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How To Make Keto Whipped Cream

Making Whipped Cream In A Jar

How to Make Chocolate Keto Whipped Cream Fat Bomb

Can you make whipped cream in a jar? Yes, by golly you can. I tried it, and it works very well!

But, its 5 minutes worth of manual shaking. It sounds quick but it gets old fast. But, its perfect if you really hate to dirty many dishes or you are in dire need of an upper-body workout.

Otherwise, personally, I prefer the other two methods! Below are pics to prove it works.

Any way you choose to make it, it is seriously yummy! Give this a try yourself. Without further ado, here is the official recipe below

Why Is My Whipped Cream Not Thickening

If you come into the problem of your whipped cream not thickening, you might have had it too warm. Even the room temperature heavy cream is sometimes really difficult to whip into perfection.

Either add more of the cold heavy cream from the fridge or pour the liquid into a bowl you stored for a while in the freezer and whisk again.

Carbs In Whipped Cream

There are a lot less carbs in whipped cream than there is cool whip, or other similar dairy-like products.

While some dairy products are higher in sugar and lower in fat, whipped cream is one of the lower carb options and is regularly included in keto cooking and baking.

For 1 ounce there’s 1.1 g of carbs in whipping cream, which is about 3 g’s per tablespoon

Since whipped cream is heavy whipping cream with air whipped in, it goes a long way and is perfect for making keto whipped cream.

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Can I Eat Whipped Cream On A Keto Diet

Normally you cant eat whipped cream on Keto because it has a lot of sugar in it, way too many carbs and calories.

Im happy though to say that our homemade whipped cream is definitely low carb and Keto. The Swerve and the vanilla have 0 NET carbs in them and the only carbs are in the heavy cream itself which means this sugar-free whipped cream is only 0.8 NET Carbs per ΒΌ cup.

In our recipe, there are 26 carbs in the whole thing. That means a few spoonfuls on top of your low carb pie or hot chocolate will only be a few carbs, so enjoy!

How To Make Canned Heavy Whipping Cream Keto

Sugar Free Whipped Cream Recipe (Keto &  Low Carb too!)

For that canned whipped cream look, I used this dessert decorating set.

Its very simple to use you just remove the lid/plunger, spoon your whipped cream into the top, replace the lid/plunger, and press down on the top to disperse the whipped cream. This set is also great for frosting like my keto chocolate cream cheese frosting.

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What Is Whipped Cream

Homemade whipped cream is so simple. Its just what you think it is.heavy cream whipped up and sweetened to put on top of so many yummy desserts. Thats it in a nutshell.

Trust me, you have never tasted whipped cream until you have had real whipped cream from scratch. Cool whip and whipped cream in a can are just artificial replacements for the real thing.

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What Do You Need To Make Keto Whipped Cream

  • Heavy Whipping Cream
  • Powdered Low Carb Sweetener like swerve optional ingredient.
  • Hand Mixer or Stand Mixer

That is ALL you need to make homemade keto whipped cream at home in under 10 minutes. Seriously you are going to be floored once you take a spoonful of this fresh whipped cream. I cannot ever get enough of it.

Carbs In Heavy Whipping Cream

How to Make Keto Strawberry Whip Cream

Heavy whipping cream is naturally low in carbohydrates. One entire cup has just 6.8g net carbs.

And one portion of this cream recipe has only 0.4 net carbs.

Desserts made with or topped with cream are a popular gluten free sweet treat for anyone on the keto diet. Just remember you don’t need a dessert every day!

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Different Methods For Making Whipped Cream

Even if you dont have a hand electric mixer with egg beaters, there are still more ways to make sugar-free whipped cream and have it come out wonderful. Here is a list of more ways to make it.

I think all of these can be used and none are very complicated to use. I just prefer using the hand mixer. Its lightweight and easy to use and easy to clean up and Im just used to it.

Food Processor If you dont have an electric mixer or just feel like trying another method to make your whipped cream, try using afood processor.Just pulse the cream and swerve together until you reach the stage of soft peaks and then add your vanilla and other ingredients if any.

Blender You can also try the same steps with ablender. You can add your cream to the blender and blend on low until desired thickness. Next add swerve and vanilla and pulse it for a few seconds. It should then be done.

Immersion Blender Or you can try making Keto whipped cream in animmersion blender. It is a quicker way to make it so make sure not to over whip it.

