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Is Milk On The Keto Diet

What Is The Difference Between Lactose

Keto Diet Dairy (Milk, Yogurt & Cheese) Explained By Dr.Berg

The main difference between lactose-free milk and regular milk is that the former contains enzyme lactase. This ingredient helps break down the lactose in your body into smaller sugar molecules. Therefore, it is ideal for individuals with lactose intolerance as they dont secrete sufficient lactase to digest lactose comfortably.

However, it doesnt do much for people on the ketogenic diet. The number of sugars and carbs remain the same.

How To Replace Milk With Your Preferred Keto Milk Substitute

Regardless of the milk alternative you choose from the options above, use a 1:1 substitution ratio when replacing the milk for most recipes. For example, if a recipe calls for two tablespoons of milk, simply use two tablespoons of your preferred alternative.

As with most keto-friendly replacements, however, there are a few things to keep in mind for an optimal end result:

  • Make sure your keto milk substitute is homogenous .
  • Consider the flavor and fat content of your milk alternative. In general, the higher fat substitutes will add satisfying richness, while the lower-fat options will tend to water down some of the flavors in the recipe.
  • Try to mirror what the recipe calls for. If the recipe calls for low-fat milk, use half and half, light coconut milk, or any other lower-fat keto milk alternative. Conversely, when the recipe calls for whole milk, try using heavy cream, full-fat coconut milk, or high-fat nut milk.
  • Consider the differences in macronutrients for accurate tracking. The protein, fat, and carb content of milk vs. your milk substitute will vary significantly. Make sure you take this into account to increase your chances of success with keto. For a deeper dive into tracking your food and carb intake, check out our guide on the topic.

Is Coconut Milk In The Carton Keto

Youre in luck again if youre looking for more keto milk options because as long as its unsweetened, coconut milk in the carton is a fantastic keto milk. We like this in our Magic Spoon Cereal, and also in Ginger Licorice Tea.

My husband uses this type of coconut milk for his morning coffee, and I love it in my Dandelion Coffee because its so creamy and reminds me of the days when I drank actual coffee and added real heavy cream to it.

Those days are long gone since my body does not tolerate caffeine. As Ive grown older, Ive also realized that Im somewhat carb intolerant, so the keto diet is fantastic for me.

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What Ingredients Are In Liquid Dairy Milk

According to Milk is a complex biological fluid consisting of seven main components: water, fat, protein, sugar , minerals, vitamins and enzymes. I will breakdown each of the main components


Water, otherwise known as H2O, is very important for any diet, but is especially important on a keto diet. You will want to make sure you are hydrated at all times. This ingredient does not factor into the question at hand.


Fat is the main fuel source for someone in a state of ketosis, so the fat, in this case, would be ok to have on the keto diet.


The natural sugar found in dairy, also known as lactose, is one of the factors that make dairy milk a difficult drink to drink on the keto diet. It adds a large number of carbohydrates per serving of whole milk.


Vitamin D, also known as calcium, is the main mineral in dairy milk.

% Daily Value*:

  • Iron 0.8%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

According to the National Institutes of Health: The body needs calcium to maintain strong bones and to carry out many important functions. Almost all calcium is stored in bones and teeth, where it supports their structure and hardness.

If you arent drinking milk, you can also get calcium through an over the counter supplement.

You can find some beneficial vitamins in 2% milk.

% Daily Value*:

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


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Oat Milk Net Carbs: Is It Keto Friendly or Just Low Carb?

Several research studies have determined that adequate intake of whole dairy milk is associated with a lower risk of obesity and can even help you shed those unwanted pounds.

Firstly, milk is full of quality protein that keeps you feeling satiated for longer and prevents overeating.

Secondly, diets rich in calcium are also linked to a lower risk of obesity. High levels of dietary calcium appear to inhibit fat absorption in the body.

Additionally, the conjugated linoleic acid that is naturally occurring in whole milk may also promote weight loss as it has been found to breakdown fat and inhibit fat production in the body.

Surprisingly, the consumption of higher milk-fat is associated with a lower risk of obesity. So go ahead and enjoy more high-fat dairy products it might actually help you lose weight!

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Keto And Dairy: Heres What You Should Know

To take full advantage of dairy on keto, you should choose organic , raw, full fat options instead of anything marked fat-free or reduced fat

As youll see in the next section, 1% and 2% dairy products are actually loaded with carbs. Since the fat is removed and sugar is added, youre left with two things you dont want on keto.

But just because you have the green light on certain dairy, doesnt mean you should throw caution to the wind here. Take it easy by only enjoying dairy in small quantities.

Remember: While its high in protein and fat, dairy also comes at a high calorie cost too. A single serving of cheese can average around 100 calories.

You should also adjust for the extra protein boost.

If you pair dairy with another high protein source, youll may risk going overboard with your macros if youre not careful.

Does Coconut Milk Interact With Ketosis In Blood

Coconut milk is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially potassium, which is very important in a ketogenic diet. Coconut milk is also high in saturated fat, but Ill explain why this isnt necessarily a bad thing. As I mentioned in the previous section, coconut milk is high in saturated fat, but thats not necessarily a bad thing.

