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How To Read Food Labels For Keto

Dont Forget The Ingredients List

How To Read Food Labels | Keto Tips

Last but not least is the ingredients list. One can easily look at the carbs, protein and fat and because the carb content is low, think that the item is keto-friendly. The ingredients will be the second most important decision in weighing up whether you want to eat a specific food.

Although a food label may indicate that the item is low in carbs, you should also consider the ingredients. Be aware that food manufacturers disguise sugar and call it a ton of other names. Learn more about alternative sweeteners here.

Your Heart Health Could Suffer

Research on how the keto diet affects heart health has yielded mixed findings. Some studies suggest that it can trigger spikes in “bad” LDL cholesterol which is linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Other studies have found that the keto diet decreases cardiovascular risk factors, like obesity.

People on the keto diet consume a lot of fat. And if that fat is in the form of saturated fat like red meat, bacon, cheese, butter, and coconut oil it may raise levels of LDL cholesterol.

Opting for more unsaturated fats such as olive oil, nuts, seeds, and avocado is one way to minimize these risks, says Vandenberg.

Note: If you are at a higher risk of heart disease or cardiovascular disease, you should talk to your doctor before starting the keto diet.

Reading Food Labels Check Out Carbohydrates

Total carbs : this shows how many grams of carbs in every form is found in the food item. It includes those sugars, starches and fiber that are naturally occurring in the food item as well as those that have been added in.

Fiber comes in two forms.soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber slows down digestion so the glucose found in foods takes longer to be absorbed. This helps to keep your blood sugar levels from rising too quickly after meals. Soluble fibers also bind with cholesterol and helps to flush it out of the body. Insoluble fiber helps to hold water in your intestines and aides with keeping you regular . Fiber isnt broken down and absorbed by the body. Because its not digested the number of grams of fiber in a food product is subtracted from total carbs.

Sugars : these are the sugars that have been added into the food product when it was made.

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Next Item On The Nutrition Label: Sodium

Similar to cholesterol being vilified is sodium. Bottom line, dont be afraid of sodium when you are following keto. An increased intake of sodium is critical for someone following keto, and maintaining a good electrolyte balance is important as you start off.

Side note: Your macros are the main focus on keto, and we dont place a huge emphasis on the calories. Phew, one less thing to focus on!

You May See An Improvement In Blood Sugar Levels

35 How To Read Nutrition Label For Keto

Carbohydrates are broken down into sugars in the body, which means they can cause blood sugar spikes, especially if they’re simple carbs.

Since the keto diet drastically decreases your carb intake, it’s been shown to help improve blood sugar levels, particularly in people with type 2 diabetes.

So, if you’re accustomed to the crash from blood sugar spikes, then you may experience increased energy levels and higher alertness after starting keto.

Important: The keto diet is not advised for patients with type 1 diabetes, as ketosis can increase the risk for certain complications, like dyslipidemia, hypoglycemia, and diabetic ketoacidosis, which can lead to diabetic coma.

Research findings on the effects of the keto diet in type 1 diabetes patients have been mixed a 2019 review noted that long-term outcomes are still unknown, and there’s still no consensus on the acceptable level of ketosis in patients with type 1 diabetes.

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Is There Sugar In This Are There Hidden Sugars:

When we say, is there sugar?, we are talking the natural sugar and the added type. One of the reasons you cannot eat watermelon on the ketogenic diet is because of the high amount of natural sugars in the fruit this translates into carbohydrates, which will spike your blood sugar and kick you out of ketosis. This is the same reason why tomatoes are only recommended in moderation they are a moderately high-carbohydrate vegetable .

Sugar comes in many forms and names:

In a perfect world, what you are eating would not have ANYTHING from this list in it. There are times when it will be okay in moderation. Did you hear that? Some will chose to eat Clean and they are very strict and will consume NO sugars at all and that is fine, more power to you! But many do choose to consume in moderation. So lets explain what that means.

In conclusion, like many things in life, its not always black and white or yes and no. You need to look at the whole picture and most importantly YOUR whole picture.

Stay Away From These 2 Nutrients

You have just started your low carb diet and you are trying to find your way through the Keto-friendly food items.

While we have mentioned above the foods you can eat and should avoid, lets focus on your diets enemy: Insulin.

Sugar and starch are two nutrients that stimulate insulin production. If your body contains sugar, it will find difficulty in using the stored fat for energy.

The more you consume these two nutrients, the more fat will be stored. On a Ketogenic diet, this will amount to double the fat and instead of having weight loss you will gain more.

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Does It Fit Your Macros

A keto diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet that allows for moderately low protein. Whether you are tracking your specific macros, eating to the ketogenic macro percentages , or eating to your meter , in order to stay in ketosis , you want to choose foods that are low in carbohydrates, high in fats, and moderately low in protein.