Mason Jar This is an entirely new method for me and probably you too. But using a mason jar is an amazing way to make whipped cream without blenders and beaters. Just pour heavy cream in a mason jar and shake for a few minutes and watch your cream turn into whipped cream!!When your cream is just about the proper consistency, then add your swerve and vanilla and shake again. It wont take long and your whipped cream in your jar will be ready to serve.

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What Cream Should I Use

Generally, whatever heavy cream you have in your local store will work just fine.

Major name brand creams can be easily considered go-to as they normally contain no added ingredients and are purely heavy cream.

If you want to buy a store brand or a brand you arent immediately familiar with, take a quick second to check the nutrition label and ingredient list.

Often, cheaper creams will contain fillers that can add to the carbohydrate and ingredient count, neither of which you want. After all, you are probably trying to avoid added ingredients, so why buy them in your cream if you can help it?

If you have access to fresh cream, that is always a wonderful option!

More Ways To Enjoy Keto Whipped Cream

Keto Whipped Cream

Whipped cream isnt exclusively for sweet foods or desserts. On the contrary, you can enjoy it in savory dishes as well. Try it in keto-friendly cauliflower mac and cheese or bacon, cheese, and egg casserole. You have the option to simply whip heavy cream without the sweetener if youd like to keep out sweet flavors from your keto meal.

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How To Make This Whipped Cream Keto Recipe

This is just a quick overview of some of the steps involved in making the low carb whipped cream. For the recipe in detail, including exact measurements used at each step, scroll to the recipe card at the end of the post.

Here are five steps to the whipped cream process :

Step 1: Add heavy whipping cream and Swerve Confectioners to a bowl.

TIP: Make sure your heavy whipping cream, bowl, and beaters are chilled.

Step 2: Combine the heavy whipping cream and Swerve on low-medium.

Step 3: Increase the speed of your mixer to medium-high and continue until the whipping cream begins to thicken. It will stick to your beaters at this point, but it wont have the density of whipped cream yet.

Step 4: Add vanilla extract.

Step 5: Increase the speed of your mixer to medium-high and continue until the mixture forms medium peaks. Dont overbeat or youll end up with butter! I confess I like to live on the edge and make my whipped cream just a touch thicker than what most people do. Im okay with that and the process hasnt failed me yet.

Keto Sugar Free Whipped Cream Recipe

Super easy homemade whipped cream recipe made with only 3 ingredients and a stand mixer! We make this often as it doesnt last very long with my kids who love it!

You can store this in the refrigerator for a few days if you need to make it ahead of time. If it loses some of its fluff, you can pop it back in the bowl and whip it up again if needed.

You can use any vanilla extract you want. If you want a crisp white color, I would suggest using the clear vanilla extract instead of the brown vanilla extract. I really like the taste of Mexican vanilla so I tend to use that often myself.

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Land O Lakes Whipped Cream Sugar Free

Being a household brand, Land o Lakes made a smart move making a sugar free whipped cream aerosol. This comes in a can, but you may have to do some searching to find it. I couldnt find it in stock at any of the Walmart grocery stores but this may be due to popularity!


The good news is that the Land of Lakes Sugar Free Whipped Cream has ZERO net carbs.

Keto Whipped Cream Directions

Keto Chat Episode 32: How to Make Chocolate Whipped Cream

1. Its a pretty simple process and if you want to just skip ahead to the video, you can see for yourself! The video is linked above if you want to scroll up.

2. You just need 3 ingredients and a little elbow grease to make this heavy whipping cream keto version.

3. Pour the heavy whipping cream into a mason jar.

4. Splash the desired amount of vanilla extract to taste. A friend reports that she also uses almond extract and coconut extract, depending on which kiddo shes looking to impress!

So your options for the flavoring are open.

5. Add sweetener to taste. The amount you use will depend on personal taste and the type you are working with.

This is an area where youll play around with trial and error. If it needs more of something, you can just add it to the mix and reshake it!

A full jar of whipped cream as you can see in the video took about 4 minutes of straight shaking.

Ta-da! Keto whipped cream!

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How Do You Store Homemade Whipped Cream Topping

This whipped cream topping will last up to 3 days in the refrigerator, so I suggest only making as much as you think you’ll use very quickly. The best way to store homemade whipped cream topping is in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

I like to store my whipped cream in a mason jar with a lid that screws on tightly. I like that I can see into the jar so I know what it is and the lid keeps it fresh for the entire 3 days.

If you want to store it longer, just freeze dollops of it on a lined cookie sheet. Then wrap each frozen portion individually in plastic wrap and store them in an airtight container. They will keep up to 2 months in the freezer.

