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How Do You Know If Keto Is Working

One Size Does Not Fit All

5 Ways to Know If You Are In Ketosis | Ketosis Explained

Meal plans and recipes are a place to start, but there are 7 billion people on this planet and our bodies are all pretty unique.

We respond differently to different foods, eating patterns and quantities so no one meal plan will work for everyone.

Its about learning and adjusting, so if you are using a set meal plan, remember to adjust it to your body and continue evolving what you are eating until you nail it.

If youre wondering is Keto sustainable, finding a way to fit into YOUR lifestyle is the only way to make it work long term.

Worried Youre Not In Ketosis

If youre not experiencing any of the ketosis side effects I listed above, you might be worried youre not in ketosis.

Dont be: its not the end of the world if you arent always in ketosis.

Because the truth is, its more important to focus on feeling great and losing excess weight. You dont get too caught up in worrying if you have 3 mmol/L or 2.5 mmol/L of ketones in your blood. If youre getting results and losing weight, then chalk it up to a win!

And if you need any clarification or help, dont hesitate to post in our forum. Were here to help.

Why Some People Count Net Carbs

Again insulin.It all goes back to keeping your insulin levels low. Low enough that access to stored fat is granted so it can be used for energy to allow fat loss.You know that increased blood sugars will raise insulin. But other factors can raise insulin, too .For now, lets focus on the fact that increased blood sugars will raise your insulin.Given that your goal is to keep insulin low, heres why counting net carbs work:

  • Fiber cant be digested so its believed to have little to no impact on blood sugar.
  • Both soluble and insoluble fiber reduce blood sugar spikes and improve insulin sensitivity which promote fat loss.

The effects of fiber and sugar alcohol have either little to no effect on insulin levels.

This is why the net carb folks dont count them and they lose weight.

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What Is Keto Advantage Keto Burn

Keto Advantage Keto Burn is a weight loss supplement that uses 100% pure beta-hydroxybutyrate ketone salts to force your body to burn fat.

Like other BHB ketone supplements, Keto Advantage gives your body a mix of BHB salts to raise ketone levels in your bloodstream. As your ketone levels rise, your body burns fat naturally. Its like entering ketosis without needing to follow a strict keto diet.

The official website also claims you can melt fat quickly without dieting or exercising. Just take it daily to trigger fat-burning ketosis, then enjoy powerful weight loss results within days of taking the supplement. Keto Advantage Keto Burn contains natural ingredients, is made in the United States, and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How Long Should You Stay On Keto For Long

How To Start A Keto Diet [The Exact Plan To Follow For ...

There is not enough evidence to definitively conclude if keto is or is not safe and healthy for long-term dieting . However, based on the current research literature and anecdotes from keto dieters, the keto diet seems to be safe and healthy for extended periods of time under these conditions:

  • The person is able to achieve a healthy weight and body composition on the diet.
  • The person is healthy while following the diet, as indicated by relevant lab tests and their overall sense of happiness and well-being.
  • The person can maintain their keto lifestyle without it diminishing their quality of life.

These three conditions serve as helpful indicators for how safe and healthy keto dieting is for you. When all three are met, keep doing what you are doing .

However, if you find that the keto diet is difficult to stay with for the long-term , you can also use it as a short-term tool to help you lose some extra weight and/or improve various health conditions.

For example, many keto dieters dont actually stay on keto all year long. Instead, they will follow a strict keto diet for a couple of months or so, transitioning back and forth between ketosis and lower carb consumption throughout the year.

No matter what dietary approach you choose to use, make sure it allows you to maintain your health, well-being, and results. If your diet isnt doing these things for you, try making adjustments until it does.

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Why Some People Count Total Carbs

You guessed it still insulin.What will raise your insulin levels to a point that it results in blocked access to your stored fat and keep you from losing weight?Since your goal is still to keep insulin low, heres why counting total carbs work:

  • Carbohydrate intolerance. People with metabolic issues like obesity, metabolic syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes cant tolerate carbs like others do. So they have to count all carbs in order to lose weight especially those fibers that dont come from real, whole foods like low carb bars and treats.
  • The Cephalic Phase Insulin Response. The mere taste of sweet in your mouth can raise your insulin. Even if it doesnt have any calories, even if it doesnt raise your blood sugar, and even if you just swished it around your mouth and spit it out. Yes, its a thing.

The effects of metabolic issues, some sugar alcohols, and the taste of sweet can raise insulin levels.This is why the total carb folks count fiber, sugar alcohols, or eliminate sugar alcohols from their diet to lose weight.

