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How To Make Keto Pancakes With Almond Flour

Keto Pancakes With Almond Flour

KETO PANCAKES | How To Make Low Carb Almond Flour Pancakes For Keto | 1.5g NET CARBS

I already have two popular recipes for keto pancakes on the blog coconut flour pancakes with cream cheese and low carb pancakes with almond flour & coconut flour. These crepes and flourless cream cheese pancakes are really good, too. I hope youll try them if you havent already!

No matter what kind of flour I use, though, I always have someone asking me for a substitution. Some people are allergic to coconuts, some to almonds, and some just have one or the other type of flour on hand.

Hey, I get it! And Im here for you, friends. Whether you want keto pancakes with almond flour, with coconut flour, both, with dairy or without, I have you covered.

This almond flour pancake recipe completes the trifecta. We have one recipe with coconut flour, one recipe with almond flour and coconut flour, and now this one, keto pancakes with almond flour only.

So whenever I get questions about swaps, you can decide which flour you want to use. They all make delicious keto pancakes.

How many carbs in almond flour pancakes? How many calories in almond flour pancakes? These are also questions I get a lot. Every recipe has the nutrition info on the recipe card. But just for comparison, here are the calories and carbs in keto pancakes, listed per pancake

  • Keto pancakes with almond flour : 87 calories, 1.3g net carbs
  • Vanilla extract

As always, there are several substitution options when making keto pancakes with almond flour.

Check my sweetener guide for more information on low carb sweeteners.

How To Make Fluffy Keto Almond Flour Pancakes

Gather all of your ingredients before you start:

Then in a bowl, combine almond flour, sweetener, and baking powder.

Next, fold in almond milk, vanilla, and butter and stir a few times.

Then separate the eggs. Place egg yolks into the dry ingredients and stir until everything comes together.

Beat egg whites in a chilled bowl, with a pinch of salt until firm peaks form.

Gradually fold the egg whites into the batter. Make sure you stir gently until all egg whites are incorporated.

Once done, it should look like this:

Now its time to make these keto almond flour pancakes. To make them, heat a large non-stick skillet over medium heat and pour ΒΌ cup of the keto pancake batter into the skillet.

Cook each pancake for 2 minutes per side until each side is golden.

Serve these pancakes warm, drizzled with keto syrup or your favorite berries.

These are a few question worth answering about this almond flour pancakes recipe:

Can I Use Regular Flour

Unfortunately, no. I would not recommend using regular flour or any other flour besides almond flour in these pancakes as the texture will greatly change. If youre looking for alternatives, try these:

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Do You Cook Pancakes On High Or Low Heat

Cooking pancakes on low heat is ideal so that you give it enough time to cook thoroughly without burning and not undercooked and soggy on the inside.

We would love to get some feedback on this easy simple keto pancake recipe. Leave us a comment below and dont forget to rate it. Also, if you do like this recipe, share it with your friends and family on social media.

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Tips And Tricks For This Keto Pancake Recipe

Keto Almond Flour Cream Cheese Pancake Recipe

Heres why youll love these keto pancakes: Their texture is similar to that of real pancakes.

While other paleo or keto recipes can have an eggy taste or be too dry or too soggy, this batter results in the same yummy texture you expect from a pancake. And yet, if you look at the nutrition facts, youll see they contain only 2 grams of net carbs per serving.

To make these pancakes the best ones youve tried , try these tips and recipe variations.

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Add Your Favorite Toppings On These Keto Pancakes

To make this low carb cream cheese pancake into a sweet breakfast, I recommend adding a bit of lemon zest, cinnamon, or vanilla in the pancake batter before cooking.

If you are planning to enjoy this as a savory cream cheese keto pancake, you can add a bit more salt or a pinch of black pepper in the pancake batter.

Ingredients In Our Quick And Easy Keto Almond Flour Pancakes

Just as the name implies, Easy Keto Almond Flour Pancakes are simple to make.

Yes, the main ingredient is Almond Flour. This wheat flour substitute is a Keto staple and should be one of the things you keep on hand, as you will see it regularly used in many recipes.

At only 2 grams of net carbs per 1/4 cup, the switch is a no brainer. Regular wheat-based flour is just not an option for Keto. Plus, Almond Flour is also gluten-free, so for those with gluten sensitivity, its a win all the way around.

We use this Almond Flour and have been pleased with the results, every time.

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Can Almond Flour Substitute For All

In order to make keto friendly pancakes you must use a gluten free flour like almond flour so that your net carbs are low. However, if youre attempting to make these pancakes but youre not following the keto eating plan, then it is possible to swap all purpose flour for almond flour using a 1:1 ratio. Only make this substitute if youre not following the keto lifestyle.

Fluffy Keto Almond Flour Pancakes Without Cream Cheese

Keto Pancakes in 1 Minute | EASY LOW CARB Almond Flour Keto Pancake Recipe!

