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How To Make Keto Chow

Thats When Keto Chow Was Born

How I Make Keto Chow

What began as a personal experiment in 2014 became a quickly growing company. Our Keto Chow family expanded as we reached more people and hired new employees.

After perfecting the formula, we found that friends and family were interested in this strangely-named meal. the word chow is used pretty commonly to denote food of the non-canine variety, b) its a Futurama reference so thats a win, and also c) we didnt expect it to become a business!) Pretty soon, we were mixing batches in our kitchen and shipping to fellow keto-ers across the country. They loved the taste, they loved that it kept them full, and they loved the way it made them feel.

We could never have imagined that this would become our lifes work, but we couldnt be more thankful for where this path has led usto a community and lifestyle we love so much. And despite the companys growth, we never forget Keto Chows beginnings: focused on family, healing, and superior nutrition. Its our purpose and our promise.

Does Keto Chow Really Work

After trying it, We strongly feel, Yes, Keto Chow works and that it works in multiple ways.

First, it stands true to its promise of delivering a convenient meal replacement option. It would help busy keto dieters like you to stay in ketosis and receive balanced nutrition without putting in much of efforts.

Second, it offers you a choice of how many calories and fats your meals should contain. So, you can always change the ingredient you can add to its servings depending on your goals.

And third, it offers a rich source of several essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients that would support bodily functions while preventing the side effects of a keto diet.

How To Make Keto Chow

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is, How do I make Keto Chow?

Weve made things a little easier for you to learn how to make Keto Chow with this Keto Chow guide.

  • The best part of Keto Chow is that you can customize the type and amount of fat to fit your bodies needs.
  • Keto Chow has an easy to use calorie and fat calculator for you to get your own personalized numbers and some how to videos. You can find that HERE.
  • Weve listed a few ways to make Keto Chow along with the nutritional content so you can take these add-ins and make them fit to your lifestyle whichever way you choose.
  • Keep in mind that macronutrients will change depending on the flavour of Keto Chow used for each serving. Weve calculated just the add-ins portion of the recipe to make things easier. 1 scoop/ serving of Keto Chow represents 1 individual packet of powder.
  • Whether you want Keto Chow as a meal replacement, snack, coffee creamer, or to use it in low carb baking, Keto Chow is super versatile.

Dont forget to check out the Tips section below for helpful hints and Keto baking recipes!

Here are some assumptions below are based on approx. 1,800 calories and is consistent with Keto Chow’s example calculations on the packaging.

Fat Source

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Keto Chow Makes Life Easier

With Keto Chow shakes, you consume protein, fats and critical nutrients, and it only takes a few seconds to make.

For example, if your mornings are chaotic, make a Keto Chow smoothie before going to bed. Add heavy cream, MCT oil, butter, electrolyte drops and some fruit to spice it up. So when you wake up, you can drink your shake while preparing for work.

Or, if youre on the road all day, make a few shakes before you leave and drink them while sitting in traffic.

Keto Chow Meal Replacement Shakes Review

Keto Chow Review

ReviewsFoodKetomeal replacementWe use affiliate links. If you buy something through the links on this page, we may earn a commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

REVIEW Keto foods have become so mainstream that you can find them when you visit the grocery store. Ive even found Keto friendly foods at Walmart. The problem is that many of these so-called Keto foods tend to be snack foods instead of foods that you can use as a full meal replacement. That is why I was so excited when I found Keto Chow which can replace one or even all of your meals for the day. Lets take a look and do some taste tests!

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Keto Chow Shake Mixes

  • Mocha
  • Eggnog

So you dont have to drink the same flavor all the time. And because Keto Chow offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, simply return it if you dont like a particular flavor.

The 21-meal subscription is super convenient, and you wont have to order again when you run out. You also save 10% with the subscription, which is handy long-term.

Once Keto Chow delivers these products to your door, simply add a fat source like cream or butter with one scoop of powder, shake and enjoy!

Features Of Keto Chow

Features Of Keto Chow

The following are some of the features you should undoubtedly know while using Keto Chow:

  • Easy And Quick To Prepare: Keto Chow is rapid and easy to prepare. All you have to accomplish is to add water and heavy cream and add one scoop of Keto Chow powder in it. Then shake it thoroughly and refrigerate it for one to two hours. Make sure that you shake it again before drinking.
  • The Full Of Flavor Taste: The taste of Keto Chow is dissimilar to this traditional Keto diet and supplements. The flavor of Keto Chow feels like delicious milkshakes. Moreover, according to customer reviews, chocolate, and salted caramel are most best-loved flavors.
  • Experiencing The Ultimate Weight Loss: With Keto Chow, you can drop a few pounds in the early weeks of using it. When your body enters the state of ketogenesis, your source of energy shifts from glucose to ketones, which will result in quick weight loss.