How To Read Ketone Strips

  • Learn about the keto diet if you want measurable resultsMost healthy people will not have significant levels of ketones in their body if theyre not following the diet. Read our ketogenic diet guide to learn more about keto so you can achieve ketosis, faster.
  • Pee in to a cup Most instructions tell you to let the product sit in a cup of urine for a minimum of 40 seconds or more. But weve found most strips work even when just strategically placed in a stream of urine. If youd rather pee in to a cup, disposable dixie cups are a great option.
  • Wait up to a minute for the reagent and color to fully developNow is a good time to go and check that gram.
  • Compare your results to the keto strip color chartHold your now incubated ketone strip close to the color chart on the bottle to measure your current ketone levels. Match it to the closest color to get your best result.
  • Dispose of your strips after usingDont be a monster! Your spouse/roommates/friends will thank you.
  • Pro Tip: Find the best time to use your stripsCertain parts of the day, like in the early morning or after dinner were shown in a NIH study to have the highest and most reliably detectable levels of ketones

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    You’re Having Digestive Issues

    The decrease in carbs and fiber and your food intake in general may cause your bowel movements to slow down. This is why it’s especially important to drink plenty of water, consume healthy fats, and get your fiber from nonstarchy veggies. If you’re still feeling bloated or constipated, try an elimination diet to identify any food allergies or nutrient deficiencies that may be at play here.

    You Find That Sticking To Keto Is Pure Misery

    KETOGENIC DIET: How do you know your making sugar while working out

    Social limitations can make doing or sticking with ketogenic diets a challenge. Never mind clear-the-room bad breath family dinners might suddenly become a challenge, you can’t join your friends for ice cream or beer, and you might get awkward glances when you ask for extra grass-fed butter for your steak at a restaurant. If those situations feel like Dante’s seventh circle of hell, get out of the keto club now and find a more sustainable plan.

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    Research On Keto Products

    Thorough research takes time and money, which most people dont have an endless supply of. So, we did the work for you, saving you both. We researched numerous keto supplements to ascertain an in-depth analysis of what is out there on the market.

    To determine those products that we could rate as beneficial, we looked to see if they contained the correct ingredients, how potent they were and their grade of purity. We eliminated products that we found to contain synthetic fillers, unnecessary ingredients, and useless proprietary blends.

    However, that was not all, we didnt stop there. We understand that facts and figures dont always tell the whole story. So, we looked for real consumers who had purchased and used the products and asked them for their feedback. Their testimonials helped us to establish a list of the best possible products currently available on the market.

    Acetoacetate And The Urine Tests

    The ketone measured in urine is acetoacetate. Ketone urine strips are dipped into urine and turn various shades of pink or purple depending on the level of ketones present. A darker color reflects higher ketone levels.

    Ketone urine strips are easy to use and fairly inexpensive. Although their accuracy in long-term use has been questioned, they should initially confirm that youre in ketosis.

    A 2016 study found that urinary ketones tend to be highest in the early morning and after dinner on a ketogenic diet .

    Shop for a urine ketone meter and urine test strips online.

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    Eat The Right Amount Of Keto

    Your calorie consumption is the most important variable to be aware of when you are trying to lose or gain weight. If eating keto foods isnt getting you closer to the results you want, you may need to track how much you eat more precisely.

    To illustrate the importance of calories, here are some principles behind dieting that have held true after a tremendous amount of scrutiny:

    • When we eat fewer calories than we use throughout the day , we lose weight.
    • When we eat more calories than we use throughout the day , we gain weight.

    And the two previous statements hold true regardless of the fat and carb content of your diet .

    If we follow the data further, we find that:

    • Severely restricting calories will cause dramatic weight loss that increases the likelihood of hormonal issues and weight regain in the future.
    • Being in an excessive calorie surplus will cause an increase in fat mass and health issues like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

    Altogether, we can conclude that if you want to gain or lose weight in the healthiest way possible slow and steady wins the race. In fact, research indicates that losing weight at a rate of 1 to 2 pounds per week is best.

    You’re Nauseous Or Throwing Up

    How Do I know if I

    Ugh, the dreaded “keto flu.” Many people report nausea and vomiting shortly after starting keto. If you’re not prepared to ride out a bout of these symptoms, you may want to steer clear of this diet. “Keto flu is pretty common and can last anywhere from a few days to a week or two,” says dietitian Anne Danahy, MS, RDN. She advises drinking plenty of water and boosting electrolytes to minimize the symptomswhich should go away once you’re in ketosis.

    Want to learn more about the keto flu? Here’s Why The Keto Diet Might Make You Sick.