Craving gentle, pillowy pancakes however struggling to discover a satisfying low-carb model? Then youre going to love these fluffy keto almond flour pancakes. These wholesome hotcakes are the actual deal, and many individuals have shared they like these to the standard high-carb variations. Since these keto pancakes are made without cream cheese or protein powder, they actually style like everybodys favourite breakfast meals as an alternative of simply trying prefer it.

These are palms down one of the best keto pancakes Ive ever tried, and the recipe has been tweaked to perfection through the years. They are fluffy, scrumptious, and straightforward to make and flip! Plus, theyre an actual crowd-pleaser, passing the style check for youths and choosy eaters alike. I not often hype a recipe this a lot, however belief me on this one.

The recipe is modeled after my favourite candy cream pancakes from my pre-keto days. Heavy cream, keto-friendly sweetener, and vanilla are used to recreate the basic flavors. Egg whites, yolks, almond flour, and baking powder full the pancake batter. These pancakes are candy, however you possibly can undoubtedly go the savory route with the bottom recipe if most well-liked.

You can scale the recipe up or down, making keto pancakes for one or for the entire household. The recipe will also be made forward and frozen for a fast meal prep time-saver.

  • Erythritol
  • Vanilla extract

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Free Printable: Low Carb & Keto Food List

There are few things in the world I love more than keto pancakes. And, new ideas for them make me a little giddy! Lets just say Im loving this paleo almond flour pancakes recipe right now.

My husband has been out of town all week on a work trip, so its just me and my little girls, with some help from my mom. Hes not the biggest fan of breakfast for dinner, but the rest of us love it.

It has been the perfect excuse to do some testing for my upcoming recipe for keto crepes , and of course, this keto almond flour pancake recipe.

Can I Make Cream Cheese Pancakes In A Waffle Maker

Yes! Many have had success turning this batter into delicious keto waffles. Just follow the instructions for your waffle maker and add the batter to it. For fluffier waffles and a better texture, I recommend adding 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 1 teaspoon psyllium husk powder, and 1/4 cup of almond flour to the wet ingredients before blending.

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Recipe Variations: Put A Personal Twist On Your Low

Looking to put your own unique spin on this recipe? Here are a few ideas to make this recipe your own:

  • Top em the way you like: These pancakes are best served with Perfect Keto Nut Butter, almond butter, or a few fresh berries and keto whipped cream. You can also try sugar-free syrup, melted butter, or keto cream cheese frosting. Peanut butter is delicious, but be aware: there are a few reasons you might want to swap it for other nut butters.
  • Give them a protein boost: For a punch of protein, try adding a scoop of whey protein powder.
  • Try different flavors: Add a few drops of vanilla extract, stir in some chocolate chips, or add fresh blueberries to your pancake batter.
  • Transform them into waffles: You can easily use this exact same recipe to make waffles, just pour into a waffle iron instead of a pancake griddle.
  • Add an extra dose of healthy fats: Add a few tablespoons of melted cream cheese to make cream cheese pancakes, or mix half an avocado into the batter for an extra creamy texture.
  • Make them more savory: To make a more savory pancake, you can leave out the low-carb sweetener altogether, eliminating the monk fruit and stevia.

Is Almond Flour The Same As Almond Meal

Keto Almond Flour Pancakes 3  My Healthy Dish

No, almond flour and almond meal are not the same thing, even though most people think that to be the case.

Almond Flour Made from blanched almonds. Finely ground, leaving you with a finer texture and lighter in color. Its perfect for baking and cooking recipes like these almond flour pancakes.

Almond Meal Made from raw almonds. Almond meal has a coarser texture, and darker in color due to the skin being left on before getting ground up. Almond meal doesnt do as well in baked goods, and pancakes because its too thick of a texture.

The key to the best almond flour pancakes is to make sure that you use superfine almond flour, and NOT almond meal.

My favorite brand is Kirkland Almond Flour, which is Costcos Brand. The price is great for a huge bag. I believe its about $13.00 for a 3lb bag. If you see it at your Costco, grab it and run!

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Almond Flour Vs Almond Meal:

They key to good Low Carb Pancakes is to make sure you have a super fine almond flour, not almond meal.

Almond flour is made with blanched almonds that are ground into a super fine flour with a soft texture.

You can see the difference because almond meal has dark brown flakes and almond flour is a solid light beige color.

I use Kirklands Almond Flour because it has a great price and is only 2 grams net carbs for 1/4 of a cup.

These Keto Pancakes are a great healthy option compared to regular pancakes at just 4 net carbs per serving!

With the use of almond flour and cream cheese, they are also gluten free!

You can make them with regular sugar for the kids and they are still a lot healthier than regular all purpose flour pancakes would be.

You have to give these low carb pancakes a try! I promise they taste like actual pancakes just read all the reviews!

