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What Alcohol To Drink On Keto

Which Alcoholic Drinks Are Low Carb

The Best Keto Alcohol Drinks Explained – Dr. Boz

The keto diet is a high fat, low carb diet with all kinds of amazing benefits. If weight loss is your keto diet goal, you should know that alcohol can hinder weight loss. This is because your body burns off the alcohol before anything else, so the more alcohol you drink, the more difficult it will be to get the weight off. Plus, some can be high in calories, low in nutritional value and alcohol can stir up your appetite. But if you’re prepared to tread carefully, here are the best and worst of keto-friendly drinks.

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Best Keto Friendly Alcoholic Beverages List

The best keto alcohol drinks contain zero carbohydrates or only small amounts and provide few calories overall. But because alcohol doesn’t have a nutrition label, it can be challenging to identify which types of alcohol fit into your ketogenic lifestyle.

This is where tracking you food and drink intake – including alcohol – in a nutrition tracking app can help! Most food and drink databases will tell you the exact carb count for your drinks and allow you to stay on top of your carb intake more easily.

For simplicity’s sake, you can rest assure that most plain liquors, dry wine, and light beer are low carb and can fit into your keto meal plan – in moderation of course!

An Adaptive Trait That Helped Now Harms

Our innate dopamine reward system, which says this is good, I want more was likely a highly functional trait for survival in our primate and hunter-gather days, but our stone-age genes have not adapted to the modern world.12

The evolutionary theories of why our brain biochemistry may drive some to overeat or drink to excess are fascinating and varied, but most have to do with the ancient need to consume large amounts of high-calorie fruit and carbs in season in order to pack on fat to live off of during lean seasons and food shortages.13

In 2014 researchers in Florida sequenced human and primate genomes and worked backward to find the common ancestor 10 million years ago that first began to efficiently metabolize ethanol found in fermenting fruit lying on the forest floor!14

The takeaway: some people find more self-acceptance and a better ability to understand and control their cravings by knowing about a once-helpful ancient trait that in modern times is a liability. As Lady Gaga sings in her anthem to self acceptance: Rejoice and love yourself today, cause baby you were born this way. Since you cant change your biology, avoid the trigger alcohol and prevent overconsumption.

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Low Carb Keto Lemon Drop

Image Credit Fit Views

Fitviews showcases this simple and tangy cocktail. This recipe mimics one of our favorite lemon drop mixers, but without all of the sugar.

The recipe calls for BiPro lemon lift water, one Truvia sweetener packet and Devotions Blood Orange Vodka in place of the much higher calorie tripple sec.

What Veggie To Eat On The Keto Diet

Low Carb Alcohol Guide: What You Need to Know About ...

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+ Keto Alcoholic Drinks And Low Carb Cocktails

20+ Keto Alcoholic Drinks and Low Carb Cocktails,taste delicious and are made healthier so you can enjoy a cocktail without worrying about falling off your keto diet. Not following a keto or low carb diet?

It’s okay, everyone can love these guiltless cocktails! We have separated them by alcohol type so you can easily find your favorites. Cheers!

Can I Drink Beer On Keto

Yes, you can drink light beer on keto in moderation. There are carbs in beer, but as you can see in the list below, they range from about 2 grams 7 grams, so choose appropriately!

Here are some low carb beer options, perfect for keto:

  • Amstel Light 5g net carbs
  • Becks Premier Light 3.2g net carbs
  • Budweiser Select 55, Budweiser Select, Bud Light 1.9g, 3.1g and 6.6g net carbs, respectively
  • Coors Light 5g net carbs
  • Heineken Light 6.8g net carbs
  • Michelob Ultra 2.6g net carbs
  • Miller 64, Miller Chill, Miller Lite 2.4g, 3.2g, and 4g net carbs, respectively

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Moderate Drinkers: Fundamentally Different

Many studies have shown that alcohol consumption when graphed against mortality risk is a J-shaped curve. Abstainers have slightly higher mortality risks than moderate drinkers and heavy drinkers have the highest risks of all.7

In a 2007 New York Times article, Gary Taubes says he is suspicious of these sorts of epidemiological findings: The question I always had about these studies was whether or not people who drink alcohol in moderation are just different than the teetotalers, who drink none, and the binge drinkers, who drink to excess. Maybe by looking at a glass or two of alcohol a day youre selecting out for people who live their entire lives in moderation, people capable of living well without excess.

