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Can You Drink Beer On Keto

What Are Some Keto


Unsweetened and pure alcohol products are usually your safest bet. Drinks like tequila, gin, vodka, rum, or whiskey do not contain any carbs.

There are also a variety of low carb mixers that are Keto friendly if youre not one for strong drinks.

  • Diet sodas
  • Sugar-free flavor packets

These are a few options that wont mess up your keto diet.

Keeping your carb intake low while drinking is the primary key. We have an awesome guide that gives you tips and recommendations on how to stay on track and avoid keto killers.

Keto killers are exactly what we want you to avoid during your diet.

  • Highly sweet drinks

Potential Health Benefits Of Drinking Beer

Beer is one of the most archaic and popular alcoholic beverages in the world. It can be bought from groceries to convenience stores everywhere today.

Most people regard beer as an unhealthy drink. Still, it does contain some vitamins and minerals like magnesium, niacin, and folate. It also has small amounts of calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, and B vitamins. Despite this, the micronutrients present in beers are still incomparable to healthier foods like fruits and vegetables.

It has been found that light to moderating drinking of beer can be linked to some health benefits. One of the most prominent benefits is probably the lower risk of heart disease. Some studies associate light to moderate drinking with a lower heart disease risk.

It is essential to note that this benefit is only linked to light and moderate beer intake, which is up to one drink for women and up to two drinks for men in a day. Heavy drinking can ultimately give an opposite effect, with a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.

Another possible benefit of light to moderate drinking is improving blood sugar control. From regular to extensive studies, it has been shown that average alcohol intake can help reduce the chances of developing or progressing diabetes.

Does Drinking Beer While On A Keto Affect Hangovers

Yes, drinking while on a keto diet will worsen your hangover. As stated earlier, being in the state of ketosis and having fewer carbohydrates in your body will significantly lower your alcohol tolerance to almost zero. Having a low alcohol tolerance and being easily intoxicated means an intense hangover.

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Warnings About Consuming Alcohol On A Ketogenic Diet

Alcohol shouldnt be consumed heavily or on a consistent basis. There are many negative health benefits, but in the short run dont forget the following when consuming your alcohol:

  • Calories. Alcohol still counts as calories and will slow fat loss down. Alcohol is burned as a priority by the body.
  • Tolerance. Most people on a ketogenic or low-carb diet experience a much lower tolerance to alcohol than usual. Be careful with consumption.
  • Hunger. Many people experience heightened levels of hunger when drinking this can lead to bad decisions or just over-consuming in general.
  • Dehydration. Since keto is a natural diuretic, you have to be watchful of how much water youre drinking alongside the alcohol. Try to drink 1 glass per 1 shot and extra water before bed.
  • Added sugars. Mixers, liqueurs, and many alcohols will contain some type of flavoring or added sugar. While many companies are publishing nutrition information, you should try to be prepared and research nutrition beforehand.

Weve read a lot of articles that mention drinking light beers and very dry wine to avoid carbohydrates, but dont get out of hand with consumption. Some light beers can contain over 10g net carbs and some dry wine can average over 8g carbs per glass.

Its also important to note that alcohol does contain calories. There is no function in the human body to store the energy in alcohol, so your body will take a preference to metabolize alcohol over fat.

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Can You Drink Beer On Keto?

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But the keto diet requires that you keep your carbs at a minimum, which begs the question: Can you drink alcohol on the keto diet?

The short answer is yes! There are plenty of keto-friendly drinks that will keep you in ketosis. But its the type and quantity of your alcohol that matters.

Read on to find out the drinks that might kick you out of ketosis and which may have little to no effect on your goals.

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Alcohol And Mixers To Avoid On A Ketogenic Diet

Most of us that are on a low-carb, ketogenic diet know that sugar is in just about everything you can find. This also applies to mixers and chasers for alcohol, as well.

  • Port/Sherry. These are also known as dessert wines and include all types of port, sherry, and sauternes. They have a very high sugar alcohol, commonly averaging over 13g carbs for just a 3 oz serving. Avoid these where possible.
  • Sweet Wines. Much sweeter than dry wines, these are typically enjoyed with dessert and are a bit lighter than port or sherry. These include Moscato, auslese riesling, tokaji, and malvasia wines. They typically have around 11-18g carbs per glass, so you should avoid these.
  • Sangria/Margarita Mix. Typically sangria mixes and margarita mixes have over 10g carbs per 1.5 oz serving . Avoid these as much as possible.
  • Wine Coolers/Alcopops. The most common of these are Smirnoff ice theyre essentially sugar-laden soda with alcohol in them. You should definitely avoid these.
  • Liqueurs. Usually a combination of alcohol and a simple syrup , these are extremely high in carbohydrates. Below, youll find a full list of the most common liqueurs and their respective nutrition information.
Liqueur Type

Can You Have Alcohol On Keto

While its obvious that sweet mixed drinks and beer are full of sugar and carbs that can immediately bring you out of ketosis, straight liquor and dry wine can also cause issues for some people.

