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How To Count Carbs For Keto Diet

Pros And Cons Of Carb Manager

How To Count Carbs On A Keto Diet To Lose Weight Fast

Carb Manager is tailored specifically for anyone tracking net carbs, which makes it a great app for low-carb and keto dieters. Though it looks a bit different than Cronometer and MyFitnessPal, it has the same functionality of both apps. In fact, the app mitigates many of the cons mentioned previously.

Unfortunately, Ive noticed several inaccuracies in the macronutrients of certain foods and recipes. This makes me more skeptical of the data on Carb Manager than I would be with Cronometer.

Heres a quick list of the pros and cons for Carb Manager:


  • Tailored to the needs of the keto dieters, with net carb tracking and a keto grading system for foods.
  • Allows you to track your progress, ketone levels, insulin, and blood sugar over time
  • Access to keto information and a forum with other keto dieters
  • Option to add recipes directly from your favorite keto recipe websites


  • Must pay a monthly subscription to track micronutrients
  • Some recipes and food items are not accurate

How To Add Your Favorite Keto Products And Recipes To Cronometer

Although you cant import recipes directly from to Cronometer, you can still create your own recipes and add new foods to your apps database for future use.

To add a new recipe or food, tap the Foods icon at the bottom of the screen.

After that, tap the Create Food logo if you want to enter a keto-friendly item that isnt in the database or Create Recipe if you want to add a keto recipe that consists of multiple ingredients.

To create a new recipe, simply click add ingredients and add them until it matches what you find in your recipe. After you are done adding the ingredients, change the servings and recipe name to your preference.

Which Should You Count On Keto

In general, you should count net carbs on Keto.

That said, you should carefully analyze your reasons for following Keto and think about whether or not youre particularly sensitive to carbs.

If youre eating a low-carb, Ketogenic diet for weight loss, the determining factor may be feeling full for longer periods of time. As noted above, soluble fiber slows digestion, keeping you satisfied between meals. So, for the purposes of weight loss and overall health, tracking net carbs is highly effective.

Remember, though, theres no right or wrong here. If you find that counting total carbs better aligns with your goals, thats what you should do. If youre using diet to manage a disease, this can often be the best approach.

Now that you know about the different ways in which you can calculate carb intake, how much carbohydrate should you eat?

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My Protein Is Higher Than My Fat Recommendation What Should I Do

You may notice that the percentage of grams of protein you have to eat is much higher and fat is a lot lower than the percentages that are typically recommended for keto. This can happen for two reasons:

  • You didnt convert grams to calories. You must convert the grams of fat and protein to calories and then calculate your macronutrient percentages. Calorie percentages, not gram percentages, are what the recommended keto percentages are based on. Usually, once you account for the fact that one gram of fat has five more calories than one gram of protein the calorie percentages will end up being what you expect from a typical keto diet.
  • Your goals and activity levels require you to eat more protein. Even after you convert grams to calories, you may find that your suggested protein intake is high and fat is a bit low for keto . This commonly happens for keto dieters who lift weights and wont impair your progress with the keto diet.
  • The only problem that high protein intake can cause, however, is lower levels of ketone production. If this is the case for you and you want to maintain a higher level of ketosis, then try decreasing your protein intake to the lower end of the recommended range or restricting carbs a bit more.

    How Do I Reach The Protein Intake Level That Was Recommended

    Pin on Keto fat

    The easiest way to meet your protein needs is by making sure you are consuming a good protein source at each meal. Here is a list of some of the most common protein sources you can add to your keto meals:

    • Wild Caught Fatty Fish
    • Higher Protein Cheeses
    • Low Carb Protein Powders

    Most keto dieters will be able to meet their protein needs with 2-3 keto meals that contain one or more of these protein sources. If keto recipes arent enough to help you meet your protein needs, all you need to do is add one of the high protein foods from the list above.

