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Can You Eat Nuts On The Keto Diet

Cons Of Eating Nuts On Keto

Nuts on Keto: Best Nuts For Ketogenic Diet Dr.Berg

While weve gone over the benefits of nuts on keto, there are a few pitfalls to be aware of. As long as youre aware of the cons of eating nuts on keto, youll be less likely to experience them.

Lots of calories

Calories can add up quickly with certain types of nuts . For example, 100 grams of macadamia nuts, which is an average serving, contains 718 calories. The same serving size of walnuts contains just over 650 calories. Its easy to see how a quick snack can steal away a large percentage of your daily calories.


Wait, didnt we just tell you nuts were full of nutrients? This is true, but they also contain phytic acid, which is considered anti-nutritious. It prevents the bodys absorption of calcium, iron, and zinc. More of this acid is found in raw nuts so eating soaked and roasted nuts can limit your exposure.

Easy to overeat

One handful can quickly turn into two, three, or even four, especially if youre munching on nuts while watching television or scrolling through your phone. Before you know it, you could have gone way over your calorie limit and consumed too many carbs. Eating nuts on keto is a test of willpower, which is why some prefer to leave them out of their diet.

Can contain less than ideal ingredients

Nuts Are Among The Best Keto Snacks

Since nuts are not only low-carb but also robust and, therefore, perfect for travel, they are the ideal whole food keto snack.

With this in mind, you can always have a small supply in your bag, car, or desk.

However, if you are on the road all day, you can quickly eat too many nuts on keto per day. Therefore it is recommended to carry only a reasonable portion .

Are Nuts Allowed On A Ketogenic Diet

Most people implicitly think nuts are ketogenic-friendly. After all, they are high in fat and low in carbs, and are quite tasty! Therefore, nuts make it pretty easy for you to stay in ketosis.

However, nuts are not without problems, so its best to only eat nuts in moderation, especially if youre on a ketogenic diet for weight-loss.

If youre just starting a ketogenic diet or a low carb diet, then eating baked goods made with nut flour can be an easy and less painful way to adjust to not eating bread, pasta, and cakes. But, please keep in mind that over time, you should reduce your nut intake.

If you just enjoy eating nuts as a quick and easy snack, then try eating small amounts of soaked and low-temperature dehydrated nuts.

Nuts are not essential to a ketogenic diet, so if youre finding it hard to lose weight or experiencing digestive issues after eating nuts, then try cutting them out.

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What Nuts Are Low Inflammatory

Nuts. Almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts are high in fiber, calcium, magnesium, zinc, Vitamin E, and Omega-3 fats, all of which have anti-inflammatory properties. Almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts are high in fiber, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and Vitamin E, all of which have anti-inflammatory properties.

What Fruit You Can Eat On Keto


When consumed in moderation, avocados, raspberries, and lemons are all keto-friendly fruits to include in your diet. Because fruit is considered to be heavy in carbohydrates, you may assume that natures sweet is off-limits on the fashionable, high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet. However, this is not the case.

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Nuts Are Naturally High In Fat

Nuts are naturally high in healthy fats – with the majority of calories in a serving of nuts coming from fat. For example, a typical 1oz serving of cashews has 156 calories and 12g of total fat. That means that 108 of the 156 total calories come from fat – making cashews roughly 69% fat by calories. Thats the same percentage of fat by calories as 80/20 beef – which is often a staple of many ketogenic dieters.

The high-fat quality of nuts is partly what makes them an amazing option for anyone looking for a keto snack. But its not the only reason…

Peanuts On Keto: Wrapping Up

You can, but there are better options out there if you’re following a low-carb diet like keto, both for weight loss and overall health purposes. Nut butters like macadamia, almond, and cashew are lower in carbs, which is important for staying in ketosis.

And as weird as it sounds, peanuts aren’t actually nuts. They’re legumes, and some people’s bodies don’t have a great response to them. Alternative nut butters, on the other hand, actually help reduce inflammation, which may help ward off diseases.

If you’re going to eat peanuts, be cognizant about how you feel after you eat it. Look for brands that have no added sugar or preservatives, and limit your intake to one serving per day.

And we highly recommend giving alternative nut butters a shot. They’re delicious, better for you, and work way better on a low-carb diet.

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Are Brazil Nuts Keto Friendly

One of the often forgotten nuts in keto is the Brazil nut, and thats probably because they arent as readily available as nuts like almonds or academia nuts.

However, if you have access to these buttery and nutty flavored treats, youre in luck.

Are Brazil nuts keto friendly? Brazil nuts are one of the most keto-friendly nuts you can eat with less than 1.5 grams of net carbs per 1 oz. serving.

In this article, Ill discuss why you may or may NOT want to eat nuts while following a ketogenic diet, how many carbs are in different serving sizes of Brazil nuts, the health benefits, and some other nuts that are also keto-friendly.

