla, and stevia. This is the organic beetroot powder you want to get.

These super yummy fat bombs look and taste great.

The cream cheese and butter make these fat bombs creamy, while cocoa powder, vanilla, and stevia add sweetness.

Meanwhile, the beetroot powder gives these fat bombs their red color naturally.

Plus, beetroot powder is high in vitamin C. Just one tablespoon provides 42% of your daily vitamin C needs.

This is a perfect keto holiday dessert for sure!

Per Serving:

Tips For The Best Keto Fat Bombs

  • Ensure your almond butter is of the smooth/drippy variety. If it is crunchy, it will be more difficult to blend.
  • Start with the recommended amount of milk, but do not hesitate to add more- You want the batter to be smooth and thick, not crumbly.
  • Feel free to use any combination of nuts you want- I do like these with walnuts and peanuts too.
  • The granulated sweetener MUST be blended into the mixture, otherwise, the fat bombs will be gritty.
  • Fat bombs MUST be stored in the freezer, otherwise, they will be too soft in the fridge or at room temperature.

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Keto Fat Bomb Snack Cup

  • A creamy SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb creation exploding with sweet coconut flavor sun-kissed with a delicious dark chocolate coating
  • Each Keto Fat Bomb Snack Cup is loaded with 7 grams of Keto-friendly fats to maintain your Keto diet strong
  • 14 conveniently packaged Keto Fat Bomb Snack Cups for peaceful on-the-go snacking!
  • Each Fat Bomb Cup is Keto-crafted with MCT-rich coconut oil, zero added sugar, 4g of fiber, and only 1g net carbs. Disclaimer: Not a low-calorie food.
  • A shelf-stable, pantry-friendly, portable snack – free from artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, made with pure Keto-confidence!

Enjoy Keto Fat Bombs In Moderation

How to Make Keto Fat Bombs | Lemon Cheesecake

Just because you have keto-safe fat bombs available doesnt mean you should eat five a day.

Depending on your macros, one or two is all you may need to ward off cravings. Anything more and you could sabotage your daily calorie goals, cause a stall in weight loss or gain weight. The bottom line: Practice moderation and avoid going overboard with fat bombs.

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Keto Fat Bombs You Need To Make Now

Fat bombs provide you with enough fats that if you are struggling to get enough in your diet, then you should have no problem keeping up with them after eating one.

Below are recipes that of fat bombs that you need in your life, mostly because they provide you with a bit of sweetness that you can have after any meal or just as a mid-day snack.

How Many Fat Bombs Can You Have

Eating fat bombs or other ketogenic desserts sends lots of healthy fats into your system which gives you a mega energy boost and keeps you full longer. That sounds awesome, but remember, even though its healthy fat, its still fat. Enjoy in moderation and savor every ketolicious bite!

Ready to give fat bombs a try? Why not start with one of these easy recipes.

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Chocolate Cheesecake Fat Bombs

If you are looking for a twist on chocolate cheesecake fat bombs, youve got to try these. Theyre a great keto snack!

What makes them so special is that theyre made with organic coconut oil. Coconut oil contains a lot of health-promoting medium-chain triglyceride fats .

Whats great about MCTs is that they boost your metabolism. Also, they dont get stored as fat very easily, making them perfect if you are trying to lose weight.

But the thing that I love most about these fat bombs is that they are just plain yummy. The cream cheese, butter, and coconut oil make these fat bombs extra creamy, while the stevia, vanilla, and cocoa powder add sweetness.

If you generally love the flavors of coconut, check out one of my original recipes low carb shredded coconut cookies. Theyre super yummy too!

Per Serving:

Are you craving vanilla cookies? These vanilla fat bombs will satisfy your cravings.

Youll also love that these fat bombs are made with just 4 ingredients- cream cheese, butter, stevia, and vanilla extract.

To make these fat bombs, simply whisk the cream cheese and softened butter, then add the stevia and vanilla extract. Finally, freeze these fat bombs and voila, creamy bites of sweet goodness.

And the best thing is that these bombs come packed with 20 grams of fat per serving, sure to keep you in ketosis! Love vanilla? You might also like these keto vanilla cupcakes!

Per Serving:

What is better than chocolate? Peanut butter covered in chocolate!