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Ways To Enjoy Keto Chow

Since Keto Chow is a keto-favorite, there are many ways to enjoy this meal replacement shake with other ingredients that are high in fat:

  • Mix with heavy whipping cream or a mix of heavy whipping cream and avocado oil and refrigerate overnight.
  • Blend into a green smoothie with some full-fat coconut milk and greens for a keto-friendly smoothie.
  • Make a frappe drink by mixing some Keto Chow meal replacement shake mix with coffee, coconut milk, and cream.
  • Enjoy it with coconut milk or water as a filling snack or meal.
  • Love sweet treats? Try making no-cook fudge fat bombs or bakevanilla cream tarts to satisfy that sweet tooth. Keto Chow offers many unique dessert recipes for its shakes!
  • If you like the meal replacement shakes, try some of Keto Chows savory flavors that go into soups.

Dont Get Me Started On The Keto Chow Soups

Mixing Keto Chow with Butter

I think offering savory meal replacement options is super cool and accommodating, especially for folks who prefer salty flavors to sweet ones.

And their soups did not disappoint! Even better, they allow for a lot of customization, so you can add meats, cheeses, etc. to create a super easy dinner thats perfect for cooler nights.

My personal fave was the Taco Soup with chicken, cilantro, cheese, and a tiny bit of lime juice added. It was so good and so simple. I also loved throwing the solo Tomato Basil, Beef, and Chicken Soups in a thermos and sipping them for lunch.

Hip Tip: These soups would be a great way to ease back into eating again after a long period of fasting!

These shakes are SO delicious! Theres no better time to try them out & stock up on your faves while you can score 10% off and FREE shipping.

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Keto Chow Reviews: Ingredients And Side Effects

If you are on a keto diet, one thing we can tell about you quite confidently.

And you want to stay into ketosis all the time.

Is it right?

You are finding it difficult to stay into ketosis.

If thats the case, we have something exciting to share with you.

Read this Keto Chow review and you might just find out the best way to stay in ketosis for longer, and perhaps forever!

Freeze 1 Cup Of Strong Brewed Coffee In Ice Cubetrays

  • Tip: I often just freeze the coffee thats leftover in the pot into ice cube trays for making frappesthen I have it ready whenever I want to make one!
  • Alternatively, you could also use ice cubes and add 1 tbsp of instant coffee to the shake. Just be sure that the instant coffee doesnt have any added ingredients and, preferably, a gluten-free claim.

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What Are The Ingredients In Keto Chow

Keto Chow is available in a wide range of flavors, and the ingredients vary from product to product. There is also a lot of difference between the sweet and savory Keto Chow flavors. Sweet flavors like raspberry cheesecake and salted caramel are like milkshakes while the savory flavors like beef and creamy tomato are essentially soups.

Typical ingredients for the sweet flavors:

Milk Protein Isolate, Acacia Gum, Potassium Citrate, Salt, Xanthan Gum, Choline L-Bitartrate, Magnesium Malate, Potassium Chloride, Flavors, Vitamin Blend , Sweetener.

Specific flavors also contain: Peanut Flour, Cocoa Powder, Coffee Powder, Caffeine, Caramel Color, Turmeric , Beet Juice Extract , Artificial Flavor.

Typical ingredients for the savory flavors:

Powdered Beef Protein, Powdered Beef Bone Broth, Acacia Gum, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Malate, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Citrate, Choline L-Bitartrate, Vitamin Blend .

Specific flavors also contain: Powdered Tomato, Paprika Oleoresin , Natural Flavors, Canola Oil , Sunflower Oil .

Especially noteworthy ingredients are:

Fiber: Fiber is a form of carbohydrate, but its indigestible and therefore not a source of calories. However, it is still very beneficial. Despite containing no calories, fiber is very filling. It delays gastric emptying, which means it keeps food in your stomach for longer. Less hunger makes sticking to your diet easier. Fiber is also good for digestion.

Keto Chow Meal Replacement Products

Keto Chow Review

Keto Chow Shakes

Keto Chow Shakes are the standard keto meal replacement product that Keto Chow offers. They divide their offering into a few different categories: dessert, fruit, and savory

Keto Chow is the ketogenic meal replacement alternative to many other major meal shake companies that utilize a lot more carbs in their formula. There arent a lot of full keto options out there and Keto Chow is one of the most popular right now.

Keto Chow Savory Soup

Keto Chow Soup is the savory meal replacement powder Keto Chow offers to those looking for a hearty flavor and a break from the sweet, dessert flavoring of their own and many other brands typical offerings.

If youre someone who doesnt like the flavor of sweet shakes or wants to break things up every now and then, this is a great option. All you have to do is add butter, heavy cream, or water and you have a nutritionally complete meal.

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People Looking To Lose Weight

Because Keto Chow contains so few calories, you can drink a few servings per day and still lose weight.

The high protein and MCT oil content ensure you stay in nutritional ketosis while fueling your body with micronutrients needed to thrive. If youre just eating whole foods, it can be challenging to meet every nutrient requirement.

What Is Keto Chow

There is no denying it, the ketogenic diet is great for weight loss. By reducing your carb intake to just 50 grams per day or less, you force your body to use more fat for fuel. Most keto dieters report that they lose 10 pounds or more in the first 30 days amazing!

