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How To Ease Into Keto

Impact Of A Limited Diet

How to start keto| easy meal ideas| get into ketosis fast!
  • Nutrients – There are some studies that suggest a keto diet may not provide you with enough vitamins and minerals which could lead to nutrient deficiencies over time.
  • Bone health – Although more extensive research is needed in this area, the keto diet has been shown in some studies to lower bone mineral density and lead to bone breakdown over time.
  • Chronic disease – More substantial studies are required, but thereâs some evidence that low carb diets focusing on animal foods may lead to higher death rates from heart disease, cancer, and all causes.

How To Get Into Ketosis In Under 24 Hours

At night, while you sleep, your liver secretes glucose to maintain blood sugar levels and supply your body with fuel. By morning, you could easily have depleted up to 80% of your liver glycogen just by sleeping.

Its not unusual for some individuals to produce ketones after an overnight fast which is just a fancy way of saying the time between dinner the night before and breakfast.

However, in your typical diet that includes carbohydrates, liver glycogen is replenished and stops ketone production.

But thats where a ketogenic diet comes into play, but how do we get into ketosis under 24 hours using a ketogenic diet?

Remember that to deplete liver glycogen we must severely restrict carbohydrates, whether that be by not eating at all or using a ketogenic diet . In addition, moderate to high intensity exercise can also help to deplete liver glycogen.

In one study, untrained individuals could deplete their liver glycogen stores in 118 minutes while performing moderate-high intensity exercise. Those who were moderate to well trained took 153 minutes to deplete liver glycogen stores. 6 andorexacttitleabs=or& resourcetype=HWCIT& hits=1& andorexactfulltext=or& ct=& searchid=1& andorexacttitle=or& titleabstract=fructose& maxtoshow=& RESULTFORMAT=

Depending on your level of fitness, this could be anything from a brisk walk to a moderately paced jog.

How Does The Diet Work

When you’re on the keto diet, youre eating too few carbs to support your body’s energy needs. As a result, your body turns to burning your stores of body fat to fuel your energy.

When your body burns body fat for fuel, it produces ketones, substances made in your liver. Your body enters a metabolic state called “ketosis.”

If you follow the keto diet strictly, your body will reach ketosis in about 4 days. You will likely even see several pounds of weight loss the first week.


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How To Figure Out How Much You Should Eat On The Keto Diet

There are two main methods you can use to figure out how much to eat on keto for optimal results :

  • Check your results and adjust food intake from there. This method requires you to measure your results every 3-5 weeks and change how much fat you eat based on what you find. Losing weight too fast and feeling fatigued all the time? Eat a bit more fat with your meals or add a keto snack to your day. Barely losing any weight? Reduce the fat content of your meals. After making the appropriate adjustments to your keto diet, check your results after another 3-5 weeks to see if you are reaching your goals at a healthy pace. For more in-depth info on how to use this method, read through the How to Find Out How Much Fat You Need to Eat on Keto section of this article.
  • Use our keto calculator and track your calorie consumption. If youd rather be more precise with your food intake, I recommend using our keto calculator to establish a starting point for your calorie, fat, carb, and protein consumption. Once you know how much you need to eat, try using a calorie tracking app like MyFitnessPal or Cronometer. Both the calculator and the tracking app will help you figure out exactly how much you need to eat every day to reach your goals. Here is a link to our keto calculator and our guide to tracking calories on keto to help you get started.

Foods To Eat On A Ketogenic Diet

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So, if you want to adopt a ketogenic diet the basic rule is to eat foods that are rich in fats and protein, like these:

  • Meat: Steak, red meat, chicken, sausage, bacon, turkey, ham
  • â
  • Vegetables: Low carb vegetables, such as pepper, green vegetables, onions, tomatoes
  • Condiments: Salt, pepper, spices, herbs

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Be Aware Of The Sugar Pitfall

Dont trade keto fat bombs for sugar bombs! One of the benefits of the ketogenic diet is the low sugar intake and eliminating added sugar in your diet. If you followed keto for a couple months, you probably noticed decreased sugar cravings, says Kirkpatrick. Theres research proving that sugar is addicting so why would you want to go back to that? A good rule of thumb is to avoid anything with more than 4 grams of added sugar. Also be aware of too much naturally occurring sugar, which can hide in things like honey and certain fruits. If you have a bar that has 22 grams of sugar but its all from dates, thats still not good and youre going to spike your blood sugar, she says.

How To Know When Youre In Ketosis

When youre in ketosis, you will naturally start to feel all the benefits listed above. Youll feel lighter on your feet, have more energy and mental clarity, have the ability to focus on your work or other project for a prolonged period of time, have much less hunger pangs and maybe even a reduced appetite.

Being in ketosis can also cause a funky breath so watch out for that and stay on top of your oral hygiene.