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Why Not Eat White Chocolate On The Keto Diet

Keto equates to being on a low-carb diet. On average, a 40 grams chocolate bar would have 20 grams sugar. This is almost all or the majority of your allowed carbohydrates in the day on a keto diet, with values up or down based on your specific macro totals.

Eating white or milk chocolate hence kicks your body out of ketosis and hampers your weight loss journey. Additionally, your energy levels can crash later on, which can cause your body to burn through your glucose to maintain energy levels.

So, a winning keto diet means you have a strict carb intake limit, ensuring proper macros and nutrient levels in the body, which translates into no milk or white chocolates.

Understand The Macro Breakdown

Dairy Free Keto Diet Tips by Dr.Berg

Even if you hate math, you can still figure out your macro needs without it being a struggle.

The first step is simple.

On a keto diet, you want your macronutrients to be around:

  • 70% to 80% fats
  • 20% to 25% protein
  • 5% to 10% net carbs

But the specifics of how many grams of each food group you need depends on several factors such as your age, gender, body goals and activity levels.

The next step is determining your calorie needs.

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Sweetened Versions Of Other Milks

As we mentioned with the keto-friendly milk substitutes above, many will come in sweetened versions, such as Sweetened Almond Milk or Sweetened Pea Milk.

The sweetness is achieved through adding sugar, which of course bumps up the carbohydrate content and makes the milk unsuitable for a ketogenic diet.

Some of the keto milk alternatives do taste sweeter than others, such as macadamia nut milk or coconut milk, so if the sweetness of normal milk is what youre after then one of these will be better.

Three Dairy Products To Avoid When On Keto

You may have noticed that milk wasnt on the list of keto-safe dairy.

Wondering what gives?

#1: Milk. Low fat, reduced fat, fat free, 1% and 2% milk are all just clever disguises for the fact that the fat has been removed from the milk and added sugars and carbs were pumped back in to create something palatable.

So what about whole, goat, or raw milk?

In the case of goats milk, youll only reap 8.7g of protein for 10.9g of carbs and 168 calories for an 8 oz glass.

Raw milk, while it does have beneficial bacteria, also delivers 8g of carbs, 7g of protein, and 120 calories.

As for whole milk, youre looking at 12.8g of carbs, 7.9g of protein, and 146 calories.

Milk is mostly water and sugar so because of that, its not going to give you the best bang for your buck macro-wise.

Youre better off with the low carb cheese options that provide the same or better amounts of protein we discussed earlier.

While you wont need to completely eliminate the next item, you will need to go easy on it.

#2: Half and half. This lab-concocted food choice is half milk, half cream.

What youre really getting is a mix of sugar with a reduction in fat, two things you dont want with keto.

Depending on the brand you choose, you could be adding up to two carbs per teaspoon with half and half.

So instead of using this stuff, reach for heavy whipping cream for your coffee or for your recipes without any of the net carbs.

This same advice goes for the next item on the dont touch list.

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Low Carb Milk Powder Mixes & Protein Powders

The last on my list, LC Foods has found a way to strip away the milk sugar and lactose while dehydrating milk into a powdered form. You simply mix water and heavy cream and voila! Perfect for baking and using in all of your normal milk recipes.

Enhanced with whey protein isolate, this is another great source of protein while on your low carb diet!

Alternatively, you can also always mix another milk substitute with your choice of protein powder for a creamy and flavoured drink! I personally find myself really enjoying Quests line of protein powders for taste and consistency.

You can get creative with these powdered mixes and make all sorts of recipes like creamy keto ice cream!

Remember, keto is more of a lifestyle rather than simply a diet. Its difficult to find an exact replacement for some of your favorites, but some substitutions can help curb those cravings and change your eating habits!

Key Takeaways Milk Keto Milk Substitutes And The Keto Diet

Hood Calorie Countdown: A Keto Friendly Milk Substitute

When it comes to traditional milk, its high enough in carbs that you should only use it sparingly or avoid it altogether. Fortunately, there are plenty of keto-friendly milk substitutes to choose from:

Dairy-based milk alternatives*:

  • Heavy cream or heavy whipping cream
  • Half and half
  • nut milk
  • hemp milk
  • soy milk
  • pea protein milk

An 80/20 mixture of heavy cream and dairy-free milk can also provide higher fat content and realistic mouthfeel.

*When buying these keto milk substitutes, go forunsweetened, higher-fat varieties and avoid the sweetened products. Double-check to make sure it contains net carbs and ingredients that are keto-friendly for you.

With these low-carb milk substitutes, you can make creamy smoothies, low-carb cereal, and your favorite keto desserts while you reap the benefits of the keto lifestyle.