Keto Pancakes Flavor Variations

  • Frozen berries You can easily add frozen berries to the batter before cooking to give your pancakes a different flavor. In my opinion, the best kinds of berries to put in pancakes are raspberries and blueberries.
  • Cocoa Powder If youre a chocolate lover, you can easily through in 1-2 tbsp of cocoa powder to give these pancakes a chocolatey spin.
  • Protein Powder Adding protein powder to your pancakes is a great way to make them a complete meal. Adding protein powder will satisfy your hunger for even longer. If you do choose to add protein powder, you may need to add more liquid as protein powder will absorb a lot of liquid.
  • Peanut Butter I dont know about you, but I find myself adding peanut butter to every recipe I can. For the ultimate topping, you can melt peanut butter and drizzle it over your pancakes.
  • Chocolate Chips We all used to love chocolate chip pancakes as a kid, and theres no reason why you cant still make them.

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Ingredients Required For Almond Flour Pancakes

The ingredients required for almond flour pancakes are comparable to most regular pancakes, with obviously the main change using almond flour and a few other key low carb baking essentials.

You will need:

  • Erythritol
  • Butter, for frying

There are many replacements you can make with keto pancakes.

You could use any low carb sweetener you prefer as long as its powdered or granulated. I stick to erythritol, stevia, or monk fruit as they are the most natural.

You can also replace the type of milk to suit your taste buds. I used unsweetened almond milk to keep with the almond flavor.

If you favor coconut milk or cows milk, that is fine also. Of course, if you use the latter, it will no longer be Paleo, and it will increase carb content slightly.

Today I used salted butter for frying, but feel free to use coconut oil, avocado oil, or other neutral-tasting oil so it wont overpower the taste. If youre not cooking with butter, it would also be dairy-free.

Macros In This Recipe

EASY KETO PANCAKES! How to Make Almond Flour Pancakes
  • Carbs This recipe does contain a small number of carbs. The banana and the gluten-free flour are going to be the main source of carbs for this recipe. Both sources of carbs include important vitamins and nutrients for your body.
  • Protein Unless you add protein powder, this recipe does not contain a large amount of protein. Adding protein powder is a simple fix to that problem and also allows you to experiment with new flavors.
  • Fats Almond flour is a great source of healthy fats. Fats help keep you full and satisfied so you can feel your best.

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Leftover Almond Flour Pancakes

If you cook a big batch, then you may have leftover pancakes and wonder what to do with them.

Whenever I make one to many pancakes, I simply place any remains in glass containers, seal tightly and refrigerate.

They taste perfectly fine if you reheat anywhere from a few days to a week, but generally, they all get eaten in a day or two.

If you like meal prepping or bulk cooking, you could always make many pancakes ahead of time, leave to cool then vacuum seal them using a food sealer before freezing.

When ready to eat, warm the frozen keto pancakes in the oven for a few minutes until heated.

Quick And Easy Keto Almond Flour Pancakes

Pancakes are one of the most common foods to include in a special breakfast or brunch: even better if they are fluffy, easy to make and keto-friendly, right? These keto almond flour pancakes require only a few ingredients and they dont include any sweetener, so you can serve them with either sweet or savoury toppings.

These keto pancakes are naturally gluten-free and the list of ingredients couldnt be more simple. Almond flour gives a delicious nutty taste to the pancakes without creating too strong a flavour: they truly are a perfect base for a delicious meal all you have to do is getting creative with the toppings. If you prefer your keto pancakes with a sweeter note, add a small amount of erythritol in the batter.

Speaking of serving suggestions, these are delicious paired with a coffee, a smoothie or a green juice. For the toppings, there are so many tasty alternatives you can try, but here there is a list of keto-friendly ideas:

  • yogurt and fresh berries
  • cream cheese and chopped hazelnuts
  • bacon and a drizzle of sugar-free syrup
  • crispy mushrooms and cheese

Usually, one of the main issues with grain-free pancakes is the consistency: while getting nice round and fluffy pancakes can be difficult when there isnt a wheat-based flour or something similar, its absolutely possible.

A few top tips you may need for this preparation:

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The Best Keto Pancakes

Let’s be real, you can’t beat having a keto pancake – or two – for breakfast.

And if you’re like me, you can’t beat eating pancakes for dinner either! Does anyone else love making breakfast for dinner, or just me?!

Anyway, these pancakes are so good you might just end up eating them for breakfast and dinner.

But no matter when you eat them, nothing quite stacks up – see what I did there – to this keto pancakes recipe. I mean, as far as making almond flour pancakes go, these are about as fluffy & buttery as it gets.

Honestly, the only thing that might get close to the deliciousness of this recipe is this keto lemon pound cake recipe. That thing tastes just like the one from Starbucks, and it makes a darn good keto breakfast option too.

Oh, and you can use these keto pancakes to make this McGriddle breakfast sandwich! It might be the best breakfast sandwich ever that you can make from scratch.

What Do They Taste Like

Almond Flour Keto Pancakes

Its kind of hard to explain what pancakes with almond flour taste like because pancakes in general dont really have a strong flavor. The nice thing is that almond flour pancakes take on the flavor of whatever add-ins you use, like maple syrup, whipped cream, or fresh fruit.

Oh, you might taste a little maple flavoring in the pancakes because I chose to use a small amount of sugar-free maple syrup in our almond flour pancakes recipe.

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