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Is Fairlife Milk Keto Friendly

Is Shelf Stable Almond Milk Low

Instant Pot Yogurt | Two ingredients | LOW CARB and KETO friendly!

Im often asked, does almond milk need to be refrigerated? The answer is a resounding yes.

That is unless you buy shelf-stable almond milk in a carton. Once you open that carton it loses its vacuum-packed seal and will need to go right into the refrigerator.

As you may have guessed, Im a huge fan of almond milk.

Im so in love with almonds that I wrote The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook in 2008.

If youre not as head over heels for almonds as I am then check out my milk substitute recipes for homemade:

When it comes to low-carb, keto milk alternatives the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Protein Shakes: Are They Ok To Have On A Keto Or Paleo Diet

Trying a new diet but dont want to give up your protein shake habit?

You can almost get too dependent on blending your own shakes. Theyre quick and almost completely customizable. Great for leisurely sips around the house or a snack while youre on the go.

In a pinch, they can even be meal replacements. It makes sense that you wouldnt want to give it up the time saved and convenience afforded by your beloved protein shakes.

Below, well look at two popular nutrition plans the ketogenic diet and the paleolithic diet and discuss how compatible they are with protein shakes and protein powders in general.

What To Avoid In Keto Milks

If youre not going to make your own keto milk, there are plenty of store-bought options available for you. However, be mindful of a few things when youre looking:

1. Grain-based milks Oat milk and rice milk are the two most common grain-based milks, which tend to have higher carb counts than dairy milk, even if they contain a relatively clean ingredient list. Theyre typically not considered keto.

2. Lactose-free milk Just because it doesnt contain lactose doesnt mean its exempt from sugar and carbs. Rather, the lactose is converted into sugars that are easier for the body to digest.

3. Sweetened milks Make sure the milk you purchase is unsweetened and keto-friendly. If you see anything like cane sugar, cane syrup, cane juice, or the like, avoid it.

4. Flavored milk products Flavoring usually equates to sugar. However, there are many unsweetened vanilla keto milk alternatives that dont contain sugar and are keto-friendly.

5. Additives, thickeners, and anything else artificial Making dairy-free products affordable for consumers generally means adding a handful of cheap ingredients that mimic their natural counterparts. Although additives arent likely to do harm in small amounts, they can cause digestive discomfort, so its best to limit the number of ingredients on the product you buy.

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How To Make Keto Milkshakes

First add the almonds to a blender and pulse until powdery. Then the cream, water, milled golden flaxseed, stevia, vanilla extract, vanilla bean paste, and salt to the blender and process until smooth.

After that add the ice cubes and pulse until thick and creamy, tamping down as necessary. Finally Pour into a glass and serve immediately.

Pro Tip: If you dont have vanilla bean paste on hand you can use double the amount of vanilla extract, but of course it wont have those gorgeous vanilla specks.

Pro Tip: If you have a grinder, you can buy whole flaxseed at a fraction of the price and grind yourself.

How To Make Yogurt In Instant Pot

  • Grab your Instant Pot with the yogurt button, ultra-filtered milk, and two tablespoons of yogurt. You will need a 6qt or 8 quart Instant Pot.
  • Add the milk and yogurt to the Instant Pot. Whisk well.
  • Turn the Instant Pot on the yogurt setting for 8 hours.
  • Remove the base of the Instant Pot and cover and refrigerate for 4-8 hours.
  • Serve.
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    Can I Use A Different Milk

    The creamy components of my ice cream recipe are heavy whipping cream and milk. Yogurt can also work to make a frozen yogurt dessert.

    For dairy free substitutes, coconut milk and/or almond milk should work just fine.

    Your measurements may need adjusted, though.

    Milk isn’t especially Keto-friendly, but it does make really great ice cream.

    I use the Fairlife brand because it has only 6g net carbs per cup. Spread out over the entire recipe, the carb count is still fairly low per serving.

    Scoopable right out of the freezer!

