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Can You Eat Nuts On Keto

Can You Eat Peanut Brittle On The Keto Diet

How Many Nuts Can You Eat on Keto? â Dr.Berg

No, you can not eat a traditional peanut brittle on the ketogenic diet. A peanut brittle uses sugar as one of the main ingredients, making it unsuitable for a low-carb diet. You can, however, make a ketogenic peanut brittle following this recipe.


  • Evenly spread out the peanuts on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.
  • Add the butter, sugar replacement, and vanilla to a saucepan.
  • Cook over medium heat till the mixture caramelizes.
  • Pour the caramel over the nuts.
  • Allow to cool for an hour.
  • Break and serve.

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Peanut Butter Nutrition Facts

Peanut butter is super nutritious.

Yes, its high in calories, but that doesnt mean its unhealthy. Your bod needs nutrient-dense, high fat foods for many important functions. So, dont judge a food simply on the number of calories it has. Its also a good source of magnesium, which can be lacking in very low carb diets.

Here are the deets for a 2-tablespoon serving of peanut butter:

  • Calories: 204
  • Vitamin E: 19 percent of the daily value
  • Niacin: 27 percent of the DV
  • Magnesium: 13 percent of the DV
  • Phosphorus: 9 percent of the DV
  • Manganese: 23 percent of the DV

Just keep in mind that a serving of PB contains about 7 g of total carbs and 5.6 g of net carbs . That isnt considered high carb, but it might take up a considerable portion of your daily carbs.

Youll typically keep your carb intake below 50 g per day on a keto diet. This helps you reach and maintain ketosis, a metabolic state where your bod burns fat for fuel.

Vitamin E In Peanuts On Keto

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and peanuts are loaded in it.

As a fat-soluble vitamin, people on keto are rarely low in it. And you dont need to supplement.

Vitamin Es main job description is protecting against cell damage due to oxidation.

While studies also show that vitamin E may be a factor in immune system maintenance, and protection against some cancers and heart disease. 15

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Enriching Your Keto Menus With Nut And Seed Products

If you are a seasoned ketoer, you probably dont snack much.

So you may not want to snack on nuts but they can still add flavor and spunk to your keto meals.

  • 1
  • Nut milk is a good replacement for non-dairy keto recipes.
  • 8Enjoy nut butters as a better alternative to peanut butter.
  • So, when you are on a keto diet, the versatility of nuts and seeds will help you create keto-friendly alternatives to foods that are naturally high in carbohydrates.

    Just keep in mind the more processed your nuts and seeds are the more calorie dense they become. So, youll want to limit your consumption of nut butters and flours.

    If weight loss is your goal, and you your weight loss has stalled, maybe you are eating more nut products than you should. Re-evaluate your macros and your calorie intake.

    Roasted And Spiced Nuts

    15 BEST Keto Nuts and Seeds You Can Eat

    Roasted and spiced nuts may be tasty, but theyre usually coated in sugar, rendering them not keto-friendly.

    Look out for labels like salted caramel, honey roasted, et cetera. Be sure to read a products label to make sure it has no added sugar. Hidden sugars make it nearly impossible to kick your carb addiction.

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    Nuts Are Low In Protein

    There are different theories on protein intake with ketogenic diets, and I do believe that the right amount of protein for you depends on your exact situation. For instance, if youre trying to build muscle on keto – youll want a higher protein intake than keto dieters who arent training as hard – typically 1.0 – 2.0 grams per pound of body weight.

    But whatever your protein preference, you wont have to worry about overdoing it with nuts. And thats because nuts are naturally pretty low in protein. As well see from breaking down the macros of various nuts below, most nuts have just 3-5g of protein per 1oz serving. Making protein a non-issue when it comes to eating nuts on a ketogenic diet.

    Great Source Of Nutrients

    Meat can provide many of the core nutrients you need on the keto diet, such as B vitamins and iron. However, it is still important to incorporate plant foods like nuts into your keto diet.

    Nuts contain high amounts of vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, and selenium .

    They are also great sources of phytonutrients that protect your body from inflammation and disease.

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    Can You Eat Nuts On Keto

    Nuts on keto diets can be a huge help. Eating enough fat on a keto diet can be challenging, but you dont want to eat too many carbs.

    We all know that eating more fat is good for you, but it can be hard to stick with this way of eating if youre not in love with the taste of fatty foods.

    Nuts are an easy way to get your fats on a keto diet without going overboard on carbs. Most nuts have less than 5 grams of net carbs per serving, and they also provide protein and fiber, which will help keep you feeling full longer. While following a ketogenic diet, macadamia nuts, almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, and pecans are all great choices in moderation.

    Keto is a low-carb diet that emphasizes high fat and moderate protein intake. Many people find that it helps with weight loss and stabilizing blood sugar levels. Starchy foods are not recommended because they can contain too many carbs . But if youre following a strict ketogenic diet, there are some exceptions to this rule: macadamia nuts, almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, and pecans all have less than 5 grams of net carbs per serving. These can be eaten in moderation while being successful with keto.