    Here are a couple of examples:

    To add as much protein as possible with minimal calories and fat:

    • Add an unflavored protein powder to your keto sauce or dressing.
    • Add white meat chicken, turkey, or other lean meats or fish to your meal.
    • Have egg whites with your meal.
    • Make a quick protein shake with a low carb protein powder.

    To add extra protein and fat to your meal:

    • Add higher fat meats like bacon, sausage, and fattier cuts of meat to your meals.
    • Have whole eggs with your meal.
    • Add extra high protein cheese to your meal.
    • Have some high protein nuts and nut butters .

    For more high protein and/or high fat keto meal ideas, check out our keto recipes. Dishes that feature seafood or meat will typically have the highest protein content.

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    What Is A Ketogenic Diet

    The main idea behind a keto diet is to shift your body’s metabolism. Instead of burning mostly carbohydrates to obtain energy, your body will be switching to burning fats and ketones.

    In order to achieve this effect, you will need to change the proportion in your macronutrients intake. The typical keto macros ratio is 70% fats, 5% carbohydrates, and 25% protein.

    Once the structure of your macros changes, your body will enter a state called ketosis. Since you’re not providing enough carbohydrates to allow it to generate energy from glucose, your body will start burning fats. When the fat stored in your cells is broken down to produce energy, ketones will be produced as a side effect of this process.

    What Fruits Can I Eat On The Ketogenic Diet

    Fruit is generally not a mainstay of the keto diet. With so much natural sugar, fruit generally has too many carbs to be included. But you can have small amounts of lower-carb fruits, like berries, says Whitmire. And if youre really getting technical, avocado and coconut, two higher-fat foods, are, in fact, fruits. Based on U.S. Department of Agriculture carb counts, heres what can fit on keto:

    Raspberries: 3 g net carbs per ½ cup

    Strawberries: 2 g net carbs per ¼ cup slices

    Blueberries: 4 g net carbs per ¼ cup

    Blackberries: 3 g net carbs per ½ cup

    Coconut: 2.5 g net carbs per ½ cup, shredded, raw

    Avocado: 3 g net carbs per 1 cup, cubes

    *All carb values are net carbs, which is total carbs minus fiber. Fiber is often not counted in net carb totals, as the nutrient isnt digested.

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    Carbs On Keto: How To Time Your Carbs To Stay In Ketosis

    On keto, youre trying to transition to a fat-burning metabolic state where you burn ketones rather than glucose as your bodys primary energy source. To do this, youll need to eat large amounts of fat, switch to moderate protein intake, and keep your daily carb intake to an absolute minimum.

    How Many Carbs Do You Actually Eat On A Keto Diet

    How to Calculate Net Carbs on the Keto Diet. Carbohydrates the New Label? Net Carb Calculator

    A keto diet is generally made up of 70 to 75 percent fat, 20 to 25 percent protein, and 5 to 10 percent carbohydrates, says Jill Keene, a registered dietitian nutritionist in private practice in White Plains, New York. The exact number of grams of carbohydrates will be different for everyone, but is generally around 20 to 50 g per day. Many people on a keto diet count net carbs, which is total carbs minus fiber. Fiber isnt counted in the carbohydrate total, because its not digested. Either way, this number of carbs is very low and requires careful planning. Eating a little fruit, starchy vegetables, sugary foods, or whole grains can easily kick you out of ketosis.

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    The Health Benefits Of The Ketogenic Diet

    The health and longevity benefits of keto are vast and constantly expanding as research uncovers more about ketones and ketosis. Heres a quick summary of what the evidence has to show thus far:

    Weight loss and appetite control

    Research suggests that the keto diet is beneficial for enhancing weight loss, likely by improving appetite regulation and supporting healthy insulin metabolism. Remember though, the keto diet is not magic , and you will need to control your calorie intake in order to lose weight.

    Cognitive enhancement and Neuroprotection

    Research findings suggest that brain tissue uses ketones for creating phospholipids, thereby promoting the growth and myelination of neurons. In laymans terms, ketones appear to enhance cognition and mood and slow neurodegenerative processes, whereas glucose may do the opposite.

