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How To Add Fiber To Keto Diet

What Are The Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds

How to Get Fiber on a Keto Diet (What We Eat)

According to this Healthline article about chia seeds, some of the benefits are:

  • Chia seeds are loaded in nutrients with few calories compared to other foods.
  • They contain a large amount of antioxidants.
  • Chia seeds are very low in carbs and contain large amounts of fiber.
  • They may help to reduce hunger cravings because they contain high levels of protein.
  • Their high fiber and high protein levels may assist in weight loss.
  • They are high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
  • They may help to lower your risk of heart disease.
  • Chia seeds are high in calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus which help to protect bone strength.
  • Their high fiber content may help to reduce blood sugar levels.
  • They may assist in reducing chronic inflammation.
  • Chia seeds are can be added to your diet with relative ease.

Check out the full Healthline article for more details and the references for the above information.

Pretty amazing, huh? Chia seeds are some seriously impressive little seeds!

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Different Ways On How To Boost Fiber On A Ketogenic Diet

Having the right amount of fiber on a ketogenic diet is more than just avoiding constipation and digestive issues. One more important thing you need to understand is your immune system is also affected by your digestive systems condition.

If you want to enjoy good overall health, here are the best ways to boost your fiber intake when on a ketogenic diet:

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How Do You Deal With Constipation On The Keto Diet

As you may know, most fiber-rich foods are in fact high in carbohydrates, which makes it challenging for those eating a low-carb diet to consume enough fiber. Often, the very first weeks from your keto start, you will start experiencing constipation.

This is often overlooked, one may start looking for constipation relief only when things are getting out of hand. Constipation during keto diet isn’t something that you should be ignored, although many of us choose to do it.

There’s a cure for that, but more about that later on. Problematic bowel movement and constipation will become a big issue when you are planning to follow the keto diet as a lifestyle choice, not a one-time thing.

Keto Fiber Bomb: What It Is And How To Make It

10 high fiber keto foods to load up Every Day

A Keto Fiber Bomb will become an important part of your keto diet. Loaded with valuable fiber, tons of nutrients and a yummy flavor, youll want to whip one up every day!

This post contains affiliate links, which means Ill make a small commission if you purchase through one of my links.

One of the big mistakes I see people making on the keto diet is not eating enough fiber. While some people seem to get by just fine without a lot of fiber , others seriously struggle. Although its not glamorous to discuss, constipation can be an unfortunate side effect of a low-fiber keto diet.

The Keto Fiber Bomb to the rescue! Fat bombs are already big on keto, so why not a fiber bomb? This drink delivers a bomb of fiber all in a yummy drink that you can flavor many different ways.

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Key Points: Fiber And Keto

Adding fiber to your diet is a great idea, keto or not, with a host of health benefits that shouldnt be ignored. But if youre on keto, youll want to pay extra attention. If youre experiencing gut/digestive issues, extra fiber may be the key to alleviating these.

I hope this article has helped you get a better understanding of the importance of adding fiber to your keto diet, and given you some tips and ideas to do so.

What’s The Deal With Fiber In General

Dietary fiber is an important part of any healthy diet plan. In Western cultures, the daily fiber consumption is more than half above the minimum amount recommended.

First, it’s good to understand that not getting enough fiber isn’t some keto exclusive problem. Most people are experiencing some level of fiber deficit because their food table doesn’t consist of a big variety of foods and their diet is very one-sided.

While we talk about the importance of getting enough fiber during the day, it’s interesting to note that fiber is actually something you don’t actually digest. It is this type of material which helps to empty your bowels together with any harmful bacteria and toxins.

If you don’t do it regularly you will start experiencing constipation, which, if not treated at the right time, can be a root cause for other problems. Fortunately, there are easy ways to find constipation relief, without the hassle.

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How To Get Enough Fiber On A Keto Diet

keto fiber- Before we get into the best fiber sources on keto, lets address how fiber grams factor into total carbs on the diet.

Fiber is a carbohydrate, but the body doesnt digest and absorb it like other forms of carbs. So when calculating carbs on a keto diet, you dont need to count fiber towards your total daily carbs.

Take the total carbohydrates in a food and subtract the fiber grams. For example, if a food has 10 grams of carbohydrates but 7 grams of fiber, the net carbs would be 3 grams. This is what you count. Learn more about counting net carbs here.

