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Is Keto Safe While Breastfeeding

Minimum Carbohydrate Requirements While Nursing

KETO & BREASTFEEDING | Is Starting A Ketogenic Diet Safe For Breastfeeding Moms | EXPLAINED!

The recommended dietary allowance of carbohydrates that is around 210 grams per day will be sufficient to handle your babys milk requirements. Nursing women who indulge in regular exercise will benefit from more carbs. It is essential to obtain carbohydrates from healthy sources like whole grains, brown rice, oatmeal, and so on while avoiding refined sugar as well as polished grains like white rice, bread, baked items, and soft drinks. You may also get healthy carbs from legumes, nuts, dairy products, among others.

Keto Diet While Breastfeeding: Faq

Is keto diet safe during breastfeeding?

Theres no evidence that there are risks to ketones in breast milk. Research shows that newborn infants are in ketosis and remain in this normal, healthy state while breastfeeding

How can I lose weight without losing my milk supply?

Here are some guidelines for safe postpartum fat loss while still keeping up your milk supply: 1. Breastfeed without restriction. 2. Eat at least 1500-1800 calories per day. 3. Keep weight loss at less than 1.5 pounds per week. 4. Decrease the calories gradually. 5. Avoid quick-fix solutions.

What diet is safe while breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding mothers should consume at least 300 additional calories a day over maintenance to ensure proper breastmilk supply. Research shows that breastfeeding moms can safely lose around 1 lb/week without compromising breastmilk supply according to La Leche League. Aim to eat a diet rich in low sugar fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and proteins while minimizing empty carbohydrates and junk food.

How many calories do you burn breastfeeding?

On average, breastfeeding can burn between 200 and 500 calories per day. Breastfeeding exclusively eight to twelve times a day burns more calories than if youre combining breastfeeding and formula feeding.

How many carbs do I need while breastfeeding?Can cutting carbs affect milk supply?Is keto OK for breastfeeding?Is keto coffee safe for breastfeeding?

Because BeyondFits Keto diet is EXACTLY what our body needs.

The Dangerous Case Of Lactation Ketoacidosis

Alright, so in the earlier mouse trial we saw that lactating mothers on the keto diet went into ketoacidosis and subsequently died. For all those who dont speak science, ketoacidosis occurs when your body breaks down too much fat to meet your energy needs, resulting in too many ketones in your body causing a buildup of acid in your blood. In extreme cases, it can be fatal, so it goes without saying this should be taken very seriously.

Though there are no controlled studies that have investigated this on a human level , there are eleven case reports of real women with lactation ketoacidosis while breastfeeding on a low carb diet. Very rare, but true and definitely worth looking into. These case reports are super interesting because ketoacidosis is traditionally a condition that affects those with diabetes, not lactating mothers!

Lets look at one of those eleven case report.

A 27 year old woman exclusively breastfed her 8-week old baby while following a low carb diet. She experienced vomiting and diarrhea, and was unable to eat anything for a few days landing her in the ER. Turns out she had severe ketoacidosis and was treated quickly with intravenous fluids and told to increase her carb intake. Thankfully this was a happy ending and she recovered quickly and fully! .

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Will A Breastfed Baby Receive Adequate Nutrients From Moms On A Ketogenic Diet

A common concern regarding keto and breastfeeding is whether your baby will receive adequate nutrition. Honestly, whatever you consume has a significant impact on ensuring that your little ones nutritional needs are met. So naturally, there are concerns that your baby might not have adequate nutrition if you entirely skip carb-based meals.

The good news is that you can opt for different food options loaded with minerals and vitamins essential for your babys growth. Also, did you know that your baby is naturally born in a state of ketosis? Yep, thats right!

Which in turn, makes this a perfectly safe option while breastfeeding, when done correctly while monitoring your baby for adequate milk intake and growth along the way. You can also increase your carb intake with excellent options like whole grains and fruits low in sugar.

For example, you can increase your carbs to 50 or 60 grams daily when breastfeeding. However, if you are someone who is super active, you can increase this to 80 or 90 grams. Then, you can go back to a stricter keto carb level once you stop breastfeeding.

Next lets discuss how to go keto when breastfeeding to lose weight.

What Is Keto Diet Safe

Keto and Breastfeeding: Will it Hurt your Milk Supply ...

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Keto Diet While Breastfeeding: Where To Start

For a properly structured keto diet while breastfeeding, youll begin with macro set at approximately:

  • 5%-15% Nutrient Dense Carbohydrates
  • 20%-25% High Quality Protein
  • 60%-75% Healthy Fats

If youd like more help to personalize your macronutrients, Id be happy to help you one-on-one. Just for more information about customized nutrition coaching Use coupon code KETOVIP for 25% off any customized nutrition package of your choice.