The takeaway: Be honest with yourself. Can you easily stop at one or two drinks max? If you cant, our experts say be very cautious with alcohol and consider abstaining. Dr. Naiman notes that at higher levels of consumption, alcohol may be toxic to multiple organ systems and is linked to hypertension, nerve damage, cancers and cognitive decline.8

Is Wine Ok On Keto

Keto Safe Alcohol Drinks

Yes, you can drink wine on keto in moderation. Choose dry wines over sweet.

Refer to the table above for wine carb counts based on type.

I personally love natural Dry Farm Wines. They have no sugar and low carbs , low sulfites, no artificial additives, and must pass incredibly strict standards for taste. If you want to try them out, theyre offering my friends a bottle of wine for $0.01 with your first order.

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Low Carb/keto Hot Buttered Rum

Image Credit Peace Love & Low Carb

This Keto hot buttered rum from Peace Love and Low Carb gives me all the feels! Its absolutely perfect for the holidays or cold winter nights!

It has all of the classic seasonal spices of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove sweetened with sugar free maple syrup and granulated Swerve. Add some spiced rum and its cozy time.

How Do Alcoholic Drinks Get Their Alcohol

Alcohol is made from sugar! This process called fermentation turns the sugar present in fruit, grains, or vegetables into alcohol.

For example, wine is made from grapes. The sugar in grapes turns into alcohol. Yeast performs this fermentation using an anaerobic process, meaning in the absence of oxygen. Fermentation is what yeasts use to create their energy.

The most important factor for the keto-friendliness of any drink is the quantity of residual sugar. Residual sugar is what is left after the fermentation process.

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Mixed Drinks / Cocktails

If things seem likely to go off the rails with cocktails for carb counts, your worry is with good cause. It’s actually the mixers in mixed drinks that tend to contain all of the sugar. This is fairly straightforward: sugary sodas, fruit juices, and liqueurs are sweet from sugar, whether added or naturally occurring. When you add any of them to alcohol, you increase the carbohydrate count significantly and make yourself much more likely to fall out of ketosis. You also increase your chances of a hangover from the sugar content.

There’s no doubt that cocktails are more enjoyable than sipping on straight alcohol. If cocktails are your drink of choice, pick simple low or no calorie mixers such as soda water, stevia sweetened soda, pure cranberry juice, flavored sparkling water, or tea.

What Alcoholic Drinks Should You Avoid

Keto Alcohol

Many alcoholic drinks are full of carbs. Some varieties contain over 30 gramsin a single serving.

Some of the worst alcoholic beverages to consume on the keto diet include cocktails and mixed drinks.

Cocktails and mixed drinks often contain high-carb, sugary ingredients. These include:

  • Fruit juice
  • Syrups

Beer is also among the worst drinks to consume when following a keto lifestyle.

Regular beer is produced from starch. It may contain more than 12 grams of carbs in one can. It is even known as liquid bread.

The carb content in beer varies depending on the type and brand. However, most beers contain too many carbs for a keto diet. Even on a more liberal low-carb diet, it may be best to keep beer-drinking as an occasional treat.

The exception is ultra-light beer which contains fewer carb counts than other varieties.


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Youll Get Drunk Faster And Your Hangover May Be Worse

Whether you have a glass of red wine or two with your friends after work or plan to drink beer through 18 holes of golf on the weekend, a keto diet alters the effects of alcohol on your body.

When youre in ketosis, alcohol hits your system faster and stronger than it did when your body was housing more carbohydrates. Your alcohol tolerance plummets to almost zero when youre in ketosis, because your glycogen stores are depleted.

Typically, people have plenty of glycogen stored in their bodies, thanks to carb-heavy diets which serve as a cushion for metabolizing alcohol. Without this buffer, your body processes alcohol much faster, and youll feel the effects sooner.

In addition to your new lower tolerance, those on a ketogenic diet also report harsher hangovers than when they ate a high-carb diet. While there arent definitive studies proving why this happens, dehydration and an imbalance of electrolytes seem to play a part.

Both dehydration and electrolyte imbalance can occur when you drink alcohol and when youre in ketosis, creating the perfect storm for intense hangovers. However, you can minimize the downsides of drinking alcoholic beverages on a ketogenic diet.

The Bottom Line: What Alcohol Can You Drink On Keto Diet

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Peach Long Island Tea

Image from

You will not be able to resist this gorgeous keto-friendly alcohol drink.

Peach long island tea is a cocktail made with peach schnapps, peach tea water enhancer, vodka, white rum, and lemon-lime soda.

The ingredients are mixed together in an ice-filled glass and garnished with a slice of peach on the rim.

