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How To Use Keto Mojo

Can Test For Both Ketones And Glucose

How to Use Keto Mojo Control Solutions for the GK Blood Glucose and Ketone Meter

We were surprised to learn that not all keto meters support blood glucose readings. Were not sure why some manufacturers would make this product choice, considering that tracking blood sugar is so important.

The reverse is also true. There are dozens of glucometers in the market. Most of them, however, do not read ketones. For our selection, we simply did not consider meters that wouldnt support both ketone and blood glucose test strips.

If Youre Still Concerned You Can Perform A 5

  • Prepare 5 glucose strips or 5 ketone strips , or both.
  • Shake the control solution before use, but very gently to avoid creating lots of air bubbles.
  • Place a drop of the control solution onto a clean, non-porous surface such as a ceramic plate.
  • Perform back-to-back tests with all 5 glucose or ketone strips using the single drop, noting each reading.
  • Calculate the average of the 5 tests by adding up all of the readings, then divide the total by 5.
  • Compare the average reading to the ranges printed on your meter kit box or your test strip box.
  • An ideal or perfect test result is when the reading average is in the middle of the control range, but as long as the reading average falls anywhere within the control range, your meter is accurate and is not defective.
  • Am I Applying My Blood To The Test Strip Correctly

    Following are common reasons people have problems filling the strip channel with enough blood, as well as easy solutions.

    • The strip was pushed into your finger and the flow of blood was stopped. To remedy the situation, try again with a new strip and gently touch the end of the strip to your blood droplet so that it travels up the channel freely.
    • You pulled away your finger/blood before the meter began counting down. To remedy, try again with a new strip and dont pull your finger away until the meter begins counting down.
    • Your blood sample was too small. Try again with a new strip and bigger blood sample you need a bead about half the size of a match head.

    If you continue to have an issue after following the advice above and watching our How-To videos, please take a video of how you are testing and contact our support team. Customer support will get back to you promptly with a solution.

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    What Are The Key Features To Consider

    From a technology perspective, most meters out there pretty much work the same way. The differentiation may come in the architecture of the test strips, but we believe that the effects on performance in practice ara probably marginal. In fact, it is pretty clear that some meters marketed under separate brands come from the same white label manufacturer.

    Given that functionally all products perform the same measurements, the features to pay the most attention to are:

    How To Use Your Keto

    How to Use Keto

    Mister Mojo here, and were going to go through using your lancet device. Your lancet device has a depth gauge at the top. I like to set mine about the middle, thats my Goldilocks zone for testing. So, lets go and do one. Open it up, twist it out like that. Going to grab yourself a fresh, clean, sterile lancet, and you will place it in the top like that. Twist off, put the top back on like so, click it in, we will pull it back to get it ready to fire, and you will press it by firing it like that.

    Then for preparing, I like to use an alcohol swab. Just open that little puppy up, put this to the side. I like to use the side of my finger, on the edge, just here, because theres a lot less nerve endings there, and its a far more pleasant experience. Ive set my lancet device to the middle setting, I pull it back like that, and you see that the orange is ready to fire. I place it on the side of the finger, quite firmly, Im holding on to the top, and go like that. Im looking for a bead about that big. Simple, and easy.

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    Preparing The Lancing Device

  • Unscrew the lancing device cover from the body of the lancing device. Insert a sterile lancet into the lancing device and push it halfway into the lancing device. Do not force the lancet into the lancet holder.
  • Hold the lancet firmly in the lancing device and twist the safety tab of the lancet until it loosens, then pull the safety tab off the lancet. Save the safety tab for disposing of the previously used lancet.
  • Carefully screw the cover back onto the lancing device. Avoiding contact with the exposed needle. Make sure the cover is fully sealed on the lancing device.
  • Adjust the puncture depth by rotating the lancing device cover. There are several different puncture depth settings. To reduce the discomfort, use the lowest setting that still produces an adequate drop of blood.
  • 1 for delicate skin
  • 2 and 3 for normal skin
  • 4 and 5 for calloused or thick skin
  • Note: Greater pressure of the lancing device against the puncture site will also increase the puncture depth.
  • What Is A Blood Ketone & Glucose Meter

    You can measure ketones in three different ways: through your blood, urine, or breath. Blood ketone measurements are considered to be the most accurate. A Ketone meter is easy to use and will give you a precise reading in seconds. More importantly, blood ketone test strips measure the concentration of Beta Hydroxybutyrate in your system. This is the main ketone body produced by your metabolism when you are in ketosis. Most health benefits from the keto diet are attributed to the effect that higher levels of BHB have on different aspects o your metabolism.