Of course one of the best ways to know if youre in ketosis is to test for it.

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Talk To Your Family About Your Weight Loss Goals On The Diet

Tell them your plan. You may not be able to eat what theyre eating during family mealtimes, so you’ll want to prepare them for what your new habits will look like. Because this diet is often done only short term , you can assure them that it’s temporary.

If you get pushback, announce: Ive done my research, Ive figured out its safe, and I really want to try this, recommends Mancinelli. They dont have to like what youre doing, but it does help if they have your back. In a study published in September 2014 research in Obesity, having the support of friends and coworkers helped dieters more successfully lose weight and maintain that loss over a two-year period. It also cant hurt if everyone knows your goals on a keto diet so theyre less likely to push office treats or suggest splitting a side of fries when you’re out to dinner.

High Blood Sugar Levels

Keto Diet Tip: 4 Easy Tricks to Get Into Ketosis Faster- Thomas DeLauer

As your body works to process the carbs and sugar from a meal, more glucose is released into your bloodstream. When your body senses this surge of glucose, it sends out insulin to push that glucose out of your blood and into your cells to be used for energy.

If your bloodstream is constantly pumping glucose, you can become insulin resistant, where your blood sugar has a tough time returning to healthy levels. This can stall fat loss, prevent weight loss, or even cause type 2 diabetes.

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Keep Your Taste Buds Guessing

Remember, keto is meant to be a lifestyle a lifestyle thats enjoyable, makes you feel good, and frankly, makes you feel good about yourself. Rather than deprive yourself of your favorite foods, try new keto recipes and prepare them in low-carb ways.

For example, try keto pizza, keto fried chicken, garlic parmesan pasta with zucchini noodles, or even a keto dessert with a low-glycemic sweetener like erythritol, stevia or monk fruit to keep your tastebuds guessing.

Looking for new recipes to try? Follow this tasty keto meal plan for new recipe ideas . And for that lingering sweet tooth? Try a keto cookie alternative like Perfect Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies. A perfectly sweet taste without the crash.

Eat Fewer Processed Carbs

Instead of thinking about the total carbs youre eating, assess what those carbs provide to you. Do the majority of your carbs come from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, all of which deliver loads of and health-supporting fiber and antioxidants? Fantastic. Or are you consuming them mostly in the form of added sugars or refined flour? Its fine to enjoy your favorite sweet treats and processed foods sometimes, but the bulk of your carbs should come from whole food sources.

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Switch Up Your View Of Protein This Is A Moderate

One of the most common misconceptions about the keto diet is that you can eat as much protein as youd like. But this is not a diet where you watch carbs only you also have to keep your protein intake moderate, says Ginger Hultin, a Seattle-based registered dietitian, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition, and the owner of ChampagneNutrition. Protein can be converted into glucose, and therefore overeating protein can take your body out of ketosis. Think of your ratios as a small portion of meat topped with a generous amount of fat, rather than the other way around.

Invest In Decent Tupperware To Supercharge Your Meal Prep

How To Ease Into Keto

Tupperware will help take your Keto prep to the next level. Opt for various sizes to store main meals and snacks.

  • Plastic – cheap, travel-friendly, not great for the environment.
  • Glass – more expensive, not as travel-friendly.
  • Bamboo – reasonably priced, travel-friendly, generally environmentally friendly.

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Is The Ketogenic Diet Suitable For Everyone

The ketogenic diet has been shown to be beneficial in all kinds of people. However, if you do suffer from a long-term medical condition, you should always consult your GP before embarking on a low-carb lifestyle, especially one as extreme as a ketogenic diet. There are a few groups of people for whom keto might not be a good idea.

Barriers To Eating Enough Fat On Keto

Multiple barriers may arise to keep you from consuming enough fat on keto.

In a culture that consumes the majority of its calories from carbohydrates, changing your macronutrient math may seem almost radical. Adding rather than subtracting fat can feel unfamiliar or even outright uncomfortable, and undoing lifelong carb-heavy patterns of cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and pasta for dinner isnt easy. Plus, when eating with others in social settings, its always challenging to diverge from the herd by making your own unique food choices.

The end of the twentieth century was replete with messages that fat was bad and that we should avoid it. Though you may intellectually understand that these myths have since been debunked and that a keto diet can help you attain your health goals applying this knowledge to real-world behavioral change takes significant effort.

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S For Getting Into Ketosis

1) A Low Carb Plan

Your daily diet should be below 20g of carbs and ideally you should aim to consume even less than this for quicker transition.

Eating less than 20g of carbs in one day looks something like this:

Breakfast 2 eggs cooked in butter, topped with cheese, a slice of avocado, 2 strips bacon.

Lunch A salad with a protein of your choice. Use ranch or caesar dressing and keep the salad simple.

Dinner: A protein of your choice again with spinach sauteed in butter and garlic.

