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How To Make Keto Flour At Home

How To Make Almond Flour In A Food Processor

How To Make Keto/Almond Flour at Home in just 10 Minutes?

To make almond flour in a food processor, you need 3 things:

  • Raw, blanched or slivered almonds
  • Food Processor with the blade attachment
  • A silicone spatula
  • The process is simple: To grind almonds into flour, place a cup of almonds in the bowl of a food processor fitted with the blade attachment and pulse for 50-60 times in 1-second increments. The most important thing here is to stop and scrape the sides of the bowl of the processor every 10 seconds to make sure that they are ground evenly and the almond flour does not turn into almond butter.

    In my experiments, my almonds turned into flour after 50 or 60 1-second pulses, but feel free to stop earlier or continue longer. The whole process of grinding almonds in a food processor takes around 2-3 minutes.

    How To Choose Your Keto Flours

    All-purpose flour or any wheat-based or grain-based flour is not keto-approved. They are as bad as white sugar as they have a lot of carbs that will raise your blood sugar level quickly and take you out of ketosis.

    Luckily, there are other flours you can use for keto baking. However, keto-friendly flours have quite different properties and should not be compared or replaced by all-purpose flours to adapt a recipe. Keto flours are extremely low in carb, mostly made of finely grounded nuts, seeds, or pure fiber like psyllium husk.

    Their chemistry is completely different from all-purpose flour . For example, coconut flour, a popular keto flour has 10 times more fiber which means you will use tiny amounts to obtain the same cake batter. But also, you will need to add way more liquid to activate the fiber.

    How To Make Almond Flour At Home For

    Learn how to make almond flour at home with an easy & quick method. The main ingredient in many keto almond flour recipes. Much Cheaper than the market bought. Here we will first blanch almonds and make blanched almond flour.

    Keto-friendly Almond flour is a great alternative to the traditional over-processed white flour because of the low-carb and numerous health benefits of almonds. Perfect alternative for low-carb diet, gluten-free and wheat-free diet. It is top of the list when we are talking about the low carbohydrate flours.

    We can prepare many keto recipes with almond flour Keto Bread, Keto Pancakes, Keto Chapati, Keto Pizza, Keto Cookies, and many more. Here you will also learn how to make almond flour for macarons, gluten-free desserts.

    Inexpensive/Cheaper than store-bought. The best part is that the process is super easy.

    Whats almond flour made of? Almond flour is made of only Almonds

    Almond meal vs Almond flour Almond meal is made from raw almonds, whereas almond flour is made from blanched almonds. Almond flour is finer in texture and as its skin is removed it is lighter in the color as well.

    What is the conversion rate of almonds to almond flour? 1 cup of blanched almonds = 1.25 cups of almond flour

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    Nutrition Facts of Almond flour According to the USDA Nutrient Database, in a 1/4 cup serving of almond flour, there are: 160 calories

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    How To Make Your Own Low

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    Low-carbohydrate breads and baked goods usually have ample nutritional value, but they often fall short in taste and texture. You need a combination of equal parts low-carb flour from different sources to create a well-rounded mix that provides structure, rise, crumb and a pleasant taste to low-carb baked goods. Seeds, nuts and legumes provide the balanced mix of nutrients, taste and texture you want in low-carb flour.

    Make A Wide Variety Of Recipes With Almond Flour


    There are so many recipes that call for almond flour on a keto diet. Its especially great when you want to treat yourself to dishes that you miss from your regular carb eating. If you crave a pizza, there is our fathead pizza recipe, if you miss your sandwiches you can make our Keto bread or if you miss desserts then try the almond flour chocolate mug cake. The almond flour has even been use to make our Keto dosa. So its always good to make a big batch of almond flour and stock up.

    Its essential that the almonds are dry when you grind them up. You can make them with the skin on as well if you like. Almond butter can also be made if you keep blitzing them for too long.

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    Should I Avoid Regular Wheat Flour

    Wheat is high starch and rapidly turns into blood glucose once digested. Just one piece of bread no matter if it is whole grain, white, brown, organic, or made by some artisan baker, will all raise your blood sugars.

    If you are new here, you may wish to look at these 7 charts how everyday foods affect our blood sugars. Just look at all these handy charts!

    A Healthy Way To Make Bread Keto

    One of the tricks in this recipe that takes this keto bread from good to great is the . Youre going to want to separate the yolks and the whites. The reason for this is that were going to whip the whites until they are fluffy. Were looking for soft peaks.

    Beating the whites is the answer to the denseness that comes with making an almond flour bread. Ive made countless baked goods using almond flour and the main problem Ive encountered is how dense the finished product is.

    The fluffy whites in unison with the high dosage of baking powder do a good job of getting this loaf nice and fluffy and adding some air pockets into the loaf. This makes for a better tasting bread recipe.

