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Can Keto Cause Kidney Stones

The Relation Between Kidney Stones And Ketones

Can keto cause kidney stones?

The lack of water throughout your keto diet or low-carb diet might be one of the causes of kidney stones. You should bear in mind that the body goes through a ketosis state during your ketogenic diet that helps the ketones to eliminate urine. Some many minerals and salts are often eliminated through the elimination of ketones. Sodium removal mainly occurs because it is positively charged.

The idea here is that the ketones are full of negative charges and involve positively charged compounds. The elimination of sodium can be observed for this reason. It begins to accumulate when there is an excess amount of sodium in the kidneys, and the formation of calcium stones begins. This is why keeping yourself hydrated and avoiding the risk of this is necessary.

Does Keto Cause Kidney Stones

In short, yes. Keto can cause kidney stones. Kidney stones are a well known side effect in children who follow a keto diet for epilepsy. In fact, kidney stones are so common, a medication called potassium citrate is sometimes given for prevention.

Unfortunately, no research has investigated the prevalence of kidney stones in adults who follow a keto diet. So, it is difficult to know how likely kidney stones are in adults on a keto diet. Or, the impact of diet culture keto diets on kidney stones.

I can report that, in my clinical experience, many of my Kidney Stone Nutrition School students and patients can trace their kidney stones back to a keto diet.

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How Do I Protect My Kidneys On A Keto Diet

  • You should control your sodium intake. Salt, which is frequently absorbed by the kidneys, increases the excretion of calcium.
  • Make sure you drink plenty of water.
  • Animal protein should not be consumed in large quantities
  • Food that forms a stone should not be consumed.
  • Take no vitamin C supplements.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Ketogenic Diet

    Can Keto Cause Kidney Stones?

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    Who Should Not Do Keto

    Most people can do the keto diet, but there is a select few who should definitely speak to their doctor or nutritionist first before you make your decision.

  • Someone who is diabetic and takes meds that increase their glucose should speak to their doctor first, as the diet can have adverse effects on any medications you are taking.
    • Anyone who is underage should avoid Keto since the body is still developing. In extreme circumstances they may begin Keto, but only after their doctor approves of it.
    • Certain eating disorders can make the keto diet a nightmare. The diet requires discipline and self control to adhere to a very tight set of macronutrients, and keto could make things worse. Consult a doctor first!
    • No matter what, those who are pregnant should check with their doctor before attempting to change your diet. Your need to ensure your baby is getting the proper nutrients. Here is another article specifically on pregnancy and Keto.

    I can not stress this enough doing your due diligence is important, but always get the valued opinion from your doctor first, especially when concerning a baby and pregnancy.

    Healthy or not, but especially those with anything pre-existing , stay away from Keto for now and make an appointment with your doctor.

    Everyone should get routine checkup, but even more so when altering your diet like you plan on doing with Keto.

    Its good thinking, but not good enough.

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    How Kidneys Are Damaged

    Many different diseases, drugs, toxins, and inherited disorders can lead to kidney damage.

    However, by far the two most common causes of kidney disease are diabetes and high blood pressure, both of which can damage the kidneys delicate blood vessels and tissues.1

    When the root causes of these two diseases are not addressed, chronic kidney disease and ultimately kidney failure can be the result. In the US, diabetes causes 44%, and high blood pressure causes 29% of all cases of end-stage kidney failure requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant.2

    Why does this happen?

    In the case of diabetes, high blood sugars over long periods of time can cause glucose to bind to vital proteins in the bloodstream. This process, known as glycation, results in the formation of advanced glycation end-products . AGEs can cause abnormal changes to proteins and to receptors that ultimately injure the filtering segments of the kidney. This glycation creates a vicious cycle of additional injuries to tissues that results in progressive kidney damage, called diabetic nephropathy.3

    With high blood pressure, the problem is simply too much pressure. Exposing the delicate filtering portion of kidneys to blood that is moving too hard and fast causes scarring, which damages the kidneys. This results in a loss of kidney function, leading to chronic kidney disease or eventually kidney failure.4


    Why Do You Get Kidney Stones On Keto

    Keto Diet and Kidney Stones | How can Ketogenesis Cause Kidney Stones? Explained by Dr. Robert Chan

    The prime cause of this problem is the high amount of oxalate, protein and calcium in food. The prevalence of renal calculi in consumers on the keto diet is higher as compared to the others.

    • Fat malabsorption,
    • Dehydration,
    • Chronic acidosis and others are the prime reasons for the kidney stones on keto.

    It contributes to the formation of calcium oxalate and uric acid stones. As we know, the formation of kidney stones contains many reasons. The most common chemicals are uric acid, oxalate and calcium. This diet is famous for instant weight loss, and it helps with certain medical conditions like Type 2 diabetes and seizures. How long will it be safe to be on keto? If someone follows this diet for an extended period of time, it is hard to avoid its harms.

    People on keto use the protein, fat and nuts during the ketogenic diet. It contains ketones in the body to lose weight. This chemical puts a load on the kidneys. So, using a keto diet for a long time is not easy to manage. It can damage human kidneys, liver and other functions. You need to use a well-formulated diet otherwise, you will suffer from this problem on keto.

    Via Anh Nguyen / Unsplash

    Yes, it does. Some people feel pain in kidneys. Keto puts stress on them, and it gives you kidney stones that cause pain. It is a potential side-effect of the keto diet. This is a low-sugar and high-fat weight loss strategy that puts your body into its natural starvation mode.

