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Can You Take Collagen On Keto

How To Choose Your Perfect Keto Collagen

Collagen on Keto – How we like to use it

Before we dive into the specific keto collagen proteins, here are a few important factors to consider when choosing your perfect keto collagen:

  • Minimal sugar and carbs. Most protein powders contain hidden sugars and carbs, which can kick you out of ketosis, so it’s important to know what’s in your protein – or more importantly, what’s not. Our Collagen Peptides, Marine Collagen, and Unflavored Bone Broth Protein are all unsweetened and contain less than 1g of naturally occuring sugar per serving.

  • Quality Sourcing. Look for products labeled with phrases like pasture-raised, grass-fed, and wild caught. Not only do these high-quality collagen supplements support the environment, but they’re more nutrient dense.

  • Look for the ‘Keto Certified’ Seal. Choosing products that are Keto Certified through the Paleo Foundation’s Keto Certified program is the easiest way to ensure that your collagen protein is 100% keto. We’re proud to say that all three of our collagen proteins are Keto Certified!

  • Choosing the perfect keto collagen for your body will help you reach your goals, whether its massive muscle building, joint support, or simply finding the best meal replacement for busy days, so without further ado, here are the top three keto collagen proteins:

    First A Quick Keto Refresher

    The subject of an endless number of Instagram transformation posts, cookbooks, and more, the high-fat keto diet continues to dazzle with its promises of weight loss, reduced inflammation, lower blood sugar and insulin levels, increased energy, and diminished cravings.

    Though eating too much protein on a keto diet can affect your bodys fat-burning abilities , its still important for your overall health and well-being that you eat enough, says Josh Axe, D.N.M., C.N.S., D.C, member of The Vitamin Shoppe Wellness Council and author of the upcoming Keto Diet.

    And when it comes to what type of protein to emphasize while on keto, Axe recommends collagen.

    Easy Ways To Incorporate Collagen Into Your Keto

    • Kick off your morning with keto-friendly coffee with collagen! Blend your favorite brew with butter, ghee, coconout oil or simply cream and a half serving of collagen for an out-of-the-gates high protein, high fat option
    • Not a coffee drinker? Collagen is odorless and tasteless and an easy addition to your tea, too!
    • Consider collagen as the protein dose in your next low-carb keto-friendly smoothie
    • Low on time? Add two scoops of Orgain Collagen Peptides to your reusable water bottle, shake, sip, and go!

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    Collagen Peptides For The Keto Athlete

    As a keto-based athlete, you pay close attention to your macronutrients. A typical keto diet consists of 70% fat, 20% protein, and 10% carbohydrates . While a large emphasis is put on healthy fats, high-quality protein is equally as important to overall function and performance.

    When choosing a protein source, you want to pick a clean protein that is easily digested and utilized by your organs, muscles, tissues, and cells.

    Enter collagen.

    As the most abundant protein in the human body, collagen supports structural and connective tissues like your muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, hair, skin, and nails. Because the natural production of collagen declines as you age, supplementation with collagen peptides can help your body generate new protein.

    Why I Use Collagen Every Day

    Liquid Body

    Following a ketogenic diet can be slightly confusing at times there are all sorts of things to pay attention to and supplements that can be added to meals, yet so little time to learn about it all! While there are many options in the market to improve your diet, collagen is 100% something you should be incorporating into your meals. Like ASAP.

    If you want to keep that youthful glow, keep those limbs nimble, then USE COLLAGEN. You want to reduce the looks of wrinkles and put off Botox for as long as you can? USE COLLAGEN. There are so many substantial benefits to incorporating the most abundant protein in your diet!

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    Keto Drive Exogenous Ketone Performance Complex

    Zhous Keto Drives blend is designed to get you on a fast track to ketosis. Or keep you in it if youre already there.