This day with simple meals will should get you into ketosis in 24 hours if paired with the rest of the steps below.

I have a 7-day meal plan that will help you to lose up to 10lbs your first week on keto if youd like some help. Just enter your details below and Ill send it to you.

2) Drink Lots of Water

Water is essential no matter what but its even more important on the keto diet. The keto diet is seen as a natural diuretic diet, flushing out lots of water from your body.

Water supports the liver in metabolizing fat. If youre dehydrated, this function will stop as the liver turns its focus to supporting the kidneys to carry out their function.

Water also helps the body to flush out toxins and other waste material.

Its important to replenish your body as much as possible throughout the day. If youre not a water fan, add lime to give it some flavour.

3) Replenish Your Electrolytes

4) Get Some Exercise

Get moving to support your overall health but especially while on the keto diet.

Ketosis And Weight Loss

How To Get Into Ketosis Fast | Top Strategies

Creating a calorie deficit is the most widely accepted approach to losing weight. However, ketosis may support weight loss efforts in a couple of different ways – primarily through increased fat burning and decreased appetite.

Ketosis is thought to allow you to become more efficient at burning fat for fuel, making fat loss easier in a calorie deficit . However, this is yet to be proven in well done human studies.

It also might not just be the type of food you are consuming on a keto diet that is helping to curb your appetite. In one study, Ketosis was thought to contribute to lower levels of ghrelin, a hormone responsible for increasing your hunger .

Although more research is needed, this hormonal response, in combination with the satiating effect of keto foods, could be an important factor in promoting more weight loss and helping you cut more calories overall on a keto diet.

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Eat Medium Chain Triglycerides

Unsaturated fats from plant-based sources have long been touted as the best sources of healthy fats and should be prioritized on any diet, including keto. But when it comes to ketosis, a certain type of saturated fat called MCT may offer additional benefits.

MCTs come from plant-based saturated fats like coconut and palm oil, as well as grass-fed dairy sources like goat milk, cheese, yogurt, kefir, butter, and ghee. You can also purchase MCT oil supplements.

Unlike other fatty acids, MCTs do not require additional compounds to be digested and utilized for energy . Similar to how carbohydrates can be an immediate source of glucose, MCTs can be quickly absorbed and turned into ketones for fuel. And unlike carbs, MCTs do not affect blood sugar levels.

Their ability to form a rapid source of ketone bodies is ideal for someone on a ketogenic diet, especially during times when fast energy is neededlike during physical activity or exercise . Their rate of absorption may also aid in speeding up ketosis by promoting more ketone body formation.

Know What Side Effects To Expect

For all the attributes of a ketogenic diet , theres one big side effect you have to be prepared for: the keto flu.

The keto flu is a term that refers to the period after you start the diet when your body is adjusting to burning fat for energy. Some people have no problem with it and others are miserable, says Mancinelli.

In the first week or 10 days, you may feel extremely lethargic in your limbs. Walking upstairs may feel impossible. You may deal with mental fog. Often, keto causes constipation, or potentially diarrhea, because of a change in fiber intake.

For that reason, you should pick a start date when your week isnt crazy with deadlines and obligations choose a slower time when you can rest as needed. Along the same lines, youll want to be sure to take it easy with exercise for the first week or two as your body adjusts to burning more fat rather than carbs for fuel.

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Fasting For Short Periods

Fasting, or going without food, can help a person achieve a state of ketosis. Many people can actually go into ketosis between meals.

In some controlled cases, a doctor may recommend a longer fasting period of between 24 and 48 hours. A person should speak to their doctor before deciding to fast for longer than a few hours at a time.

Fat fasting is an alternative form of fasting. Fat fasting involves significantly reducing calorie intake and eating a diet consisting almost entirely of fat for no more than 2 or 3 days.

Early research indicated that this might have a positive effect on weight loss. However, fat fasting is difficult to maintain and may not be the best option for most people.

Very small sample sizes and the lack of more robust evidence mean that people should be cautious about taking this approach.

Keto Reboot: How To Get Back Into Ketosis

Knowing how to do the keto diet correctly can be confusing. The ...

Since a ketogenic diet eliminates carbs aka the foundation of the Standard American Diet it can be difficult to stick to it 100% of the time. Whether you had a chocolate chip cookie, enjoyed a few drinks at happy hour, or ate some carb-heavy snacks while watching the Sunday night football game, you may be in need of a keto reboot.

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Step : Consume Healthy Fats

While limiting your carbs, its also important to consume enough healthy fats if you stay within your macros. This will help your body transition to burning fat easier.

Some of the best types of fat for keto are MCT oil , avocado oil, coconut oil, butter, ghee, and extra virgin olive oil.

Some of the best types of fat for keto are coconut oil, avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil, butter, ghee, among others.

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