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Can You Eat Bananas On Keto Diet

Does The Keto Diet Shorten Your Life

20 Delicious Fruits On Keto Diet You Can Eat & Fruits To Avoid

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How To Eat Banana On A Low

The answer to this question is highly individualized. A small banana provides 20 grams of net carbs.

If your goal is to eat less than 50 grams of net carbs per day, then you could fit a small banana into your meal plan, but it will fill up a good chunk of your carb allowance. Again this is not a one size fits all diet.

A highly active individual who is following a low-carb diet is going to have more flexibility with carbs.

For example, a small banana with peanut butter is an excellent way to replenish and nourish the body after intense exercise.

For someone who is just beginning the most restrictive phase of a keto diet, it is best to stick with keto-friendly fruits.

A dietitian will take into account your history, body composition, age, activity, and exercise level to determine an appropriate carb count for you and help you plan meals and snacks.

Health Benefits Of Bananas

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits on earth and a favorite snack across the lifespan from infants to the elderly.

They are loaded with nutrients including fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

They are exceptionally rich in potassium, vitamin c, manganese, and vitamin B6. In fact, a medium banana contains 20% of the daily value for vitamin B6.

They are also a good source of magnesium and folate.

Bananas contain resistant starch, which acts as a prebiotic in the body and has favorable effects on blood sugar. The greener the banana, the greater the amount of resistant starch.

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Low Carb Keto Diets Can Help Manage Insulin

Low carb keto diets can help with adherence. The diet that works is the one you can stick to. If you enjoy the kind of foods that are suitable for a low carb diet, then you are more likely to stay with the program. If the idea of not eating a banana sounds downright impossible, keto may not be the most sustainable way of eating for you.

It helps you avoid EXCESS carbohydrates, which can be stored as fat and be extremely detrimental to your health. Even if you are cutting calories, if the calories you do eat are coming from excessive sugar and starch intake then you could be taxing your system. Not everyone requires a low carb diet, but for the people who have gained weight and taxed their system to the point of insulin resistance and beyond, then limiting carbohydrates becomes about managing health issues in addition to any weight loss concerns.

Modern Bananas Arent Good For Monkeys Any More

Is banana allowed in Keto diet and how many?

Zoos already recognize that modern bananas are too sweet.

Monkeys that regularly consume modern bananas have high rates of obesity, diabetes, and arthritis.

While the monkeys might like the sweet flavor, the high sugar load they deliver compared to their wild counterparts make the monkeys fat and sick.

Sounds familiar?

Because the sugar in bananas was making the monkeys fat and sick, some zoos have stopped feeding monkeys bananas!

I applaud the zookeepers who recognize that foods fed to their charges that are not appropriate for their bodies cause harm. Its even better that the zookeepers were proactive and removed the offending food from the monkeys diet in order to improve their health!

What boggles my mind is that we cant see the exact same phenomenon going on in American human culture.

Yes, we might enjoy the sweet flavor of bananas. But that doesnt mean that high sugar foods are good for us.

In fact, our sugar-heavy diet is making us fat and sick just like the monkies in the zoo.

Keto-friendly foods that are low in sugar and high in nutrients are much more suited for humans and promote health.

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How Many Carbs Are There In One Banana

When first starting on a ketogenic diet its important to familiarize yourself with the carb counts in different foods. One thing that most people realize is how much of the carbohydrates they eat actually consist of sugar.

In order to get an overview of whats actually in a Banana, in terms of macronutrients, lets do a quick breakdown.

According to the USDA there are 22.80 grams of total carbohydrates in 100 grams of raw banana.

2.5 grams of that are fiber and 12.21 grams, sugar.

Its important to note that the actual macronutrient count in 1 Banana depends on the size and how you prepare it.

This is what the USDA says:

  • An extra small banana has 18,4 grams of total carbohydrates with 2.2g fiber and 9.91g sugar.
  • A small banana has 23.06g total carbs, 2.5g fiber, and 12.34g sugar.
  • A medium sized banana has 26.94g total carbs, 3.2g fiber, and 14.42g sugar.
  • A large banana has 31.05g total carbs, 3.6g fiber, and 16.62g sugar.
  • An extra large banana has 34.71g total carbs, 4.1g fiber, and 18.58g sugar.
  • One cup of sliced bananas has 34.25g total carbs, 3,8g fiber, and 18.33g sugar.
  • One cup of mashed bananas has 51.35g total carbs, 5,7g fiber, and 27.50g sugar.

All Modern Fruit Has Been Selected For Size And Sweetness

All fruits that humans have domesticated have undergone the same process. A fruit starts out small and not sweet or only slightly sweet. Over time, they get bred and selected for larger size and higher sugar content. Coincidentally, this usually results in lower micronutrient content!

