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Are Keter Sheds Any Good

A Potters Table To Match

How to Assemble a Keter Manor Shed

One final Keter product that I can recommend wholeheartedly is the . Keter describes the Unity XL Entertainment Storage Unit as an all-in-one solution that allows you to host comfortably while storing up to 78 G of items securely. Its made out of a strong, weather-resistant resin with an appealing wood-like texture and has a durable upper surface for cooking, serving and other hosting duties.

That might all be true, but gardeners might want to know that this storage unit is actually an ideal little potters table with its stainless steel top and under-cabinet storage. Right now it lives inside the shed but because its on wheels, it can be easily wheeled out whenever there is a need.

If you are interested in exploring other Keter garden products, check out their website here.

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Keter Manor 213413 Outdoor Storage Shed 6 X 8

Item dimensions L x W x H185.7 x 237 x 227 centimeters
Item weight
  • External dimensions: 73.1 in. W x 93.2 in. D x 89.4 in. H
  • Internal dimensions: 66.5 in. W x 87.4 in. D x 86.5 in. H
  • Storage capacity: 291 cu. ft.
  • Made from polypropylene resin plastic & steel reinforcement to ensure its durability

About The Keter Oakland 11’x75′

The Keter Oakland 11×7.5is an outdoor plastic shed that will help to improve the aesthetic of any garden space. The plastic nature of the shed makes it very durable and weather resistant, while also making sure the shed looks great.

The Oakland 11×7.5 provides ample storage space making it perfect for housing all of your garden machinery, tools and other essentials.

The Oakland 11×7.5 is extremely strong too, allowing it to support heavy items and a strong roof which can withstand snow loads of up to 100 kg/m². As well as this the shed is completely maintenance free so there is no need for you to stain or renovate the exterior of the shed, however the plastic walls are paintable if you did wish to change the exterior of your shed.

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Keter Artisan Wall Panel Assembly

Assembling the Keter Artisan is a two man, or two woman job. If you try to put it together with less you will likely run into several issues and end up breaking part of the shed or part of yourself, neither of which is a good idea.

Borrowing from the tongue and groove design commonly found in log cabins, the Duotech panels are designed in a manner which allows them to interlock and slot into place. Once slotted in place they are further secured with screws, or clips where more suitable.

The dual walls are manufactured in a way that employs some classic engineering principles to ensure a strong rigid structure.

Assembly is straightforward due to the clear instructions, but dont underestimate the time required. Its a big building requiring careful assembly and enough screwing to make your hands ache.

A small investment in an electric screwdriver can speed the assembly time up significantly

Are Plastic Sheds Any Good


Are plastic sheds any good? regarded the big question rolling around our minds for a few years prior to taking the plunge and opting to purchase.

Are Plastic Sheds Any Good?

Finding a solution to break-free from upkeep duties was our incentive after years of frustrations in relation to decay maintenance. A resin composition delivers the resolution in eliminating conservation headaches boasting immunity from rust & rot.

Weather depreciation is a dilemma wood and metal constructions are quite susceptible to, leading to their structural demise. On the contrary, the constitution of resin delivers long-term subsistence to weather stresses without any alteration to their structural format.

After suffering the burden of replacing roofing felt for the umpteenth time, our last trauma occurred after a winters snowfall. After losing a fair amount of stock due to storage becoming drenched in addition to the establishment of rot setting into the floors structure, it was time to make a change.

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Bought A Very Overpriced Shed

Bought a very overpriced shed.It arrived fine with fast delivery in 3 very large boxes. We prepared the area for the shed with a patio and opened the boxes.Instructions were good. Clear and easily readable. The actual parts of the shed and how it fitted together were not so great. Some pieces were snapped off. Others broke when you fitted another part to it. A few parts of the roof didnt even fit and the connector snapped and the screws fell out because the pilot holes were too big.Nothing really tightened up properly and Im not 100% sure it is waterproof. We will wait for the rain. But in some areas we have siliconed the cracks. The sticky bits for the floor were useless. When peeling the yellow backing off it took the stick with it.We didnt realise all of this until we were too far into the build. To dismantle it would have caused more damage so we just had to press on. Finished product looks great visually but not sure how long it will last.Advice if you do still buy is to get some silicone lube for the roof to slide in otherwise it just snaps key components.Very disappointed and a bit miffed. We are experienced builders/assemblers but nearly got a divorce throughout the build on this one. I could have built at least 2 wooden sheds in the time it took to piece this together.

Correct Foundations Are Crucial

Prior to our purchase, we read dozens of reviews beforehand however it occurred to us that as long as the correct foundations are in situ, youre pretty much rolling, this is crucial in accomplishing a flawless construction plus assemblys quick, as the panels plumb alignment constructs like a dream from a levelled base.

Accompanying the benefits regarding constructing from levelled footings delivers a right-angled upstanding shed ensuring tension isnt exaggerated to one side plus the doors operation from vertical architraves delivers a faultless swing, performing their sweet opening and closure.

