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How To Calculate Your Macros On Keto

Is Being In Ketosis Necessary For Weight Loss

Keto 101 – How to calculate your Keto macros | Headbanger’s Kitchen Keto Basics

As we mentioned above, the keto ratio was designed to help those with epilepsy, not as a weight loss diet. Being in a state of ketosis was a side effect, so to speak, more than something doctors were seeking.

A ketogenic/low carb diet is about so much more than losing weight! It√Ęs about lowering your insulin levels, increasing fat oxidation, and raising catecholamine√Ęs.

A Quick Overview Of Cronometers Keto Calculator

If you select Keto Calculator, you will find different Keto Program options to choose from. According to Cronometers website, here is what each keto program represents:

  • Rigorous is recommended for people doing a ketogenic diet for therapeutic reasons where limits on carbs and protein need to be very tight. This is also a good setting for people who are very sensitive to carbohydrates and cannot easily maintain nutritional ketosis without very strict limits.

  • Moderate should be a good range for most people practicing a ketogenic diet for weight loss or health benefits.

  • Relaxed can be used by people who are very athletic and/or have determined through self-monitoring that they can maintain ketosis at higher levels of carbs and protein.

  • Custom lets you edit any of the values as you and your healthcare team sees fit.

For those who want more in-depth info about how they calculate protein intake and net carb limits, here is how Cronometer describes it:

Your maximum protein is based on a multiplier for each kilogram of lean body mass . For strict ketogenic diets, this is typically 1.0 grams of protein per kg LBM, and the Moderate setting is at 1.5 gram protein per kg LBM.

It is also worth noting that pregnant and lactating women will have an additional 25 grams of protein added.

When it comes to setting your carb limit, here is what Cronometer does:

How To Count Net Carbs On Keto

You can easily keep track of your daily net carb counts using a keto-friendly tracking app that does the math for you. Just be sure to accurately log everything you eat and drink for the best results.

Download the Trifecta app now to start tracking your net carb intake and stay on top of your keto diet goals.

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First Of All: What Is Keto

The ketogenic diet or the keto diet is a high-fat, moderate-protein, and low-carb way of eating. Its referred to by many different names ketogenic diet, low carb diet, low carb high fat , etc. Eating low carb puts your body in a metabolic state called ketosis. When your body is in ketosis, it burns fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.

But, what kinds of food do you eat in order to have a diet high in fat, while low in carbs?

The nutritional recommendations boil down to this: eat fewer starchy and sugary carbohydrates and instead eat more green veggies, meats, and healthy fats. Simple!

What Does Total Daily Energy Expenditure Mean

How To Calculate Macros For Fat Loss    So youre looking to ...

While your BMR is an estimate how many calories your body needs to function at its most basic level, your Total Daily Energy Expenditure is a more comprehensive estimate of how many calories you burn daily. Simply put, your TDEE is a combination of your BMR plus any additional calories your body burns through daily movement and exercise.

The more active you are, the higher your TDEE will be. If you work a job where youre on your feet all day and walking a lot, your TDEE will be higher than someone who sits at a desk. If you regularly exercise, youll also have a higher TDEE.

Once we know your TDEE, our calculator will have a baseline for how many calories it needs to subtract or add from your daily caloric intake to reach your goals. If you want to lose weight, youll need to eat less calories than your body burns . If you want to gain weight, youll need to eat more calories than your TDEE .

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Your Basal Metabolic Rate And Total Energy Expenditure

We need this general information to be able to figure out your basal metabolic rate and your total energy expenditure .

Your BMR is basically the calories your body needs to just exist without taking into account your daily activities and workout expenditures.

Your TEE is your basal metabolic rate + activities of daily living + exercise.

We need to know your TEE so we can figure out how many calories, grams of protein, and other macro/micronutrients your body needs.

Bringing The Research To Life: What This Means For Your Weight Loss Goals

Overall, the current literature indicates that altering the carbohydrate-to-fat ratio of your diet wont work magic on your metabolic rate and fat loss. Instead, it is best to follow a diet that controls your calorie intake effectively and sustainably.

One of the best ways to do this is by eliminating all processed foods that are high in both carbs and fat from your diet . Replace those foods with protein-rich and fiber-rich whole foods, and your overall calorie intake will decrease substantially.

If you think about it, one of the diets that encourages this the most is the low-carb, ketogenic diet. It focuses on highly-satiating foods like meat and low-carb vegetables while cutting out all processed, carb-ridden, and binge-worthy foods.

By eating in this way, many people experience tremendous amounts of fat loss not because their insulin levels dropped, not because their bodies got a metabolic advantage from burning fat, but because keto dieters tend to eat significantly fewer calories than before without realizing it.

