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How To Read Keto Urine Strips

What Are Ketone Test Strips And How To Measure Ketosis

How to Test for Ketones
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  • With so many 8fitters asking about and trying the ketogenic diet, we want to make sure have all of the resources at hand before you give this restrictive diet a go. The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that sends your body into a state of ketosis. In this state, your body begins to use dietary fat and body fat as fuel because it doesnt have carbohydrates to burn. This metabolism of fat creates molecules called ketones something you can measure for with ketone test strips.

    Thats a lot of keto-this and keto-that. Lets break it down:

    • Ketogenic diet: The low-carb, high-fat and moderate-protein diet that brings your body into a state of ketosis

    • Ketosis: The state when your body starts burning fat for energy instead of carbohydrates which is brought on by a ketogenic diet

    • Ketones: The molecules produced when the body metabolizes fat the more fat metabolized, the greater number of ketones created

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    What Does An Abnormal Result For A Ketones In Urine Test Mean

    Abnormal results typically break down as follows:

    • Small: 20 mg/dl
    • Moderate: 30 to 40 mg/dl
    • Large: > 80 mg/d

    Small amounts of ketones in the urine can be normal, especially if a person is trying to lose weight and maintains healthy blood sugar levels. People with diabetes who are trying to lose weight should make sure they monitor their blood sugar and ketone levels closely.

    If you test for ketones in your urine and the results indicate a small amount, consult with your doctor and continue retesting every few hours.

    If test results show moderate or large amounts of ketones in urine, contact your healthcare provider immediately. Its also important not to exercise when ketone levels are high or when your blood sugar is high, as this can worsen effects.

    If test results show high levels of ketones in your urine, your doctor may check the amount of ketones in your blood and also conduct the following urine tests:

    • Blood glucose
    • pH

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    What Colour Should Ketostix Be When In Ketosis / Ketosis Urine Color

    For nutritional ketosis or ketosis for weight loss, you want your strips to be reading from Trace 0.5 to Large 8.0. This means your body is producing ketones, is in ketosis, and you will become fat adapted if you stick to a plan. Please read more on this in Chapter 8: How to read your ketone levels chart.

    When Should You Test Your Urine For Ketones

    Ketone Keto Urine 150 Test Strips. 3 Resealable Foil Packs of 50 Strips ...
    • If your blood sugar tests are higher than 250 mg/dL for two or more tests in a row
    • If you are feeling like your blood sugar is high
    • If you think you have an infection
    • If you are throwing up or feel sick to your stomach
    • If you are ill or stressed
    • If you have Type 1 diabetes, you should always have a supply of the strips used for urine ketone testing and know how to use them. If you have Type 2 diabetes, your doctor or nurse will tell you if you need to do urine ketone testing. If you are pregnant your doctor or nurse will tell you when to test your urine for ketones.

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    Can The Keto Diet Lead To Diabetic Ketoacidosis

    If your body produces insulin then you should not worry about ketoacidosis. Diabetic ketoacidosis usually happens with Type 1 Diabetic patients.

    As their body doesnt produce insulin the body cannot burn glucose for energy. So the body switches over to the fat deposits and starts using fat for energy. Thus, Ketones are produced in this process.

    As mentioned above the best sign to detect ketoacidosis is to match the colors on the ketone strips. It will show high ketone levels along with high glucose levels.

    In normal conditions when you are on a keto diet the glucose levels are low and ketone levels are high.

    Benefits Of Using Keto Urine Strips Over Blood And Breath Tests

    So if theres more detailed ways of testing for ketones why would you want to use urine test strips? The simple answer is, for the average person doing Keto, urine test strips are going to be enough. Very few of us actually need the detailed results that you can get through breath and blood ketone tests.

    When youre beginning Keto you really only need to know, am I in Keto or not? Keto urine test strips can provide you with this answer relatively quickly. Theyre easy to find. You can get urine test strips at your local pharmacy or online through retailers such as Amazon. Not only are they easy to find, theyre relatively inexpensive which is important when youre beginning Keto.

    You might want to test your ketone levels daily, or possibly even multiple times a day and you dont want to pay a lot for an expensive test in order to do this. In addition, you might be trying to figure out your individual carb tolerance to see if you can get away with eating more than 20-25g of net carbs a day while staying in ketosis. This means that youre going to be testing frequently, and youre not going to want to fork over a fortune in order to do this.