    While this recipe is by far the most popular of the keto bread recipes on our site, we do have a handful of other bread recipes you may want to try:

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    Low Carb Baking Flour

  • Jump To Recipe
  • A low carb baking flour recipe specially formulated for sweet treats.

    Seems like everyone is baking a lot lately! Sure its a great way to pass the time while were all staying home these days plus who doesnt enjoy some homemade, freshly-baked foods to eat?!

    My husband Jack is no exception and hes been spending some extra time in the evenings, experimenting with different keto and low carb baking recipes.

    If youve made this popular keto bread recipe of ours, then you already know that weve been able to recreate a keto bread that has close to the same texture as a regular, higher carb loaf of bread!

    But unfortunately, that same flour mixture doesnt translate quite as well to sweets like cookies so he came up with this Low Carb Baking Flour, specially geared toward baking cookies and other sweet treats.


    Coconut Flour Vs Almond Flour


    Both coconut flour and almond flour are great choice for your baking or cooking needs. However, as you have noted in many of these recipes, coconut flour is a healthier option. Coconut flour has more carbs and less fat than almond flour, in addition it contains fewer calories whereas almond flour contains more vitamins, minerals, and higher protein content. When it comes to baking, coconut flour requires more eggs for a better texture and consistency yet almond flour spreads further because it is closest to grain-based flours.

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    How To Use Cake Flour

    Rememberm unlike self-rising flour, cake flour has no rising agent, so be sure not to leave out the baking soda or powder from your recipe. Unlike Wondra flour, cake flour has not been par-cooked, so it is not safe to eat raw.

    Ready to bake? Use your homemade cake flour in this stunning Chiffon Cake or in this classic Angel Food Cake I. You can also try fan favorites like David’s Yellow Cake or this moist Cream Cheese Pound Cake I.


    Easy Keto Everything Bagels Recipe With Almond And Coconut Flour

    Extra delicious, this Easy Keto Everything Bagels Recipe with Almond and Coconut Flour is a perfect addition to your Keto Bread Breakfast choice. Fully Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, and perfect for diabetics, with only 6 ingredients, those Low Carb Bagels with Homemade Everything But The Bagel Seasoning is perfect for your Keto Lunch Box as well.

    Super easy extra crunchy Raw Seed Keto Crackers Bread Recipe, made out of only 4 different types of seeds and water. This dehydrated Keto Crispbread is not only dairy-free, grain-free, but egg-free and fully vegan Keto Snack.

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    Common Name For Psyllium Husk

    Psyllium husk is the common name for several plant seeds used to produce mucilage, a thick gluey compound that all plants produce. It is mainly used as a dietary fiber to relieve constipation and in keto baking as a thickener.

    Many brands like Metamucil sell psyllium husk powders as supplements not as baking ingredients. This is NOT suitable for keto baking.

    Whole psyllium husk is what you need in keto baking. It is grainier and absorbs moisture very well in baking, acting as a glue, a binder. It adds elasticity to keto bread, wraps and it binds food.

    What Is Cake Flour

    How to make Coconut flour at home

    Cake flour is a very fine-textured flour with a low protein content . It also has less protein than pastry or Wondra flour. This means less gluten develops when combined with liquid, resulting in a light, soft cake.

    It’s best to use cake flour for simply flavored cakes where texture is key, like this Heavenly White Cake or confetti cake. Stick to all-purpose flour for rich chocolate cakes and dense, “wet” cakes like banana or carrot these need the higher protein content for structure.

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    Ways To Use Keto Bread

    How do you use keto bread? The same way you could use any white bread! Here are a few ideas:

    I havent tried breadcrumbs or croutons yet. If you do, let me know how that turns out.

    If you find other ways to use this paleo keto bread beyond sandwiches and toasting, tell me! I love hearing your ideas.

    Blanching And Drying Soybeans

    Soybean flour is in a class of its own when it comes to low-carb flours. Soybeans contain all the essential amino acids and minerals like calcium and iron. Soybeans have 15 grams of protein per half cup, which gives low-carb baked goods the structure needed to help compensate for the reduced gluten. Soybean flour has 14.8 grams of carbs per half cup. To make soy flour, boil one part soybeans and five parts water for 25 minutes, and oven dry them for an hour before grinding.

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    Nutrition Stats On Our Low

    • I should first talk a little about the carb count on this recipe .
    • I was so proud of myself for coming up with this concoction, simply because I thought I would have to give up the idea of ever baking again when I started eating low carb.
    • When I entered the nutrition data, I was kind of taken aback. At first glance, 35 grams of carbs is a LOT when you are trying to eat low carb.
    • After my panic subsided, I realized I had forgotten to figure in the fiber for net carbs. I was also looking at the content for the entire recipe, forgetting that you only eat a portion of this when youve baked something with it. In fact, I made some dinner rolls with this recipe, and the total net carbs was only 3!