Calories: 167kcal, Carbs: 3g, Fat: 0g, Protein: 0g

Check out 9 Keto Steak Marinade Recipes along with the keto drink.

The Easiest Way To Stick To Your Keto Diet

AMAZING Keto Old Fashioned | Keto Friendly Alcohol Drinks | Keto Alcohol | Keto Friendly Alcohol

Cocktails and alcohol aside, the hardest part about going and staying keto is sticking to your diet goals each week. If you’re tired of carb counting, meal planning, cooking, and cleaning, why not leave it to the experts?

Our team of nutrition-trained chefs will hand prepare delicious keto-approved meal plans and ship them directly to your door each week! So you can sit back, see results faster, and contemplate whether or not that happy hour buzz is really worth it.

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Homemade Irish Creme Recipe

A VERY tasty copycat Bailey’s Irish Cream recipe. Made healthier, this low carb and keto cocktail is just the ticket if you are trying to stay on a ketogenic diet but still want to enjoy a delicious cocktail once in a while. Is this a cocktail or dessert recipe? I will let you decide! Recipe: Irish Cream Recipe

Can You Drink Alcohol On Keto

Yes, you can drink on a ketogenic diet and still see results, but theres a catch. It depends on how much you drink and the types of alcohol you choose.

Alcohol is technically the fourth macronutrient because it provides calories. In fact, alcohol contains nearly double the number of calories of protein and carbs – providing roughly seven calories for each gram consumed.

This matters because calories still matter on keto. Especially if you are trying to lose weight on keto. And because alcohol can pack a lot of calories on a single beverage, it can be easy to overdo it and slow your weight loss, or worse cause unintentional weight gain. Plus, unlike other macronutrients that provide various health and nutritional benefits, alcohol provides little to no nutritional value.

Alcohol is also a toxin that is thought to mess with your normal metabolism . Some theories suggest that heavy drinking might interfere with digestion, absorption, and the body’s ability to use certain nutrients. This may include the prioritization of breaking down and removing alcohol metabolites before anything else – including carbohydrates, fat, and protein from food .

Lastly, getting drunk on alcohol can lead to poor decision-making, including when it comes to your diet. After a few too many, you may not care how many carbs are in your food or how many calories you should be eating.

Unsure of your keto macros? Learn your macros in just a few minutes, using this keto macro calculator:

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Tips For Staying In Ketosis While You Drink Alcohol

  • Eat a keto-friendly snack before drinking alcohol to curb your appetite.
  • Drink lots of water and take an electrolyte supplement after drinking alcohol.
  • Eat foods high in fat, such as avocado, olive oil, coconut milk, or full-fat yogurt with berries for dessert.
  • Find low-carb alcoholic drinks that you enjoy wine is typically lower in carbs than beer.
  • Choose spirits over beers because they are usually distilled rather than fermented like beer and have fewer carbohydrates.
  • Be careful about mixing liquor with sugary mixers or juices and stick to soda water instead of tonic water when ordering gin or vodka on the rocks.
  • Does alcohol kick you out of ketosis?

    While you can make keto alcohol drinks as stated below.

    Though it will not kick you out of ketosis, still should have them in a small quantity.

    Does alcohol slow weight loss on keto?

    Drinking alcohol have effects on the liver which is responsible to make ketones.

    So if it adversely affects the liver then the weight loss process may slow down.

    In addition, even if the alcohols are low in carbs, they provide energy for the body and hence slow down the ketosis.

    But having keto alcohol once in 3-4 months is okay for a party or so.

    What is the best alcohol to drink on keto?

    The whisky, tequila or vodka, all are completely free of carbs until you mix them with some sweet drinks.

    For flavor, mix it with some fresh fruits or with low-carb mixers.

    Is vodka high in carbs?

    Vodka is absolutely carb-free.

    What Are The Benefits Of The Keto Diet And How Do I Know If I Should Try It

    21 Keto Cocktails: The Best Keto Alcoholic Drinks

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    Does Alcohol Affect Ketosis Positively

    If youve ever heard the phrase drinking increases ketosis, youre only getting half the story.

    A small study from 1970 illustrated how alcohol consumption and a high-fat diet increased ketonuria aka more ketones were found in the volunteers urine. Heres the scientific explanation: Researchers theorized the ketonuria was caused by a delayed change in intermediary metabolism from alcohol-induced glycogen depletion.

    The bottom line: Drinking alcohol on the keto diet might result in a quick burst of ketone activity, but your liver will eventually start to use alcohol for energy instead of fat. That means less fat-burning over time.

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