    Keto urine tests are not invasive at all and you can do them anywhere theres a bathroom. This means that you can do them at work, home, a friends house or a gas station bathroom. You dont have to have computer access, you dont need to lug around a meter and you dont have to draw blood or feel any pain.

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    What Does It Mean If My Keto Urine Testing Strips Read Negative

    This means that you have no traces of ketones in your urine. It doesnt mean you are not in ketosis or producing ketones it just means that right now they are not making it to your urine.

    Action:Dont change anything however, if you have not progressed from here within 34 days, then you might need to review your diet and read our troubleshooting guide.

    How To Do A Blood Ketone Test

    How To Use Urine Test Strips – Q& A With Dr. Anna

    A blood ketone test is carried out in a similar way to a blood glucose test

    • Put a blood ketone strip into the meter
    • Prick your finger using the lancing device
    • Allow blood to the ketone strip
    • Wait for the result
    • Safely discard the test strip
    • Discard the lancet into a sharps bin

    Note that only a select number of blood glucose meters provide ketone testing functionality.

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    What Is Insulin Everything To Know If You Have Diabetes

    If you are testing for ketones in babies or toddlers who wear diapers, clean cotton wool can also be used to capture urine.

    When testing your urine for ketones, its important to make sure that the test strips have not expired.

    You do not need a prescription to obtain a ketone test kit from your local pharmacy. Talk to your doctor about which test kit could work best for you and provide the most relevant information.

    Results of the ketones in urine test can vary from a specific number or be categorized qualitatively as a small, moderate, or large amount of ketones. Whats considered a normal amount of ketones in urine will vary by age, gender, health history, and other factors, so be sure to talk to your doctor about your exercise and diet habits, as well as other factors that might affect your typical level.

    Are Ketone Strips Accurate

    Ketone strips are accurate when youre just entering ketosis, that is in the first week or two of a ketogenic diet. This is the time when your body is still adapting to this diet. And in case you didnt know, there is a difference between being in ketosis and being keto-adapted.

    Ketosis is a metabolic state characterized by raised levels of ketone bodies keto-adaptation is when your body is able to use these ketones for energy. More specifically, keto-adaptation is when your ketones start fueling your brain and fatty acids begin fueling your muscles.

    After keto-adaptation, ketone strips may not be the most accurate way to measure ketone levels. The reason? Well, when your body makes more ketones than it can use, it gets rid of it through urine or breath. But when ketones are fully metabolized, few, if any, will appear in the urine.

    What all this means is that ketone strips dont always paint the full picture in terms of how many ketones are exactly in your system. On the bright side, ketone strips are cheap and you can use them when just starting a keto diet to see if your ketone levels are rising.

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    Smackfat Ketone Strips: Urine Ketone Testing Strips For Keto Dieters

      Those of us who subscribe to a high fat and low carbohydrate diet have good reasons for doing so.

      Some may be diabetic and trying to manage symptoms. Some of us change our diets to improve our health and well being, gain energy and mental clarity or to lose weight.

      The ideal state for those of us who subscribe to a low-carbohydrate diet is called ketosis where the body uses ketones as fuel rather than glucose.

      So, if you are here, you probably want to know if your body is in ketosis or not.

      Using Smackfat Ketone Strips is an easy, quick and painless way to read your ketone levels and to give you a simple answer to the question Am I in ketosis?

      With a simple urine test, you can eliminate the stress of not knowing allowing you to focus on day to day living and to enjoy the delicious food that comes with your new ketogenic lifestyle.

      This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases made through these links. This is at no additional cost to you and helps me create this content.

      When you start out on a paleo or keto diet, you probably just want an easy and cheap answer to whether you are producing ketones: Smackfat’s Ketone Strips make the process easy and adjusting your diet a breeze.

      Urine Testing And Keto Adaptation

      Smackfat Keto Strips

      Maybe youve been using urine test strips for a significant amount of time to measure the success of your ketogenic diet, and now begin to notice a change in your results, despite your habits staying relatively the same. Dont blame the strips.

      In this case, your metabolism has just changed, something reflected in the strips. When you initially start a low-carbohydrate diet, youre teaching the body to rely on fat-based fuel sources rather than carbohydrates, which most of us have been using as our primary energy sources for our entire lives.

      This necessitates an adaptation period , and so for the first few days or weeks of a ketogenic diet, you wont be great at efficiently producing or utilizing ketones for energy. Despite producing some ketones, you arent quite yet a proficient fat burner.