    Is Cheese Keto How Many Carbs In Cheese

    Cheese is made by coagulation of casein, one of the milk proteins. There are literally thousands of varieties of cheese, including more than 1,600 in France, 1,800 in the United Kingdom, and 500 in Italy.

    The major categories of cheese are:

    • Fresh cheese: Ricotta, Mozzarella, Cottage Cheese, Feta
    • Soft White Rind Cheese: Camembert, Brie, Chaource, Munster
    • Semi-soft Cheese: Edam, Reblochon, Raclette, Havarti, Provolone, Emmental, Swiss Cheese
    • Hard Cheese: Cheddar, Beaufort, Gruyere, Parmesan, Mimolette, Colby
    • Blue Cheese: Blue Cheese, Gorgonzola, Roquefort
    • Flavor added-cheese: Cumin Gouda, Chive Cheddar, Dill Havarti

    Most cheese varieties are relatively low in carb because the natural bacteria in cheese break down the lactose. The secondary reason is that cheese is made from the fatty, heavy layer on top of the milk.

    As a result, most of the carbs that were present in the milk either stay in the milk or are broken down later.

    Find below the most comprehensive list of carbs in cheese! The data is per once of cheese.


    As you can see, most cheese varieties are keto-friendly.

    However, there are two important things to note:

    • Shredded Cheese often has added starch to keep it from compacting, upping its carbs quite a lot.
    • Despite being low in carbs, some cheeses should still not be included in a keto diet because of their relatively low fat to protein ratio. Remember that what matters is your macros!

    My favorite cheese-based recipes are:

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    How Do I Know If What Im Eating Is Keto

    Following a keto diet largely comes down to keeping your net carb count under a certain pre-determined threshold. Unlike paleo, vegan, or other diets, theres no specific foods you can or cannot eat on keto. Its more about your macros, or your carb threshold. If youre eating beyond it , you wont be able to enter ketosis or youll get kicked out if youre already in it.

    Your carb threshold, however, isnt an arbitrary number. It is dependent on factors like age, activity level, sex, and ultimately the goal youre looking to achieve.

    For the average person, the macro breakdown of keto is something like this:

    70-80% fat

    20-25% protein

    5-10% carbs

    With that said, in terms of whether a food is keto-friendly or not, its going to boil down to the first point we mentioned: carb count. If a food has too many carbs, your body is going to be receiving too much glucose to enter ketosis and start producing ketone bodies.

    Amanda Mushros Hacks For Holiday Foods & Beverages

    Macadamia Milk – Is it as good as Almond or Dairy milk? Low carb and keto friendly
    Amanda Mushro is a lifestyle expert, the host of TLCs #LifeHacks and the author of Questionable Choices in Parenting. As a mom of three, shes constantly putting all her tips and DIY tricks to the test, which may be why shes often called upon to share life hacks and parenting tips by The TODAY Show, Fox and Friends, HLNs Weekend Express, The Rachael Ray Show, and more. This holiday season, fairlife has partnered with Amanda to share some ideas on easy ways to elevate holiday food occasions and help make holiday cooking and baking experiences less stressful.
    Also, click hereto learn what a recent survey unveiled about THIS holiday season and the role certain foods play in their holiday traditions.


    If you are baking and realize you dont have all of the ingredients, these baking hacks will save your sweet treats and save you from making a last-minute trip to the grocery store.

    No Buttermilk in Your Fridge? All you need is a cup of fairlife ultra-filtered milk and one tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice or distilled white vinegar. Stir and let the mixture sit for five to ten minutes to thicken slightly before using.

    Out of Heavy Cream? All you need is to mix some rich and creamy fairlife ultra-filtered whole milk with some melted butter .



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    Good Culture Double Cream Classic Cottage Cheese

    Unlike most brands of cottage cheese, Good Culture has a leg up above the rest thanks to the added probiotics. Spread some atop Outer Aisle’s cauliflower sandwich thins for a protein-packed breakfast that’s also loaded with healthy fats thanks to the curdled cheese’s 6 percent milkfat.