So when you look at a nutritional label the first thing to ask yourself is, Does this fit into my macros? If the answer is yes, go to the next question:

Second, look at what percentage of your each of macros this food item will take up. If you are looking at a breakfast option that has 15 grams of total carbohydrates and you are allotted 20 grams of total carbs a day, this would not be a good option it would use up three-quarters of your carb count for the day. To be safe, go with the one-third rule. Never eat more than one-third of your total carbs in one sitting. Also, if youre following net carbs for your macros, be sure to subtract the total dietary fiber from the total carbs to get the total net carbs of the food item in question.

What To Look Out For First

Keto Day of Eating | How to Read Nutrition Labels…

As someone following a keto diet, the first thing you need to look for is the carb content of the item. I personally look at carb content per serving and then consider the carb content per 100g.

Carb content per serving:

In this particular example of the Woolworths Granola, the serving size is 30g. It is important to consider the nutrition of the servings size as we can easily overconsume items. Im speaking of personal experience on this particular item. The 30 gram serving of the granola is very small and I usually eat double the serving size.

Carb content per 100g:

  • As a general rule, I teach my clients, when they are eating more than 100g of a particular food, it is a good guideline to limit the carb per 100g to below 5 grams of carbs. If you are eating 200g of a specific food, your maximum carbs will be 10 grams.
  • Directly under the carbohydrates, the label will also display the sugar content. For the sake of keeping this post simple, keep in mind that carbohydrates consist of sugar as well as fiber.
  • Further down on the label, youll find the fiber content. When we are reading the carb content, we also need to subtract the fiber content.
  • For example, the total carbs are 4 grams on this label, and the fiber content is 16,3grams. This means that this primarily consists of fiber, and the net carb effect is negligible.


    Woolworths Choc Chip Crunchies

    The total carbs per 100g are 56grams, and the fiber is 5,2g. This means the net carbs is 50.8 grams.

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    What Should Be Counted

    How much sugar am I allowed to consume on a Keto diet?


    Yup, thats the truth. Our advice to you is to avoid sugar at all cost. This really helps with weight loss and you should really avoid on keto.

    However, if you do find yourself craving something sweet, then we suggest having a bit of Lindts 99% dark chocolate.

    It contains only 2 g sugar and is considered one of the best Keto-friendly food items. So, should sugar be counted in the net carb intake?

    Yes and no. We know this is confusing, so let us make it clear for you:

    • Foods with sugar alcohol contain half the actual sugar and are called erythritol
    • Fiber is digestible, so no worries there

    So now that you know how to read food labels for your low carb diet thats low in carbs, you will be easily able to manage your daily diet.

    The key to not get put off by the overwhelming feeling that you have to cook a separate meal for yourself is to go for something simple.

    You have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. See Keto Recipes here.

    To help you get started with a meal plan that is low in carbs, we have come up with 3 recipes that amount to 2,500 calories per day.

    Since calories are seldom counted on Keto, you have the benefit of enjoying your favorite foods while still being able to have weight loss you want.

    How To Read A Nutrition Label

    There is so much to learn when you start out on keto, and one of the top things you need to familiarize yourself with is reading a nutrition label. This post will simplify what you need to look out for and the most important things when reading labels. If you only take away two things from this post, it would be the following:

    The two most important things on a label
  • carb content
  • ingredients list
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    Why Count Net Carbs

    Low carb diets have been shown to be a successful approach to helping people lose weight. But just like any weight-loss strategy, the quality of food and total calories consumed also need to be taken into consideration to effectively lose weight while getting all of the nutrients we need.

    A low carb diet is generally considered eating less than 150 grams of carbs per day. Ultra low carb diets such as the keto diet often require eating fewer than 20 grams of carbs each day.

    Ultra low carb diets such as the ketogenic diet recommend a carb intake of less than 20 grams for most people and it can be really challenging to consistently eat such few carbs!

    Eating net carbs on keto and other low carb diets may still be tough, but this approach allows for some additional healthy carbohydrates to be included in your meals. This is so important because it provides a way for you to include important sources of nutrition while still following your low carb diet.

    For keto dieters, using net carbs allows you to include plenty of nutritious, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet without going over your daily keto carb goals.

    Net carbs are also a helpful tool in allowing you to dig into sweet-tasting foods that are technically sugar-free. Sugar alcohols provide a sweet taste to food items without impacting net carb counts, thus making them an ideal keto diet-friendly dessert or low carb treat for diabetics.

    Reading Food Labels: Check The Serving Size

    How To Read a Nutrition Label When You

    Serving Size : if you are counting carbs then you need to know how much of the food item will have the number of carbs, fiber, protein, etc that is shown on the label. Start by looking at the serving size to see what makes up a serving size. In this case 1 cup of this item is a serving size. If you eat 2 cups then all the nutrition information shown is doubled.

    Servings Per Container (highlighted in red above: this will tell you how many servings in the package. If this was soup then there would be four servings 1 cup each. If you eat the whole container then all the nutritional information shown would need to be multiplied times four.

    Knowing the serving size and how many servings in a container help you to be mindful of how much youre eating. It also helps with the next step which is determining how many net carbs are eating. But before we get to that lets talk about carbs.