    This mix has a little of everything the biggest selling point being its patented BHB complex to help increase your bloods ketone levels, up your athletic endurance, focus your mental performance and give you the boost of energy you need . Keto Drive is also supplemented with a combination of vitamin A, calcium, sodium, and magnesium, all with no carbs and no sugar. Its a packed formula thatll pair well with a low-carb lifestyle.

    Zhou tests all the ingredients at their Utah lab, and the patented powder itself is made in the USA . The 14.7 grams per serving can also help mitigate the negative effects of the dreaded keto flu too.

    PROS: Premium ingredients. Mixes easily into water in seconds with no chunks, especially with a shaker bottle.

    CONS: Exogenous ketones have an undeniably awful taste. And while all of the keto powders we reviewed here have mixed feedback about their flavors, this one seems to have divided users the most. The orange-mango flavor may not be for everyone.

    Courtesy Amazon

    Dont Fall For Dirty Keto Tricks

    The question is keto a healthy diet comes up again and again, and there is no real answer.

    Like every other diet, a ketogenic diet can be unhealthy or it can be a diet thats sustainable and good for you.

    Try these tips to minimize the quizzical looks youll get by just eating bacon and keto bars:

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    Health Benefits Of Collagen

    Collagen provides the best protein for your skin, hair, joints, and other soft tissue. Thats why its quickly becoming one of the most popular supplements on the planet.

    The word collagen comes from Greek roots that literally mean glue-producing. Collagen makes up 25% of your bodys protein content , and is helpful in soft tissue repair.

    Many people wonder what the difference is between collagen and gelatin. Collagen breaks down into gelatin, so they are the same amino acids with different chemical structures. Think of them as the same tool but with different packaging.

    Collagen aids in:

    • Gut health

    The Scoop On Hydrolyzed Collagen

    RISKS of taking collagen daily on a Carnivore and Keto diet

    Hydrolyzed collagen, in particular, makes it easy for your body to put this vital protein straight to work. And it has the side benefit of making collagen powder dissolve easily in beverages! Let our in-house expert explain exactly how the process works.

    Hydrolyzed collagen, also known as collagen peptides, describes collagen that has undergone a process called hydrolysis, says Bulletproof Scientific Affairs Manager Emily Gonzalez, ND. This process takes collagen and breaks it down into smaller moleculesamino acids, di- and tri-peptidesso that it may be more easily absorbed and so that it is soluble in cold water. Larger molecules, made up of the same amino acids, are called gelatin and are only soluble in hot water, and will gel in cold water.

    Bulletproof tip: If youre following a vegan diet or you simply prefer not to eat animal products, you should know that many supplements derive collagen from animal sources. Some marine collagen supplements derive collagen from fish, while other plant-based supplements dont actually contain any collagen, but can help support your bodys own production of this important protein. Look for phrases like bovine collagen or marine collagen to help you determine which supplements best fit your diet and lifestyle.

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    Do You Need To Add Mct To Collagen On Keto

    Medium chain triglycerides or MCTs are fatty acids that can be found naturally in some oils, specifically palm oil and coconut oil.

    MCTs have long been known to increase ketone production, a primary goal when youre following the Keto diet.

    Using MCTs along with collagen supplementation will help slow the rate at which your body absorbs the collagen protein. This allows your body to use that protein for recovery rather than turning it into glucose and knocking you out of ketosis.

    Improves Health Of Skin And Hair

    The first benefit that collagen supplements give is that it helps improve the health of your skin and hair.

    Did you know that our collagen production decreases as we age? This results in looser skin, more wrinkles, and less elasticity. This is why increasing the collagen levels in your body can help to make your skin look smoother, firmer, and helps in the repairing of your skin cells.

    Collagen does this magic to your crowning glory by supplying keratin, a protein that makes up the hair. Your body breaks down the collagen supplements you take into amino acids that then make new proteins and compounds for your skins health.

    According to the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, free radicals, which are compounds that develop from stress, pollutions, alcohol, and other influences, can be fought by the antioxidant collagen to protect your skin and hair follicles.