Soft Peaks Vs Stiff Peaks

People want to know how long to whip their cream and whether they should have soft, medium or stiff peaks. All 3 have their purpose, it just depends on what you will be putting your whipped cream on and how long you want it to last.

Soft peaks occur when the peaks on top are strong enough to stand up and hold their shape but the tips will fall over. But stiff peaks occur when the peaks hold up 100% of the time and not fall over at all.

For instance, if you are topping your hot chocolate or coffee with whipped cream it obviously doesnt have to last long. But if you are putting it on top of a dessert that may not get eaten entirely in one sitting then you will want to make stiff peaks to last longer.

Soft Peaks This is where the whipped cream is whipped softly to a softer texture, sort of like soft ice cream. When you lift your beaters you will see little soft peaks that kind of droop over. Soft peaks are perfect for folding into some desserts or to put on top of hot chocolate or coffee.

Medium Peaks This is where the cream is whipped a little more than soft but not as much as stiff peaks. It has a more stable structure with a few more swirls. I think that medium peaks are good for pancakes with strawberries.

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Different Variations On Sugar

Just because the original taste of whipped cream is amazing, it doesnt mean that you cant add some variety to it with different flavors. In case you want some variety in your coffee or on top of your dessert, here are a few different things you can do when making whipped cream.

There are many flavors that you can add to your whipped cream, just fold these into your cream and the flavor will be enhanced.

  • Lemon
  • Coffee Chips
  • Cinnamon

My favorites on this list are the fruity ones. I am prone to the citrus flavors in the whipped cream. It goes well on top of fruit, or low carb pie or even a treat by itself just whipped cream in a bowl instead of ice cream. Just whip the cream and zest a lime or orange and mix it by hand into your whipped cream.

The same with chocolate chips, . Just fold them into your whipped cream and its almost like eating chocolate chip ice cream.

How To Stiff And Fluffy Whipped Cream

How to Make Keto Stabilized Whipped Cream

Ive been making whipped cream for years now. Let me bestow you some of the tricks and tips if youve never made it at home before.

  • Metal Bowl If you can use a chilled metal bowl. This will help quicken the process of turning the whipping cream to fluffy whipped cream.
  • Heavy Whipping Cream this is the only type of milk that will work. The highest amount of fat whipping cream you can find. Ive found the cheaper brands of whipping cream sometimes wont turn out to stiff whipped cream as they are missing the fat percentage needed. If youve beaten for 5-7 minutes and it is thicker but not into total stiff peaks adding a tablespoon or so of swerve can help with that.
  • Patience from my experience in a mild temperature room it will still take about 4-5 minutes for you to start seeing the whipping cream make its transition to whipped cream.


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Homemade Keto Whipped Cream

The best-whipped cream that is keto-friendly are those made at home. Follow the steps below to make a stable whip cream below. If you dont have gelatin or xanthan gum, thats okay. Its there to help keep the cream more stable.


  • Sweetener to Taste
  • 1/2 Tbs Gelatin or 1/8 tsp Xanthan Gum


  • Combine all the ingredients together to form stiff peaks.
  • Refrigerate.
  • The cream will last up to 5-7 days or until the milk would have expired once opened.
  • Common Mistakes To Avoid

  • Not chilling your ingredients If you do not chill the heavy cream and it is too warm while youre whipping, your whipped cream will fall flat. This is because the fat will be ineffective as a stabilizer. If this happens your low carb whipped cream will be deflated and start weeping.
  • Over whipping When you over whip the cream you will get extra dense and thick cream that is not spreadable. Also, lumps will appear making it look unappealing.
  • Using the wrong cream If you use the wrong cream in terms of fat content, you may end up with unstable cream or poorly whipped cream. Fat is what you need to get it perfectly whipped and firm and if you skip it, the results may be poor. Choose any cream with 30% or more fat for the best results.
  • Not whipping enough What if you do not whip the cream enough? If you do not whip cream enough it will not be stable and your whipped cream will deflate.
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    How To Make Keto Whipped Cream Recipe 0 Carbs And Sugar Free

    YUMMY Lets Make Keto Whipped Cream! This delicious low carb recipe contains zero carbs.

    Folks, today in our low carb world we are showing you a keto recipe that hopefully bring a big smile to your face. We are talking keto whipped cream.

    As we say here, we do keto dirty, or dirty keto so again, if you are hard core, this deliciousness may not be for you.

    Then again, maybe you are like most of us who are just wanting to follow the low carb life, so you totally are down for some homemade sugar free whipped cream goodness. You folk are who I am talking to.

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