    In other words, both urine strips and breath analyzers are measuring your state of ketosis indirectly. Both Acetoacetate and Acetone can be valid as proxies for the presence of BHB, but they are secondary markers.

    Another drawback of traditional urine strips is that they are sometimes hard to read accurately. That is because you have to match the color they turn to on a scale. This can sometimes be trickier than it sounds.

    These are some of the reasons why we concluded that a blood meter is the way to go to track your ketone and glucose levels.

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    When Should The Control Solution Test Be Performed

    If you suspect your meter has been dropped or damaged, or you suspect your meter or strips are not giving you accurate readings, you may want to perform a control test. You can purchase control solutions on our website here, and perform a test. If your test results are not within the control range, please contact customer support and we will determine if you are eligible for a replacement.

    The Cost Of Testing Strips

    How to Use Keto-Mojo Control Solutions for the GKI Bluetooth Meter

    Meters are calibrated to work with the strips from the same manufacturer. Once you choose your meter you are committing to purchasing your strips from the same company.

    Ketone strips can be range from $0.66 to $4.99 each . By comparison, glucose test strips are much less expensive. These range from $0.36 to $1.60 each.

    Taking frequent measurements , is very helpful to get a more granular understanding of how our metabolism operates. So you dont want the cost of a test strip to constrain you. Even a small difference can add up over time.

    In our judgment, after spending all this time analyzing the category, we conclude that the cost of replacement strips is probably as important as the actual accuracy of the meter. If you are stingy with your use of test strips you will most likely not be getting the most out of your tracking.

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    Favorite Keto Hack To Stay On Track

    Arming yourself with keto recipes is certainly key in doing this diet long enough to see the many benefits. But even with the best low-carb ketogenic recipes sometimes additional help is needed.

    This is when we also encourage you to have the right supplements to help you get and stay in ketosis. Because when you have the right tools the keto diet becomes easier.

    Perhaps youve struggled to get into ketosis consistently on your low-carb keto diet, or youve hit a plateau that doesnt seem to budge, consider usingPerfect KETOs bundle to assist you. Its a great way to see the benefits sooner rather than later.

    Youll learn how to elevate your ketones naturally enter into ketosis more quickly. Being at a deeper level of ketosis will help reduce your appetite, carb cravings, and give you lasting energy. These are the things you want to see happen as they make this diet sustainable and its why we recommend them.

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    Activate The Lancing Device

  • Pull the cocking barrel back to set the lancing device. You may hear a click to indicate the lancing device is now loaded and ready for firing.
  • Press the lancing device against the side of the finger to be lanced with the cover resting on the finger. Push the release button to prick your fingertip. You should hear a click as the lancing device activates.
  • Adjust the puncture depth if necessary.
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    How To Measure Ketones

    Watch this video to see how I use the Keto Mojo device to check my fasting blood glucose and Ketone readings.

    Normal fasting blood glucose ranges from 70-99.

    Prediabetes is 100-125.

    Youre considered diabetic with two separate readings of 126 or higher.

    You may be surprised to learn that your Ketone readings are not as high as you want them to be, so I’m going to give you a few tips here for increasing your ketones and reducing the level of fasting blood glucose so that you can become more metabolically flexible and use your fat for fuel.

    How To Use It


    Unlike going to your doctors office for a blood test, using Keto Mojo is fast, cheap, and very easy. The device has only one main button, so its simple to use, and the results are displayed all-but instantly. For accuracy, you should follow the manufacturers operating instructions, which are available as videos and in the supplied manual. This includes using the ketone code chip to calibrate your device before using it.

    The basic instructions for using Keto Mojo are:

  • Wash your hands and prep the finger you are going to test by wiping it with an alcohol cleansing pad.
  • Insert a sterile lancet into the lancing device.
  • Prime the lancing device.
  • Place the lancing device against your sterilized fingertip and push the trigger button. The lancet will pierce your skin.
  • Squeeze your finger until a small drop of blood appears.
  • Insert a fresh ketone strip into your Keto Mojo device. Transfer the blood drop to the testing end of the strip, and then, in ten seconds, your result will be displayed.
  • Dispose of the used lancet and testing strip carefully.
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    Cost Of Additional Testing Strips

    What you potentially gain in precision from this meter, you lose in ownership costs. If you want to source the testing strips directly from Abbot, they can be prohibitively expensive.

