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Are Slim Jims Keto Friendly

Best Low Carb Packaged Snacks

Keto Snackin Part 3 ( Slim Jim Pork Rinds )

Eating low carb diets is nothing new. We have been learning more and more about how carbohydrates impact our health and energy. With all the information available to us these days through our doctors, other health professionals, and of course the world of online nutrition advice, there is plenty of help available to maintain a low carb diet while still enjoying the foods you love to eat. When it comes to low carb packaged snacks, here are our favorites

Youre Eating Too Much Protein

The keto diet often gets mislabeled a high-protein diet. Its not its a high-fat diet that calls for a moderate amount of protein. Eat too much protein, though, and it could prevent you from reaching ketosis. Most people on keto should aim to get 6% to 25% of their daily calories from protein sources.

Can Dogs Eat Tuna

Tuna is not toxic to dogs, and a tiny amount will not cause mercury poisoning. If you own both a dog and a cat, make sure your pup isnt eating the felines food, as wet cat food often contains tuna. Cats are also susceptible to mercury poisoning, so consider choosing a cat food made with other kinds of fish.

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Keto Friendly Store Bought Snacks

When you’re active or don’t want to do ANY prep whatsoever, these products are keto friendly, taste great, and you can easily buy them packaged ready to eat.

Let’s face it sometimes you want a keto snack that you can unwrap and start munching on immediately. These fit the bill but don’t overdo them since they can quickly add up in carbs and sugar alcohols.

Moderation is key.

We like to save them as a once in a while treat or indulgence or as traveling keto snacks.

Nui formerly known as Keto Kookie. With the classic flavors such as chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, double chocolate, and my favorite peanut butter. Depending on which flavor they have about ~3g of net carbs per TWO cookies.

Also, if you’re looking for what candy you can eat on keto, I did a write-up of a lot of my favorite keto friendly sweet treats.

Keto Meal. Perfect as a meal replacement or a snack. Comes in the classic flavors chocolate or vanilla and has BHB Salts included. Drink it as a shake, make protein pudding, or turn your keto meal into some delicious and easy pancakes.

Quest Hero Bars. One of the best tasting bars. 15g of protein and ~4g of net carbs. Sweetened with the new kid on the block allulose, it has the same taste and texture profile as sugar but with fewer calories and less metabolic impact.

Choose This Slim Jim Not That

Slim Jim Giant Smoked Meat Stick, Original Flavor, Keto ...

While there are many slim jims keto products, here are a few things to look out for when you are grabbing one of their low carb snack on the go.

  • Beef Steak Strips Both Slim Jim Original Beef Steak and Teriyaki Beef Steak have too many carbs for the keto diet.
  • Maple Flavored Bacon Jerky Save your carbohydrates by buying the Slim Jim Hickory Smoked Bacon Jerky rather than the Maple Flavored Bacon Jerky. Hickory Smoked has zero net carbs while Maple Flavored has 4 net carbs. Choose wisely!

In conclusion, we hope this answers your question are Slim Jims keto friendly. The bottom line is that Slim Jim keto snacks are low carb friendly but you need to check your label and make wise choices because there are some options that are better than others.

Slim Jim does have a helpful resource to assist you in finding the best nutrition data for their products called Smart Label.

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Whats The Best Protein Source On The Keto Diet

A lot of people often ask about good protein sources on the keto diet. Well, the answer is simple good quality meat, preferably grass-fed or organic.

A lot of keto dieters often forget that they need protein on this diet, or they forget just how much protein they should eat.

A common mistake keto dieters make is going high-fat and low carb without paying attention to protein.

If youre an active person who works out a lot, you need a lot of protein in your diet. It also helps with building muscles.

On keto, the calculation for your daily protein limit is 0.6 to 1g of protein per pound of lean body mass.

Protein shakes are another great option for adding protein into your diet.

Check out which protein sources you should consume on keto!

Are Slim Jims Are Keto

Yes – but, before you get excited and start stock-piling Slim Jim meat sticks, you should know that Slim Jims arent a great solution to your keto snacking struggles. These meat sticks might make a fun road trip snackthey are certainly cheap and easy to findbut, Slim Jims are filled with a few ingredients you are going to want to avoid for healthy ketosis.

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Medical Standards Of Care And Clinical Practice Guidelines

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What Is Slim Jim

$30 BUDGET KETO & Low Carb DOLLAR TREE Grocery Haul – P3 Protein Pack Slim Jim & more…1080pHD

Slim Jim is a well-known brand of beef jerky that originated in America. Manufactured by Conagra Brands, Slim Jim was invented in 1929 by Adolph Levis.

He sold his company in 1967, and it merged with the meatpacking operations of Jesse Jones Sausage Co to create Goodmark Foods. Goodmark was eventually bought by Conagra Brands who are the current makers of Slim Jim products.

Slim Jim has launched several additions to its main brand.

These Slim Jim varieties include the sticks, meat n cheese, multipacks, jerky, pork rinds, and fire fries.

The sticks, which are the most popular across the globe, have a variety of flavors including:

  • original
  • habanero
  • spicy taco.