    Its also important to check that your brand does not contain added sugar or other ingredients that affect blood sugar, like maltodextrin .

    Relieves Inflammation In The Body:

    5 Keto Nuts You Can Eat All The Time

    Another significant predictor of disease is chronic inflammation in the body. Pistachios are rich in the type of dietary fatty acids that help with relieving inflammation, such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. So, this makes pistachio a great dietary option for anyone who has inflammation-related concerns.

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    Are Nuts Low Carb Can You Eat Nuts On A Keto Diet

    Can you eat nuts on a keto diet? We get asked this question all the time. Our answer is always the same: It depends. That might not be the answer you want to hear, but let us explain!

    Most nuts are low in carbohydrates and high in fat. However, some nuts are higher in protein and higher in carbohydrates! Those are the ones that you may want to avoid or consume in smaller amounts.

    In This Article

    What Are The Benefits Of Nuts On Keto

    Most nut butters are high in healthy fats – monounsaturated fatty acids, which have incredible anti-inflammatory properties. Cashew and pistachios have a 46% fat content, while macadamia nuts are made up of a whopping 76% fat.

    Its important that you eat plenty of fat on Keto, and the quality of the fats you eat is vital. This makes nuts and nut butters a favoured food source on Keto.

    Add to that the fact that nut butters also contain a great amount of vitamins, minerals and fibre, and they become an essential part of your Keto diet.

    Minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and folate are all essential for cell maintenance and function that help keep your body in tip-top condition.

    The high fibre content of nuts helps to slow down the rate glucose is passed into your bloodstream too, making them a great food for helping your blood sugar stay balanced.

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    How To Avoid Overdoing The Nuts On Keto

    Nuts are so tasty that they can be easy to overeat, especially salted varieties. Hyperpalatable foods like nuts can drive your body to consume more calories than it actually needs.

    And theyre also extremely high in fiber, which, despite popular belief, can cause more harm than good. You can learn more about the fiber myth here.

    To keep your nut consumption under control, practice mindful eating. Some strategies to consider can look like:

    • Select the amount of nuts youre going to eat beforehand
    • Place the amount of nuts youre going to eat in a small bowl
    • Avoid mindless eating while watching TV, movies, or videos
    • If your weight loss is slowing, stick with the lowest-carb nuts

    What Makes Nuts Keto Diet Friendly

    Carbs in Almonds and Other Nuts: The Best Low

    Many keto dieters associate nuts and seeds with keto-friendly foods because theyre excellent sources of fat and provide moderate amounts of plant-based protein.

    Additionally, nuts and seeds are packed with micronutrients such as vitamin E, B vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

    The nutritional value of nuts and seeds is one of the reasons why governmental and non-profit organizations, such as the American Heart Association , often promote their consumption as a heart-healthy snack alternative.

    • High in micronutrients and fiber

    Unfortunately, most of those recommendations are based on epidemiological or observational studies that are meant to establish a hypothesis rather than a scientific fact. But due to the lack of food-related clinical trials, we often falsely accept an association as a fact.

    If that sounds complicated, check out this article by Chris Kresser on the perils of observational epidemiology.

    The reason why Im bringing this up is that while nuts and seeds do have some health benefits, and you can enjoy them in moderation on keto, they also have some drawbacks you should know about.

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    Chia Seeds Keto Recipes Carbs And Nutrition

    Though they are very low in net carbs , chia seeds are best known for their high amount of ALA , fiber, and calcium.

    In fact, these seeds provide 3x more fiber than almonds, which is the highest-fiber nut on our list. This makes them one of the best sources of keto-friendly fiber.

    When hydrated, chia seeds form a thick gel that can be used to thicken up your keto smoothie, create a chia pudding, or bind ingredients together. To experience the versatility and health benefits of chia seeds, try making some of these keto-friendly recipes:

    Flax seeds are a key ingredient in keto bread and low carb tortillas as well.

    Dont Go Nuts With Nuts

    While nuts and seeds can be great sources of nutrients and energy in the form of fat, it is important to monitor your portion sizes so that you dont go overboard with eating nuts.

    We can all probably think of a time when we have sat down and started to eat some of our favorite nuts or seeds. Whether you couldnt stop because you were enjoying them so much, or you were just not eating mindfully, the next thing you knew, that whole bag or serving platter of nuts was gone.

    Yes, nuts and seeds are easy to overeat because they are so delicious and low-volume. However, eating too many nuts and seeds may become an issue for a few reasons:

    • Consuming too many calories
    • Over-abundance of omega-6 fatty acids
    • Eating too many carbohydrates
    • Potential digestion issues

    Thus, while nuts and seeds are great to include on a ketogenic diet, it probably would be wise to limit your portions to a serving or two per day. An ounce of nuts is about the size of a small handful. If you want to be even more precise, a serving size is close to: 24 almonds, 18 medium cashews, 12 hazelnuts or filberts, 8 medium Brazil nuts, 12 macadamia nuts, 35 peanuts, 15 pecan halves or 14 English walnut halves.