This is why most fruits are best avoided or consumed in strict moderation when on a ketogenic diet. The most keto-friendly fruits are berries: blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries. Even these bear little resemblance to their wild counterparts, but they have managed to avoid the excessive selection for sugar content of other popular fruits.

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Can You Drink Milk On Keto

Can you drink dairy milk on the keto diet? Yes, but youll have to be careful of serving size! Be sure to pick whole milk for the higher fat content and measure how much you drink. A single cup of whole milk has almost 12 grams of carbohydrates, which takes up nearly half of some dieters daily carb allowance.

Does This Mean That Bananas Are Unhealthy

Green Banana and Plantains on Ketogenic Diet Explained By Dr.Berg

Certainly not. Even if the bananas arent keto-friendly, they do have quite a few vitamins and minerals. Bananas are high in potassium and a lot of vitamin B6. If your diet allows more carbohydrates, they are good for you.

However, if you follow a keto diet, you can get these vitamins and minerals from other fresh fruits and vegetables like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, avocado, kale, and cruciferous vegetables.

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Will A Banana Kick Me Out Of Ketosis

Achieving and maintaining a state of ketosis is highly individualized.

This is why it is recommended that you work with a nutrition professional who can help you plan a keto diet that meets your nutritional needs, monitor, and evaluate your labs, and help you manage any side effects.

Once it is deemed safe for you to start a keto diet, a dietitian can help you figure out your goal carb intake, which takes into account your age, gender, metabolism, body composition, physical activity level, lifestyle, overall health, etc.

In the initial phase of a keto diet, where the goal is to maintain a state of ketosis, high-carb fruits will not be on your meal plan.

However, this highly restrictive phase is temporary, and as more carbohydrates are added to your diet in later phases, banana in small amounts may be included.

On a final note, with regard to whether your body is maintaining a state of ketosis, the only way to really know is to measure ketone levels. Blood ketone levels are the most accurate measure of ketosis.

What Is The Keto Diet Regimen

The keto diet is a very low-carb, higher-fat diet plan. Its comparable in several means to various other low-carb diet regimens.Can You Eat Bananas On The Keto Diet

While you eat far less carbohydrates on a keto diet plan, you maintain modest healthy protein intake and might boost your intake of fat. The decrease in carb intake puts your body in a metabolic state called ketosis, where fat, from your diet plan and from your body, is burned for energy.

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How Many Carbs Are In A Banana

Conventional nutritional wisdom has led us to believe that all fruits are healthy and highly desirable.

While there are some wonderful vitamins and minerals to be found in some fruits, you can get all of them from other sources, like vegetables, meat and seafood.

What you get in bananas that you wont find in these other nutritious choices is a boatload of sugar.

One medium banana has 21 grams of sugars! Even though it is natural sugar, its still sugar. Sugar is no allowed on a ketogenic diet.

Yes, the sugars in bananas are natural sugars, meaning that they are naturally occurring sugars in the banana and they dont come from added refined sugar.

First of all, whether the sugar is naturally occurring or added in processing, it will elicit a glucose response in your body and raise your insulin level. Chronically high insulin is at the heart of many of our chronic, debilitating diseases, and its what were trying to avoid by eating a ketogenic diet.

Mgknight Brain Institue Keto Diet Cancer

Are Bananas Keto Friendly? We Asked the Expert  Keto Diet ...

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What Is The Custom

The Customized Keto Diet is a program by Rachel Roberts that assists consumers to find the most effective consuming plan for their goals as well as their food choices. The program centers around tasty food but doesnt create the participant to really feel as though they are depriving themselves or having to give up most of their favorite foods. Whether individuals are adhering to a VLCKD or a LFD , the designer of the Custom-made Keto Diet regimen describes the seven reasons the Ketogenic Diet is the holy grail for weight loss.Can You Eat Bananas On The Keto Diet

One of the hardest parts of sticking to any type of diet is the reality that there is too much that individuals need to quit when they follow it. Starvationof these sorts of food can be helpful momentarily as the body begins to function from saved fat. Nonetheless, some people discover willpower an obstacle to maintain, leaving them at risk to quiting completely as well as going back to their days of poor nutrition.

Dark Chocolate And Cocoa Powder

Dark chocolate and cocoa are delicious sources of antioxidants.

In fact, cocoa provides at least as much antioxidant activity as any other fruit, including blueberries and acai berries .

Dark chocolate contains flavanols, which may help reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure and keeping arteries healthy .

Somewhat surprisingly, chocolate can be part of a ketogenic diet. However, its important to choose dark chocolate that contains a minimum of 70% cocoa solids, preferably more, and eat in moderation.