But the price of keto is giving up many of the foods you enjoy. Pasta, potatoes, bread, rice, cereals, and sugary snacks are all off the menu. Without these dietary staples, it can often be hard to know what to eat, especially if you want something sweet.

Thats where Keto Chow comes in. Keto Chow is a meal replacement powder designed specifically for keto dieters. It contains ingredients that are especially beneficial on keto, and unlike many MRPs, its very low in carbs.

Like all MRPs, Keto Chow is meant to be used to replace one or more regular meals per day. For example, you can have Keto Chow instead of breakfast, or use it as an alternative for lunch or dinner. Its ready in seconds, and you can relax knowing that Keto Chow will support you weight loss efforts, even when you dont have time to cook a keto-specific meal.

Keto Chow is the brainchild of company founder Chris Bair, an ardent fan of the ketogenic diet. With his wife Miriam, Chris started Keto Chow back in 2015 after struggling to find a keto-friendly MRP that he liked. Keto Chow is now one of the most popular keto MRPs available.

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What Is Keto Chow And How Can It Benefit Keto Dieters

Chris and Miriam Bair were first introduced to a keto diet after their son started having seizures.

When Chris wanted to lose weight, he also started eating low-carb. But he soon realized how complex and time-consuming meal prep and tracking macros were.

So they founded Keto Chow in 2014.

Keto Chow focuses on creating top-quality meal replacement shakes that contain high amounts of protein, micronutrients and electrolytes. Unlike other meal replacement companies that use sugar and additives, Keto Chow only uses healthy sweeteners.

When buying their meal replacement shakes, youll find ingredients like:

  • Milk protein isolate
  • Sea salt
  • Magnesium malate

So if you leave the house early or dont have time for lunch, whip out these keto-friendly bad boys. On average, it only contains 126 calories but has a wide variety of micronutrients like vitamin B, D, iron, calcium and potassium.

You can add a stick of melted butter with heavy cream to get additional fat and nutrients. I also like adding a tablespoon of MCT oil for extra ketones.

But if youre trying to lose weight, pour some almond milk since it has fewer calories.

Keto Chow is the original keto meal replacement shake and is a favorite amongst veterans in the keto community. They have tons of different flavors so you’ll never get tired of this meal replacement option.


  • Great reputation in the keto community


Theyre Super Tasty When You Pop Them In The Fridge For 30 Minutes But I Have Some Tips For Making Them Even More Crave

Quick tutorial for mixing up a single meal of Keto Chow

So like I mentioned before, theyre totally creamy and good to go after chilling for 30 minutes. However, Keto Chow recommends letting them sit in the fridge overnight for the best flavor. Ill say that that does make a noticeable difference in taste and texture! I used heavy cream to blend most of my shakes, and I found that letting everything sit together overnight gave the flavors time to really meld.

But, since I like breaking the rules , I made them in a different way and it was amazing!

And heres where that avocado I mentioned earlier comes into play. When I was in a hurry, I blended the Keto Chow Pumpkin Spice Caramel Flavor with half an avocado, ice, and heavy cream to create a meal that tasted exactly like a creamy, frothy milkshake. I was totally hooked after that!

All the flavors were delicious when I tried them this way, but the Eggnog Flavor was especially out of this world! They were actually so good that I had to stop myself from blending them up for dessert.

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How To Make Keto Chow With Butter In 40 Seconds

I do very similar except that I melt the butter in the microwave for 30 seconds instead of waiting 5 minutes to melt, and I do 3 shakes at a time in the blender.

I used to do that too! This method saves me additional dishes from getting dirty. I’ve also had the butter “pop” and explode upwards into the top of the microwave a few times haha. I’ve also tried microwaving the bottle with butter, but the hot butter melted the bottom of the bottle. And the big bottle doesn’t fit in my microwave anyway .

When using a large blender, I found that sometimes powder would get stuck to the sides. With a hand mixer, I can hit those sides perfectly and get 100% mixing. Also, for me, cleaning a single whisk is easier than cleaning a blender. And of course, no need to pour anything from blender to bottles since the bottles I make KC in are the same bottles I transport/drink from. Easy peasy!

How To Use Keto Chow Properly

To get the most from Keto Chow, you need to use it correctly. Because Keto Chow is so low in fat, to make it keto diet-friendly, you need to mix it with not just water but a source of fat too.

According to Keto Chow, the best fats to mix with their MRP are:

  • Butter
  • Avocado oil
  • MCT oil

To make Keto Chow, simply add one scoop of powder to about 20 oz of water. Add as much or as little fat as you need to hit your macros, and then blend until smooth. Refrigerate for 30 minutes or preferably overnight for best results. Chilling Keto Chow is said to help alleviate the salty taste that some users have reported and helps improve the flavor. While you CAN make Keto Chow using a shaker cup, youll get better results if you use a stick blender.

Use keto Chow to replace 1-3 meals per day, depending on your weight loss goals.

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