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    Carb Amount And Calorie Amount

    Concerned after six weeks of keto that two things may need tweaking:

  • How many carbs per day should be my goal?
  • Do the amount of calories matter as long as my macros are in tolerance?
  • John

    Hi John. Good questions. In short, YES! Calories still matter even if you hit your macro targets. Remember, to lose weight, we want to burn our own fat stores for fuel. If we have a surplus of calories coming in, even if they are fat calories, we will burn those first before tapping into our fat stores. That is why we recommend dietary fat as a lever or a tool to adjust up or down as needed for satiety and weight loss.

    As for your carb goal, that may differ depending on underlying carb tolerance and activity level, but staying below 20 g net carbs per day will usually ensure that you remain in ketosis, You can always experiment with increasing that number to find your personal threshold. Just pay close attention to your metrics and go back down to 20 or less if you have any setbacks.


    • Women’s questions introduction 01:36 In this video series, you can find expert views on some of your top questions about low-carb and women’s health.
    • Is low carb bad for gut bacteria? 02:14 Can a low-carb diet be potentially harmful to your gut microbiome?

    You May Have Bad Breath Initially

    “When your body starts to produce ketones, you may not be adept at metabolizing them for fuel,” Masson said. One way the body gets rid of them is through the breath, which can smell pretty bad, she suggested.

    Once you become better at using the ketones as fuel, the bad breath will eventually subside, she added.

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    More On What To Eat On The Keto Diet

    Its also important to note there have been no long-term studies on the ketogenic diet, nor has there been research that details what may happen to the body if its in a constant state of ketosis itself. But given how the body needs carbs to function properly, diets that are based on fat burning may lead to nutritional deficiencies, and supplements and multivitamins are recommended because youre cutting out entire food groups, warns Alyssa Rothschild, RDN, who is in private practice in New York City.

    Rothschild further explains how following a ketogenic diet for extended periods of time could also lead to osteopenia, which is a precursor to osteoporosis, a disease thats characterized by bone loss.

    When the body is in ketosis, it lowers the blood pH level, causing the blood to become acidic. To counter this, the body takes calcium away from the bones, she says. The increased acidity in the body also increases uric acid, which can lead to the formation of kidney stones. Therefore, it goes without saying that due to the stress that an extremely low-carb diet can have on the body, those with kidney damage shouldnt try to achieve ketosis or attempt the ketogenic diet.

    Also worth noting is women who are pregnant or breast-feeding, people on certain diabetes medication and insulin, those with a low body mass index , children, individuals with gallstones, and those people who have had their gallbladder removed should not try the ketogenic diet.

    Maintain Adequate Protein Intake

    Why Keto Is Not Working For You? Dr.Berg

    Achieving ketosis requires a protein intake thats adequate but not excessive.

    The classic ketogenic diet used in people with epilepsy restricts both carbs and protein to maximize ketone levels.

    The same diet may also be beneficial for people with cancer, as it may limit tumor growth .

    However, for most people, drastically cutting their protein intake to increase ketone production isnt a healthy practice.

    First, its important to consume enough protein to supply the liver with amino acids that can be used for gluconeogenesis, or making glucose .

    In this process, your liver provides glucose for the few cells and organs in your body that cant use ketones as fuel, such as your red blood cells and portions of your kidneys and brain .

    Second, protein intake should be high enough to maintain muscle mass when carb intake is low, especially during weight loss.

    Although losing weight typically results in the loss of both muscle and fat, consuming sufficient amounts of protein on a very low carb ketogenic diet can help preserve muscle mass .

    Several studies have shown that the preservation of muscle mass and physical performance is maximized when protein intake is in the range of 0.550.77 grams per pound of lean mass .

    A daily protein intake of 0.450.68 grams per pound will help you maintain lean mass while losing weight .

    In weight loss studies, very low carb diets with protein intake within this range have been found to induce and maintain ketosis .

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    The Problem With Pee Strips

    The problem with using pee strips for keto is that once you become fat-adapted, it can be difficult to measure ketosis using blood or urine. This is because as your body gets better at using ketones for fuel, so fewer ketones will be found in your bodily fluids. This is why we like using breath analysis over urinalysis for ketosis, and why we made the Keyto. You can order yours here.

    Activity Levels Have Decreased

    Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology, 2006.

    Along with increased calorie intake, evidence suggests that people are less physically active than before, on average .

    This creates an energy gap, which is a term that refers to the difference between the number of calories you consume and burn.

    There is also evidence that, overall, people with obesity may be less physically active than those who do not have obesity.

    This not only applies to formal exercise but also non-exercise activity such as standing. One study found that lean people stood for about 152 minutes longer each day than people with obesity .

    The researchers concluded that if those with obesity were to match the lean groups activity levels, they could burn an additional 350 calories per day.

    This and other studies suggest that a reduction in physical activity is also a primary driver of weight gain and obesity, along with increased calorie intake .

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