About As Much Usable Carb As Fiber

Improve Your Fat Loss on a Keto Diet with Fiber

These foods have an equal amount of usable carbs and fiber. They offer a perfect balance of the two and are also good choices for your diet.

  • Asparagus:1 cup chopped asparagus has 2 grams usable carbs, 3 grams fiber
  • Celery: 1 cup chopped celery has 1.5 grams usable carb, 1.5 grams fiber
  • Eggplant : 1 cup cooked eggplant has 3 grams usable carb, 3 grams fiber
  • Mushrooms: 1 cup of mushrooms has 4 gram usable carb, 2 gram fiber
  • Radishes:1 cup raw sliced radishes has 2 grams usable carb, 2 grams fiber
  • Red raspberries: 1 cup red raspberries has 8 grams usable carb, 9 grams fiber
  • Romaine lettuce: 1 cup raw romaine lettuce has 0.5 gram usable carbs, 1 gram fiber

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What Is The Ketogenic Diet

A ketogenic or keto diet is a type of low-carbohydrate diet that centers on protein and fat.

A keto diet has been used since the 1920s as an effective treatment for epilepsy, but in recent years it has gained popularity as a weight loss diet.

The effectiveness of keto diets for weight loss is unknown. There are only short-term studies and doctors dont know if it works in the long-term or what the risks might be.

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What About Fiber Supplements

Although fiber supplements are popular, you dont need to supplement fiber if you eat a well-rounded diet with healthy whole foods. Most people who take fiber supplements are compensating for a diet that lacks healthy sources of fiber like vegetables.

When you supplement fiber instead of eating enough whole food fiber sources, you miss out on the beneficial micronutrients and phytonutrients found in plant foods.

Remember that prebiotics like soluble fiber feed all bacteria, beneficial and otherwise. Adding prebiotics to an unhealthy gut is like adding fuel to a fire.

If prebiotics or fiber supplements cause symptoms like major gas, bloating, cramping or pain, go see your functional medicine doctor. It could be a sign of dysbiosis or SIBO.

If you have gut dysbiosis or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth , you may consider trying a low FODMAP diet for a few months before upping your fiber consumption again.

The Importance Of Fiber

Best Fiber Supplement for Keto Diet

Some problems associated with a lack of fiber include digestive issues anything from constipation to an irritable bowel as well as microbiome issues . While most people find their digestion regulates after a few weeks of switching to a low-carb keto diet, if you are experiencing constipation adding a little more fiber in may be beneficial. Fiber adds bulk to our stool helping to keep us regular and stay on top of waste removal.

That is why at Ketolibriyum we add a side of vegetables to many of our keto meals, such as cabbage, cauliflower or broccoli, all low-carb sources of soluble fiber! A lot the keto snacks and breads we carry like Live organic flax crackers and UnBun contain a healthy amount of fiber and can be introduced into a healthy keto diet!

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Collard Greens And Other Leafy Greens

Collards and other leafy greens are high in fiber and low in starchy carbs. Theyre also packed with folate and vitamins K, A, and C. Most leafy greens like collards and spinach cook down dramatically, so if you want to up your fiber intake more easily, cook your greens.

A 100 gram serving of collard greens has 3.6 grams of dietary fiber and 2.1 grams of net carbs.

How Much Fiber Do We Need

To be honest, the dietary fiber guidelines vary a lot. Lets take a look at these guidelines to determine which amount of fiber can help you achieve optimal health on a ketogenic diet.

The highest recommended dietary fiber requirement is that of the National Academy of Science– 38 grams of fiber for men and 25 grams of fiber for women. On the other hand, the USDA recommends getting around 25 to 31 grams of fiber for teenage and adult men and women.

Now, lets proceed to the lowest side of the spectrum: the recommendation of 14 to 23 grams of fiber per day based on the study conducted by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III.

So, which of these guidelines should you follow?

The best thing that you can do is experiment with the amount of fiber that would work best for you.

Since the average human body only consumes 10 to 15 grams of fiber daily, you should start with daily consumption of 15 to 20 grams of fiber. If you dont think thats enough for you, add 3 to 5 grams of the fiber after a few days and monitor its effect.

Please note that you need to get your daily fiber intake from a mix of insoluble and soluble fiber to achieve optimal digestive health.

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How Do I Add Fiber To My Keto Diet

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How To Get More Fiber In Your Diet

The Best Low Carb High Fiber Food for Keto

To reduce your risk of getting diverticulitis, you should try and add high-fiber foods to each meal. Aim for up to half your plate to contain some fiber-rich food.

