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Can You Eat Fruit On Keto

Other Medium Carb Fruits

THIS is Why You Can’t Eat Fruit on Keto!
  • Plums have 11g carbs, 10g of which are sugar and only 1,4g fiber.
  • Clementines have 12g carbs, 9g of which are sugar and 1,7g fiber.
  • have 11g carbs, 9g of which are sugar and 2g fiber.
  • Pineapples have 13g carbs, 10g of which are sugar and only 1,4g fiber.
  • Peaches have 10g carbs, 8g of which are sugar and1,5g fiber.
  • Nectarines have 11g carbs, 8g of which are sugar and 1,7g fiber.
  • Dragon Fruit have 13g carbs, 8g of which are sugar and 3g fiber.
  • Guavas have 14g carbs, 9g of which are sugar and 5g fiber.

The Keto Guide To Fruit: Which To Eat Or Avoid

On the popular keto diet, which involves eating loads of fats and virtually eliminating carbs, the body transitions from using carbs for fuel to using fat.

Now that we know which vegetables are OK on keto, lets find out about fruit. After all, to reap the diets benefits , you have to cut out lots of foods long considered nutritious including many fruits, says Pam Nisevich Bede, a registered dietitian and keto expert with Abbott Nutritions ZonePerfect. After all, just about 5% of your daily calories can come from carbohydrates on the diet.

Choosing The Right Carbs To Eat On A Ketogenic Diet

While the carb count in the apple example above may be on the higher end, it is important to assess your own personal carbohydrate tolerance while eating a ketogenic diet. Ketosis can be achieved differently for every person and the total carb count one can consume while remaining in ketosis can vary anywhere from 20 grams to 50 grams per day.

Fruits and vegetables contain fiber and fiber moderates the rate at which their natural sugars enter your bloodstream. A food that contains a moderate amount of carbs but ample amounts of fiber can minimally impact ketosis and ketone production. Conversely, a food with the same amount of carbs but a lower amount of fiber, and that is high on the glycemic index, may negatively affect ketosis and ketone levels.

To find your own personal limit, you can experiment with adding in more of the suggested carbohydrates slowly over time and check your ketone levels regularly using a blood ketone meter such as Keto-Mojo.

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Counting Carbs How To Read Food Labels When On The Keto Diet

One of the biggest dilemmas that Keto diet beginners face is how to buy keto diet foods, cans or sauces.

It can be very confusing when you read a food label that says 12 gm carbs and when you Google it online, the internet says 6 grams per carbs.

Now bear with us because things are about to get a little tricky. Lets have a look at the following Nutrition Facts chart:

Lets assume that the chart above is for a jar of peanut butter. The serving size is 1 tablespoon.

We have to find out if this peanut butter is Keto-friendly or not. Heres the secrete Keto equation you should know about:

Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrate Sugar Dietary Fiber

37 g 4 g 1 g = 32 g

Keto beginners can start this diet with a goal of 20 grams of carbs. As you can see, this peanut butter is not Keto-friendly.

Fruit Is Nutritious But Also High In Sugar

LIfescript: 10 Fruits You Can Eat on the Keto Diet

Lets make it crystal clear that fruit is indubitably nutritious it can be a great source of polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. After all, theres a reason the adage goes, An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

However, thats only taking into context the general micronutrient profile of fruit. In terms of macronutrients, most fruit contains large amounts of sugar and can quickly tally up a lot of extra calories to your diet.

Many people assume that fruit is a health food and can be eaten whenever, which is simply not the case.

In small amounts, though, fruit can certainly be a healthy option. For the keto diet, avocado and berries are great options. But remember: eating too much fruit will stop you from entering ketosis.

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Can You Eat Fruit On A Keto Diet

So, can you eat fruit on a keto diet? The answer is yes if youre eating low-carb fruit in moderation. Fruits such as berries, starfruit, melons, tomatoes and avocados are a great way to satiate your sweet cravings while staying in ketosis and getting your daily serving of antioxidants.

If youre new to the keto diet or have been following the diet for a long time, theres no reason to avoid fruits completely. Add a serving of keto fruit to your next breakfast or lunch or even have them as a pre-workout or post-workout snack if you feel like your body is craving some sugar.

Want to learn more about keto-friendly foods? Check out The Keto Diet for Beginners and our Top 6 Must Have Keto Vegan Foods.

Track Your Ketones: A Path To Success

If you are looking to track your progress on a keto diet, we also have a great solution for you. To allow for an effortless, accurate, and non-invasive way to measure ketosis, we invented the first and only clinically-backed ketone breath monitor.

Our device is accurate enough to replace invasive blood measurements. By simply breathing into our device, you will have a reliable measurement of your current ketone levels in seconds.

No more urine strips, no more pricking your finger just a fast, easy and reliable breath test. You can bring our device with you to the office, take it to the gym you can truly check your ketones anywhere.

Unlike previous devices, which were often poorly made, unreliable, and not backed by clinical research our ketone breath monitor is patented. This means no other device is legally allowed to use our exclusive technology. Whether you are brand new to keto and want a convenient and reliable way to check your ketone levels, or youre an elite level biohacker we are the perfect way to measure your ketones.