Solidity below assures the entrenchment of the sheds sturdy anchorage enabling securing screws down into firm groundings whilst also making certain the base is level & flat presents the correct surface for the resin floor to subsist enduring hefty storage stresses.

I find it a pity for such a large investment, sales sites rarely mention the foundation principles, leaving purchasers unaware until reading the assembly instructions. Many side-step this measure due to time constraints however this represents a huge mistake, an exemplary shed construction can only be derived from preparing the correct substrate for the shed to stand on.

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Storage Features And More

This fairly large shed offers 285 square feet of storage space and has numerous benefits and storage features. Starting from the outside, you cant help but notice the wonderful taupe color and wooden texture. This allows the shed to work with all your outdoor decorations as it doesnt overpower anything. Youll also see the large double doors. Not only are they lockable for extra security and peace of mind, but they open widely so that you can easily access every area of the shed.

Once you step in you can breathe easily from the efficient ventilation. Some sheds feel stifling because the air is musty, but the Keter Large shed is ventiled so fresh air is always being filtered in. Its also very easy to see from the windows and skylights. These allow sunlight to penetrate into the shed. Not enough to damage your items, but enough so that you can easily see everything during the day. Dont worry about the skylight allowing water in, the interior is just as waterproof as the exterior.

You get two large shelves with adjustable brackets. This allows you to place shelves higher or lower depending on your needs. These shelves keep the floor clear for your bigger objects. Speaking of the floor, its been reinforced with a sturdy floor panel. Youll have no problem parking heavy equipment in this shed and the floor will remain sturdy for many years.

Manufactured To Eliminate Conservation Headaches

My Plastic Shed Project Review with Costs Is the Keter Shed and ProBASE using Gravel any good?

An expeditious wash-down once the dirt manifests sure beats our previous wooden huts dilemmas concerning decay issues.

Trying to fasten new felt onto rotting old surrounding wood are thankfully yesteryears problems including the absence of re-varnishing duties, trying to prolong an ever deteriorating structure.

Resin certainly provides the advantage in alleviating time consuming maintenance. I quite enjoy the jiffy hose-down nowadays that soon rejuvenates assembly days pristine condition.

Most people wash resin sheds down with a pressure-wash, we prefer to connect the shower adaptor to the garden hose each to their own however hot soapy water and a soft brush delivers the same results.

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Tongue & Groove Panels Ease Construction

Impressive feedback concerning Fusion shed assembly floods back resulting from their panels tongue & groove periphery. An efficient assembly procedure is achieved by those who conform to preparing the recommended solid level base for their sheds location. Unfortunately this advice is seldom mentioned on sales sites yet headlines all instructions.

Wood suchlike decking, paving or concrete bases including asphalt laid perfectly level and raised slightly above a flood level in order to prevent water seepage provide the ideal substrate.

Laying the floor

Solid level foundations are the essential one-step process to accomplish the perfect Fusion shed construction:

  • A level base enables straightforward assembly of the panels due to the screw-holes aligning at ease. A base thats not level leads to frustrations especially 8 ft up aligning the roof panels.
  • Level footings determine a vertical stance ensuring the roof weight applies equal force to all shed sides thereby preventing leaning stresses.
  • Alignment of the doors including their flawless swing is straightforward to accomplish owing to the sheds vertical stance.
  • A solid flat base determines the floor can endure heavy-duty demanding pressures.

Once the construction is finalised, rigid anchorage onto the substrate through the floors anchor positions is essential.

Building the walls and inserting the doors

Top 5 Things To Know When Buying A Shed

A shed can seem to be a complicated purchase. Metal, wood or resin? Where to put it? How to build a base? Have a look at our top 5 tips on buying a shed which will make the whole thing a lot simpler.

Its always best to give yourself more space than you think you need.

Measure your space carefully and dont forget to include the overhang of the shed roof in your measurements. If its just to store the kids’ bikes then a Keter Store-It-Out Max may be just what you need.

There are horizontal and vertical sheds, standalone buildings and pretty much every size and shape imaginable. Some sheds make it really easy to add shelves which can dramatically increase storage space.

Which material?

Whats the right material for you? Wood always looks nice but require regular maintenance and can be susceptible to rotting. Metal sheds are strong but arent pretty and can be hard to erect. Resin sheds are maintenance-free, easy to put up and stay looking great season after season.

What are the features you really need?

Do you need a shed with a lipped threshold to roll things in and out easily?

Do the doors open wide enough?

Ventilation to prevent mildew and moisture build up?

Light is essential in a shed look for decent windows and/or a skylight.

Security is key if youre going to store anything of any value does your shed have a lockable and secure latch?