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    Fruits To Avoid On Keto

    Again, the whole fruits and vegetable rhetoric might encourage and tempt you to east more of these healthy foods.

    However, the keto diet is based on low sugar and glucose intake in order to encourage a state of ketosis in your body to help you lose more weight.

    Fruits contain high sugar and carb amounts. It is more beneficial for your body to resort to low-sugar fruits. However, some of the fruits to avoids while one keto are:

  • Bananas
  • Dried Fruits, and Fruit Juices
  • Look Closely At Total Carbohydrates

    Total carbs are arguably the most important part of the nutrition label to pay attention to. In general, most keto eaters keep their carb count below 20-40g each day.

    There are two methods of counting carbs, total and net:

    • Counting using the total is pretty self-explanatory where the total number at the top is what you get.
    • For net carbs, you subtract the dietary fiber count and sugar alcohols from the total carbs to give you the net carbs of the food in question.

    Regardless of total carbs and net carbs, youll always want to keep your sugar intake as low as possible.

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    Check Out The Serving Size To Avoid Overconsumption

    While the serving size is pretty straightforward, it can often be overlooked. Sure, you picked up a snack that only has one carb per serving , but what exactly is the serving?

    If you come across a bag that has a small consumption size or lots of servings per bag, proceed with caution especially if you have the tendency to mindlessly snack. You could quickly max out your allotted carbs for the day and kick yourself right out of ketosis with that second handful.

    Dark Chocolate And Cocoa Powder

    #shorts How to read a nutrition label on keto!

    Check the label on these, as the amount of carbs depends on the type and how much you consume. Cocoa has been called a “superfruit” because it is rich in antioxidants, and dark chocolate contains flavanols, which may reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure and keeping arteries healthy.

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    How To Analyse The Ingredients List

    Ingredients are always listed by quantity. Those that have been used the most are listed at the top followed by the lesser used.

    Try to avoid those food products that have a very long list of ingredients that you cant pronounce! Long ingredient lists suggest a highly processed product packed with preservatives.

    If you find a product whose first three ingredients listed include refined grains, a type of sugar, or hydrogenated oils, skip this entirely.

    You also need to recognise all the names of sugar. Manufacturers know if they use multiple forms of sugar, they will individually appear lower in the list of ingredients.

    However The Components Should Never Be Overlooked

    Pay close attention to this section of the keto diets nutrition label! Anything including sugar, honey, or syrup should raise your suspicions, but artificial sweeteners may slip into your favorite meals without your knowledge. Sucralose, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, neotame, saccharin, or advantame should all be avoided or used in moderation. Use natural sweeteners instead, such as stevia, monks pepper, erythritol, or xylitol see our complete list of favorites here!

    Avoid starchy fillers like maize, flour, oats, potatoes, quinoa, rice, soy, and wheat by avoiding staple foods like corn, flour, oats, potatoes, quinoa, rice, soy, and wheat. Starch, like sugar, may be found in a variety of goods under many names. As a result, substances such as barley, bran, cornmeal, cornstarch, farro, millet, sorghum, and others should be avoided.

    If all else fails, eat entire foods such as low-carb veggies, keto meat, or one of our delectable keto dishes!

    You cant cheat on a keto diet because of this.

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    You Might Experience Flu

    Within the first week of starting the keto diet, some people begin experiencing a cluster of symptoms known as the keto flu.

    The symptoms tend to resemble those of the traditional flu and can include:

    • Headache
    • Dizziness
    • Difficulty sleeping

    Fortunately, Doebrich says this is usually just a temporary side effect of severely decreasing your carbohydrate intake, and it should subside after a week or so.

    Vandenberg advises decreasing carbohydrates very gradually over a few weeks and staying well hydrated in order to mitigate these symptoms.

    How To Read Food Labels In The Uk When On Keto

    How to Read Nutrition Labels for Paleo/Keto Diets

    Typically because the food labels in the US are different to the UK. To help, we have shared the key things you need to know when counting carbs in the UK.

    Luckily, the UK food labelling system is easy to read with each item listed and the total grams per 100g and sometimes the per portion available for you to see. When it comes to carbs, you can expect to see carbohydrates with a total amount that you can then use in your tracking with a few adjustments.

    In the US, fibre is included in the carbs section, and so US consumers have to deduct the total fibre from the carbs to get a net amount of carbs to track. Sounds simple? It is, but it also causes significant confusion. In reality, it is the reason why many people do not experience the weight loss theyd hoped for because they end up underestimating their daily Carb Count. Many UK consumers will read US material and then find themselves believing that they need to deduct the total fibre from the carbs before tracking. This is not the case! So, the next time you pick up a food item in the UK remember that the carbs on the label are the amount that you need to track. Should you be eating US food, you will need to deduct the amount of fibre from the total carbs to get your net amount to add to your carb tracking. Fortunately, the UK market for Keto is growing exponentially, and so there is less need to import things from the US just to follow the ketogenic diet.

    Example of a Keto Product


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