Though this is simple in principle, it may not be easy at first. This is why we often recommend using calorie counting to get you on the right track, not as something you must do indefinitely.

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The Science Behind Fat Carbs And Weight Loss

As is the case with fats, all carbs are not equal in the metabolic response they cause in the body, even if various foods are eaten in portions with the exact same caloric load.

Think of it like this, the absorption and response of 1 ounce of broccoli will differ vastly from how the caloric equivalent of M& Ms will be processed, with the later spiking glucose and disrupting hormone function and the former not.

Consuming fat or sugar in excess can hinder weight loss for different reasons. Eating a diet high in sugar-filled, high-carb foods inhibits fat loss because it causes glucose and insulin surges in the bloodstream and often provides calorically-dense but nutritionally deficient foodsessentially, contributing calories to your bottom line without giving adequate sustenance in return.

Although you may be shocked to hear us say it, excessive dietary fat consumption can also halt fat loss.

Although caloric, or energy, the output is based on many more factors than our physical exertionthere is value to the paradigm of calories-in-calories-out in reference to weight loss.

So while the calories we eat and those that our body exerts as energy to perform everyday tasks or exercise aren’t perfectly equal, caloric deficits and surpluses still play a significant role in weight fluctuation.

The macro framework mentioned above on a ketogenic diet is an excellent guide, but again, your caloric target will vary based on some personal factors and your goals.

Why Is Tracking Keto Macros Important

Keto Macros 101 | How To Calculate Your Macros For A Ketogenic Diet

The key to a successful keto diet is the right amount of fat in your diet. It replaces carbs as your new primary fuel source and is essential for getting into ketosis, the state wherein your body relies on ketones the byproduct of fat metabolism for energy instead of glucose.

Its not enough to increase healthy fat intake, though you must also drastically reduce your carbohydrate intake. The widely accepted metrics of the keto diet are high amounts of fat, moderate amounts of protein, and carbohydrates restricted to 20 grams per day.

The total amount of carbohydrates a person can eat while maintaining ketosis varies from person to person, and a macro calculator can help you establish your ketogenic lifestyle. But what are macros?

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Ample Keto Meal Replacement

Here is an example of how to read the Ample K meal replacement drink label to see how many net carbs it has. In this case the result is 3 g net carbs.

Please Note: you must also read the ingredients list of various keto meal replacement shakes to see what sweetener has been used. In this case it is Monk Fruit and Stevia extract, which dont count towards net carbs.

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Why Track Your Carbs & Use A Keto Carb Counter

You might be asking me, Whats the point of using a calorie counter? Well, there are numerous reasons to, including:

  • Portion Control: As you increasingly read nutrition labels, youll realize that serving sizes are tiny. Manufacturers do that on purpose to get their macronutrients counts low and portray their product in a healthier light. By tracking your macros, you can develop a better feel for what serving size is optimal for you.
  • Ninja Carbs: Some labels show that their products have 0 carbs, but youd be surprised at how many things actually have carbs in them. Remember, 1g of carbs can really add up over a days worth of eating! Splenda used to be one of my favorite things to use because it had no carbs in it, but it actually has quite a few carbs if you are using it a lot.
  • Mindless Eating: We overeat when we arent mindful of what goes into our meals. If you are experiencing a weight loss stall or unexpected weight gain, this could be why.

These are the main reasons why some keto dieters dont get the results they are expecting. Luckily, as long as you use an accurate calorie and macro tracker, you wont have to worry about any of these issues getting in your way.

That being said, you may come across one detour: finding the right app for you. Lets take a look at the pros and cons of the top three tracking apps for keto to help you decide.

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How Do I Enter A Tastes Lovely Recipe To Track Macros

  • At this time, youll have to enter the amount of each ingredient that you used, line by line. I wish there was a way to plug in all of my recipes automatically into Carb Manager or My Fitness Pal! But I would have to add them all line by line, which would take meforever.
  • This is one of the downsides of tracking macros. Its very time-consuming to enter all the ingredients and quantities.
  • I do have the nutrition information calculated on every recipe post on my site! Its in the recipe box. So you can refer to that to get an idea of the macros.
  • The good news is, once you enter all the ingredients into a meal, you can save it as a recipe, so the next time you make it you can quickly add it from your recipe box!

Common Keto Macro Calculator Q& a

How to Calculate your Macros

How does your keto macro calculator calculate my intake?

Our keto diet calculator utilizes a combination of the three most accurate formulas known and averages them out to determine your total daily energy expenditure. Most other keto macro calculators on the net tend to use only one.