Plan the installation carefully

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Are Plastic Sheds Damp

This is a totally valid question and one that more than a few people have asked. While not so much damp, it is condensation that can be an issue with a plastic shed. This can be tricky to stop, but there are a few things you can do to help such as making sure you seal along the bottom of the shed along the inside and the outside and also by making sure that the plastic shed is built properly as well. Condensation is hard to stop, but by installing the shed properly and taking the proper precautions you can certainly help.

Our Opinion Of The Keter Garden Shed

Keter Shed for sale in UK

As much as we were sceptical about these newfangled plastic sheds, they have grown on us. Were now used to the DUOTECH material that they are made of and are seriously enjoying the prospect of not have to do any maintenance again!

If youre looking for a challenge, erecting one of these sheds is not going to do it, but as a quick project you will be very satisfied.

Keter say that they are a two man build, but in reality you could probably do build them on your own if needed.

As much as we wanted to loath these plastic sheds, we most certainly cant! The little quirks and the lightness of the material are all eclipsed at the idea that there will be no ongoing maintenance.

The clever design touches simply add to the admiration for these sheds.

The Doctors Rating

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Keter Fusion 224449 Plastic Shed

This stylish plastic shed is a great deal for your outside garden. It has a 3D tile roof that makes it look beautiful. The floors are made of heavy-duty resin floor which provides it a lot of strength. The walls can be drilled so that the mounting can be done properly. The storage space of the shed is 411 cu. ft.

  • The tongue and groove design make the shed very easy to assemble.
  • Multiple windows are installed for proper ventilation of the air.
  • It is waterproof and heat resistant.
  • The majority of people buying the product are highly satisfied with it.

Additional Plastic Shed Benefits

Usually, skylights are inserted into the roofs apex ridge accompanying the windows to bask the interiors with daylight. Their poly-carbonate or perspex manufacture puts an end to smashed windows delivering a user-friendly feature, significantly important when embedded into the roof structure for a shed positioned under a tree.

Air vents are now built into resin designed sheds, situated front and back they effectuate a fresh-aired distribution system preventing moisture building up in humid weather and a sweaty internal atmosphere evolving, replaced with a fresh preserved ambience.

Built-in floors help control a clean internal space delivering a blockage for wafts of outside debris blowing through at the base and the arise of rainwater puddles developing on the shed floor. Quite a pleasant internal environment is sustained through the combination of air-vents with an integrated floor.

Hinge operated doors provide A 1 access as opposed to the sliding alternatives however just like a house door, its imperative not to let them swing open in wild weather. Most quality plastic facilities have internal latches fitted at the top & bottom of their left hand doors which slide into grooves enabling that door to be kept permanently closed.

Although all door designs vary in style, their handles contain security clasps for fitting a padlock to facilitate locking.

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A Clear Instruction Booklet

The instruction booklet which comes with this shed is in seven languages, English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Italian and Portugese. This does give an indication of the international success that Keter have had with this shed and other products.

The booklet has easily understandable diagrams which are logical and accompanied by concise text where necessary. It runs to 64 pages with about 54 of those containing the instructions for the main assembly.

Before assembling the shed be sure that all of the parts are included, and also be sure to follow the assembly instructions otherwise you will invalidate the warranty.

How Durable Are Plastic Sheds

Resin Storage Sheds – The Good, The Bad The Ugly.

If you look at ourbest plastic sheds list. You will see that one of the thing all the plastic sheds on the list have in common is how durable they are. Plastic sheds are made to be strong and last for many years. Strong polycarbonate and in some cases an aluminium frame make for a very strong structure. You also do not have to worry about the plastic becoming weak as the years go by, which can happen to wooden sheds if you do not maintain them properly.

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How To Clean Plastic Sheds

Cleaning a plastic shed is very, very easy. As a matter of fact being so easy to maintain is a major reason as to why more and more people are looking to purchase aplastic shed. Cleaning a plastic shed is as easy as turning the garden hose on it. Of course you can get the bucket and the sponge out if you really want to get in every nook and cranny. But for the most part, cleaning a plastic shed is very easy and hassle free.

Are Keter Sheds Waterproof

4.3/5KeterKeter sheds

Maintenance FreeA good quality plastic shed will have UV resistance , and is fully waterproof. Compared to wood, there is no need to apply protective stains or varnish, whilst metal sheds can experience condensation and rust. By comparison, plastic sheds require less maintenance.

Additionally, are plastic sheds better than wood? A plastic shed comes with basically no maintenance. Plastic sheds do not fade, rust, rot or crack . Although wood is more vulnerable than plastic at first glimpse, if maintained properly a shed will easily last a decade.

Accordingly, are Keter sheds fireproof?

Keter Plastic Garden ShedThe storage shed with double wall construction is made of weather-resistant polypropylene, which makes it extremely durable and weather resistant. The included floor panel keeps the bottom of the stored items clean and dry.

How secure are plastic sheds?

Some plastic models do include an overhead loft area which allows you to store more items. These sheds are functional but have a play house type modern appearance which can be off putting, they cannot be painted and are no more secure than a wooden shed as the locking points are plastic.

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