The keto diet is a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb diet. Its based on manipulating your macros in order to promote greater postpartum fat loss.

The most extreme keto macros breakdown by percent is about 70-75% fat, 20-25% protein and only about 5% carbs. However if youre new to a keto diet while breastfeeding, I recommend beginning at a more moderate range.

Does It Mean Breastfeeding Women Cannot Follow A Keto Diet

Perhaps you are asking this question because you have seen your fellow lactating lady friend following this diet without any effect. As such, you believe the denoted risks above will also not happen to you.

Be warned, though, because we are all different, and we tend to react differently to various programs. You need to be cautious and seek professional advice and help first, especially if it is your first time following this diet plan.

It is necessary to remember that as much as you may be worried about your weight, your and your babyâs health comes first. You may end up following this diet plan and experiencing extreme side effects that may jeopardize your health and that of your baby. Some of the effects of following the keto diet that scientists pinpoint include :

  • The Keto flu. It is characterized by headaches, vomiting, constipation, fatigue, nausea, low blood sugar, and low exercise tolerance.
  • Kidney stones, especially if you follow this eating plan long-term.
  • Excessive protein in the blood.
  • Fat build-up in the liver.
  • Mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Lean and toned up body isnât just a far-fetched fantasy. Check out the BetterMe app and watch it propel your weight loss journey into high gear!

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Dont Forget To Intake Fibers And Vegetables

Intake of an appropriate amount of fibers as well as vegetables is really important. It ensures the proper development of your baby and maintains your health properly.

Consuming an adequate amount of fiber and vegetables provides you with certain phytochemicals as well as anti-oxidants. Due to this make sure you take the appropriate amount of vegetables and fibers.

Lose Weight Not Breastmilk How To Do The Keto Diet While Breastfeeding

Losing Weight while BREASTFEEDING on KETO | Keto Breastfeeding Guide

Verified by: Jerilyn Pleticha, BSN, RN, IBCLCVerified by: Trista K. Best, MPH, RD, LDN

Are you thinking of doing Keto while Breastfeeding?

It seems so many breastfeeding moms are turning to the Keto diet to lose weight and get healthy.

The issue that breastfeeding moms will always be faced with is the fear that the keto diet may hurt their breastmilk supply. I successfully lost over 50lbs of baby weight while nursing my baby on the Keto diet. I didnt lose my milk supply and I felt my milk was in fact fattier to when I had breastfed my other 4 children. I will outline exactly how I continued to breastfeed my baby while on the Keto diet and hope that it gives you the confidence to go for it!

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Dont worry breastfeeding will get you back in your pre-pregnancy jeans in no time they said. Its a common misconception that the weight will just melt off the more you breastfeed. For me, it seemed that the more I breastfed the more weight I was gaining. I kept asking myself why am I not losing weight while breastfeeding?. I was eating nonstop and the weight was piling on considering I had a hyperemesis gravidarumpregnancy where I was vomiting literally every day.

At this point, I needed to face my fears and decided it was high time I stepped on that scale.

Shock horror!

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A Word From Woms Specialist

Taking care of your baby is time-consuming work, you may not get enough time to prepare vegetables. In that case, you can go ahead with a green supplement to nourish yourself.

While you are undergoing a keto diet while breastfeeding, these above-mentioned points can help you get good health during breastfeeding.

Moreover, you must understand that the cases are not the same for everybody as the body of everybody is not the same. So the WOMS advises you to listen to what your body says and do accordingly.

How Does Keto Work

The reduction in eating carbs puts your body in a metabolic state called Ketosis. The aim of the Keto diet is to get you into ketosis and keep you there. Normally our body burns carbohydrates but when you are in Ketosis the body breaks down stored fat creating molecules called Ketones for fuel.

The Keto diet works by reducing or excludes carbohydrate-containing food such as pasta, bread, wheat, potatoes, rice, fruit, sugar, and legumes. You are encouraged to eat fattier cuts of meat, full-fat dairy, cream, avocados, nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, and butter.

Keto is normally keeping under 20 grams of carbohydrates per day which should mainly come from Vegetables.

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Does Science Support Keto And Breastfeeding For Nursing Moms

To date, theres not a lot of research about the keto diet while breastfeeding, but there are a few publications. Lets see what one of these says

In one study, researchers compared the effect of two types of diets on the mothers energy level, breast milk quantity, and quality. One of the diets was a low-carbohydrate, high fat diet while the other one was a high-carbohydrate, low fat diet.