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    Can I Eat Hummus On Keto

    Is Hummus Allowed On Keto? Keto hummus is most definitely allowed on the keto diet. With only 2 net carbs per serving, you cant go wrong with this recipe! Hummus is one of those universal keto appetizers that is great for parties, gatherings and just for munching on when you have some chips or flatbread.

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    Curb Hunger With Almonds

    Nuts on Keto: Best Nuts For Ketogenic Diet â Dr.Berg

    With 2.7 grams of net carbs per ounce, almonds are among the best keto nuts out there. These foods have been extensively studied for their beneficial effects for heart function, insulin levels, body weight and overall health. The carbs in almonds are mostly fiber, leading to better digestion, lower blood sugar levels and increased satiety.

    A controlled clinical trial published in the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences in 2014 found that women living with overweight and obesity who ate 50 grams of almonds daily for three months lost more weight and experienced greater improvements in heart disease risk factors compared to the nut-free group. Other studies indicate that replacing processed snacks with almonds can improve diet quality.

    These low-carb nuts go well in both sweet and salty dishes, from sugar-free pancakes and waffles to dips. Add them to vegetable salads, low-carb sweets, pesto, coleslaw and smoothies. Swap grain flour for almond flour to cut back on carbs and get more healthy fats in your diet. Make tarts, cakes, pizza dough, pies and other treats with almond meal to add a rich, crunchy texture and reduce your carb intake.

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    The Best Nut Butters To Eat On Keto

    One of the best foods you can eat on Keto is nut butter. Nuts are full of healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and fibre, and low in carbs – making them a popular choice for Keto-ers.

    However not all nut butters are made equal, and some are more beneficial than others on Keto, depending on their percentage of fat and carbs.

    To help you eat the best nut butters on Keto, weve compiled a list of the best nut and seed butters to enjoy, and the ones to avoid to keep you healthy and in ketosis.

    Can I Eat Peanut Butter On Keto

    Plain peanut butter is OK on the ketogenic diet, as long as it is consumed in moderation and the rest of your meals are planned ahead of time. Almond, macadamia nut, and hazelnut butters are all suitable substitutes since they contain fewer net carbohydrates per serving than peanut butter.

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    Skinnypop Mini Popcorn Cakes

    A fave snack of keto-queen Halle Berry, these Skinny Pop mini popcorn cakes have no sugar and four grams of fiber per 22-cake serving, netting you at 14 grams of carbs. Choose from sea salt or sharp cheddar flavorsyou wonât be disappointed.

    Per half package: 120 cal, 3.5 g fat, 18 g carbs, 0 g sugar, 170 mg sodium, 4 g fiber, 3 g protein.

    Why You Shouldnt Eat Cashews

    Keto nuts â the best and the worst â Nutsculture

    Cashews have a high oxalate level, which makes them a good choice for diabetics. It is possible to develop kidney damage and other chronic health problems if you consume significant amounts of this food. A chemical known as urushiol is present in raw cashews this compound is also present in poison ivy and is hazardous.

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    What Happens If You Dont Eat Enough Fat On Keto Diet

    But if you dont get enough fat and arent in ketosis because you eat too much protein, you could leave the body in a state of energy limbo. If protein and carbohydrate intake is not managed, the person on a ketogenic diet may not go into ketosis and may just feel completely deprived and hungry, Shapiro said.

    Coatings And Flavourings On Nuts

    If you walk down your local UK supermarkets crisp and snacks aisle. Youre bound to see a whole range of nuts. Most are probably coated in some kind of flavouring, such as:

    • Sweet chilli
    • Salted caramel
    • Flame grilled steak

    Mmm, they all sound pretty good! Sadly, most coatings add a whole bunch of carbs. As such, they should be avoided on keto.

    Side note most salted and roasted varieties are generally OK for keto. Just remember to check the nutrition label to see if the carb count is acceptable.

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    Omega 3 To Omega 6 Ratio In Peanuts

    Peanuts are high in fat which is great for keto. But a significant percentage of this is a type of fat called omega-6. And their not balanced out with omega-3s.

    This is an issue because humans evolved eating a diet with a 1:1 omega-3:6 ratio. And our bodies are calibrated to use these fats in off-setting ways. 1

    Omega-3s are generally anti-inflammatory, while omega-6s have inflammatory properties.

    The Standard American Diet is loaded with vegetable and nut oils throwing this ratio far out of balance to the tune of 1 part omega-3s, to 16 parts omega-6s

    Studies show that this extreme overabundance of omega-6s is linked to the inflammatory diseases responsible for the most deaths across the globe. Heart disease, diabetes, prolific cancers, along with mental disorders and depression all have chronic inflammation as a root factor. 2345

    If you are eating a lot of high omega-6 nuts like peanuts and almonds, it is best to balance your ratios with high omega-3 foods like keto seafood, keto fish, and omega-3 keto superfoods like salmon roe.

    If youre a vegetarian keto or vegan keto dieter, chia seeds are one of the only plant foods with a high omega 3:6 ratio at 3:1.

    Omega 3:6 fatty-acids per 1 cup serving:


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