When talking about drinking on the keto diet, you have to consider the processes that go into your body metabolizing alcohol, and how that can interfere with your body being in ketosis.

Your health and body are unique to you, so its important to understand that even if you drink a low-carb alcoholic drink, your reaction may not be the same as the person across from you. Listen to your body, and act accordingly.

Take a drink like a vodka soda: It has very few calories and even fewer grams of sugar. However, even though it uses a liquor with no carbs, its not the calories in this simple drink that can cause a problem its how the body processes the liquor in the first place.

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol isnt 100% all bad news.

Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol has been shown to be beneficial because it can protect your heart, lower risk of diabetes and reduce the effects of ageing on skin

Some other health benefits of drinking alcohol are that it may reduce your risk of cognitive decline and memory loss.

These health benefits have been hotly debated recently though, and we all know pregnant and breastfeeding women shouldnt drink alcohol.

The difficult part is knowing how much alcohol is healthy to drink on keto.

How To Drink On Keto Without Sabotaging Your Progress

How Does Beer Affect a Keto Diet?

So instead, we give them the tools to succeed. And we’re passing some of those tools on to you. To reduce the impact of the carb load when you enjoy happy hour, follow the strategies below.

#1: Bank Your Carbohydrates

#2: Stick with Hard Alcohol

#3: Maintain Ketosis with Exogenous Ketones

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Homemade Keto Energy Drinks: The Healthiest Option For An Energy Boost

To make the perfect keto energy drink, I recommend including the following three key ingredients:

  • Caffeine This can come from coffee, caffeinated tea, a caffeinated zero-carb soda, or pure caffeine powder.
  • MCT oil Whether you have the oil or powder form, MCT oil is one of the best ways to boost ketone levels, especially when its accompanied by caffeine.
  • Your preferred sugar-free flavoring Usually, all youll need is a keto-friendly sweetener, or simply rely on the flavor of your caffeinated energy drink base .

Here a few recipes for keto energy drinks :

Coffee-based energy drink options for keto:

*For an extra ketosis-boost, blend MCT oil or powder with your coffee.

Tea-based energy drink options:

  • Unsweetened Green or Black Tea*

*For an extra ketosis-boost, blend MCT oil or powder with your tea.

Keto shake and energy drink combo :

  • Keto Meal Replacement Shake or Low-carb Smoothie Add your preferred dose of caffeine powder and MCT oil before blending. You may need some extra keto sweetener to counteract the bitterness of the caffeine powder as well.

DIY carbonated keto energy drink :

  • Mix caffeine powder with keto-friendly diet soda and sugar-free sweetener to taste.

Can Be Dangerous In Excess

Excessive alcohol intake while in ketosis can cause runaway acidosis to develop which is potentially very dangerous. Just like type 1 diabetics risk diabetic ketoacidosis 2Since diabetics regulation of blood sugar is impaired, they run the risk of building up dangerous levels of ketones in their blood. Alcoholics also risk building up high levels of ketones in their blood whether or not on a ketogenic diet.

Moral of the story drink in moderation.

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What Else Can I Drink On Keto Besides Water

Thankfully, there are still plenty of options for beverages you can enjoy and still remain in ketosis, which are really any low-to-no carb drinks, says Tewksbury, such as:

  • Coffee
  • Seltzers
  • Fruit-infused waters
  • Unsweetened teas

The bottom line: You can drink alcohol on keto if you do so in moderation and go with unsweetened alcoholic beverages that are low in carbohydrates.

Can You Consume Beer While On Keto

Alcohol on keto

Sticking to the keto diet doesn’t mean giving up your favorite drinks, but it will require making some adjustments. Choosing alcoholic beverages with fewer carbs will help you remain within daily limits and still enjoy a good can every once in a while.

If you’re following a keto diet, it’s vital to avoid high-carb drinks. A typical daily allowance is 20-50g of carbohydrates per day, and even then, there are limits as to what can be consumed in meals or drinks. Some types of keto diet even suggest that you should not drink alcohol on keto.

However, if it fits your daily carb intake limit, it is possible still to drink some low-carb alcoholic beverages for that day.

Additionally, suppose you are using the keto diet to treat a medical condition like diabetes. In that case, not consuming alcohol on the keto is a must. In such cases, it is essential to talk with and consult your doctor about your keto diet and the food and drink that should be avoided.

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Healthy Beverages On A Keto Diet

Naturally, when you have to restrict yourself so much, you will have to ration all your meals. Therefore, you will not have the luxury of being able to drink sugary beverages as much as you like. Many self-proclaimed healthy drinks contain a tonne of sugar, making them unfriendly for the keto diet. For instance, even a glass of orange juice contains over 27 grams of carbs, making it carb-dense when you are on a keto diet. What can you sip without any guilt, and what do you have to think twice before ordering? Where does diet soda fit into this scheme?