Why do you need my body fat percentage?

Our ketogenic diet calculator uses body fat percentage to calculate your lean body mass which corresponds to protein intake on a ketogenic diet. The leaner you are, the more protein is required to prevent muscle loss.If you do not know your body fat percentage, you can get it measured at your local gym, clinic, or measure yourself in the privacy of your own home. Dexa scans have been shown to be the most accurate measurement, but as with any method, there is a varying degree of inaccuracy. Whichever way you decide to measure body fat, make sure to keep it consistent for accurate tracking.You may also opt to use the visual guide below.

How does the keto diet calculator determine the number of weeks it will take to reach my goal?How can we determine what our activity level should be on the keto macro calculator?

The activity level is based on the number of workouts you perform on a weekly basis. Both the activity level and the number of workouts fields are tied together.We like to give a general rule of thumb that one workout is equal to at least one hour of actual physical activity.

How do I determine my goal?How many carbs to be in ketosis?

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Lifestyle Factor And Goals

But the keto calculator takes it even a step further, by also accounting for your daily activity level as well as your primary goal.

Obviously, if youre a highly active individual, like a construction worker, youre going to burn more calories every day than someone who works at a desk most of the day and doesnt exercise much.

As such, its imperative to be realistic about your daily activity level if you want to accurately predict your true calorie expenditure. If anything, we recommend erring on the side of caution and entering a lifestyle factor that is one step below what you optimistically feel your actual daily activity is like.

Lastly, by taking your primary goal into consideration, the keto calculator will let you know exactly how much to eat whether you want to lose weight , maintain weight, or gain weight .

You can also select the how much you want to change your weight by weekly it stops at the two-pound mark as we dont recommend going beyond this for health purposes .

Pros And Cons Of Myfitnesspal

MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular calorie tracking apps, and its free . The app prioritizes social networking and progress sharing with friends, which sets it apart from other apps.

With a massive food database, you can find almost any food you desire on MyFitnessPal. However, the main reason for their massive database is that anyone who uses the app can submit anything they want. This makes it difficult to know which food item in the database you should choose.

The free MyFitnessPal app also doesnt track net carbs, only total carbohydrates and fiber. This makes it a bit more tedious for keto dieters to use because they have to make their own net carb calculations.

Heres a quick list of the pros and cons of MyFitnessPal:


  • Great for tracking packaged foods with barcodes
  • Option to import recipes directly from your favorite keto recipe websites


  • Some foods and recipes will not be accurate
  • Cant track net carbs on the free app
  • Can only use macronutrient percentages

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How To Add Your Favorite Keto Products And Recipes To Cronometer

Although you cant import recipes directly from to Cronometer, you can still create your own recipes and add new foods to your apps database for future use.

To add a new recipe or food, tap the Foods icon at the bottom of the screen.

After that, tap the Create Food logo if you want to enter a keto-friendly item that isnt in the database or Create Recipe if you want to add a keto recipe that consists of multiple ingredients.

To create a new recipe, simply click add ingredients and add them until it matches what you find in your recipe. After you are done adding the ingredients, change the servings and recipe name to your preference.

How Do You Want To Achieve Your Goal

Keto Macro Calculator Tutorial | How to Calculate Your Keto Macros | How Much To Eat On Keto

The Ketogenic diet is probably one of the most efficient diets to shed some pounds quickly. However, it may not be suitable for everyone, either for health reasons or because its a commitment too intense.The good news is that its still possible to achieve your goals, even with a low-carb or moderate-carb diet. It will just take a little bit longer!

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Stay Within The Proper Macronutrients

A risk associated with the total calories method is the potential to lose sight of an optimal macronutrient split for efficient fat burning.

In other words, someone could still be in a calorie deficit but be consuming higher amounts of carbs and lower amounts of healthy fats compared to the keto follower.

In the former situation, this could result in experiences of cravings and hunger which could make the calorie deficit method unsustainable over the long-term and slow the metabolism.

What Not To Worry About When Tracking Your Keto Macros

Naturally, you might be wondering Do I need to be picky about hitting my keto macros spot on down to the last gram?

Frankly, no. If youre slightly above or below your keto macros on any given day it isnt going to make or break your results. After all, youre human and not a robot. Just because you happen to eat 144 grams of protein one day when your keto macros say to eat 140 grams of protein, you wont hinder your progress.

The key is to get as close as possible to hitting your keto macros and being consistent.

If you miss the mark by a few grams here or there, its no big deal.

In reality, the unnecessary stress you put on yourself by scrutinizing over every morsel of food you eat will do more damage than missing your macros by a bit.

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