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Can You Eat Fruit On The Keto Diet

A ketogenic diet is a very low carb diet designed to help you minimize carb intake and support a metabolic state known as ketosis – a nutritional state thought to promote increased fat burning and utilization.

No food is truly forbidden on a keto meal plan – as long as you hit your daily keto macro goals. However, certain high carbohydrate foods can make achieving this a real challenge, including some fruits and vegetables.

You can absolutely enjoy the taste and health benefits of fruit on keto, it just depends on which fruits you choose and your serving size.

What Fruits Are Best For Keto


When picking the best fruits for keto, it comes down to how many carbs are in a serving. Higher carb fruits are going to be harder to incorporate into a keto diet while still allowing room for the liberal intake of vegetables and avocados encouraged in the Keto Reset.

The information below is taken from the Cronometer database. Make sure you pay attention to the serving size. I selected what seemed like reasonable servings of each by volume instead of weight . I also provided the weight for reference, as well as the fiber content. The Keto Reset Diet does not recommend counting net carbs for fruit though.

Before getting to the data, note that this list omits foods like tomatoes and olives because thats not what people mean when they ask about fruit.

Lets also get two items out of the way that always appear on keto approved fruits lists:

Avocados: Is there any question about them being keto-friendly? So you know, one whole avocado has 12 grams of carbs , as well as 21 grams of fat.

Lemons: Most people arent eating lemons but juicing them, right? The juice from one whole lemon has 3 to 4 grams of carb .

Now for the rest

  • Strawberries : 6 grams carb
  • Blackberries : 7 grams carb
  • Raspberries : 7 grams carb
  • Blueberries : 11 grams carb

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Remember Constant Ketosis Is Not Required

If youre avoiding fruit because youre afraid to get knocked out of ketosis, remember that once youre keto-adapted its unnecessary to stay in ketosis 100% of the time unless youre using a therapeutic keto diet to treat a serious medical condition. Also, if theres a fruit you especially want to include in your keto diet, you can also test your individual physiological response to it using a blood ketone meter.

A final word:When considering whether to add more fruit to your keto diet, ask yourself whether youre still at a point where you would be better off abstaining in order to avoid triggering cravings for sweet foods. This is an n=1 situation. If you feel like some fruit would add to your general enjoyment of your keto way of eating, or youre looking for ways to incorporate more Primal-approved carbs, go for it. If youre still struggling to break the sugar habit, perhaps hold off for now, knowing you can always choose to add fruit later.


What About Dried Fruits On Keto

Another big question when it comes to fruits and keto is whether dried fruits make the cut. Well, it’s best to avoid dried fruits on the keto diet as they are high in carbohydrates and sugars including glucose and fructose. While dried fruits have a similar nutrition content to fresh fruit because of the dehydration process, the sugar concentrates in a smaller area, making dried fruit much higher in carbohydrates and sugars.

While these considerations may have you stepping away from the fruit basket, many low-carb options will fit in nicely with your keto plan. Here’s a complete breakdown of the best fruits to eat while on the keto diet.

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What Fruits Can You Eat On Keto Our Keto Fruit List:

We know that fructose can easily kick you out of ketosis. But when it comes to this fruit sugar, not all fruits are created equal. Some fruits are jam-packed with nutritional value without the sugar. Often, the micronutrient profile of low-carb fruit far outweighs any possible downside of the sugar found in them. So, what fruits can you eat on the ketogenic diet?

Keto Fruit List: The Takeaway


In moderation, the fruits on this low-carb keto-friendly fruit list can be a harmless and marginally healthy addition to a keto diet. That being said, fruit isnt a must-have food item. Most, if not all, of the nutrients in fruit can be obtained in more bioavailable forms through nose-to-tail eating. Stick with the following fruits if you want to get results from your keto diet:\

  • Avocado

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Spend Your Carb Budget Wisely

Its important to keep in mind that not all low-carb diets are the same. There is no clear definition of exactly what constitutes a low-carb diet.

Whether any one person can or should include fruit in their diet depends on a lot of things.

This includes their current goals, activity levels, current metabolic health and personal preference.

A person who aims to eat no more than 100150 grams of carbs per day can easily fit in several pieces of fruit per day without going over their limit.

However, someone who is on a very low-carb ketogenic diet with under 50 grams per day doesnt really have much room.

Instead of spending the entire carb budget on 1 or 2 pieces of fruit, it would be better spent eating plenty of low-carb vegetables, which are much more nutritious, calorie for calorie.


While some fruit intake is fine on most low-carb diets, you may need to avoid fruit if you are trying to reach ketosis.

How To Follow The Keto Diet On A Budget

Fresh, high-fat avocados and low-carb berries, not to mention nuts and other unprocessed foods, can break the bank, especially if they’re not already part of your budget. Fortunately, there are a few hacks you can follow to cut down on costs while following the keto diet. Buying frozen fruits and nuts in bulk are just two examples.

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Can I Eat Pineapple On Keto


. Also know, what fruits can I eat on a keto diet?