    I quickly googled the nutrition data on some mainstream baking mixes and found that I had cut the carbs by more than half! So I started feeling pretty good about this again.

    I will say that these are a bit on the heavy side in density, but they are perfect for soaking up sauces and gravy, and they give your tummy that nice, full feeling without feeling like you swallowed a brick!

    Whey Protein Casein Protein Or Egg White Protein Powder

    How to make Almond Flour [Almond Meal] at Home for Keto Recipes

    Protein powder is a useful tool in baking because it has a similar binding effect as gluten, which is an essential property that is missing from low-carb flours. For this reason, protein powder is able to add the consistency that you are looking for in your cakes and bread.

    Grab a pound, and itll last you six months or more. Stick with egg white protein powder if you have any dairy allergies.

    Recommended Protein Powders:

    Thanks to the thickening power of xanthan gum, you wont have to give up on bagels while you are on the ketogenic diet either. These bagels are so good that youll forget all about the carb-filled bagels of the past.

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    Can You Eat Bread On Keto

    Traditional breads made with wheat or other grains are not keto friendly, but you can still eat bread on keto by making your own or buying one that uses low carb ingredients.

    TIP: For those looking for a shortcut, Ive created a keto bread mix. It can also be used as a base to make keto yeast bread.

    If youre looking for how to make keto bread at home yourself, this recipe is your answer. And other than my bread mix mentioned above, this is definitely the best keto bread recipe Ive ever had.

    How Regular Pasta Is Made

    Traditional: Pasta is a time consuming process that takes about an hour hands on to make, if youre skilled For newbie pasta makers creating a dough and rolling it out can be quite the task. To make pasta you must start by creating a mound of flour with a center well, and then adding in the egg and olive oil to the inside. You will then have to knead the dough for 10 minutes and then let it rest for 30 minutes, or in the refrigerator for a day. Finally you will have to roll out the pasta and cut it into whatever shape you want. Regular pasta dough often calls for a pasta attachment as well in order to roll and cut out the noodles.

    Thankfully our keto pasta recipe is much simpler! We use a pizza cutter to avoid any complicated or expensive equipment and found it still made for a delicious dough. The difference between the two is that ours is easier, less expensive, and shorter in prep time! Keep reading to see how we make it.

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    Keto Waffle Toppings & Mix

    The great thing about waffles is all their pockets. The pockets make a great vessel to shove in as much butter and syrup as your heart desires. Want even deeper pockets? Buy a waffle maker thats for a Belgian waffle. Its deeper than a normal waffle iron so you have more room to fill it with toppings. There is a variety of options for waffle toppings and fillings, but here are some of our favorites:

    • Chocolate Chips- We use the chocolate chips from Lilys
    • Berries- Blueberries work best inside, but feel free to stuff or top it with raspberries and strawberries.
    • Peanut Butter- Almond butter works too, but who doesnt love a drizzle of warm peanut butter and sugar free maple syrup on their waffle?
    • Sugar Free Jelly Sugar free jelly and peanut butter also make a delicious pb and j waffles recipe!
    • Whipped Cream- Follow along with our simple cool whip recipe made of heavy cream. It works great as a sugar free low carb whipped cream.
    • Sugar Free Maple Syrup and Butter- This one doesnt need much explaining because its a true classic. Vanilla extract in the waffles pairs well with grass fed butter and sweet maple syrup

    How Many Carbs Are In Keto Bread

    Lazy Keto Meals That Are Perfect for Busy Weeknights ...

    A good keto bread should contain fewer than 3g of carbs per slice. This recipe is as close to zero carb bread as you can get. It comes out to 1g of net carbs per slice, making it a great option. Depending on the type of flour you are using and the recipe you follow, your keto bread may come out with a different carb count, but it will still be a healthier alternative to wheat bread.

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    How To Make Keto Bread

    This section will show you how to make keto bread with step-by-step photos and details about the technique. For full instructions, see the recipe card below.

    • Combine dry ingredients. Place almond flour, coconut flour, baking powder, Besti , xanthan gum , and sea salt into a food processor. Puree until uniform.
    • Whisk egg whites. Use a hand mixer or stand mixer with a whisk attachment to whisk the egg whites to stiff peaks.
    • Add whites to food processor. Add half of the whites to the food processor and pulse briefly until just combined.
    • Fold. Use a large spatula to fold the mixture from the food processor into the remaining egg whites very gently, without breaking down the mixture, until no streaks remain. Transfer to a parchment lined loaf pan .
    • Bake. Youll bake until the top is golden, then tent the top with foil and bake again until the top is firm and doesnt make a squishy sound when pressed.
    • Cool. Let the bread cool completely before slicing.

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