A Keto Snack Thats Loaded With Quality Fats & Tons Of Flavor

How Many Nuts Can You Eat on Keto? Dr.Berg

When youre making this particular recipe, youll be using three different types of nuts: one cup of almonds and ½ cup each of cashews and walnuts. All three varieties are perfect snacking options for anyone following the keto diet because theyre packed full of monounsaturated fatty acids, modest amounts of protein, dietary fiber, and other essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin E, magnesium, and zinc.

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What Nuts Can You Eat On The Keto Diet

It is a good thing to learn about the nutrients and essence of the nuts before adding them to your meal. Along with this, you will also have to decide the number of healthy keto nuts you are going to consume per day or on a per meal basis.

So here you go with things you should know about the best low-carb keto nuts to add to your meals and diet plans.

The Best Seeds For Keto Diet

Seeds are an important part of the keto diet as well, especially for anyone with nut allergies. Not only are they packed with healthy fats, fiber, micronutrients, and antioxidants, but they play several crucial roles in keto cooking and baking as well.

Below youll find a nutrition chart of the most used seeds on keto. For reference, we also provided a rough estimate of how many tablespoons of the given seed will measure out to an ounce.

The table is ranked from the lowest to highest net carb content.

Nutrients per 1 ounce
Seed Variety

Heres a graphic you can save that summarizes the list:

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Why You Should Love Nuts

Often underappreciated, nuts deserve your love. Yes, they’re calorie-rich, but the calories pull their weight, being rich in healthy fats, fiber, and protein.

The protein and fats in some of these nuts help to curb hunger and the low-carb nature prevent dramatic blood-sugar spikes.

That means that even though they are calorie-dense, eating them can pay dividends by suppressing hunger longer and supporting ketosis .

According to a 2014 scientific review paper, eating almonds and peanuts may suppress hunger and keep you feeling full, longer.

According to another 2014 clinical trial, nuts can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and improve glycemic control.

Here are the top five low carb nuts ranked according to lowest carb count by one-ounce serving .

Hemp Seeds Keto Recipes Carbs And Nutrition

Carbs in Almonds and Other Nuts: The Best Low

Though they only have trace amounts of CBD, hemp seeds still come with anti-inflammatory benefits due to their high gamma-linolenic acid content.

If youre looking for a way to increase your protein and fiber intake that is both vegan and keto-friendly, youll find hemp seeds to be one of the best options .

When combined with walnuts, they can even add a meat-like texture to savory plant-based dishes like these meatless taco stuffed avocados.

Or for something thatll satisfy your sweet tooth try making this dairy-free chocolate shake. This thick, satisfying milkshake is 100% vegan and filled with healthy fats, fiber, and plant-based protein from these low-carb seeds.

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What Nut Butters Should I Avoid On Keto

There are plenty of nut butters available to buy, but can you grab the cheapest and most readily available? You could, but you really shouldnt.

Its critical for your health that you only eat nut butters that are pure and free from harmful additives. Not all nut butters are made equal, some are filled out with sugar, preservatives, stabilisers or made from GMO sources. You want to avoid these types of nut butters at all costs as they can cause more harm than good to your body.

Instead, opt for nut butters that are organic, or at least GMO-free. Avoid any nut butters that are marked as low-fat, you are not avoiding fat! Plus these types of nut butters will be packed out with chemicals and sugar to replace the fat.

Check the ingredients list carefully when choosing your nut butters, the fewer the ingredients, the better the quality is likely to be. Make sure there are no added sugars or hydrogenated oils either, that will take you out of ketosis and reduce the many benefits of top-quality nut butters.

Moderation Is Key With Nuts And Seeds

Regardless of what your favorite nut is, the serving size is key because carbs add up. If you indulge in a bag of almonds with your daily afternoon coffee, your blood glucose levels spike requiring your pancreas to release insulin.

In the short term that means youll get kicked out of ketosis.

However, if that happens a lot, your bodys insulin sensitivity can decrease the first step towards insulin resistance or Type 2 diabetes.

Besides their carbohydrate content, many nuts and seeds have unfavorable omega-3 to omega-6 ratios and contain antinutrients.

So my recommendation is to consume them in moderation and to listen to your body. In the Kummer family, weve made the observation that if we eat more than a handful of nuts, our stomachs get upset and we end up with loose stools. Thats true for my wife, our two kids and me. So listen to your body itll usually tell you how much is too much.

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Are Cashews Good For Keto

Cashews contain 9 grams of total carbohydrates and 8 grams of net carbs per ounce, making them a poor choice for anyone following a ketogenic diet. It just takes a modest piece of cashews to consume a big percentage of your daily carbohydrate allowance. Cashews, on the other hand, can be included in a ketogenic diet if you really appreciate them.

Best Nuts For Keto: The Ultimate Keto Nuts List

5 Keto Nuts You Can Eat All The Time

Lets start with a simple question…

True or False: I can implement a ketogenic diet eating only carbohydrates.

If you guessed false, I dont blame you. But the answer is actually true. And thats because a ketogenic diet is any diet that causes your body to produce a significant amount of ketones. So despite popular belief, you can actually get away with a 100% carb-based ketogenic diet – but youll have to SEVERELY limit your calories.