As with other keto foods and beverages, it is important to keep what you consume in the context of your overall diet and lifestyle. To help you maximize your chance of success with keto, weve included some helpful guides and tools below:

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Can You Do Keto Without Dairy

Absolutely, Pride says. You can totally be dairy-free and do keto. You just need to know which swaps are smart swapslike unsweetened almond milk for regular ole dairy milk and plant-based yogurts for usual dairy yogurt. That being said, however, “you still want to be sure youre looking for unsweetened or no sugar added options to make sure the products fit your needs,” Pride explains.

Equally as important? Making up for any lost nutrients that you might’ve previously been getting by your yogurt, dairy, and cheese consumptions. For calcium, Pride says to consider sardines, tofu, kale, and fortified almond milk and for potassium, avocados, spinach, salmon, and edamame. And let’s not forget about keto’s big player: fats. To keep up with those sans-dairy products, go for nuts, avocados, seeds, and plant-based oils.

Now, not to be repetitive or anything, but just to make sure it’s clear: You don’t need to ditch dairy entirely if you want to do keto. In fact, there are plenty of dairy options that will fit in with your 50-grams-of-carbs-a-day lifestyle, Jalali says.

“All foods are basically allowed on the ketogenic diet, it is a matter of the portion,” she says, adding that that means you might have more wiggle room with certain dairy products, like butter and heavy cream, but not so much with others, like milk or ice cream.

Can You Eat Chocolate On A Keto Diet

  • Can You Eat Chocolate On A Keto Diet?

minute read | Last update: Jun 27th, 2022

This article is backed by studies and reviewed by a certified dietician.

Chocolate is one of those treats you can never miss out on. The indulgent and creamy texture has our hearts, and they are absolute comfort food. Not just that, dark chocolate and cocoa are also excellent sources of antioxidants which are a must for your body.

But what if you are on a keto diet what should you do? Should you cut down your chocolate intake completely? Luckily, the answer is no. You can enjoy chocolate while on a ketogenic diet. But there are certain factors to keep in mind.

Read on as we explore the ins and outs of eating chocolate on a keto diet.

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Oat Milk Nutritional Facts

Heres the nutritional content of one cup of unsweetened oat milk:

  • 17 grams of carbs
  • Two grams of dietary fiber
  • Trace amounts of potassium, iron and calcium

Made from whole oats, youll notice oat milk contains a fair amount of calories and lots of carbs, making it impractical for keto dieters or those looking to lose weight.

Now that we know oat milk isnt allowed on keto, lets cover other types of milk thatll knock you out of ketosis.

Is Almond Milk Keto

Keto Milk – The Best way to drink Milk on a keto diet

Yes, unsweetened almond milk is technically a keto-friendly milk. In fact almond milk is mostly water.

Though it is important to note that there are many types of almond milk. Even some unsweetened varieties contain fillers and binders that add to the carb count. And if you get into the sweetened and flavored varieties, the carb count spikes even higher.

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Carbs Per 100ml: 13g Total Fats Per 100ml: 11g

Almond milk on keto is one of the most commonly used milk substitutes. Its pretty cheap compared to other nut milk types and has really low levels of carbohydrates.

As you might have guessed, its similar to other nut milks in its method of production, as it is blended then strained.

Almond milk is a healthier keto milk alternative that is especially great if you are concerned about your calcium intake. Almond milk contains a high amount of Vitamin D, which is really good for strengthening your bones.

Almond milk comes in a sweetened or unsweetened form, and it is key to only use the unsweetened almond milk as a keto substitute. The sweetened form has less fat content and higher carbohydrate content, meaning it’s not really a keto diet milk at all.

Milk On Keto: You Have Choices

Whether you’re making it from scratch or trying one at the supermarket, there are tons of options for keto milk alternatives. Not every brand tastes the same, and not every label looks the same. Always make sure to check your nutrition labels before heading to the till and don’t get discouraged if you don’t like the first one you try. You might find that you like one in your coffee, another for smoothies and third for dessert recipes. No matter what you pick, be sure to watch your serving sizes so you don’t overdo it by accident.

All information provided on our website and within our articles is simply information, opinion, anecdotal thoughts and experiences to provide you with the tools to thrive.

It is not intended to treat or diagnose symptoms and is definitely not intended to be misconstrued for medical advice. We always advise you seek the advice of a trained professional when implementing any changes to your lifestyle and dietary habits.

We do however recommend seeking the services of a trained professional who questions the conventional wisdom to enable you to become the best version of yourself.


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Milk Contains Too Many Net Carbs

Milk naturally contains high amounts of lactose, which is broken down into simple sugars in the gut by the lactase enzyme. Unfortunately, even a cup of whole milk will come with 11 grams of net carbs.

In the context of a keto diet, milk can only be used sparingly. Just by having a glass of milk with your breakfast, you can eat up almost half of your net carb limit while also restricting your food choices for the rest of the day.

That being said, you can still use whole milk in small amounts in your keto recipes, coffee, or tea since one tablespoon of whole milk only has ~0.7 grams of net carbs.

Keep in mind, however, that there is a wide array of keto-friendly milk substitutes that will be much easier to fit into your diet regardless of how much you consume. Well explore these options in the next section.

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