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    Will Taking A Collagen Supplement Break Your Fast

    For many people who enjoy the benefits to the skin, hair, and nail health from using a collagen supplement, adding a scoop of collagen to your coffee is a great way to integrate this essential protein into a diet. Because coffee has almost no calories, its frequently enjoyed as part of a fasting diet, but does collagen also have a place on days when youre not supposed to eat?

    Technically, any food, drink, or supplement that has even a single calorie is enough to break a fast, so collagen would, too. However, most people who practice a form of fasting allow themselves just a tiny number of calories, such as the four or five calories found in a cup of coffee. Still, one scoop of collagen powder generally has about 35 calories still not many, but several times what would be in a cup of plain coffee.

    Even if you consume 40 calories in the morning, though five from the coffee and 35 from the collagen youre still likely to see many of the benefits of a fast. The main process thats likely to be impacted is autophagy, which involves the body ridding itself of damaged cells and replacing them with healthy ones. To get the greatest benefit from this, youll probably need to eliminate all calories from your diet during periods of fasting, which would mean no collagen. That said, you could still see some of the benefits of autophagy, even with a few dozen calories in your day.

    Helps With Type 2 Diabetes And Other Metabolic Disorders

    Liquid Body

    Several animal studies indicate that glycine can help with diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Research conducted with patients who have type 2 diabetes confirm these findings.

    One study, for example, found that glycine supplementation with 5 grams per day reduced glycated hemoglobin , a risk factor associated with poor blood glucose management in patients with type 2 diabetes.

    Glycine has also been found to help patients with the oxidative stress that occurs during the development of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

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    What Type Of Collagen Supplements Should I Use

    Ultimately, most people use collagen for its benefits on skin health and anti-aging. If those are the benefits you desire, type-I collagen is your best bet.

    If you have ongoing joint pain and debilitating inflammation, a quality type-II collagen supplement is the ideal choice.

    For bone health and muscle aches, like those that people with fibromyalgia often experience, type-III collagen is a suitable option.

    Remember, many other types of collagen exist, although they are rarely found in dietary supplements since they appear to play much lesser roles in the body.

    Will You Start Supplementing With Collagen

    As I mentioned earlier, you dont need a collagen deficiency to start supplementing with it. Your body can use all the extra health benefits we covered right now.

    If you do decide to move forward with collagen supplements, or supplements of any kind, please do your homework and find reputable companies using high-quality ingredients only.

    And if youre looking for a delicious collagen powder that ticks all the healthy boxes , check out this page next.

    For extra credit reading, heres a list of the other resources I mentioned in this guide:

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    Will Taking Collagen Kick You Out Of Ketosis

    A lot of people mistakenly think that because collagen is a protein, they cant use them on a Keto diet for fear that itll kick them out of ketosis.

    First, for many of us, high ketone levels is not the goal of our keto diet . So ensuring you get the nutrients you need to succeed is highly important. And collagen is one of those nutrients.

    Plus, if you are concerned about ketone levels, you can boost them in other ways!)

    Second, if you get Keto Collagen, which was specially designed for Keto dieters, then you can get the benefits of collagen and MCT powder at the same time and the MCT powder will help keep you in ketosis.

    Their collagen comes from 100% grass-fed beef collagen and the MCT powder is derived from coconuts. Their product is so clean that if you get the unflavored version, those are the only 2 ingredients. If you prefer a chocolate flavor, then that one comes with unsweetened cocoa powder and stevia to create a chocolate milk drink!

    If you want to give Keto Collagen a try, you can find it here.

    Bottom Line:

    Supplementing with collagen can be beneficial to your keto diet, especially if you use a brand that has MCT added to it.

    Improves Overall Sleep Quality


    Its hard to find a natural supplement that actually helps you sleep better. Most of them just provide us with a placebo effect and nothing else.

    However, there are now several studies indicating that glycine may be what we need to help us snooze.