Just how much? Well…start with 200 calories per day and work your way down. Or, dont do that at all. And instead, do what smart people do…

Choose a ketogenic diet that actually works long-term.

Pictured: Your all-carb ketogenic diet. This should last you a week 🙂

The ideal long-term ketogenic diet is high in fat, adequate in protein, and very low in digestible carbs. This kind of diet allows you to enjoy delicious foods and sufficient calories – all while minimizing blood sugar and enjoying all the lifelong benefits of a ketogenic diet!

And if youre looking for a delicious and nutritious food that works well with any keto diet, then look no further than natures very own…nuts!

Pictured: A much more enjoyable ketogenic diet.

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Can You Eat Brazil Nuts On Keto

Brazil nuts are one of the lowest net-carb nuts that you could eat, thus making it perfectly acceptable to eat while following a ketogenic diet.

Problem is, most people cant find Brazil nuts on its own. Chances are that youll see them in a bowl of mixed nuts, but finding them for purchase separately is rare in many grocery stores.

If you have access to this crunchy, yet creamy nut, youll understand just how delicious and addicting these nuts are.

Some Of The Best Nuts And Seeds For Keto Dieters In One Shot:

Keep this handy image printed on your fridge or pantry to remind yourself which nuts and seeds to go for!

Reminder: Net carbs are the carbohydrates which are absorbed by your body. To calculate net carbs in whole foods, subtract fiber from total carbs. To calculate net carbs in processed foods, subtract fiber and some of the sugar alcohols from total carbs.

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What Other Nuts Can You Eat On The Keto Diet

Assuming youve read the above little section, and youre able to eat them in moderation, youll be glad to know that nearly all nuts are keto-friendly. You also have to be mindful that some nuts have more net carbs than others.

And related to the energy density point above, this also applies to net carbs in nuts. While nuts only have between 1 and 5 grams of net carbs per 1 ounce serving, you must realize just how small a serving is to begin with.

To put it in perspective, here is what a 1 oz. serving of nuts looks like for various nuts:

1 oz of nuts:

What Are The Nutritional Values Of Macadamia Nuts

15 BEST Keto Nuts and Seeds You Can Eat

This nut has been backed with nutritional values to support weight loss. It is loaded with health supporting nutrients that also serve in healthier weight loss. There are:

  • Monounsaturated fatty acids
  • Protecting from cancer and heart disease
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Reduce blood glucose, cholesterol, and HbA1c levels

With all these benefits, Macadamia nuts are amazing for weight loss and associated perks. It is the nutritional nut that has powerhouse support for day to day working. It has been attested to many scientific studies to support its additional benefits.

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Can I Eat Popcorn On Keto

Returning to the food in question, the answer is yes, you may have popcorn while following a ketogenic diet but there are a few considerations to bear in mind. However, its important not to overindulge one cup of air-popped popcorn has just 6 grams of carbohydrates, but three cups contains 18 grams of carbohydrates, which is more than half of your daily carbohydrate intake.

Plain Greek Yogurt And Cottage Cheese

Yogurt and cottage cheese are high in protein and calcium-rich. Five ounces of plain Greek yogurt provides just 5 g of carbohydrates and 12 grams of protein. The same amount of cottage cheese also has 5 grams of carbohydrates with 18 grams of protein. Studies have shown that both calcium and protein can reduce appetite and promote fullness. Higher-fat yogurts and cottage cheese help keep you full for longer, and full-fat products would be part of the ketogenic diet.

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What Makes Nuts Keto Diet Friendly

Many keto dieters associate nuts and seeds with keto-friendly foods because theyre excellent sources of fat and provide moderate amounts of plant-based protein.

Additionally, nuts and seeds are packed with micronutrients such as vitamin E, B vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

The nutritional value of nuts and seeds is one of the reasons why governmental and non-profit organizations, such as the American Heart Association , often promote their consumption as a heart-healthy snack alternative.

  • High in micronutrients and fiber

Unfortunately, most of those recommendations are based on epidemiological or observational studies that are meant to establish a hypothesis rather than a scientific fact. But due to the lack of food-related clinical trials, we often falsely accept an association as a fact.

If that sounds complicated, check out this article by Chris Kresser on the perils of observational epidemiology.

The reason why Im bringing this up is that while nuts and seeds do have some health benefits, and you can enjoy them in moderation on keto, they also have some drawbacks you should know about.

Nuts Are A Healthy Snack Choice For The Keto Diet

Seeds and Nuts on Keto Diet Dr.Berg on Ketogenic Diet Nuts & Seeds

Nuts are an excellent snack option on the keto diet. Theyre also a good source of healthy fat, protein, and dietary fiber, while being relatively low in carbohydrates.

Still, its important to remember that not all nuts are created equal. The best keto nuts to consume are macadamia nuts, pecans, Brazil nuts, walnuts, and almonds. Other nuts like cashews and pistachios are good in moderation.

If youre craving nut butter, Perfect Keto Nut Butter combines macadamia nuts and cashews with coconut butter and MCT oil for a delicious, fat-burning treat. You might also want to try a keto snack bar, which is made with organic almond butter.

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