    How Much Do The Fairlife Keto Protein Shakes At Costco Cost

    Fairlife Nutrition Plan Chocolate Protein Shakes are 11.5oz each and cost $22.99 for a case of 18 single serving bottles or $1.28 each shake. Costco item number 1485984.

    fairlife nutrition plan is a light-tasting and smooth nutrition shake. With 30g of high quality protein, 2g of sugar and 150 calories, it is a satisfying way to get the nutrition you need. Try fairlife nutrition plan and support your journey with the goodness of fairlife ultra-filtered milk!

    If you follow Keto guidelines, you might also like this Paleo and Keto Brownie Mix from Costco!

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    What Temperature Is The Yogurt Setting On The Instant Pot

    This only applies if you will be boiling your milk first and not using the cold start method.

    When using the yogurt setting, make sure you select Normal . The Less mode is designed for Jiu Niang, a sweet fermented rice dish the Normal mode is for fermenting milk when making yogurt, while the More mode is for pasteurizing milk. Yogt will be displayed on the screen when completed.

    Can You Have Milk On Keto

    Fairlife SuperKids DHA Omega

    The relationship between keto and milk is pretty strainedthey mostly fall out but occasionally they can get on just fine under the right conditions.


    Because drinking a cup of whole milk on keto instantly pummels you with 12.8 grams of carbs which is 64% of your carb allowance for one day on Keto.

    Did you know?Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution book and others indicate that fewer than 20 grams of carbs per day is ideal for the Keto diet

    In other words, milk is NOT low carb and NOT keto-friendly.

    So the answer to your question can I have milk on keto? is by all intents and purposes a nuanced no.

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    What About Milkshakes

    You should be adequately clued up now to be suspicious of milkshakes.

    Yes, they are delicious, but theyre usually made with whipped cream, dairy milk and ice creams packed with sugars.

    Not only are they not keto-friendly, but these sort of milkshakes make you gain weight. Fast. So stay away from these types of milkshakes while on the Keto diet.

    However, you can drink special keto milkshakes made with those non-diary milks that I listed just above.

    Milk To Avoid On Keto

    Unfortunately, on the keto diet there are some milk alternatives that need to be bypassed. Any milks made with carb-based ingredients like oat or rice are a no-go.

    Heres why.

    Case in point: one cup of unsweetened rice milk contains 22 grams of carbs, of which 12.7g of that is sugar and a mere 0.72g is fiber, leaving you with a net 21 grams of carbs. Unsweetened oat milk is slightly better with one cup providing around 12g net carbs.

    And what about unsweetened soy milk? Even thats a bit of a gray area. While the nutritional profile of soy milk is similar to that of dairy, there are often concerns over soy milk with respect to GMOs and phytoestrogens.

    Well talk more about this later on.

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    What Is Whole Milk

    Even though we have all heard about whole milk, many of us dont know what it actually means.

    Whole milk is the milk of a cow that has fat and water content that has not been altered. This does not mean that it comes straight from the cow. It is still pasteurized, homogenized, and often fortified with vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin D.

    Whole milk usually has a fat content of 3.25%.

    Things You Should Never Drink On The Keto Diet

    What Is A Good Replacement For MILK On The Keto Diet? | Keto Friendly Milk Alternatives

    This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.

    So you probably already know what food you should and shouldnt eat while on the Keto diet. But knowing what you can and cant drink is important too.

    So to help you out, Ive gathered some drinks that you should never have on the Keto diet. These are beverages thatll mess up your diet plan and contribute to weight gain.

    Knowing what to avoid on the keto diet will help you to make the right choices and get you closer toward your fitness goals.

    So check them out and feel free to let me know what you think in the comments down below!

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    Are You New To Keto

    Receive my Keto Quick Start email series to learn all about the Keto diet and kick start your keto journey!

    Note: Eggs are not a dairy product! The very definition of dairy excludes them because they are not milk products.