One ounce of unsweetened chocolate has 3 grams of net carbs (

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And Its Not Just Sugar Grains Too

All domesticated plants have been changed by human selection and breeding. Fruits arent the only plants to have seen a skyrocket in the amount of sugar and size.

Grains have some of the scariest changes. While we have selected and even genetically modified grains to increase size and production, along with sugar content, where we really get into trouble is in the processing afterwards.

The sugar that can be extracted from grains can then be refined and processed into syrups and other concentrated sweeteners. The sugar from corn is refined and concentrated into corn syrup and then refined again into high fructose corn syrup.

How many times can we double down on sugar intake before we recognize the harm we are doing to ourselves?


P.S. If you are a keto diet newbie and are really confused about what you can and cant eat on keto, you are not alone. I wrote my No Cook Keto Meal Plan for people just like you. This stupid easy keto meal plan takes all the guesswork out of keto. Its just for the first three weeks of keto, while you lose some pounds and learn the basics of the diet.

~ Angela

I’m Angela Davis, Co-Founder of Advantage Meals. I have a Bachelors in Anthropology and Masters in Holistic Nutrition. My passion is Ancestral Nutrition and for over a decade I’ve been helping Keto Diet beginners and those looking for their Primal Diet. “There is no one right way.”Below are the most recent articles I’ve written for

Chia Seeds With Banana Extract

8 Fruits you can eat on a Keto Diet

Soaked chia seeds take on a gelatinous texture that works well as a banana substitute.

As a rule of thumb, use one part chia seeds to four parts water . Soak the seeds for about 20 minutes, until they take on a texture similar to tapioca.

Mix in 1/4 teaspoon of banana extract, then use the mixture as a 1:1 substitution for banana .

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Common Fruit And Their Carb Counts

If youre on a low-carb, ketogenic diet and want to indulge in some fruit occasionally, thats no problem at all. Try to stick with berries and lower carb fruit that can fit within your macro ranges. Remember that you want to stick to 30g or less of carbohydrate intake per day to help stimulate and sustain ketosis.

Although some people argue that you have to eat fruit to be healthy, this is not the case. You can easily get any nutrient from vegetables that you can from fruits, except with a significantly lower amount of sugar and more fiber.

Since the ketogenic diet allows for a good amount of vegetables to be eaten, you wont be missing out on any health benefits by decreasing your fruit intake. While a sweet treat may be desired once in a while, there really is no need for it.

To help you figure out what fruits you can fit into your keto diet, we created the following chart which has some of the lowest carb fruits, their respective net carb counts per 100g, and the average size of that serving.

Each listing pertains to the fresh, raw variety of the fruit. The nutrition information for processed, packaged, cooked, and/or dried fruit products will vary from what is found in the chart.

Below the chart, you will find a more in-depth explanation of each fruit and some ideas on which fruit to avoid completely. At the bottom, you can find a visual list of all common fruits and their respective carb counts per serving.

Fruit Type
12.09About 3/4 cup

What Is Banana Good For

Besides its taste, bananas are full of other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals like vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, copper, manganese, and magnesium, as well as antioxidants.

Bananas have high contents of dopamine and catechins which are strong antioxidants. Antioxidants are chemical compounds that react with free radicals in the body and prevent oxidative stress.

While you might think that dopamine will alter your mood, since it is often labeled as a feel good hormone, that is just not the case with the dopamine from bananas. The kind of dopamine that comes from bananas does not cross the blood-brain barrier, therefore it only acts as an antioxidant.

Bananas are also a great way to add some potassium and magnesium in your diet, as both are very important for cardiovascular health, especially for the regulation of blood pressure. Therefore magnesium and potassium can help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. ,

Eating bananas has also been linked to a 33% lowered risk of kidney disease, which was concluded in a 13-year study where people ate bananas 2-3 times per week.

Unripe bananas contain resistant starch which can slow down digestion and help you feel full, therefore helping with weight loss. Resistant starch has also been linked to lowering insulin resistance and improving insulin sensitivity in obese men over a short amount of time. ,

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Are Bananas A Carb

Bananas consist primarily of carbohydrates and water and therefore, yes they are considered a carb.

As mentioned above, over 90% of the calories in a banana come from carbs, which is why they are not considered keto-friendly.

The term carbohydrate can be misleading because not all carbs are created equal. Carbohydrates can be complex starches or fibers, and they can be simple sugars.

Your body processes these carbs differently. About 10% of the calories from carbs in a banana come from fiber.

Fiber has little to no caloric value in the body so these carbs can be subtracted from the total carbohydrates.

Fiber has the added benefit of stabilizing blood sugar levels by slowing down digestion. This is why it is important to calculate net carbs on a keto diet.

To calculate net carbs you simply subtract the grams of fiber from the total carbohydrate content.

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