During this research, mothers were given both kinds of diets on different occasions. The effects of the diet were studied for 8 days that were separated by 7 to 14 days. After completion the researchers concluded that none of the diets affected the quantity of milk in any mother.

Milk lactose and protein concentrations also stayed the same in mothers having both kinds of foods. However, fat concentration and energy content in the milk was higher in the milk of moms who ate the LCHF diet, and their bodies adapted well to this low carb diet.

These results offer proof that eating a low to moderate carb diet does not negatively affect milk production in any way. Moms can still provide their babies with essential nutrients that they need to grow a healthy body and mind. So, mommies who want to lose weight while breastfeeding may use a keto diet to lose body fat early.

Best Diet For Breastfeeding Moms

Keto And Breastfeeding

Dietary restrictions from pregnancy do not apply to breastfeeding moms. Heres what you should eat to keep yourself and your baby healthy at all times:

  • Include whole grains such as whole-wheat bread, pasta, cereal, and oatmeal in your daily diet.
  • Eat two servings of fruit per day.
  • Eat three servings of vegetables, including dark green and yellow vegetables per day.
  • Drink enough water to satisfy your thirst.
  • If you dont eat meat, ensure you eat other sources of iron and zinc such as dried beans, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and dairy. If you avoid all animal products you will need to take a B12 supplement to ensure your baby does not develop a B12 deficiency.
  • If you want to drink alcohol, wait two or three hours after each serving before breastfeeding.
  • Include protein foods two or three times per day such as:
  • Meat

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Is The Keto Diet Safe While Breastfeeding

The keto diet is gaining in popularity for weight loss because it is very effective for burning fat, and if done properly, burning stored fat. But, can breastfeeding mamas use the keto diet to lose the baby weight? There is still little research on breastfeeding and the keto diet specifically, but we can look at what research and experts say.

Low Carb Diet Meal Plan While Breastfeeding

A low carb meal plan does not have to be complicated. In fact, I think the simpler you keep it, the more likely you are to stick to it. When I follow a keto diet while breastfeeding, I usually stick to a protein , a green veggie, and a small portion of a healthy starch like half a sweet potato.

For breakfast or at snack time I may add in berries. Berries are the lowest in carbs and overall sugar, making them a great choice to include. Plus, they are full of antioxidants which will help boost your immune system.

Sample Meal Plan

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with 2 slices of bacon , 1/2 cup of blueberries or sliced tomatoes

Lunch: Chicken or egg salad wrapped in lettuce, black olives or green olives, a few Marys Gone Crackers

Dinner: Zucchini lasagna

Snacks : 1/2 cup of berries with plain whole-milk Greek yogurt, or celery with peanut butter, handful of nuts and half an apple

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What Is A Ketogenic Diet

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Study #: How Does Keto Diet Affect Breastfeeding And The Babys Growth

How to eat Keto while breastfeeding.

Now the second study of this series on the keto diet and breastfeeding. Similar to study #1, the researchers compared a keto group to a standard group of pregnant mice, but this time, they focused on the mice and their offspring post-birth.

The results were fascinating. The keto mice who were lactating experienced severe physiological strain, and even went into ketoacidosis, a very dangerous complication where the body produces too many ketones, leading to high amounts of acid in the blood. In fact, they ended up dying within a few days after giving birth! This is perhaps due to the increased energy needs during lactation. As moms require way more energy than normal to produce milk, they burn more fat and create more ketones, pushing them way past the state of ketosis , and into the dangerous territory of ketoacidosis.

To make matters worse, their babies experienced slowed growth, indicating that the breast milk from the keto mothers was insufficient in its nutrition, volume or both. In this case, it was a lose-lose situation, for both the mom and the babe. Finally, the keto mice also had lower fertility, and if they did become pregnant, their litter sizes were much smaller than average.

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Can You Do Keto And Breastfeeding At The Same Time

This question was essentially answered above, but YES, you can do keto while breastfeeding! Its important to keep in mind that there are some watch outs that need to be discussed in order to do it successfully.

Getting rid of unwanted weight after you have had your baby is a goal that many mothers wish to achieve. For that, several mommies may opt for different diets and exercise, all in the hopes of going back to their pre-pregnancy weight.

Among them, the keto diet is becoming quite the hit owing to the fast results it promises. However, many have concerns have been raised about keto being a healthy option when breastfeeding.

There are two most commonly raised concerns when it comes to keto and breastfeeding are hydration and adequate milk supply and whether the baby gets sufficient nutrition. Lets find out if they really are as big of a concern as they are posed to be.

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