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    What Are Kidney Stones

    We all know that kidney dysfunctions when stones are formed. Some people face developing these stones, but only a few of us know how they are developed. Lets get some knowledge!

    Our urinary tract includes the renal, ureters, and bladder. Urine is made, carried, and processed in the body by the urinary tract. Urine is formed by the kidneys and the waste of your body. The urine then reaches the bladder through the ureters, where it is deposited.

    Your urine is leaving the body through the urethra. These are formed in either kidneys or only one, and certain stones travel to the ureter from the kidney. The ureters are pipes that link the bladder with the kidneys. The ureteral stone is formed when a stone leaves the kidney and gets in a ureter.

    May Increase Your Risk Of Chronic Diseases And Early Death

    The ketogenic diets effect on your risk of chronic illness, such as heart disease or cancer, is hotly debated and not entirely understood.

    Some evidence suggests that high fat, low carb diets that focus on animal foods may lead to poor health outcomes, while diets that emphasize vegetable sources of fats and proteins provide benefits (

    Yet, more substantial studies are needed.


    While research is mixed, some evidence suggests that low carb diets that focus on animal foods may lead to higher death rates from heart disease, cancer, and all causes.

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    May Cause Dangerously Low Blood Sugar

    Low carb diets like keto have been shown to help manage blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

    In particular, some studies suggest that keto may help decrease levels of hemoglobin A1c, a measure of average blood sugar levels .

    However, individuals with type 1 diabetes may be at a high risk of more episodes of low blood sugar , which is marked by confusion, shakiness, fatigue, and sweating. Hypoglycemia can lead to coma and death if not treated.

    A study in 11 adults with type 1 diabetes who followed a ketogenic diet for over 2 years found that the median number of low blood sugar events was close to 1 per day .

    Individuals with type 1 diabetes typically experience low blood sugar if they are taking too much insulin and not consuming enough carbs. Thus, a low carb keto diet may increase the risk.

    Theoretically, this could also happen to individuals with type 2 diabetes who are taking insulin medications.


    Even though low carb diets have been shown to improve blood sugar control in people with diabetes, they may also increase your risk of low blood sugar events especially if you have type 1 diabetes.

    What Your Kidneys Do

    Can Keto Diet Cause Kidney Stones

    Kidneys are a pair of bean-shaped, fist-sized organs at the back of your abdomen. Each kidney produces urine that drains to the bladder 24 hours a day. Your kidneys filter large volumes of blood on a continuous basis in order to:

    • Remove excess fluid and acids from the body
    • Optimally balance fluids, minerals, and electrolytes
    • Regulate blood pressure
    • Remove waste products, toxins, and drugs

    The kidneys also make hormones that help keep your blood and bones healthy, including making calcitriol, the active form of vitamin D.

    In short, your kidneys are like the waterworks department of a big city. We cannot survive without functioning kidneys, so we must support them by following a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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    But My Friend Followed An Isolate Diet With Keto And Had Kidney Stones

    An increased level of uric acid in the blood is one of the significant consequences of the Metabolic Syndrome. And, during the ketosis state, excessive ketones are excreted mainly via the urine. However, our body also removes them via feces and the breath .

    With that said, it is possible for someone on a keto diet despite containing low amounts of purines to develop kidney stones.

    Clearly, there must be another contributory factor other than a diet rich in purines.

    Such a scenario is especially noticeable in the early weeks of a ketogenic diet protocol which may contribute to gout or kidney stone. At this stage, the body cells dont have all the enzymes needed to use ketones as a source of energy altogether. As a result, some of the unutilized ketones are removed from the body.

    Ketones are a little bit acidic and therefore tend to increase the acidity of urine. Leaving this condition unaddressed may lead to a gout attack at the early stage of ketosis, and uric acid stones may form in the kidney.

    Now you know the reason why many people attribute a risk factor associated with the keto diet and kidney stones.

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    What Causes Kidney Stones And Can A Keto Diet Help

    A low-carb diet can offer a laundry list of health benefits, from weight loss to reducing blood pressure and balancing blood sugar. But as is true with any diet, there are always factors to consider in terms of overall health.

    One risk factor thats been associated with the ketogenic diet is kidney stones. Some claim that the amount of protein this diet contains is too much, while others blame mineral imbalances.

    But is there any truth to these claims? While the ketogenic diet is certainly low-carb, its not necessarily high protein. And the window of time where mineral imbalance can occur is relatively short.

    Lets take a deeper dive into what kidney stones, are and if the ketogenic diet could be a cause for concern.

    Why Does Keto Diet Cause Kidney Stones

    Can Keto Diet Cause Kidney Problems?

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    Myth #: The Ketogenic Diet Causes Kidney Stones

    Kidney stones form when a mass of crystals develop in your urinary tract. They are extremely painful and while the cause remains unknown, some people believe ketone production can exacerbate these symptoms.

    The argument is that excessive high protein consumption requires your kidneys to work in overdrive and forces your body to excrete excess amounts of sodium, calcium and potassium. This loss of electrolytes may also lead to low blood pressure which may stress your kidneys even more.

    However, research doesnt seem to justify this argument.

    Take the keto quiz

    One recent meta-analysis that measured the impact of low carb diet on renal function taking into account 1000 people from nine randomised controlled trials found that:

    a low carbohydrate diet and the corresponding high-protein diet was not harmful for renal function in overweight and obese individuals without renal dysfunction.

    Furthermore, it concluded that a low carb diet may even improve renal function thanks to its weight loss effects.

    Following a proper keto diet plan with electrolyte supplementation will also help ensure that you dont come across these issues.

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