The meat sticks contain beef, machine-separated chicken, dextrose, lactic acid starter culture, hydrolyzed soy, and sodium nitrite.

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Slim Jims Keto Friendly Lose Weight On Keto

The objective of the keto diet is to supply the body with more calories sources from fats rather than from carbohydrates. It consists of appropriate protein quantity, healthy fats, and very little carbs. It depletes the bodys sugar reserves with a resultant fat breakdown to produce energy and the body produces ketones which it utilizes to offer energy.

Slim Jims Keto Friendly

Weight Maintenance and Loss The use of a ketogenic diet plan over extended periods accomplishes a significant quantity of weight-loss. This is the primary advantage. It lowers appetite and improves metabolic process. The diet has makes a person feel full therefore there is minimized hunger hormonal agent stimulation. In the ketosis state, where there is restricted carb consumption, there is retention or boost in muscle mass and minimized body fat. The diet plan is more effective to overweight people intending to slim down. It minimizes the risk of weight problems related problems like PCOS, stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and specific types of cancers.

It helps in controlling the high blood pressure. Carb, a macronutrient is the main factor for the high blood pressure rise beyond the regular varieties. There is the removal of hypertension in the keto diet given that it has just a minimal amount of carbs.

Here are a few Advantages Of CBD Oil:

Comparison Of Slim Jim Carbs To Carbs In Another Competitors Jerky

It might also be useful to compare Slim Jim products to other jerky products made by some of our competitors. Some of our competitors market zero carb jerky. This is a good thing! However, most of those jerky producers make up for the lack of carbs by limiting the protein content and/or enhancing the fat, sugar, or salt content in their jerky.

Other jerky producers, including some of the more famous brands, list carb content in their jerky of between 2 grams and 8 grams per 1 ounce serving. In that light, maybe Slim Jims are not the worst snack by comparison. However, when there are plentiful healthy alternatives to Slim Jims and their high carb jerkies, especially the zero carb, zero sugar, 2 grams of fat, and 16 grams of protein Flying G beef jerky, we think you should choose your health and eat Flying G Jerky!

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Enjoy Keto Snacks Anytime Anywhere

Sure, you can find a bunch of these addictive low-carb treats at the gas station or coffee shop when youre on the road, but thats not the best plan to follow all the time.

If you head to the grocery store to do your keto meal prep for the week, make sure to stock up on a few of these keto snack options to always have on hand when a craving strikes.

Since Ive already done the heavy lifting for you, just throw on your carb blinders and focus on hunting down these keto-safe options only.

For more healthy snack ideas, including those you can make at home, check out our guide on 47 Healthy Keto Snacks that Wont Kick You Out of Ketosis next!

Carbs In Slim Jim Products

Slim Jim Giant Smoked Meat Stick, Original Flavor, Keto ...

Below is a listing of different Slim Jim products and the amount of carbs included in each , all adjusted to a 1 ounce serving:

  • Premium Smoked Sticks
  • Memphis Style BBQ Seasoned 3.24 grams
  • Smokehouse Original 4 grams
  • Spicy Chili & Garlic Seasoned 3.24 grams
  • Turkey Sticks < 1 gram
  • Crackd Pepper 4 grams
  • Tabasco Seasoned 4 grams
  • Philly Cheese Steak 4 grams
  • Cali Taco 4 grams
  • New York Buffalo 4 grams
  • Monster Meat Sticks
  • Really Freakin Hot Habanero 4.64 grams
  • The Original 4.64 grams
  • Pepperoni n Cheese 1.33 grams
  • Beef n Cheese 1 gram
  • Beef Steak Strips
  • Hickory Smoked 1 gram
  • Maple Flavored 3 grams
  • As you can see, Slim Jim products generally have fairly low carbs. However, they would have minimal or zero carbs if they did not include carb boosting additives that cover up for subpar meat ingredients.

    While carbs are necessary for your bodys function, just like fats, a diet too high in carbs can have negative effects on your bodys function and development. Excessive carbs can promote weight gain, increases your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, increases your risk of developing heart disease, can thicken your arteries, and can cause brain fog. We at Flying G Jerky are proud that our beef jerky does not contain carbs so you can be more flexible with the rest of your diet, and Keto practitioners can more easily meet their dietary needs.

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    Perfect Keto Nut Butter

    A jar of this mouthwatering nut butter blend of macadamia, cashew, and coconut butter will satisfy any snack craving when youre at home or work. And dont forget these single-serving packets of Perfect Keto Nut Butter perfect of busy days and travel.

    Both nuts and seeds contain healthy fats and a moderate amount of protein, so theyre a fast and satisfying snack on a ketogenic diet.

    To take it one step further , you can put your jar of Perfect Keto Nut Butter in the freezer and scrape it when you need a fatty snack.

    The next keto-friendly snack group is also low in carbs and high in both flavor and nutrients.

    Meat Sticks And Jerky

    Meat sticks and beef jerky are two of the easiest keto snacks to grab on the go, which is just one reason why theyre at the top of the list here.

    Aside from their convenience factor, these great snacks are loaded with protein and the right ones are low carb, which helps you feel satiated and gives you enough energy to power through your day.