Per Serving:

How Many Fat Bombs Can You Have On Keto


Portion control is so important when indulging with snacks on Keto. Sometimes that can be hard to do if you have a full sized dessert sitting around the house.

That’s where the beauty of these Keto fat bombs come in. They are bite sized bits of goodness that will satisfy a sweet tooth without wrecking your diet goals. Most servings allow for 1-2, but it’s best to determine how many you can have based on your macros.

I hope you have found these Keto recipe ideas helpful! If you decide to make any of these, please leave a comment and let us know how you enjoyed them!

*All photos and recipes in this article are copyrighted by the original food blog author, listed under the title. Please click on the Get Recipe button to get the full written recipes with steps, which are the sole property of each respective website.

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Keto Peanut Butter Fat Bombs

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These Keto Peanut Butter Fat Bombs only use 5 simple ingredients and couldnt be easier to make! Creamy peanut butter topped with chocolate ganache makes the perfect decadent snack.

If youve never tried fat bombs before, they are well the bomb!

Not only are they super easy to make, but their low-carb, high-fat content is also great for avoiding a blood sugar spike.

Keto fat bombs are made from a high-fat base such as nut butter, coconut oil, avocados, or cream cheese. Then, you add tasty low-carb goodies to go with the flavor. This is usually ingredients like sugar-free chocolate for a sweet fat bomb or bacon for a savory fat bomb.

The high-fat base in this recipe is made from a combination of peanut butter and coconut oil for a rich, creamy texture. Topped with a bit of chocolate ganache, it becomes a decadent treat thats perfect for an on-the-go snack or when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth!

These peanut butter and chocolate fat bombs make snacking on a low carb or keto diet easy and stress-free.

You can read everything you need to know about the ketogenic diet and diabetes in this guide on Diabetes Strong: The Ketogenic Diet and Diabetes The Definitive Guide.

Fat Bomb Beginner Basics

Do you want to create your own unique fat bomb recipes? Maybe you want to make one that reminds you of cheesecake. Or perhaps theres a dessert you are craving so you want to make it keto-friendly.

Its pretty simple to make your own fat bombs. They all have three basic components:

  • The base of healthy fat
  • Low-carb or sugar-free flavors and additions for taste
  • Nutritional rocket boosters to make them even more powerful
  • Heres the breakdown of each component. Once you master this, youll be able to make any kind of fat bomb you want.

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    How To Make Keto Fat Bombs

    You can find hundreds of fat bomb recipes in keto diet books, blogs, and recipe websites. “In most cases, a fat bomb is made by melting or heating an oil â for example, coconut oil â adding flavorings and binding ingredients, like coconut milk and stevia, pouring into molds, and refrigerating or freezing until hardened,” says Norton.

    Here are two keto fat bomb recipes, savory and sweet, to get you started.

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fat Bombs

    The Easy Way To Make Keto Fat Bombs

    The only downside to sweet keto bombs is that youll still need a decent amount of willpower.

    As I mentioned, you shouldnt eat more than three per day. But with these tasty cookie dough bites, that might not be so easy.

    Of course, youll need to find keto-approved chocolate for this recipe. You should be able to find it online or in most larger supermarkets.

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    Savory Edible Keto Fat Bombs

    I have a ton of recipes for savory keto fat bombs but you know I have an obsession with the number 7 so well have to be content with just two for this section. Never fear! I will post more!!! Just not today

    Okay, so who here loves bacon?

    Here is an awesome Jalapeno, Cheese, and Bacon Bite Fat Bombs recipe from Health Home and Happiness for all of you who love Jalapeno Poppers!

    Theyre not my jam to be perfectly honest because even though I live in Texas I dont have an iron stomach. Plastic stomach. Like childrens party balloon plastic stomach. Like I run from the mention of peppers. But I know OH SO MANY people who would LOVE these!

    Alrighty, more bacon! My daughter makes the BEST deviled eggs they are always requested at every gathering and Im not sure shes ever had to take one home. Its a rare occasion that any of them even make it to dinner because theyre the best appetizers ever. I need to mention this recipe for Bacon Deviled Eggs from Peace Love and Low Carb to her. This is one of my very favorite bloggers and shes never once steered me wrong!