    Strip Type
    Glucose Strips

    $1.80 each

    You can find much cheaper testing strips for the Precision Xtra sold on Amazon. Ketone strips go for $1.20 per unit and glucose strips for $0.53. However, if you choose to go down this route please be careful. Weve seen complaints that these strips have expiration dates that are coming up too quickly, or have already expired. The mercahnts on Amazon are distributors, not Abbot directly. Make sure you validate expiration dates before you buy!

    Learn more about this product here.

    We would love to hear from you! Let us know if you have any questions regarding ketone meters. If you are already using one, let us know your experience so far!

    What Are Sour Oranges

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    If you are not familiar with sour oranges they are also known as bigarade oranges, bitter oranges, and marmalade oranges. These oranges are quite sour and would not be eaten raw in the same way you would eat navel oranges.

    keto mojo Cuban chicken on a wood board

    Sour or Seville oranges are widely used in the Caribbean and other Latin countries as a base for marinades and its what gives mojo its sour, tangy goodness!

    You can purchase sour oranges at local Hispanic or Caribbean supermarkets labeled as naranja agria.

    However, If you cannot find them, they can be substituted with a mixture of limes and unsweetened orange juice. This substitution will not have the exact same taste profile but it will still be delicious

    Another option is to use bottled sour orange such asGoyas Marinade, Naranja Agria.

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    Keto Mojo Review: Before You Use The Keto Mojo

    When the Mojo arrives dont forget to put the batteries in! Click the back open and add two batteries.

    The Mojo comes with a small tag-strip that has a number on it. The number correlates to the small container with your ketone strips.

    When you start the machine you enter the small strip on the top and let it read the code. Now the code will be displayed on the machine and you know that the machine is in-sync. After this, you take out the tag-strip.

    It is very important you sync your keto mojo before using it! It wont work otherwise and you might waste many ketone strips.

    Keto Mojo Review: Instructions For Using The Keto Mojo

    Keto Mojo | How to Use Your Keto Mojo to Measure Ketone and Glucose Levels

    Take the white lancet stick, which will be used for taking a blood sample. Rotate the lid a quarter, letting it unlock and pop off the cap.

    Take the blue lancet and place it in the lancet stick. Take off the blue protection top by twisting it off. Put the white lancet stick cap back over the needle.

    When we look at the top of the lancet now, we can see there are different levels to prick to your finger. How deep you want to prick your finger depends on how tough or delicate your skin is. For average skin, rotate the level to the 3.

    The middle indicator on the lancet stick should be yellow. This is the button you will push when you want to prick your finger. If this is not yellow pull the bottom of the lancet down a bit to load it.

    Before you prick your finger, take a fresh ketone strip from the container and place it into your Mojo meter. As soon as the code appears on the screen you know that you are good to go. Put the meter down .

    Take your lancet and place it on your finger. Some people prefer to place it on the side of their finger rather than on the top. Press the yellow button. Now you will see a small drop of blood. Soak up the blood with the ketone strip. The meter will now process your measurement and start a countdown on the screen.

    Next you will see your ketone level on the screen. The level of optimal ketones in the blood is between 0.5 and 3.

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    The Creators Are Paying Attention

    While this app is a work in progress I am truly impressed with it. It integrates with iOS beautifully and gives me all the information I need. Their website is helpful and interesting and kept me calm when I was frustrated with my progress. When there was a problem recently they worked through a holiday weekend to get it solved and approved by the App Store. Kudos!My only complaint is that the connection between my device and my iPhone is weird. I dont know that thats really a complaint but it doesnt feel streamlined and modern. The device is very linear. My best advice is read the instructions. This is not something you will intuit. Once you do as your told youll do great!

    How Do I Use The Control Solutions

  • Make sure you have your meter, an unused test strip, and the control solution.
  • Insert a glucose or ketone test strip to turn on your meter. Wait for the meter to display the flashing blood droplet.
  • Shake the control solution vial thoroughly. Squeeze out a drop of solution on to the tip of the vial cap and wipe it off. Then squeeze out another drop onto the tip of the vial cap. With the strip in the meter, gently move the tip of the test strip to the control solution droplet and hold there until strip fills completely and the meter begins to count down.
  • To avoid contaminating the control solution, do not apply control solution directly from the bottle onto a strip.
  • NOTE: Your device will tag this measurement as QC test automatically.
  • After counting down, the meter will display the test result. Compare this result with the range printed on the side of your strip vial if the results fall within the range, your meter is working properly. If the results do not fall within the range, please read the instructions again and repeat the control solution test. If the results are still outside of the range, contact customer support
  • Whenever QCis displayed, your meter recognized that this was test result and will store your test result in memory under QC, not in your personal readings.
  • Please refer to the Owners Manual that came with your meter or

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