    Athletic performance enhancement

    Data pertaining to the effects of the keto diet on exercise remains limited. However, there is research suggesting that a low-calorie, ketogenic diet results in adaptation where fat becomes the major fuel source during exercise . This may be beneficial for supporting long bouts of exercise since fatty acids tend to be superior to glucose as a long-lasting energy.

    Anti-Inflammatory benefits

    BHB salts like those found in Team Keto Fuel have been shown to reduce inflammation in tissues throughout the body by inhibiting the actions of proinflammatory proteins called inflammasomes.

    The Final Word On The Difference Between Total Carbs Vs Net Carbs

    Total carbs are exactly thatthe sum of all the carbs you eat in a day. Net carbs are calculated by taking your total carbs and subtracting fiber and sugar alcohols. You can make these calculations by reading food labels or calculating the macros of ingredients in the recipes you make.

    Whether total carbs or net carb count is better for you to follow on a ketogenic diet depends on your goals. The bottom line: if youre following a ketogenic diet for medically therapeutic reasons, its best to start at 20 TOTAL carbs per day. If youre following the diet to battle obesity or insulin resistance , for weight-loss, or preventative health measures, 20 NET carbs should do the trick.

    Still, its a good idea to test your ketones along the way to find your carb edge and learn whether any food sensitivities are affecting your success. Its also important to eat whole foods, avoid foods with added sugar , read nutrition facts and nutrition labels, and check with your primary care provider or dietitian before embarking on any diet.

    Disclaimer: its always a good idea to consult with a dietitian and your primary care provider before starting any new diet.

    Privacy Overview

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    Should I Be Concerned About The Keto Flu

    If youre interested in the keto diet, you have probably read about the keto flu, one not-so-fun side effect. The keto flu is definitely real, says Keatley. Your body functions really well on carbohydrates thats what it was designed for. When it switches to fat burning, it becomes less efficient at making energy, he says. On keto, you have less energy available and you may feel sick and sluggish, kind of as if you have the flu. As your body naturally adjusts to this new way of drawing energy, you will come out of it. This may take a couple of weeks, says Keatley.

    How To Calculate Your Macros

    Pin on Keto Tips

    When following a keto diet, most people consume 70-75% of their daily calories from fat, 20-25% of calories from protein and just 5-10% of calories from net carbs. Thats a ballpark range your individual macronutrient goals will vary depending upon your age, body composition, activity level, and any fat loss goals you may have.

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    Tip #: Set Your Daily Carb Limit

    Setting your daily carb limit depends on what you want to achieve as well as the type of diet you are following.

    If you are unsure of how many carbs you should be eating per day, consider the following categories of carb levels. Generally, a low-carb diet is considered to be:

    • < 100g/day = moderate low-carb
    • < 50g/day = low-carb
    • < 20g/day = keto

    Many readers like to begin by simply reducing their carbs to a level that is sustainable and weight loss still occurs. Choose simple low-carb meals for beginners and begin to make easy low-carb side dishes.

    Should You Count Calories On Keto

    Here we are the moment youve been waiting for should you count calories on keto. If you want to count calories, we say go for it, if you dont – you dont have to.

    This eating plan allows your body to fall into balance and regulate itself, making calorie counting redundant.

    However, for this to be accurate, you have to generally eat a clean keto diet and be in tune with your body. Its hard to overeat broccoli and cabbage or gain weight, although it can happen!

    If you have these symptoms you may have been kicked out of ketosis:

    • Bloating

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    Is Calculating Net Carbs Healthy Or A Useful Method To Lose Weight Would You Recommend It

    Calculating net carbs can be useful for someone trying to lose weight because it encourages intake of high-quality food, namely fiber. As a general rule of thumb, foods in their natural state that are high in fiber are going to be amongst the best quality options compared to those with similar carb and less fiber.

    Looking at fiber content in processed items can also help you determine a better quality option. Next time you are at the store trying to decipher which whole grain cracker is best, look for the one that provides the most fiber per serving.