    You dont have to settle for artificially made Slim Jims and other highly processed meat sticks either.

    Most grocery stores are expanding their selection to include low or no carb options made from high-quality meat sources so theyre perfect on keto.

    Some popular brands for low or no carb jerky and meat sticks include:

  • Keto Carne. KCs jerky is made with only three whole-food ingredients and theres zero carbs or sugars lurking behind the label.
  • Brooklyn Biltong. Biltong is essentially South African jerky. But the real difference is in how its made. Instead of zapping the meat with heat, its dried using air. Brooklyn Biltongs products are also sugar and preservative free.
  • Country Archer. While these meat sticks come with 1g of carbs as opposed to zero in the other brands, youll also find more fat, 7g as opposed to 2g, making this option worth the tradeoff.
  • If you cant find these brands at your local grocery store, try shopping online at Amazon or Thrive Market for them.

    For many people, however, meat sticks and jerky are just too tough on their teeth.

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    Keto Snacks On The Go: 15 Addictive Treats For Busy People

    Written by Devan Ciccarelli

    What are the best keto snacks on the go?

    Sure, you can make homemade keto snacks like hard boiled eggs, fatty coffee, and fat bombs, but can you toss them in your gym bag and reach for them when youre hungry on a plane, train, or between work meetings?

    Not so much.

    So if you want no-fuss keto snacks you can literally just grab, stash in your pocket or purse, and go, this list is for you.

    Ill be sharing 15 different ways you can sneak healthy keto snacks into your day and guess what?

    None of them require refrigeration or time to make.

    So no matter how busy you are, or where youll be, these are the best keto snacks to satisfy your cravings without kicking you out of ketosis.

    Is Slim Jim Keto

    Are Slim Fast Keto Products Really Keto-Friendly? (Testing with Keto Mojo and KetoScan Mini)

    Yes and no.

    Slim Jims are mostly made from meat. Because of this, people automatically assume that they are keto-friendly.

    However, it is not as simple as that. Lets dive in deeper as to why Slim Jims can both be keto-friendly and not.

    Slim Jim sticks are relatively low in carbs, so many may think this automatically makes them keto-friendly. The carbs vary by size, type, and flavor, although the average is around 4g net carbs.

    The lowest carb Slim Jim variant is their Pork Rinds, with less than 1g of net carbs.

    Slim Jims are also high in fat and protein, so that ticks some more boxes for the keto diet.

    Restricting carbs on keto is your primary goal on the diet. Daily consumption of only 20 to 50 grams of carbs can lead to ketosis, where fat stored in the body breaks down for energy.

    However, we dont recommend making these treats a staple on any diet because they contain corn syrup, a high-fructose sweetener that is linked to weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and more.

    Another reason why it may not be keto-friendly is that the meat paste, which is your fat and protein source, is likely low quality processed meat.

    Check out this breakdown from Wired on the questionable ingredients and why you might want to avoid them:

    It is important to choose high-quality fat sources on keto to avoid heart disease and other potential health issues.

    Use your daily carb limit on nutrient-dense sources like root vegetables.

    Like all processed foods, they should be an occasional treat only.

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    What About The Ingredients In Slim Jims

    Ingredients vary by the flavor of Slim Jims, but all of them contain Corn Syrup. Yuck.

    The serving size is low enough that youre not getting much of corn syrup, but your still eating it.

    For some people, especially keto beginners, just a little bit of sugar is going to trigger your sweet cravings and make staying keto harder.

    For this reason, Slim Jims should be a last resort keto snack.


    I’m Angela Davis, Co-Founder of Advantage Meals. I have a Bachelors in Anthropology and Masters in Holistic Nutrition. My passion is Ancestral Nutrition and for over a decade I’ve been helping Keto Diet beginners and those looking for their Primal Diet. “There is no one right way.”Below are the most recent articles I’ve written for

    The Most Keto Friendly Aspect Of Slim Jims Meat Sticks:

    In my view, what qualifies Slim Jims as a keto approved, or good low carb option, is more about what they not, rather than what they are.

    Let me explain:

    If you are asking me if you should include Slim Jims into your low carb ketogenic diet, to optimize the effectiveness of your healthy diet, I would give you a resounding NO!.

    However, we live in the real world, with real jobs, real schedules to keep, real life on the go situations. When you or on the road or have no choice to pop into a gas station for a quick snack or meal, the options can be limited. All your friends are grabbing breaded sandwiches, candy bars, energy drinks, pop and potato chips.

    You have done great sticking to your diet the last couple weeks, and you dont want to blow it with a nice convenient excuse of well I had no choice, we were in a hurry, and everyone knows gas stations dont have healthy food. Its not my fault!

    Grab a few Slim Jims or other alternative meat stick, find the lowest carb flavor they have, or for that matter, take a look at the beef jerky section as well. Go get a bottle of water, and see if they have any small blocks of cheese.

    Yes, your friends will think you are out of your mind, but you will inspire them a few months from now when you lost some weight and look healthier.

    Getting back on the carb craving hamster wheel means it will be you grabbing the slurpees and candy and who knows what else on your next stop at the store.

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