However, be careful about eating a lot of fiber at once. Overdoing it can cause gas, bloating, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps as your gut bacteria try to process all the new fiber. These problems go away after a while as your digestive system gets used to the higher fiber levels, but you can avoid them by adding extra fiber gradually to your diet. For example, try to add just one more serving of a high-fiber food to your daily diet for a week, then see how your body feels. Give yourself another week, if needed. If everything is okay, add another daily serving for a week. Continue this pattern until you reach your daily quota of fiber.

Also, make sure to drink plenty of fluids each dayabout 16 ounces of water, four times a day. Increasing the water you drink can help fiber pass through your digestive system and avoid stomach distress.

Here are some additional tips that can help you make the transition to a higher-fiber diet.

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Add These High Fiber Low Carb Foods To Your Keto Shopping List

Boosting your fiber intake with these low carb vegetables is great for your health.

They dont just contain lots of good-for-your-gut fiber. Theyre also packed with all sorts of beneficial nutrients.

And because theyre low in carbohydrates, you dont have to worry about being knocked out of ketosis. So make an effort to eat plenty of them!

If you cant get enough fiber on Keto, try taking a good supplement like CoBionic Foundation. It will boost your prebiotic fiber intake, which will feed your good gut bacteria and improve your overall health.

Whether you get your fiber from food or from a supplement be sure youre drinking lots of water. Dr. Stephen Sinatra, M.D. says, As fiber passes through your GI tract, it will either dissolve in water or bind with it . Either way, your body needs more water, so make sure you add an extra glass or two.

Is A Keto Diet Low Fiber

The reality is, a lot of people on the keto diet end up eating very little fiber. The reason being that some of the most high fiber foods tend to also be high in carbs and so get avoided on the keto diet.

Because of this the Keto Diet comes in for a lot of bad press as its often missing this key component of good nutrition.

Most people on a typical western diet will be eating lots of grains in bread, rice etc. These foods are high fiber, and also eaten in bulk providing a reasonable amount of fiber, but also a lot of digestible carbs too Beans, one of the best fiber sources, are also not eaten on a proper keto diet, restricting another great source of fiber.

Therefore on a keto diet, we really need to pay more attention to this crucial element of the diet than we normally would. It needs to be a more conscious effort but one that we definitely shouldnt ignore.

For more info on how to eat a keto diet properly, check out our keto diet beginners guide, these 7 tips for starting keto, and our 6 steps for reaching optimal ketosis.

Theres no reason why a keto diet cant have plenty of fiber in it, but to do so we need to be picking some key foods and integrating them into the diet. Meat and dairy arent going to help here, so its time to run through the 10 best high fiber foods to add to the keto diet, read on!

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Five Foods For Fiber On A Keto Diet

As anyone who has followed a keto type diet plan can tell you, the number one side effect is constipation. Small servings of fruits and vegetables combined with more fats can do a number on doing number two. Today, Im going to talk about fiber and count five ways to get more fiber without adding carbs.

Fiber is the part of plant-based foods that our gut cant digest or break up. There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Does the type of fiber really matter? It depends on what you want. If you want to reduce heart disease or control your blood sugar, you need soluble fiber. If you are solving gastrointestinal issues, you need both types.

Soluble fiber is found in all fruits and vegetables but is especially high in keto friendly Brussels sprouts and asparagus . Soluble fiber can ease both constipation and diarrhea. During digestion, soluble fiber turns into a soft, sticky gel that attracts water, making the stool softer and making it easier to go. If stool is too loose, soluble fiber absorbs extra water and firms things up. Soluble fiber also boosts the good bacteria in your gut, which are linked to improved immunity, anti-inflammatory effects, and even enhanced mood.

5. Dust with Cocoa

Many people on the keto diet miss the flavor of chocolate. One tablespoon of cocoa powder has 2 grams of fiber, and just a little can give you that chocolate flavor you crave. Splurge on the good stuff because just a little goes a long way.

4. Add the Avocado

3. Nosh on Nuts

Lowers The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes


Dietary fiber can help people with type 2 diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels.

Studies conducted by the World Health Organization investigated the relationship between a healthy diet and various chronic diseases including diabetes in over 340,000 individuals from 10 European countries. Their findings concluded that fiber plays an important role in reducing insulin spiking, therefore lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes.

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