Avocado, raspberries, and lemons are keto-friendly fruits when eaten in moderation. Fruit is known to be high in carbs, so you might think nature’s candy is off-limits on the trendy high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet.

Also Know, what can you not eat on keto diet? What to Avoid

  • Beans, peas, lentils, and peanuts.
  • Grains, such as rice, pasta, and oatmeal.
  • Low-fat dairy products.
  • Sugary beverages, including juice and soda.
  • Traditional snack foods, such as potato chips, pretzels, and crackers.

Secondly, is Ananas Keto?

Avocados are perfect food when you are on a ketogenic diet due to the high-fat content. They are loaded with healthy monounsaturated fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, but they are low in carbs.

Can I eat grapes on keto?

This means that on a keto low-carb diet you’re probably better off having some berries instead. You don’t actually need to eat fruit. You can get any nutrient in fruit from vegetables without all the sugar. As you see, grapes and bananas are the highest-carb fruits of them all.

Are Berries Keto Friendly

Fruits You Can Eat on Keto


Berries as a group of fruits are difficult to place in or out of a keto diet. Some berries are very high in carbs, others are actually not bad when consumed in moderation. For this, lets look at some specific berries:

  • Are Blueberries Keto Friendly?

Not Really Blueberries have the highest carb content out of all the most common berries. Every 100g of blueberries has 14g carbs, 10g of which are sugars. Its best to stay away from blueberries when youre on a keto diet and replace them with berries that have a lower carb count.

  • Are Blackberries Keto Friendly?

In Moderation Blackberries are some of the best berries to use on a keto diet. They have 10g of carbs per 100g, only 4.9g of which is sugar. 5g of the remaining carbs are dietary fiber, which means that these vitamin packed berries wont raise your blood sugar levels enough to make you fall out of the optimal keto zone, provided you dont eat too much of them at a time. For a keto diet dont exceed of a cup of blackberries per serving. That will give you about 5g of carbs, half of which is sugar.

  • Are Raspberries Keto Friendly?
  • Are Cherries Keto Friendly?

Not Really Of the 12g of carbohydrates found in 100g of cherries a whopping 8g is sugar. As with blueberries, its better to stay away from these, but if you have one or two on your low carb dessert it wont necessarily throw you out of ketosis completely, provided that the rest of the dessert isnt pushing the carb limits.

  • Are Goji Berries Keto Friendly?

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Best Way To Incorporate Fruit On The Keto Diet

Ideally, you should be getting the majority of your minerals and vitamins from low-carb vegetables and other keto-friendly food sources.

You can satisfy your sweet tooth with the fruits touched in this article, preferably berries . It goes without saying that avocados should also be a staple in your keto diet.

How Fruit Fits Into Keto

The reason youd cut fruit out is to avoid carbs. To stay in ketosis, you need to limit your carb intake to 5-10% of your daily calories. For a standard 2,000 calorie diet, thats 25-50g of carbs per day.

And when a single apple has 25g of carbs… see how fruit can be troublesome?

Now to be clear, were talking about net carbs, which is defined as:

Net carbs = total carbs – fiber

This is good news for many fruits especially berries which are high in fiber and thus lower in the net carbs.

So to fit fruit in, you just need to understand your carb tolerance and find fruits that work in that.

Simple enough right?

To help with that, lets look at some common fruits ranked lowest net carb to highest:


As you can see there are BIG differences across the category. The highest carb fruits have 5 times the carbs as the lowest carb fruits.

In general, the sweeter the fruit, the more carbs it has. But not always strawberries have a bright, sweet flavor, yet rank among the best fruits on the list.

You easily can see which fruits to avoid . Now lets look closer at the 3 best keto friendly fruits.

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Are Bananas Keto Friendly

While bananas have long been known as one of the best fruits for athletes because of their high potassium content, they also have a very high carb content. Each 100g banana has 23g carbs, 12g of which are sugars. So, unfortunately bananas are definitely not a part of the keto diet. If you are used to eating bananas and youre scared you may suffer from cramps try some cultured yoghurt, spinach, horned melon and avocado in your diet, all of which are high in potassium and magnesium. Even the cooking version of bananas, often called plantains, have a high carb count. They may have a lot of sugar in them , but the real problem is their carb count, which is an astonishing 32g per 100g.

Considerations Before You Buy

Can you eat fruit on keto diet â Health Blog

Now that you know which keto fruits you can and cannot eat on the diet, what are some things you should be conscious of when shopping for your keto-friendly fruit in the store?

Choose Organic: While there may be some debate about organic vs. non-organic fruits and vegetables, make no mistake that choosing organic fruits is extremely important. Organic fruits are free from pesticides, eliminating your risk of developing pesticide-related illnesses and cancers.

Choose Real Fruit, Not Juice: In regard to how you consume your keto friendly fruit, make sure youre consuming raw, organic fruit rather than going for juices. In most cases, the process of making juice gets rid of most the essential vitamins and fibers of the fruit. In this case, the juice is more like sugar water, which is a sure-fire way to rapidly increase your blood sugar levels and kick you out of ketosis.

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