    Additionally, those who eat a high fiber diet tend to weigh less than those on a low fiber diet. The American Heart Association recommends consuming 25 grams of fiber for women and 38 grams of fiber per day for men, so whether counting net carbs or aiming to reach a minimum amount of fiber each day, both options will likely help you make improvements in your nutrition.

    What The Keto Calculator Does For You

    Easy Formula to Count Carbs & Calories | Keto for anxiety

    Quite simply, the keto calculator is the ultimate all-in-one tool for helping you quickly determine how much you should eat every day.

    This is much easier than having to make these calculations by hand or use guesswork to determine how much you should be eating.

    Moreover, one of the best perks of the keto diet is its simplicity naturally, our keto calculator is designed with simplicity in mind to help you get off on the right track with as little effort as possible.

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    What About Sugar Alcohols

    Not everyone agrees about the impact of sugar alcohols on your metabolism thats because some sugar alcohols behave differently than others, and they can affect people differently as well. Some of us absorb and metabolize sugar alcohols quite a bit, while others dont, and the type of sugar alcohol makes a big difference, too.

    Sugar alcohols such as erythritol and xylitol have a negligible impact on blood sugar. Allulose is classified as a rare sugar rather than a sugar alcohol, but also demonstrates minimal impact on blood glucose.

    Some prepackaged or sugar-free foods claim to be keto, but may spike your blood sugar instead because they use sugar alcohols with a higher glycemic index.

    In particular, tread with caution on foods that contain maltitol, sorbitol, or isomalt, all of which can spike blood sugar.

    In general, you can safely count erythritol and allulose as 0 net carbs, and count half the carbs in other sugar alcohols. However, testing your blood sugar after consuming these sweeteners is the only true way to know their impact on you.

    For more information on sugar alcohols, see this keto sweetener guide and try these sweeteners, which all taste like sugar and contain 0 net carbs!

    Benefits Of Quinoa On A Ketogenic Diet

    Is Quinoa Keto Friendly? Benefits of Quinoa on a Ketogenic Diet

    Antioxidant Protection

    Antioxidants are nutrients and phytochemicals that shield your body against oxidative stress, a condition connected to symptoms of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc.

    Studies show that quinoa is rich in antioxidant phytochemicals such as ferulic acid, kaempferol, quercetin, and vanillic acid.

    Better Nutrition

    Quinoa is gluten-free and plant-based iron and protein source. This makes it particularly useful to people following gluten-free and vegan diets.

    However, even if youre on a special diet such as keto, you can have quinoa once a week and enjoy fiber, folate, iron, and magnesium benefits.

    Gut Health

    Quinoa has fibers that research shows can act as prebiotics. These fibers feed bacteria in the colon and are essential for gut and overall wellbeing.

    Some of the bacteria that grow with a higher quinoa intake include Bifidobacterium, Clostridium, etc.

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    What Should I Do If I Cheat On My Diet

    Assuming youre not perfect , you will inevitably face a time where you fall off the keto wagon and cheat.

    Before you panic, realize that A) Its definitely not the end of the world, and B) You wont lose much progress at all if you get back on your diet as soon as possible after cheating.

    We all have those odd occasions when friends and family are celebrating and you are tempted to indulge in the festivities . While its always best to stick to your diet, you should not beat yourself up or feel guilty if you happen to cheat once in a while.

    However, dont make cheating a habit, as it can create disordered psychological associations with food in general.

    In other words, you should not feel deprived while youre on the keto diet.

    Most people cheat on their diet because they feel like they are overly restricting themselves. Naturally, they have high cravings for junk foods and eventually give into temptation.

    The keto diet, however, is not meant to restrict you in terms of eating foods that are satisfying and providing your body with everything it needs. Most people actually find that keto helps curb their cravings for sweets/sugar and promotes a better sense of fullness throughout the day.

    If you are having trouble keeping your appetite under control, we strongly encourage incorporating more fibrous green vegetables in your diet.

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