    Making This Keto Fat Bombs Recipe

    To make these easy keto fat bombs add all your ingredients into a blender.

    Blend on high until everything comes together and looks like a runny peanut butter.

    Pour the keto fat bombs into the mini silicone mold making sure it is on a baking sheet for easy moving.

    Freeze for at least two hours and then enjoy your easy to make keto fat bombs with minimal prep time.

    How to Store Keto Fat Bombs

    These keto fat bombs store well in the fridge for up to two weeks. They also store well in the freezer for up to 3 months.

    Topping Options for Keto Fat Bombs

    Thanks to the carbs per fat bomb being so low this easy to make snack can be topped with a ton of delicious treats. Some of our favorites are things like coconut, chocolate, gluten free keto cookies, and cacao nibs.

    You can also mix in cocoa butter for extra healthy fats and flavor. This is a must try for any chocolate lovers out there who want sugar free chocolate fat bombs that mimics white chocolate.

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    Keto Fat Bomb Snack Ideas

    Now that weve discussed what fat bombs are, and why they can support a healthy keto lifestyle, here are a couple of snack ideas to incorporate fat bombs in your diet.

    1. Chocolate Naked Keto With Espresso

    To get your morning started right, try combining a Chocolate Naked Keto fat bomb with a shot of espresso .

    Its the perfect snack if youre in a hurry. Not only is the combination of chocolate and espresso absolutely delicious, but it will also provide you with sustained energy throughout the morning.

    When you add carbs/sugar with caffeine, you might experience a spike in energy. But it is typically followed by a crash, and by 10 AM, youre on out the door to grab your second cup of coffee.

    But when you add healthy fats to coffee, the caffeine provides a boost in energy, and the fats keep the energy sustained for longer with no crash in the end.

    Give it a try, and you might never go back to taking your coffee with cream and sugar.

    2. Unflavored Naked Keto With Bone Broth

    If youre not into coffee and chocolate, no worries. Try Unflavored Naked Keto with a cup of bone broth.

    Its the perfect low-carb snack that will not only keep you full, but it is also loaded with beneficial minerals and healthy fats.

    The minerals in bone broth can be critical during keto to prevent dehydration and keto flu symptoms. Bone broth is good for the digestive system, and it may also improve your joint health.

    Size And Shape Of The Fat Bombs

    Keto Fat Bombs with Cacao and Cashew  Heather

    Because we make these fat bombs in a 6-muffin tray, they are BIG! We consider each one to be 2 servings.

    If you have a smaller muffin tray with 9 or 12 cups, you can easily make smaller fat bombs that are closer to 1 serving each. Or, if you have a mini 24-muffin tray, you could make mini fat bombs!

    I like using muffin cups because the shape of the fat bomb reminds me of a traditional peanut butter cup. However, if you have chocolate molds, you can really get creative with how you want these to look. Feel free to have some fun with the shape!

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    How Can A Fat Bomb Be Good For You

    It seems crazy that something that tastes like cheesecake or a peanut-butter cup can be good for you, but there is hard science behind the benefits of consuming more quality fats whether youre following the keto diet or not.

    • You wont experience the rise in blood sugar you get when you eat a scone or a bagel. The high fat and low sugar in a satisfyingly sweet fat bomb sweetened with a natural sugar substitute wont spike your insulin.
    • If youre on a keto diet, a high-fat, lower-carb snack will help you remain in the fat-burning state of ketosis. A high-fat, lower-carb snack delivers a dose of fat thatll keep you in the fat-burning state of ketosis.
    • Fat bombs made with a high quality fat called MCT oil can even curb cravings. MCTs raise your ketone levels. Ketones suppress ghrelin and increase cholecystokinin , which makes you feel full. Studies also show that MCT oil can significantly boost your workout. Athletes given MCT oil for two weeks could do longer sessions of high-intensity exercises, and others built up less blood lactate and had increased endurance during high-intensity interval training .

    The bottom line: Fat bombs contain high quality fats and natural sugar substitutes that are actually good for you: They keep your blood sugar from spiking, give your workout a boost and if youre on the keto diet, keep you in the fat-burning state of ketosis.

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