What Alcohol Can You Drink On Keto

So, what drinks are ok on keto? There are a few different categories of low carb alcoholic drinks and keto friendly alcohol drinks:

  • Hard Liquor Vodka, rum, tequila, gin, brandy, whiskey, etc. Most of these have 0 carbs, which is great, but you need to be careful with what you mix them with.
  • Dry Wine Dry red wine, dry white wine, dry rose wine, dry sparkling wine, etc.
  • Light Beer Most light beers are fine, but you can look up the carb counts of your favorite brands.
  • Light Seltzers These are basically spiked flavored seltzer water, with no sugar added.

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What Can You Drink On Keto

  • The best option you have is, and always will be water. Whether it is ordinary water, hot water, cold water, or sparkling water, it is always healthy. Not only does it satiate your thirst, but it also contains 0 carbs and sugars. Furthermore, you could add a little bit of salt into it in case you have a keto-induced headache.
  • Otherwise, you could opt for a small cup of tea or coffee. However, you will have to stay away from sugar and have them with no sugar. Instead, you could use Stevia, if you really want your drink to be sweet. Make sure you dont drink too much of these as they contain a lot of caffeine.
  • A healthier alternative to tea and coffee is Matcha or specialized green tea. Matcha requires only boiling water to make and is a super healthy beverage that is filled with a lot of great nutrients. Matcha contains a tonne of antinutrients and polyphenols, which help make it a great drink that you should all try out. If you are still unconvinced, check out our blogs on Matcha to see how beneficial and healthy it is for the body.

How Do You Test For Ketones


How to Test Your Blood for Ketones

  • Load a needle into the lancet pen according to package directions.
  • Wash your hands with soap and dry them well.
  • Remove a test strip from the packaging and insert it into the meter.
  • Place the lancet pen on the side of your fingertip and push the button.
  • Healthy Diet With Alcohol: 5 Best Low-Carb Drinks To Prevent Weight Gain

    • Vodka and Soda. The popular bar staple vodka soda is practically zero-carb since it’s a clear spirit.
    • Rum and Diet Coke.

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    Calories Matter Just As Much As Carbs

    On a keto diet, counting net carbs is more critical than counting calories, but alcohol is the exception to the rule. Alcohol contains 100 percent empty calories. With just a few beverages, you can easily drink a meals worth of calories without realizing youre over your limit.

    Repeat this too often, and your weight may start tipping in the wrong direction. Familiarize yourself with low-carb, low-calorie options, and stick to them.

    Best Drinks For The Ketogenic Diet

    With thoughtful selection, however, you can get all the flavor of your favorite mixers with none of the carb intake.

    Try these zero-carb mixers for low-carb alcoholic drinks!

    • Diet soda
    • Seltzer
    • Sugar-free flavor packets

    Mix and match flavors and liquids, and you can find zero carbs alcoholic beverages that taste delicious!

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    Considerations When Drinking On A Keto Diet

    When following a keto diet, be aware that some people become intoxicated from significantly less alcohol than those not eating a keto diet. You may only require half as many drinks as usual to enjoy yourself.

    The reasons for this are not fully known. But one possible reason is that the liver is busy creating ketones or glucose and has less capacity to burn alcohol.

    Be very careful when you consume alcohol on a keto diet. Impairment could increase the risk of accidents and injury. Plus, it may make your hangover worse.

    If you use a keto diet to treat metabolic syndrome and fatty liver disease, understand that alcohol can harm liver health.5 Heavy drinking acts as a liver toxin.

    In this article

    You Will Get Drunk Faster And Keto Hangovers Could Be Worse

    Can You Drink Low Carb Beer On Keto

    Whether you have drunk a glass of red wine or two with friends after work or plan to drink beer through 18 holes of golf on the weekend, a keto diet Alters the effects of alcohol on your body.

    When you are in ketosis, alcohol affects your system faster and stronger than when your body Harvard more carbohydrates.

    Your alcohol tolerance drops to almost zero when you are in ketosis because your glycogen stores are depleted,

    Usually, people have a larger amount of glycogen stored in their bodies thanks to high carbohydrate diets that act as a buffer to metabolize alcohol.

    Without this buffer, your body processes alcohol much faster and you feel the effects much faster as well.

    In addition to the new lower tolerance, those with a ketogenic diet report harder hangovers than when they ate a carbohydrate-rich diet.

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    Keto Diet And Alcohol: The Best And Worst Drinks To Choose

    The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet used by many people to lose weight and improve health.

    It typically requires careful planning so that you stick within your daily carb allotment and keep your body in ketosis. This may mean giving up sweets, snacks and other high-carb indulgences like soft drinks and alcohol.

    However, there are plenty of low-carb alcoholic beverages that you can enjoy in moderation even on a keto diet.

    This article gives you the best and worst alcoholic drinks to choose on the keto diet.

    What Is The Best Thing To Drink On A Low Carb Diet

    There are a variety of teas, coffees, and herbal teas to choose from. Other good options include soda, sparkling water, juices with low carbs, sports drinks, and energy drinks. You may want to opt for products that are low carb, sugar-free, and utilize stevia as opposed to to opt for low carb, no-sugar versions and look for products that use stevia instead of artificial sweeteners.

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