    Is dairy keto? Well, theres no simple answer to that question, so read on to learn all the details!

    Can You Have Heavy Cream On Keto

    If you can have cow dairy in your diet, then heavy cream is a great keto milk option, though it doesnt really have the same taste or mouth-feel as cows milk because it is so creamy and high in fat that its almost greasy. But its the high-fat content that makes heavy cream the perfect keto milk for those following intensive therapeutic ketogenic diets where only 20 grams of carbohydrates per day are allowed. For more on that check out my Interview with the Top Keto Diet Expert in the World.

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    Pacific Foods Hemp Milk

    Pacific Foods is a great natural food brand that makes excellent products, like their Organic Bone Broth . They also make hemp milk, which tastes great and is another great keto-friendly milk option.

    Like most of the other milk on this list, these come in two low carb flavors, Unsweetened Vanilla and Unsweetened Original, both coming in at ZERO NET CARBS per serving.

    This hemp milk has a very neutral flavor, making it a great complement to any food youd normally drink milk with .

    Keto Krunch Buffalo Cheese Crisps


    Need a savory source of fat on the run? These buffalo-flavored cheese crisps make for the perfect crunchy snack with 7 grams of fat and a delicious blend of spices such as onion, red pepper, and oregano. If you’re not eating these on their own, sprinkle them atop salads, a hearty soup, or use them as mini crackers.

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    Mint Coco Coconut Keto Smoothie

    If youre looking for a keto smoothie thats a bit different then youll most likely love this different yet tasty alternative. Why not give it a shot?

    Ingredients: Full-fat unsweetened coconut milk , water , avocado , cauliflower , chopped up mint , cacao powder , coconut oil , vanilla extract , sprinkle of Ceylon cinnamon and sea salt to taste.

    Optional: Chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, coconut flakes, and collagen protein.

    What Does Sunflower Lecithin Do

    Sunflower lecithin is an ingredient I’ve been experimenting with and have grown to love.

    It is a natural emulsifier that helps water and fat bind together. As the name suggests, it’s harvested from sunflowers.

    Sunflower lecithin improves consistency and keeps everything blended evenly. I use this in place of the egg yolks.

    It has been shown to promote heart health and better digestion, and may even help ward off dementia symptoms.

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    The Keto Milk Hackreal Dairy On A Keto Diet

    What if you absolutely cannot stand to have the sugar in the ultra-filtered milk, but you crave that dairy taste?

    Thats where the ultimate keto milk hack comes in.

    All you need is:

  • Hand-held Milk Frother
  • Milk is basically cream and water anyway. So all you need to do is mix one cup of water with 1 tbsp of heavy whipping cream. Sweeten to taste and blend well using the handheld milk frother.

    In a few seconds, you have the closest thing to keto whole milk possible.

    Pro-Tip: This works great in lattes or even for cereal!

    RELATED: What about a low carb milk alternative for chocolate milk? We have that too! Check out our post on the best options for low carb keto chocolate milk!

    More Pro Tips:

    • Check out our top list of low carb and keto cereal options to enjoy with your keto-friendly milk.
    • For an extra dose of fat, add some keto milk to your morning coffee. Doing this will keep you nice and full through the morning! Check out our low carb coffee creamer post boost your morning caffeine fix as well.
    • Low carb milk and cookies! A nice cold glass of low carb milk washes down our favorite keto-friendly Fat Snax cookies nicely.

    Affiliate Note: When you click on some of the links on this page, we may receive a small kickback from Amazon, which in turn helps us keep the lights on. We greatly appreciate your support and hope you discover some awesome keto and low carb products from our site.

    Perfect Keto Matcha Mct Oil Powder

    How to Make the CREAMIEST Keto Friendly Milk

    Two superstar fat burnersMCT oil and matchacombine in this keto-approved powder that’s bound to shoo away hunger and maintain your level of ketosis. For a delicious yet clean source of energy, mix one scoop of matcha-infused MCT oil powder with a glass of ice-cold water and sip before breakfast or in between meals.

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