      This is why ketones will appear in the urine. Since they all arent being used, theyre filtered into the urine, rather than being reabsorbed or utilized.

      As you become more keto adapted, skeletal muscle actually starts to oxidize fatty acids directly. This then leaves more ketones available for our big juicy brains, and other organs that cant use fats Kapelner2015,Volek2011 This means that someone who is better at using ketones will get a lower result on a urine ketone test than they should, maybe even a negative result. Where blood testing might give a high ketone reading, urine test strips might tell another story.

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      Ketone Test Best Practices

      Now that you know how to detect whether your body has entered a state of ketosis, lets fine-tune your method with these best practices. Remember, you can often feel if your body is producing a higher volume of ketones because you may experience the keto flu, a change in breath smell or increased thirst. To double check, purchase some at-home urine test strips and follow these tips:

      • Use strips regularly during the beginning phases of a ketogenic diet

      • Test your ketone levels a few times per day fluctuations might occur after waking up, following a meal or exercising

      • Keep a food journal and include glasses of water as both meals and hydration impact ketone levels

      • Aim to maintain blood ketone levels between 0.5 and 3 mml/L

      • Avoid paying for ketone blood test or blood test strip kits until you understand how your body responds to the ketogenic diet

      Get help with your ketogenic diet with our comprehensive keto guide below. If youre interested in a personalized meal plan which you can customize to be low-carb, .

      Who Needs A Ketone Test

      You might need one if you have type 1 diabetes. In this type, your immune system attacks and destroys cells in your pancreas that make insulin. Without it, your blood sugar rises.

      People with type 2 diabetes can also get high ketones, but it isn’t as common as it is with type 1.

      Tests can show you when your level gets high so you can treat it before you get sick.

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      How To Read A Urine Keto Strip

      Reading a ketone urine strip is quite easy. Weve broken it down into 5 simple steps:

    • Wash your hands, then take a urine sample in a small container.
    • Immerse the absorptive end of the strip into the sample for a few seconds, then remove.
    • Wait for the amount of time outlined on the package for the strip to change color.
    • Compare the strip with the color chart on the packaging.
    • Dispose of the urine and strip in an appropriate manner before washing your hands.
    • For some it can be tricky to compare the keto strip with the packagings color chart. Start with finding the color closest to the color on the package that corresponds to the lowest concentration of ketones. After time youll be able to compare the colors more easily. Typically, the darker the color, the higher your ketone levels.

      Do Keto Strips Work On Your Period

      Ketones and Diabetic Ketoacidosis | Knowing the Signs and Symptoms

      Naturally, your period impacts your hydration and body fluid levels, and you should expect your ketone readings to slightly drop, so dont be alarmed if they go from Moderate to Trace 0.5 for 7 days or so as long as you stick to the game plan, they will rise again. This adjustment can take place prior to your period or during. If your ketones dont rise after 7 days, try one of our hacks from Chapter 9: Ketone production hacks/how to increase your ketone readings.

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      What Do My Results Mean

      A urine test will show that you have:

      • No ketones
      • 1.0 – 3.0 = moderately high
      • Higher than 3.0 = very high

      Write down your results on a chart or in a journal. Then you can track your levels over time.

      Slightly high levels could mean that ketones have started to build up in your body. You might have missed an insulin shot. Take it as soon as you can and check again in a few hours.

      Moderate to high levels mean you might have DKA. Call your doctor or go to the emergency room right away if they are very high.

      How To Use Ketone Strips

      Follow the below-given guideline to read ketone strips.

    • Learn and follow the keto diet to achieve ketosis faster, if you want to test these strips. In case you are not following keto or Atkins diet, most people will have negligible levels of ketones in their bodies.
    • Urinate into a cup to test.
    • Let the strip dip in the urine cup for about 40 seconds or read the instructions on the product box.
    • Wait for some time for the reagent and color to develop. After the given period you can see the ketone strip results.
    • Once the color on the strip develops, match the color with the color chart on the bottle. Match it to the closest color for the accurate or most close measure of ketones in the urine.
    • Dispose of the strip after the test.
    • How do you read ketone strips for urine tests more accurately?

      According to a study, the first urine of the day or that after dinner is the best to use for the test. At these times the urine will have the highest and detectable levels of ketones.

      Other times of the day it might not be an accurate reading.

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