    Here are some of the ways that this amino acid affects our sleep:

    • Improves sleep quality and sleep efficacy.
    • May reduce the time it takes to transition to sleep.
    • May increase time and quality of REM sleep.
    • Counteracts sleepiness and fatigue induced by sleep deprivation.

    In other words, glycine may help you fall asleep sooner, get a better quality sleep, and feel better than you usually do when you wake up.

    The best way to get these benefits is by taking a collagen supplement with your dinner. Studies indicate that you may need to take roughly 15 grams of collagen to experience these benefits.

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    How Are These Collagen Supplements Made

    Collagen is extracted through a process called enzymatic hydrolysis. Lets take a closer look at how this process provides us with bovine, porcine, chicken, marine, and fish collagen supplements:

    Step #1 Preservation at very low temperatures .

    Step #2 Pretreatment: Removing non-collagenous pigments and proteins to increase the yield of collagen. This happens through an acid or alkaline process, depending on the tissue. The acidic process is used for fragile raw materials with less intertwined collagen fibers, such as pig and fish skins. The alkaline process is used for thicker materials, like bovine bones.

    Step #3 Demineralization: Extracting minerals to facilitate pure collagen extraction.

    Step #4 Enzymatic hydrolysis: The use of enzymes to break down the collagen bonds.

    Step #5: Extraction: The collagen goes through filtering, solidification, and dialysis.

    • Filtering: Separating any residues from the collagen, which is in liquid form.
    • Solidification: The liquid collagen is precipitated , turning it into a solid powder.
    • Dialysis: Sifting out larger molecules of collagen from smaller ones.

    Typical Yield: If we started with 1 kg of raw material, this process would make only 12g of bovine, pig, or chicken collagen. This means that each 16oz container of collagen peptides is derived from roughly 38 kg of raw material.

    The key to making the best collagen supplement, however, relies much more on the quality of the collagen used than the processing it goes through.

    What Are The Best Supplements For Keto

    Heres the rundown on other supplements you should consider to optimize the gains you can get from ketosis.

    Electrolytes & Minerals for Keto

    Resync Your Joints – Resync Collagen gives you all the benefits of collagen , natural nitrates, and full-spectrum antioxidants, but there are a couple other reasons why its the perfect supplement for the low-carb lifestyle.

    Resync has no added sugar and serves up the tastiest single carbohydrate in any drink, so you can use it as a substitute for other sugary drinks you might have trouble sacrificing.

    In ketosis, you need more potassium and other electrolytes and minerals like sodium, calcium, and magnesium. Without the metabolic effects of sugar on your kidneys, you end up losing a lot more electrolytes in your pee.

    Calcium can be an issue. Not only do most people not get enough in a typical diet, a poor keto diet can cut out key sources. Plus, most of the calcium you get in your diet is not very bioavailable. That means that your body doesnt absorb and use it very well, and its not all that common in the first place.

    Resync has you covered here. The Fruite-XB in our blends is a highly absorbable form of calcium fructoborate. It supports an optimized musculoskeletal structure like no other calcium supplement can.

    The red spinach extract i Resync iis high in potassium, which also keeps your body running smoothly.

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    Benefits Of A Hair Skin & Nails Supplement: Biotin

    This benefit should come as no surprise, as most people are familiar with biotin because of its known benefits related to growing healthy hair and strong nails, along with maintaining glowing and clear skin.

    You may be wondering if the buzz about biotin is fact or hype, and we’re glad you’re here to read our take on the matter.

    Here’s the thing to keep in mind, while a biotin deficiency can lead to hair loss, consuming excessive levels of biotin will not act as a super hair growth accelerant. Instead, biotin is a powerful player in what must be a comprehensive approach to living a healthy low-carb life.

    The combination of eating biotin-rich foods with well-crafted supplements is worth consideration, to avoid a deficiency and help support metabolic healthespecially important if your goal on keto is to lose weight.

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